New Family Position Ch. 04


I am sorry this took so long to finish, real life intervened. Hope you like it!


There was a great party in the ball room after we announced I had accepted as CEO. The food and drink flowed as it seemed there had been a collective relief in the entire family. After John announced I had accepted, he also announced nothing was official until I signed the succession paperwork Monday and an announcement was made to the press. That announcement would come at the reception where John would allow the press into the reception and make it public in his toast. There would also going be a corresponding news release.

At around 10, everyone was breaking up to get a good night’s rest before the big wedding. Susan and I said our good nights and retired to our suite. Susan went to the bathroom and I undressed to my boxers and watched a little TV when Susan took my breath away by coming out of the bathroom fully nude. Her body glowed with the sexiness I knew I would always see in her. Her hair was perfect and her hips swayed with such eroticism, teasing me with her perfectly shaved pussy. Her nipples pointed out with arousal on her perfect breasts. It seemed like she could show me a new way of being sexy every time she revealed herself to me.

She made me stand to slip my boxer off. She slithered down my body to give my cock a couple strokes and slipped me into her mouth for some gentle sucking to make me hard. She stood and pushed me back into the chair before she slid onto my lap and kissed me softly but with passion. Susan and I had a very physical and active sex life but I knew by the way she was moving and looking at me she wanted to make love tonight. I could sense it in her kiss and the way she held me. Our tongues caressed each other’s and then she backed away to look into my eyes. I knew she was working herself up to something.

Susan said, “I am so proud of you and I love you so much. We are going to have such an amazing life together and I just know my family thinks so much of you and they agree with Daddy’s decision. Baby, I want to ask you for something. Before you become the CEO and take on so much responsibility, I want something to just be for us. I want you to make love to me tonight. I want you to make me pregnant. I stopped taking the pill and I am at my most fertile over the next few days and I want us to start our family,” and she kissed me again.

Susan and I had recently had discussions about starting a family. I realized at this moment that she had initiated those discussions and I wondered again how much she had known before today. I had a little flash of anger because Susan and I had always agreed we would never keep secrets from each other. I pulled away and looked in her eyes to see how serious she was and asked her, “How long ago did you know your Dad was going to ask me to be CEO?”

Susan got this sexy look on her face, and looked at me through the hair that fell over her face and with her chin lowered like a child when they know they are caught in a lie. It was so sexy and cute, my anger was instantly gone, “I knew a little while ago. Daddy tells me everything and I knew Joan was preparing the paperwork weeks ago.”

I slapped her ass playfully and said, “You know I will have to punish you for not telling me!”

She squirmed delightfully and squealed, “Oooh, are you going to spank me?”

We had played games like this before and explored with some light bondage but this didn’t seem like the right time. I caressed the spot where I had spanked her and caressed it gently. I smiled but changed my face to a more serious look and pulled her close to me, “Are you sure this is what you want baby? Are you ready to be a mother?”

She smiled so widely, and she was so beautiful in that moment I knew I wouldn’t deny her, “Yes, my love, I am so sure I want to have your baby. I want us to be the first in the family. I want the family to know you gave me your seed first.” and we kissed again and brought our bodies together. I lifted her so I could carry her over the threshold into our bedroom. We climbed onto the bed without breaking our kiss and we proceeded to caress and touch each other, trying to relay all of our love for each other in our touch and our kiss.

I suckled on her nipples slowly, working her up and then worked my lips down to her pussy. She was wet and I kissed and sucked on her labia. I added a finger to stimulate her g spot. Her hips were undulating to get more of my tongue inside her and I made her come twice before I rose up over her.

I nudged my cock up against her wet, warm lips and teased her with it. I pulled my face away from hers again and looked deeply in her eyes, “Are you sure baby, are you sure you want this?”

Her radiant smile blew me away and I knew this moment would be imprinted on my brain forever. She took my face in her hands and pulled my head down as she whispered in my ear, “I love you like no other. I am your whore, your slut, bursa yabancı escort you wife and now you will make me your baby’s mother.”

As she said these words, I plunged my rampant cock into her in one thrust and she squealed out as she took me into her clenching pussy. She had another small orgasm before I had thrust into her three times.

“My God Susan, I love making love to you. You are my most precious gift and I will always love you,” I said as we kissed over and over again. We were making love at a steady pace until she started to thrust her hips back at me. She was such a sexual creature, she just didn’t seem to be capable of restraining herself when it came to sex and I found myself feeling like I had a little more insight as to why it had always been that way with us.

Finally, we pushed up the pace and I began to fuck her. I caught myself giving in to the lust so I began to slow down some and continue the steady, loving pace we started with, but she reached around and grabbed my ass and wrapped her heals behind my legs to pull me into her.

“Oh Blake, we are going to make a baby, I just know it. I will always be whatever you want of me but tonight we are lovers making the most precious gift! Ohhhhhhh, Gooooddddddddd, you are amazing”

She finished this as I immediately increased my thrusting speed and power. She had me in full lust mode now; I could feel the beast in me coming out again, but I felt this incredible outpouring of love for her! This sexy, incredible woman always brought it out of me since that first amazing night in my fraternity bedroom. She brought it out in me when she brought her sorority sister into our bed and we had our first threesome together. She brought it out in me when we swapped our first time and when we went to our first swingers club. I realized she is cleverer than I ever gave her credit for because I realized she was also preparing me for the possibilities that lay ahead. She may not have envisioned me as CEO, but she knew there was a possibility we could be “in the family” in the future in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I realized she had been grooming me all these years and it had always been Susan who had initiated anything new into our lives. I also realized she had often made it seem like my idea and I had been a more than a willing participant. As soon as she turned me on to any of these new things, I had embraced them and flourished in them. I gained confidence with every new sexual milestone and once we broke another barrier we were partners in exploration. As I gained this confidence, I realized it translated into our regular lives. It made me bold with ideas and concepts on investments and deals. She had been my muse in all things and my love for her added fuel to my lust. I realized this all as I watched her come on my cock again in one seemingly intense orgasm. I thrust in her forcefully gain and again and just as she seemed to be coming down, I thrust in her hard and exploded into her, my wife, my whore, my slut.

“Take my seed and give me a baby! Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!”

“Yes baby, yes, yes, yes, make a baby with me! AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”

We came together then, me thrusting and groaning, she undulating her hips to get every inch of me and screaming. We were a sweaty mess but we were in that sexual bliss you can only have with your lover. We kissed and hugged as I slowly kept thrusting as we came down until I was too soft to continue.

She held my face in her hands again and smiled that brilliant smile that made me fall in love with her all over again., “I am so happy, I just know you made me pregnant, I know we are now about to have our first child. No matter what, everyone will know I am your first. Everyone will know that you wanted to have a baby WITH me; that you wanted me to have your baby because you married me and you love me. You may make many women pregnant, but I will be the first and the one you married and wanted to have a baby with.”

We snuggled in and she quickly fell asleep but I lay awake for a while. I was trying to process all the things I agreed to, much of what was easiest for me to process, which was the business side. I know most men would have focused on the myriad of possibilities of women to bed but I guess I wasn’t ready because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I felt some old school values as every time I started to consider it, I felt strange with my naked wife who I had just tried to start our family with, in my arms.

If I knew how fast the other possibilities were going to come, I might have stayed awake a little longer.


The next morning Susan and I made love again. Susan told me she was going to make love to me until she was sure she was pregnant. Who was I to complain?

I went back to sleep for a bit and Susan proceeded to get ready for the day. I didn’t have any real commitments to the wedding bursa sınırsız escort but Susan was completely imbedded in the preparations and details with Melissa and Stephanie. She was going to be busy all day and frankly, I was looking forward to a leisurely day hanging around this beautiful hotel.

Susan came in when she was ready to leave and brought me an orange juice. As I sat up to drink it, she sat on the side of the bed and said, “Baby, thank you for last night and this morning. It was so amazing and I hope we are going to be parents very soon.”

We giggled and kissed in hopeful joy. I found myself hoping we had succeeded and would start another phase of our marriage. Susan got a serious look on her face and said, “Baby, I know it isn’t official until Monday but I want you to know that as far as I am concerned you are already the new head of this family. I want you to know I am fine with you assuming that too.”

It took me a second to remember what she was referring to and as I started to object she shushed me and said, “Its OK baby, I mean it. As of last night, you aren’t just my husband; you are going to decide the future of this family every day. You will make decisions no one else can make and I want you make them. I want you to know I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want you to do everything you think are the right thing to do and I want you to enjoy it too. I will support you every step of the way. I know what I am agreeing to, maybe even more than you do right now, and I want you to know I can’t wait for it to happen, because we are going to have so much fun!” she said this with such a smile and a little shudder of pleasure that was so sexy.

“I promise you I will never be jealous, I will never question you. I have watched you with other women and I watched you the other night with Joan and have recognized how much you enjoy and love and respect women. I know that you are the most decent man I have ever known and I know you are the best choice to replace my Daddy. I know how lucky all of the women of this company who you choose to bed are going to be. You are going to be the best CEO of this company and this family, I just know it. I only have one thing I want to ask of you.”

“Susan, anything you want. You are my wife and no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen, you are the one I will spend my life loving. I doubt anything will happen until after the wedding. ”

Susan slid her hand along my cheek and said, “I wouldn’t be so sure, you’re hard to resist!” Then her face change and she seemed so touched at my words, “I know you love me Blake. I want you to promise me you we will always share moments like this, that there is nothing you will feel you can’t tell me or include me in. I hope I have proven I will do anything you ask me. I will do whatever you ask of me and I want you to share this with me and be able to tell me anything.”

I gazed into her eyes and I saw desperation that I rarely saw from Susan. She was always so giving and loving and just wasn’t a person to ask for things. Money was never a problem for us so she never asked me for anything. I was bursting with love for her again, so many times in this last few hours, and I knew I would never deny her anything, “Of course I will. Like everything else we have done since the day I met you, I will always tell you what is going on.”

She smiled so brightly again and seemed relieved from a tremendous burden. I pulled her to me and we kissed passionately again. I then gave her my stern face and said, “But you must make me the same promise. You didn’t tell me your Dad’s plans and don’t think I will forget your betrayal. I will punish you as I see fit but no more, you will never keep a secret like that from me either.” I slapped her gorgeous ass in the sexy skirt she had put on.

“Ooh, yes sir, I will never withhold a secret from you again. You own me in all things now!” she kissed me again and leaped away from the bed, “I have to go, enjoy lounging around today. The limo shuttle will pick you up at 5, don’t forget!”

I got out of bed and changed into some workout clothes. I hit the excellent gym in the hotel and then went for a long run through the nearby streets. I returned with a clear mind and sweaty body. I read the newspaper, answered some emails and made a couple of calls. I ate a relaxing lunch and watched a baseball game on TV. I was feeling very relaxed but I couldn’t shake the notion this was the calm before the storm. When it became time, I got dressed for the wedding. I got a text from Susan she was going to change at the church and I shouldn’t wait for her.

I went to the lobby and the valet and asked about the limo delivering to the wedding. The valet told me I was the first to arrive but if I wouldn’t mind waiting a woman had just called to be taken over as well. I told the valet I was in no hurry and was checking my phone when I felt some arms reach around me and pull görükle escort them close.

I decided to relax in the whirlpool all of us had in our suites. I stretched while I filled the tub and it heated up. I stripped down and luxuriated in the soothing water. I had lowered the lights and put a towel over my eyes as I lay back against the padded edge of the tub.

I had been relaxing for a few minutes when I vaguely heard someone enter the suite. I assumed it was Susan but I was enjoying the jets pounding on my muscles so I didn’t move. I was spacing out a little when I sensed and felt someone enter the pool area.

“Well, what do we have here?” a voice said.

I pulled the towel off my eyes and standing before me was Karen looking down on me with a playful grin on her face and her hands on her hips. She was wearing a sports bra and black yoga pants. She also wore some flip flops with what looked like some freshly painted toe nails in a deep purple that fit well with her complexion and deep red hair, pulled up in a bun on the back of her head.

“Just relaxing after my workout, why aren’t you at the church with the others?” I said.

“I was but I had a manicure and pedicure appointment in the spa here and Susan asked me to stop by and let you know she would change at the church and you shouldn’t wait for her. “I doubt she thought I would find you like this.”

It was just then I realized I was exposed in the tub and the jets swirling the water was the only thing that obscured me at all. I looked back up at Karen and she said, “I feel like this is a lucky moment for me. To catch you like this so soon after you have been named as CEO seems like fate somehow.”

I smiled and said, “Well I am not CEO yet, still just me. Besides, you don’t work for the Company, and the way I understand it that means you don’t have any claim.”

“Maybe not but how do you think I got in? Susan gave me a key and reminded me you were all alone here” as she said this she removed whatever was holding her hair in the bun and shook it loose. Her hair cascaded down and she took a seat on the side of the tub, very close to me. She stuck her hand in the water and said, “Umm, that feels nice and I may not work for the Company but I am still family, doesn’t that get me any special consideration? Besides, aren’t you basically my new Daddy?” She was purring as she said this last bit and I found myself getting aroused.

Karen leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Don’t you want to find out how this is going to work? Don’t you want to show me you’re worthy of being our new Daddy?”

She licked my earlobe and the beast in me awakened. I pulled her on top of me into the pool. She was wide eyed as I pulled her lips to mine and soon we were making out and wriggling in the water. We were both giggling and being playful. I lifted her soaked top off and started sucking on her perky nipples. “Ung, God that’s it, suck my titties!”

My cock was fully erect now and she was rubbing herself against me, “Jesus, it’s huge, Susan was right.”

I turned her around so she was facing the side of the tub and slid her yoga pants down off her ass and gave her playful slap. She squealed and turned with that sexy grin on her face. “Oh, I guess you like it rough.”

I ripped her tiny thong off of her and she squealed again. I pulled the soaked yoga pants all the way off her sexy feet and threw then on the floor with a splat. I pushed my face between her legs and licked her shaved pussy with just a sexy, red haired landing strip. She was incredibly wet and hot and I licked her pussy, taking in her juices.

She kept talking dirty to me the whole time, “You’re going to take me aren’t you? God, I want my sister’s husband’s cock inside me so bad. You want me to take it don’t you? You’re going to claim my pussy with that big stick, aren’t you? You know you are going to fuck my tiny pussy with that cock aren’t you Daddy?”

When she said Daddy, something clicked in me and the beast in me reared. I stood up and rubbed my cock against her ass. “Did my wife tell you I would fuck your hot pussy, did she tell you I would take you? Did she say I would make you my slut?”

I kept rubbing my cock against her ass and she started pushing back against me, “Yes, she told me I could let you take me. She told me to give myself to you.”

I can’t tell you how hot it made me to know that Susan had pushed Karen towards me. Now I knew what she meant when she said wanted to be a part of it.

“Get ready for me slut, I am going to have you squealing and coming on my cock soon. I am going to own you and you will be my slut any time I want you, aren’t you?”

As I said this I placed my cock at her entrance and when she tried to push back on me I kept it just there but not letting it penetrate her. I wanted to hear her say she would be mine. She groaned when she figured out what I was doing, “Un, please Blake, please give me your cock, I need it.”

“Say it slut, say you will be mine.” I reached around and grabbed both her breasts and pulled on her hard nipples. I pulled her back so my chest was against her back and I kissed and sucked on her neck and shoulder. I whispered again, “Say you are my slut little girl, you know what I want to hear.”

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