Niece Fantasy


I’m your uncle, and I’m 25 years older than you. We’re not related by blood, but I’ve known you since you were born. I babysat you and helped you with your homework while you sat in my lap and hung on my every word. I’ve watched you transform from a baby to a girl to a woman. A damned fine-looking woman. I’ve wanted you since you were 15, but didn’t dare say anything about it. You’re 18 now. You just turned legal.

You, your parents and I are in the jacuzzi in your back yard when the phone rings. It’s an emergency and both parents have to leave immediately. You and I are now in the jacuzzi alone.

You lean forward to tell me something and your bikini top slips, just a few inches. Just enough to reveal the tops of your perfect young nipples. I stare. I can’t help myself. They are so pink and full of life, mounted on two soft mounds of temptation.

You notice my stare and you smile. It’s a soft, knowing smile, but a little nervous as well. You know what I’m thinking, what I want. But that nervousness tells me this is your first time.

I reach for your hand. Even in the warm water, it is trembling. I say your name, gently. You gaze up at me and your mouth opens slightly. You have no words. That’s OK. We don’t need any.

Our lips touch, briefly. Your eyes close. I sigh, and we kiss again, deeply. Your mouth is soft and welcoming. My hands run down across your shoulders and back. My lips explore your ears, your throat, and downward. One hand slips under your bikini top to caress your firm young breast.

Your nipple rises to greet my touch. I move toward it with my tongue, taking my time, determined to make your first experience a special one. I will help you overcome your shyness and teach you what a wonderful thing Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort sex can be. I unstrap your bikini top and let it float away in the bubbling water. Your two pale breasts, never before touched even by sun, mesmerize me and I don’t hesitate to let you know it. “You’re so beautiful,” I say.

You’re blushing now, and the redness spreads from your face and neck to color your breasts light pink. My hand traces the path of your blush down your stomach and into the front of your bikini bottom. You gasp as my fingers graze the center of your feminity, your warm wet womanhood.

“Let’s go inside,” I suggest. Your first time should be in a place where you feel safe, secure, and where have you have ever felt more secure than in your own bed?

I take you by the hand and lead you to your room. This is the room you grew up in, your bed still surrounded by the toys of your childhood. I pick you and hold you in my arms. You are so small, so light. You reach around my neck and hold me. I bend forward and, kissing you, I lay you gently onto the bed.

My tongue leaves your lips and finds your throat. I revel in the soft warmth there. You squirm. Has the sudden intimacy made you uncomfortable? I pause. Lying next to you I feel so much larger than you. I’m six feet tall, broad-shouldered, and 250 pounds. By comparison, you’re such a fragile thing. I take special care with you.

Your eyes are half-closed. Your fists are clenched. Your breathing is rapid, your rose-tipped breasts heaving. I touch one hardened nipple, then bring my mouth down on top of it. My tongue explores the fine crinkles that surround it and I tease it lightly with my teeth. I smile when I hear you moan.

My hands caress the beauty that is your breasts and move down the smoothness that is your belly. How often I have admired your young belly as you were going up, with sidewise glances that I hoped no one would notice. Now it is mine, and I will treat it like the precious treasure that it is.

These same fingers that tickled you when you were a little girl now caress you and explore you and treat you with longing tenderness. My fingernails graze your rib cage and my tongue touches your bellybutton. My hand follows the fine hairs that lead from your navel to the place of wonder that waits beneath your still-damp bikini bottom. I slip my finger into the warmth and I know that the wetness I find has nothing to do with the Jacuzzi waters.

I peel down your bikini bottom to expose a light blonde triangle that holds untold awe for me. You are naked now, on the bed of your childhood, and your smile signals both trust and a hint of anxiety. This is your first time, and you are afraid it will hurt. I will do everything in my power to ensure that it does not — but it may be beyond my power.

I peel down my trunks and let them fall to the floor. Your eyes drop to my cock with a curious smile. You reach out to touch it, to inspect it, to play with it a little. Though I am throbbing with desire for you, I take a deep breath and acquiesce. My cock will soon enter you; you have a right to look it over before it does.

Your hand falls away. I gaze once again at your womanhood and I’m overcome by the desire to taste you. I bury my mouth in your pussy.

You gasp with surprise, then thrust up against my teeth as my tongue enters you. My lips hold your swelling clit and I know by your rapid breathing that I am awakening feelings you never knew you had. I tease both sides of your clit with my tongue, then suck on it and nibble briefly at its tip. You gasp. I release you, and – there’s no graceful way to do this – I fumble with the condom while you wait. You watch with that same curious expression, and I’m proud to provide this example of safe sex for you.

I kiss you again, and I open you wide. I position my cock on the lips of your vagina, the warm wet touch begging me to enter. My breath comes so hard I am unable to speak. I gaze at you, beautiful and vulnerable, your breasts heaving with excitement. You nod.

Slowly I move in. I encounter soft resistance, and I look at you again. You nod once more, faster this time. I move in gently as you rock around me. Your eyes signal pleasure and pain at the same time. You grasp my buttocks and shove me in all the way. You groan as I push into you and fill your tight young pussy with my cock.

You’re so warm and taut. There’s discomfort on your face, and some confusion, but I know you still welcome me inside you. I thrust gently. I could burst right now and be done with this, but I restrain myself. The time’s not right yet. “How are you doing?” I ask. “Is everything OK?” You just nod, and gasp.

I kiss your ears and throat as I stroke inside you. You smile. I can see you like that. I keep kissing you and run my tongue around your ear lobes. Your hips arch, and I cum. It is a gentle orgasm, not a mad passionate thrusting but a calm ejaculation of love and warmth and patience. I empty my caring into you, then rest a moment, enchanted by your breathing. I pull out and roll over to lie beside you.

There is blood on the bed of your childhood, the bed on which you became a woman. I help you clean it. We shower together.

By the time your parents return, we are back in the Jacuzzi, our shared secret expressed only in our smiles.

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