Neighbor’s Forbidden Desire


We met at work. Her name is Kate and she is the head of the accounting department. A few days after I started the job it was announced that her husband of 16 years passed away. It wasn’t till a few months later that we actually talked. It was just small talk. She seemed like a nice lady. Then, about a year later when I was having a house built. I heard thru the grapevine that she had just moved into a house across the street from mine. I saw her at the company crawfish boil and that might have been the first time we had an actual conversation. I told her that if she ever needed anything, I’d be happy to help. We started to develop a friendship. She asked me to help her hang some pictures in her house. We were able to visit more that day. I started mowing her yard as well. One night she even texted me and asked me to come kill a snake in her back yard. The more I talked to her the more of an attraction I started to develop for her.

I was 24 at the time I was 6′ tall about 200lbs with dark eyes and black hair. My shoulders were broad and chest tight from working out daily. Her being 30 years my senior was a major plus. I’d always had an attraction for older women.

She was about 5’4″ with a nice body. She had a round ass. Her tits weren’t too big, but they fit her body perfectly. She had a beautiful smile that I always loved to see.

For the next year or so, I’d given her hints that I wanted to fuck her. I had a feeling she had an attraction for me as well. There was just one major line that she would never cross. I am MARRIED!! I knew she’d never cross that line, but the more we talked the more daring she got.

One night I was able to get her to play truth or dare with me thru text. She stopped playing when I asked her how often does she play with her pussy. Not sure if she just didn’t want to admit she played with herself or if it was just too much too soon for a question like that. It seemed like things died down a little after that. She really was a good friend to me.

We talked often. Sometime just asking how she had been, other times about things going on at work and there were times we talked just about anything.

It was at a company function that things started to heat up. The owners of the company paid for all the employees and their families to stay the weekend on Galveston Island at a really nice resort. The first night was the wildest. There was an open bar at the pool. I got out to go to the bathroom and didn’t take my key to get back in the pool area. On the way back I noticed I didn’t have my key, but I saw Kate not to far from the pool gate and I asked her if she’d let me in. She said she didn’t know how to use the key.

I said “It’s easy just push it in and pull it out.”

She joked and said “I don’t like when it’s just pushed in and pulled out.”

I said “Yeah, that’s never exciting.”

She had no idea how turned on that made me. I felt my cock start to get hard in my swim shorts. Not good at all!! I decided I was gonna go back and talk to her. I got another bayan escort beer and put my the rest of my clothes on. I just couldn’t find her anymore. So I texted her.

She said she went back to her room. I asked if I could come give her a hug. She said “no.” I asked her “If I come anyway, will you still be my friend?”

She replied “Yes, of course. Lol”

So, I made my way to the elevator. I wondered if she forgot that she told me her room number earlier in the night. I knocked hoping she’d answer and that nobody from work saw me at her door. She did answer I asked to come in for a second she smiled and said no. I told her I’m not gonna do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. She opened the door and I slid in. I told her I just wanted a hug. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her close for a strong hug. When we broke the hug I told her that I wanted to confess that I was very attracted to her and would love to do more than just hug her but would never try anything that made her uncomfortable. She told me thank you and I left.

I returned to the pool, but kept texting. Trying to get her to let me come back up for a kiss this time. She said no. I wasn’t going to push it. Her friendship was the most important to me. I got extra brave and asked her if she had ever fantasized about me.

She was bashful at first and just asked “Have you ever about me?”

I told her “Oh yes, all the time!!”

She told me “I have about you too.”

I wanted to go back up there so bad. I wondered if she was up in that room playing with your pussy right then. That was the last text I got from her that night.

It was a few months later in August when things got very exciting. We had a talk one Friday at work. I wanted her to know that I meant what I said that night in Galveston. She told me that she did too, but she wished she wouldn’t have told me that. Since, I am married. I told her I wished she’d just live life to its fullest and have as much fun as she could. Pretty much you only live once. I guess that made her think, because about 3 weeks later she texted me and asked if I could help her paint a wall in her house that evening. I told her of course and she told me to come over at around 7. I told her, I’d be there. I was so excited that I’d get to hang out with her. I told my wife that I was gonna help Kate paint and she’d have to take our oldest to practice.

At around 6:30 I got a text from her telling me that the door was unlocked and to just let myself in. I figured she’d be in the room painting already.

I got there right at 7. I let myself in like I’d been instructed.

I called out “Kate?”

She said “I’m in here.” I walked into her living room and there she was standing in front of me holding a glass of wine, wearing a white sheer babydoll, with a little red thong under and red heels. I could clearly see her dark nipples thru the material. I stood there like a deer in head lights. My mind went blank. I had no idea what escort bayan to think or say. That’s when she broke the ice.

She said “Well, you say you’re good. So, are you gonna prove it or just stand there with your mouth open?” As she set her glass on the table.

Those words broke me out of my spell. I went at her with full force. My mouth locked into hers as our tongues wrestled aggressively. My hands were all over her body. I ran my hand down her back feeling her bare ass only covered by the thin triangle of her thong. She started fumbling with my pants. Unzipping then letting them fall as she started rubbing the shaft of my hard cock up and down. Then, she pulled my cock out of my briefs, letting it spring to attention. She dropped to her knees and took all of me into her mouth. It felt so fucking amazing. She worked her mouth up and down my cock. Sometimes taking a moment to nibble up and down my shaft. While looking up at me. We locked eyes and I couldn’t believe the seductive look she had in her eyes. She went down my cock and started to nibble on my balls as she stroked my cock. It felt so good. I was so amazed at how good she was doing. I told her to go easy because she was about to make me blow the biggest load ever.

She just giggled and said “No, you can’t do that yet.”

She lifted up and sat on the couch. I kneeled this time and kissed her passionately as my hands made their way up to her tits. It felt like her nipples were about to tear thru the fabric of her baby doll, they were so hard. I pull the straps off her shoulders exposing her tits, then took a nipple in my mouth. Sucking and flicking it with my tongue. Then, made my way down that one and up the twin next to it. Using my mouth to play with that nipple. I heard her moan as she ran her fingers thru the back of my hair. I made my way further down till her pussy was in my face. I rubbed her pussy thru her sexy thong. Then pulled it to the side seeing her pretty hidden pleasure for the first time. I ran my finger up and down her slit stopping to play with her clit, then pushing a finger in her tight little hole. She gasped as my finger went deep inside her. I just had to taste her. I grabbed the sides of her panties. She lifted her ass a little letting me slide them off of her. I kissed her inner thigh up one then over her mound where her neatly trimmed bush met the top of her pussy. I gave her clit a quick suck just to tease her. I felt her tense up then I went down her other thigh till I got to the bottom near her pussy. I licked up one of her lips then the other. She was going insane waiting for me. She grabbed the back of my head on pulled my face into her pussy.

Screaming “Please eat me…” I don’t think I’d ever been so turned on in my life. I started sucking on her clit. I could hear her moans and knew she was liking it. She kept saying “That’s it John… That’s it baby… Eat me…” I did as she said and kept flickering her hard clit with my tongue. I felt her legs start to quiver bayan escort gaziantep as she scream “I’M CUMMING!!” I latched on to her clit sucking hard as she bucked her hips and pulled on my hair…

After she finished she pulled me to her. Kissing my deeply. Tasting her sweet nectar from my mouth. I told her “Damn Ms. Kate you really are a freak…” we both laughed at the comment. That’s when she took my hand and led me to her room.

We stopped at the side of the bed for a log make out session. By now it was getting dark and the candles she lit before I got there were starting to light up her room. She climbed onto her bed as I followed.

Getting on top of her, she said “John, I gotta have that big cock inside me right now” I positioned my cock at her opening and slowly pushed inside her tight little twat… Savoring the feeling that we’d both longed for. “Ohhhhh” was all that came out if her mouth as I pushed all the way in her pussy. Holding it there deep inside her for a few seconds. I pulled out, then went back in her, speeding up my pace. She felt so wonderful. I loved her grunts every time I pushed inside her. I started going very fast. I could tell she was getting close. So I kept up. I could feel the muscles of your pussy start to contract around my cock as she went into what she later called a mind blowing orgasm. She bucked her hips in unison with my trusts, wrapping her legs tightly around me. I slowed my thrusts to let her come down. As we laid there on her bed wrapped up together feeling our hot skin touch. I kissed her again.

Then, felt her hand wrap around my dick. She said “I can’t believe you’re still so hard.” She then asked “Can we go again?” I didn’t say a word. I just rolled her over. She took the hint and got into doggie position. She reached back and took my cock in her hand guiding me to her opening. I pushed in slow again. But not for long. Seeing that nice ass bent over was too much for me. I started pounding away at her wet pussy. It only took a few mins for her to scream that the was cumming again.

This time I didn’t stop I just reached around her and started playing with her clit as I smashed my pelvis into her ass till she started to cum for the third time. This time we both collapsed onto the bed. I asked if it was good as she expected. To my surprise she said “Not yet…” I was kinda taken back that when she said “I gotta ride this monster.”

I rolled onto my back as she straddle me. Slowing coming down on my cock. She was going slow at first which i loved. She had a sexy body and I took this time to squeeze her titts. She leaned down and let my suck on them for a few seconds. Then she started to ride hard… Moving her hips up and down on my throbbing cock. She felt so good. I told her she was fucking amazing and that I was about to cum. She told me to cum deep inside her. That was all the encouragement I need. I thrusted up into her hard. Yelling “oh fuck yes Kate!! Blasting my load deep deep inside her as she started to cum for the 4th time. I felt like I could not stop cumming. She fell on top of me and I just held her naked body against mine.

We both fell asleep. It wasn’t till I felt her kissing my neck that I woke up. We kissed like this for a few mins. Then I asked her “Do you have any regrets?”

She whispered “It’s the best decision I ever made…”

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