Naughty Naturalist


Walking through a hammock forest is tough on the best of days, but the explosion of vines along the ground and trees fallen by Hurricane Andrew makes the trek much worse. To add to the difficulty is the attire necessary to protect oneself from the harsh environment. Shoes that seem to add five pounds to each foot, long pants to protect my legs against the vines and thorns that would tear through my skin, long sleeves to protect my arms from mosquitoes and a hat to protect my face from the sun. The day is hot and humid. I am following Derek, a man with longer legs and the Mediterranean heritage that seems to allow him to handle this heat without breaking a sweat.

We are mapping out the areas in the hammock (areas of forest) using GPS technology, which means that one person, in this case Derek, has to carry a backpack with the GPS receiver that weighs about 7 pounds, and an attached antenna that protrudes out above the person’s head by at least 3 feet. Walking becomes treacherous and exasperating as it gets caught up in overhanging vines and branches. The other person carries the recorder, which is a handheld mini computer. That is my job. Sounds like a piece of cake—wrong. Though it is easier to carry, it too has its drawbacks, one, you have to watch the screen, not your feet, and second, you are basically tethered to the person in front of you, like a long umbilical cord, who is carrying the GPS unit. The difficulty of walking becomes a test of patience, for if one gets tangled up, it causes a ripple effect on the other, often causing missteps that would be funny if we were not so miserable.

Derek made walking through the hammock look easy. Not only does he not sweat, does not need water breaks, but he can step over fallen trees with ease, while I, much shorter, need to actually climb up and over the log, then scurry to catch up with him, without tripping. There is one advantage of following Derek. It is his ass. If you have to stare at a man’s ass, his is the one to follow, tucked into his nice tight jeans, and he makes work boots look sexy. We had worked together for two years before the hurricane struck, but we never took our friendship any further then some flirtatious banter. I am married; he is not, so we maintained an emotional distance.

We had been at this every day for a week, eight to ten hours a day, I go home exhausted, and the next morning I come back to work, not feeling much better.

One evening my husband began to suggest that maybe more was going on between Derek and me then I was letting on. I laugh with what energy I can muster, and excuse myself to a nice hot soothing bath. In actuality I have come to discover that he is hoping that something extra would occur between Derek and me, and had for years. I tell him that the only sexual part of Derek I saw is his tight ass, which I took to cursing as I trip and climb my way behind him.

My husband sits by the tub and washes my back, and then my breasts, caressing them so tenderly that it is hard to relax with the rising tide of excitement. Then he washes my stomach, drizzling water from the wash cloth so it streams on to my bellybutton, and then slides his hand between my legs slowly moving his fingers upwards and begins to caress my vagina.

“Are you sure nothing happened today, Angie?” he teasingly asks as he began to rub my clitoris with a bit more intensity. I start to moan as Christian turns up the pressure, causing me to begin to writhe. “Come on, and tell me what really happened.”

He pleads as his interrogation technique is beginning to produce the desired results. I look at him with arousal, yet a bit of mischievousness.

“Let me show you what watching Derek’s ass did to me!”

I reach up pressing my lips against his, as he begins to return the kiss; I reach around his neck and pull him into the tub on top of me with a splash, not letting Gaziantep Olgun Escort up on the pressure of our kiss. His shocked expression is humorous, and then turns amorous as he breaks the kiss and stares into my eyes, how I love those eyes.

Then a small smile creeps up on his face as he feels my hands fumbling in to his trousers. He pulls his now soaking wet tee shirt over his head, I lower my mouth down to his neck, kissing it passionately, I get hotter, and lower my lips to his nipples.

He pushes my legs further apart as he lowers himself between my legs so that I feel that his cock has become rock hard. We resume our passionate kissing, as I rub my bare pussy against his rock hard cock. With difficulty he disengages himself, gets out of the tub, and begins to remove his sopping pants and undershorts.

“Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” he says as he lowers his hand down to help me up.

I reach up, and then with a quick jerk he is back on top of me. Water splashes everywhere! I quickly wrap my firm legs around his nice luscious ass, and pull him between my legs so his hard cock is up against my starving pussy. He tries to free himself from my leg hold, but one of the perks of daily hiking through the hammock is that I have very strong legs

“You are not going anywhere until I say so”. He looks down at my determined expression, and realizes he is no match.

I smile as he maneuvers himself, and then with a strong thrust enters, causing me to arch my back in ecstasy, pulling him even deeper into me, causing me to grasp him tightly with my inner muscles. We both explode. It feels like the exhilaration of jumping from a cliff and falling into the waiting ocean below; a big splash then floating with the currents, deliciously relaxed, with all stress, tension, and cares drifting away.

The next morning I am tired, but horny from the building sexual tension, since I had been only slightly relieved by the passions of the night before, and the realization that I again am going to be following Derek. Hopefully, my sexual tension will not interfere with my concentration on the mapping, and I can ignore the added tension of watching Derek’s tight muscular ass navigating through the hammock oblivious to my struggles behind him.

I arrive at our designated rendezvous spot, and once again we go through our tools and supplies, checking to make sure the batteries are charged and connected, that we are picking up signals, and that we have the map of today’s area with us.

In truth, Derek does all that, while I watch with envy at his efficiency. He gave up a long time ago on me to do tedious tasks, because of my reputation for letting my mind wander, thus forgetting important supplies. This left my imagination free to day dream, as I often did during our more quiet work days, of what it would be like to have sex with Derek particularly as I watched him change into his work clothes. Too bad he has to cover his muscular chest with all of that practical clothing. Yes, I know I am married, and yes, I do love my husband dearly, but I am still human, and Derek is one nicely formed man.

He had on a tight t-shirt, that emphasized his well developed chest, his six pack abs, and his broad shoulders, he kept active enough that he did not need to go to the gym to stay trim, adding to a more natural and animalistic form of his body. I awaken from my revelry to see that he is staring back at me. I too am not yet dressed in my bush pounding attire, I see that he is looking at my small, yet well formed breasts underneath my white county cotton t-shirt, that has shrunk from being thrown into the dryer too often.

I look down and notice that my lightweight cotton bra is no shield for my now erect nipples, the pants I had chosen that morning were the kind that you zip the legs on I is sitting in my usual unlady like way with my legs relaxed, falling wide open. I realize with embarrassment that I had not yet made the shorts into long pants, and Derek could see up my shorts at my panties. I wonder if he can see my blonde pubic hair that is showing through the edge of my panties. I hop up and quickly begin to dress.

We pick up our instruments, and with a sigh, I once again trod into the hammock, following Derek.

As the day wore on, my resilience fading, exhausted, I try to climb over a fallen tree, and I stumble.

“Derek! Slow down! I can’t go any further with out a break.”

Turning and seeing me with my hands on my knees, breathing heavily, sweat dripping from my brow; he wordlessly walks back and sits with a thump. I lean against the log and close my eyes, drifting off to sleep. I am exhausted, not even being able to hold my head up. In a half dream state, I feel a brush of a hand across my cheek, upon opening my eyes I saw Derek leaning over me, with a calm, yet worried expression on his face.

“Lay still,” he said. “A brown recluse spider just crawled down your shirt, don’t move.”

A brown recluse spider has a very nasty bite, it causes your skin to blacken, die and fall off, not something I wanted to happen to me. Of the hundreds of spiders in my vicinity, why did the only dangerous one decide to crawl down my shirt? I often rely on Derek’s practicality to get me through some tight situations, but this is a first.

He could see that I am beginning to panic.

“Don’t move, no matter what,” he didn’t have to tell me twice, as he moves his hand to my long sleeved shirt, and slowly unbuttons it, carefully, not to put pressure on the spider.

“Looks like it went under you t-shirt. I am going to have to cut it off,” he states matter-of-factly as he pulls his trusty all purpose knife from his pant’s front pocket.

I nod slightly. He opens the knife, and with amazing gentleness begins to cut away my t-shirt, expertly keeping from putting pressure on the spider. I keep as still as possible, daring not too move, even as I feel sweat trickling down my neck and unknown insects below me going about their business. I hope none of them are brown recluses, or black widows. Soon my t-shirt fell to my sides, exposing my bra, but no spider, though I could feel it moving between my breasts, I figure it is a male spider, I thought, trying to distract myself from the seriousness of the situation.

“Sorry.” is all Derek says before he slips the knife under my bra cutting it and exposing both my breasts and the spider at the same time.

With a quick and expertly flicked finger, the spider went sailing. I let out a breath, and began to cry releasing the fear and tension.

I sit up, next to the crouching Derek, who did not know what to do with my very feminine reaction. He cautiously puts his arms around me and holds me while I uncharacteristically cry, but I notice that his eyes seem to be locked onto my breasts. I take some deep breaths.

“Like what you see?” I ask jokingly.

I look down at his pants and see a bulge; the spider incident is now forgotten. He self-consciously shifts his stance and steps backs slightly as I step forward bringing my hand to the tell-tale bulge, cautiously touching what appears to be a very thick cock. He does not protest, I step closer, my primal instincts begin to take control, my bare breasts rub against his hard chest, my hand moving up and down the denim covered his shaft, which continues to harden.

I move my hands to the hem of his t-shirt and bring it over his head letting it fall to the ground. I smile a little, and unzip his fly for better access. I hear an intake of breath as I finally work my way to his penis, rock hard, and ahh so large, just as I have always imagined. All constraints are gone as I lower my self to my knees, taking his pants and underwear with me. I lick my upper lip as I see that rock hard cock standing so erect, so ready.

Without another thought, working on natural instinct alone, I take that waiting shaft into my mouth, taking it all the way to the back of my throat, my hands on his ass, pulling him closer, closer, deeper. The tension from a potential nasty spider bite, a week of fantasying about this cock and ass, the sex with my husband the night before, all add up to my body wanting release, and wanting it now! I move up and down his shaft quickly, aggressively shoving it deeper and deeper into my throat, as if my very existence depended on it.

I am brought back to the rest of the world when I feel Derek’s hands on my head, causing me to stop my frantic sucking, and look up at him, when I do he raises me to my feet. I am afraid he is going to tell me to stop, tell me that he did not want me. Ashamed I look at the ground. His fingers go to under my chin and raise my face to his, but instead of the rebuke I am expecting, he moves closer and begins kissing my mouth with his, first gently, then harder as he too loses control, as if he too is famished for sex. He pulls me close into a tight embrace, and I try to get in even closer, our kisses becoming hungrier, our bodies, already dripping with sweat from the days walk, become even hotter as passion takes over.

He lowers me to the ground without breaking the kiss. Ah what a kiss it is, firm, warm, his tongue gliding in and out of my mouth, pulling my essence deeper and deeper into his body. I have totally forgotten who I am, who he is, where we are, I just know that I want to be totally immersed in this person’s body.

When we reach the ground, he breaks the kiss and rises off of me, I feel the loss of body contact with a shiver, and feel abandoned, then as my sensibilities threaten to take back over he begins kissing my neck, down to my breasts where his tongue expertly teases a nipple, and then I feel his fingers rubbing my very wet pussy, and my sensibilities once again take the back seat to animalistic need. I start moaning, my back arching, as he begins to move his mouth away from my nipples, moist from his mouth, the air begin to cooling them, sending a shiver through me.

I begin to relax and enjoy the cool breeze and the movement of a very skilled mouth making its way further down to my belly, to my thighs.

“Oh yes!” I yell as he unexpectedly penetrates my clit with his tongue.

My hands try to find something on the ground to clutch on to, finding only leaves and loose dirt; they grasp Derek’s thick black hair. I begin to squirm, my body is getting more and more aroused as his licking and probing becomes more aggressive. As I begin to moan louder and writhe faster and harder, he moves up and resumes kissing me. I taste his sweat intermingled with my juices as I frantically return his kisses, holding his head down to mine.

I begin to feel his shaft, thick, long and hard, start to enter me. I am beyond even thinking about protection; instead I use my legs to push him in further and further. Once he senses that he is getting no resistance he thrusts his cock deep, moving in and out of my pussy with long firm strokes that get harder and fiercer, till I feel as if I am going to be split in half, then he lifts his chest off of mine and begins to slow his thrusts, but making them more demanding.

I still hold him with my legs, moving in rhythm to him, until I feel the pressure beginning to escalate, on the edge of exploding. I scream, he screams, and then collapses onto me, where we lie still, intertwined until our breathing slows, our pulses back to normal.

“You ready to go?” Derek asks as he stands up and begins to dress.

I do likewise, shrugging my daypack on to my back, pick up the recorder and once again begin to trail after Derek.

A small smile crosses my face as I realize this is the story that Christian has long been wishing for, and how much fun we will have tonight.

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