Nanny to Teach Ch. 11



“Wayne,” Susan said, “Russ and Laura are going to be out of town until Saturday morning. They wanted me to ask you if you would do another special party Saturday night.” The two lay naked on Wayne’s bed. Wayne rolled onto his side, propping his head up with one hand. Curiously, he began to play with one of her long, hard nipples, tweaking it with his finger, making it stand up perkily. “I’d rather be alone with you Saturday night, if you don’t mind,” he answered.

“I don’t think the Berry’s want to take no for an answer, Wayne, “Susan answered, knowing that the Berry’s usually got what they wanted, although in a kind and gracious way.

“I suppose you are right as usual, Susan. Will you help me again?”

“You know I’d love to, Wayne, but Laura has someone else in mind.”

“Good God!” he replied. “Not Laura herself? I wouldn’t dare fuck her in front of Russ. I can do a lot of thing, but fucking a man’s wife in front of him isn’t one of them!”

“No, not Laura, silly,” Susan answered.

“Who then?”

“Karen!” Susan smiled.

“You’re putting me on! She’s just a kid!

“No, she’s not. Laura and Russ want you to fuck Karen. They want to watch!”

“But she’s too little!” Wayne argued, looking down at the mighty cock between his naked thighs. “This thing would kill her!”

“You’ll be surprised by that little gal,” Susan countered. “She’ll be able to take in all of your cock, Wayne.”

“I’ll have to see it to believe it.”

“You will. I’ll make sure she’s ready for you. Have no fears.”

“Talking about ready.” He grinned. “How about you? You can see that I’m ready!” He took hold of his erect pole and waved it at her. He was a born lover. He seemed to know instinctively what a woman wanted, what she desired, and when she wanted it. He’d never yet seen a woman who didn’t want to take in the challenge that his great throbbing cock offered. Susan couldn’t keep her hands off his cock. The thick, hard meat and his full heavy balls drove her crazy. She reached over and took it in her hands slowly, masturbating the monster cock. He lay back and enjoyed her warm hands slowly jacking him off. After a few moments, he warned her that she’d have a hot, wet handful of sperm if she didn’t stop. She increased her activity and jerked him even harder.

“God, Susan! I’m cuming already, you little bitch! Mmmmmmmm! Ahhhhh! Agh! Hey, I’m not going to waste that precious stuff in your hand!” With a lunge he pulled his cock out of her hands, threw her down on the bed on her back, and plunged his cock deep inside her cunt, filling her bursa otele gelen escort driving deep.

“Oh, Christ!” Susan gasped as the ten-inch cock ripped into her. It hurt like hell, but it felt good too! He kept up a strong pelvic pressure on her clit. At the same time he fucked deeper and deeper into her cunt, driving her wild. Susan clung to him, her fingernails tearing into his muscled shoulders, her legs wrapped around him, lifting her pelvis higher and higher. With low animal moans, he began to cum in hot spurts. His body stiffened, his eyes closed tight, as his face became lost in the wonder of orgasm. It was all the stimulation Susan needed. She arched her back, drove herself had against his spurting cock, and squealed with sheer physical pleasure. Her orgasm convulsed throughout her whole body.

“God, but it’s wonderful being a woman!”

They lay in each other’s arms, relaxed. “Susan, honey, will you do me a favor?” Wayne asked.


“Send Karen over here about ten this evening.”

“Why you dirty old man!” Susan laughed. “Are you going to fuck her?”

“Let’s just say I’m going to check her out to see if she can do the job!”

She was thinking to herself that Wayne had a large cock, but he couldn’t come close to the experience that Russ had and used on her the way he made love with her. Boy, she wished she could stay here and work and go to college here also. It would be a dream come true.

Why was she so restless tonight, Karen wondered? She stretched lazily in her bed. She was wearing absolutely nothing. After she had showered, she just crawled into the softness of the bed and lay listening to some rock and roll music. She was also thinking about her Daddy and the night that she had spent with him. It was wonderful and she wished that she could spend some more nights with him in that big bed. Gene was away; her folks were away; and Susan was helping Wayne with something. The clean sheets made her feel so sexy, so lazy, and full of sweet girl pleasures. She slowly reached between her naked thighs. Why was she so fantastically horny? She wanted to fuck! Since Susan had turned her on to sex this summer by Gene and, she was constantly in a state of arousal! Karen drew her hands across her body. God, but a big cock would feel so fucking good right now. She rubbed her clit….

Karen nearly jumped out of bed when she heard someone tapping at her door. “Who is it?”


Karen said, “Come in Susan.”

“Karen, Wayne wants to see you over at his place.”

“What for?” escort bayan Tammy asked.

“He wants to ask you something.”

“But I’m not dressed, as you can see.”

“That’s okay, just slip on my Baby Doll here. I will wait here for you. It shouldn’t take too long.”

“Oh, all right.” Tammy said a little irritably as she got up and took Susan’s Baby Doll as she slipped it off.

“Come in Karen,” Wayne called out when he heard the knock on his door.

“Susan said you wanted to see me, Wayne.

“Yes, I’m putting on a party Saturday for some of your folk’s friends. I need someone to help me.” Wayne walked toward her. He was wearing his bikini shorts.

“SO?” she said.

“So, how would you like to be my co-hostess? And let me fuck you like I did Susan last time?”

Tammy’s eyes lit up. “Just like last time?”

“But you are so young. So little and my…. I’m so big. I don’t know….”

“Hey, I can do it,” Karen said defensively.

“I don’t know,” Wayne didn’t sound convinced.

“I’ll prove it,” she said defiantly, slipping out of the Baby Doll. “Look at me!”

“Whee!” Wayne gasped. She was an absolutely perfect female – large ripe tits and an extremely hairy cunt.

“Come here! Lie down on the bed!”

When she was on her back with her legs spread obscenely, he leaned over the girl like a doctor over a prospective patient – so he could examine her pussy. “Hold your pussy lips open,” he instructed her.

She pulled apart the pouting lips and exposed a vast expanse of pale pink meat, her long clit swollen much larger than normal and clearly visible. Wayne knelt down and examined her cunt very closely, noting its size. It looked like any full-grown woman’s pussy – in fact much better! The cunt aroma made his cock stiffen, and he quickly pulled off his shorts so he could free his raging prick. Karen’s pussy smelled so good. Wayne decided to taste it! He ran his tongue over the rich tissue and felt Karen’s gasping shudder. The he pushed his long tongue deep inside her pussy. Karen raised her hips off the bed to meet his tongue.

“Oh, Wayne, fuck me, please! That’s the way to measure my pussy! Tongue it and see if I’m big enough to take your rock in all the way! I’ve been dreaming of your cock ever since I saw it! It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Fuck me NOWWWW!”

He crawled between her open thighs. Carefully he steered his flaming, scarlet cockhead to her small pussy. He rubbed his prick around, lapping up the feel of her hot juices on his prick. Karen squealed with delight mudanya escort as she saw him slowly insert his cockhead into her cunt. His cock was so huge! She remembered seeing a stallion out in the field and its cock was so big, Wayne’s reminder her of that stallion! Her cunt was starting to stretch painfully.

Wayne pushed gently into her tight pussy. Three inches of his cock was buried. God, but she was tight! Like putting his prick in a vise. She was tearing off his foreskin. He drove on, ruthlessly. Six inches deep now – over half of his cock was buried in her little-girl pussy. God Almighty, she’s taking it! Wayne thought.

Karen’s cunt was on fire. It was juicing like it had never juiced before, a natural protection against monster cocks. She felt as if she were being ripped apart. She felt at any moment that she must split open as the gigantic cock continued pushing in. Nobody had fucked her depths to this degree. She cried out as he reached the eight-inch mark. She thought his cock was going to come out her throat.

“Can you take the rest of it, Karen?”

“God, Wayne, don’t talk! Fuck me you big stud bastard!” she gasped. “C’mon! Push it all in! Fuck me hard! Fuck me!”

He gave a final push and his pubic hair intertwined with Karen’s as he lay on top of her, buried to his balls in her baby cunt. The longer his prick throbbed inside her cunt, the bigger his cock got, and the more her cunt expanded. It was wonderful. Suddenly Wayne pulled back nine inches, then plunged forward into her pussy, back, forward, and back. Faster and faster! She was moaning with sheer animal pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhh! It’s so big! I just love it! Oh, God. Way, I Love it! Fuck me! Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” She now had her legs up around Wayne’s waist. Then she gasped unexpectedly. “Oh, you’re making me cum! I can’t stop! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me HARD! Fuck me HARDER! Harder you fuck bastard! Hurt me, Fuck me HARDER!! Hurt MEEEEEEE!”

“I’m cuming too, Karen!” Wayne groaned. “Oh sweet mother fucking Jesus! Mmmmmm!” They both came at exactly the same moment. It was a blockbuster of an orgasm1 Karen came with a screaming, gasping convulsion, as all hell broke loose in her cunt. She was going insane with pleasure. Wayne came as hard as he’d ever cum in his twenty-one years of life. Great gobs of jism exploded in rapid-fire succession. He couldn’t stop! He could feel his cock immersed in his own sea of semen deep in her cunt.

When they both finally quit cuming, they fell back on the bed, completely relaxed. “You’ll do little girl,” Wayne said. “You’ll make a very fine co-hostess this Saturday evening. In fact, Karen, you’re the best co-hostess I will ever fuck!”

“You know how to make a girl cum, Wayne. I’ve never cum like I did just now. I don’t know if I can wait until Saturday night!” She took his limp prick in her hand and held it out, then began licking it clean.

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