Nikki Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Teaching More Than English

[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies, and as such, may not be wholly realistic. Other than certain historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


It’s difficult to believe that today’s the last day of the school year. What’s even harder to believe is that a whole decade’s past since I first began my high school teaching career! I first taught across the state for eight years and the last two years at this school of about eight hundred students in a small Iowa town of about five thousand people. At 31, I’m still single and uninvolved with anyone at the present time. My students know me as Ms. Norcross, my colleges as Nikki.

I have very dark, black hair and a very shapely body. I stand five feet, ten inches tall and measure 34D, 26, 36. I also like to sunbathe nude, so I have no tan lines, just an all over, golden brown tan. I’ve only had two serious affairs to date, one in college, and the other three years ago. The second one was a teacher also, and one of the reasons I left that school. I’ve dated very little since then and haven’t had any cock since that affair broke up.

So, when that eighteen year old senior boy in English IV got a little foxy the last semester of school, I was more than susceptible. I’ve consciously refrained from any involvement with my students (there have been other opportunities) up ’til now, as such involvement usually ends up disastrously for the teacher involved. But, the lack of sex for so long and other circumstances falling just right, I could no longer restrain myself.

With my looks, I’ve always been the object of male adolescent wet dreams since long before my career began but, I was always able to stay aloof from and deflect such pubescent behavior in the past. As I said, circumstances this time altered that. This time, with my defenses down, I succumbed to the power of sex and lust. My pussy is getting wet now just reliving these erotic thoughts as I relate them to you.

Tim, in my last hour class, had been flirting, or at least attempting to flirt with me for the whole second semester. I’d look up or turn around, only to find him furtively ogling me from the corner of his eye. When I would catch him at it, he would just give me a devilish grin and look back to his books or papers.

On occasion, he’d manage to brush against me as we past each other in the normal interaction of a class period. Once or twice, I caught him staring at my chest into the gap between the buttons on my blouse as I leaned over his desk.

I never dressed provocatively for the school day, and I was decorously covered, top and bottom. But I did dress smartly with frilly blouses, sexy shoes (one of my fetishes), and such. By the second semester, my sexual desert had me parched and starving for physical attention.

Tim’s attention began to get to me. At first, I guess, it was unconscious that I began to do things in response to him, such as leaving one or more blouse buttons undone, leaning further over than necessary when giving him help during desk work-study periods, and the like. But this unconscious behavior was about to change.

About half way through the semester, I gave in to my desires and began to consciously respond to Tim. I started wearing slightly more provocative clothing; tighter slacks and shorter dresses, more revealing blouses, my sexiest shoes, and more.

I did this in gradual progression so as not to have an obvious change in clothing style or that such change was in direct response to Tim. But quickly enough, Tim caught on that my behavior was indeed changing and that it was in response to his actions.

He was a very bright student, honor roll and all that. He took full advantage of the opportunities I began to offer him to look down my blouse into my cleavage. My skirts got a bit shorter, revealing much more leg than I normally allowed.

As I just said, Tim was a very bright student, and he was very inventive in dreaming up reasons to stay after class, the last class period of the day, and see me. He would linger behind as the other students left, and then come up to the desk, usually with some question for me.

I’d walk from my hall monitor position, back to the desk after the hall more or less cleared to see what was on Tim’s mind (as if I didn’t know!). But, I’d surreptitiously, while still facing the hall, undo another blouse button first.

Tim would contrive different ways by which to walk past me and manage to brush against some part of my body, usually a breast brush or a hip brush. On my part, I would back my desk chair out and turn it sideways to face Tim for a “conference.”

I’d deliberately cross my legs slowly in order to give him a really good look up my skirt to my sexy panties. And believe me, he eagerly looked, too, quite unabashedly Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort and obviously!

This went on every day for the past six weeks. But yesterday, as we sat facing each other in “conference,” and Tim looked up my skirt, there were no panties! He got an extra long look that time, and I don’t know if he saw it, but my pussy was definitely wet and shiny.

I thought he was going to lose it then and there and cream his pants. An obvious and instant bulge that was huge, did appear along his leg. He barely made it through the next minute or so before he abruptly said he had to get going. I watched him rush down the hall to the boy’s room and I can guess what he did in there. Ahhh, to be ten years younger again!

Now, on this last day, Tim was waiting near my desk as I walked back into the room at the end of the period. He said, “I have two of your poetry books to return,” and held them out to me.

As I took them from him, his free hand brushed and then rubbed my hand that accepted the books. His hip brushed mine as I walked past him to place the books on a low shelf behind my desk. My desk was out of the line of sight of the classroom door. Thank God! I’d not have wanted anyone to witness what happened next!

I guess Tim decided to strike while the iron was hot and before his last chance disappeared. He walked up behind me while I was bent over and grabbed my ass from the sides with both hands and pushed hard bulge tightly up against me.

Although I’d not seen any signs of it a moment ago, I felt his now very rigid cock in my butt crack through our clothes and felt an instant shock of electricity spark through me. His hands went around me and grabbed my boobs in a tight squeeze. He moved his hips up and down a couple of times with a shudder (I think he came, instantly).

I whispered fiercely, “Not here, Tim, please!”

His immediate comeback as he backed off, was, “Where, then?”

“Meet me at my apartment in two hours. I have to stay here and finish some end of school things first.”

“Ok, I know where that is, see you then.”

I asked in alarm, “How did you know where I live?”

“I followed you home once and have been around some nights watching you through your windows.”

I told him, “You naughty boy, I guess I’ll have to make sure my window blinds are shut after this.”

Tim stepped back up to me, lifted my chin with one hand and gave me a passionate kiss while his other hand slipped between us and grabbed my crotch over my skirt for a really good but quick grope. He then released me and walked out with a dirty grin on his face.

I did, however, notice a large wet spot on the front of his jeans. I don’t think he knew yet that his orgasm was showing. The young stud must have once more prematurely shot his wad on contact of his hand with my clothed pussy. With those two orgasms, he must have pumped a ton of cock cream for a spot that large. Poor Boy!

My obligations kept me at school for the next one and a half hours before I could escape to my car in the parking lot. It would be a fifteen minute drive home to my apartment, which did not leave much time to get ready for Tim.

When I got to my building, I found Tim waiting in the lobby, still the premature kid. I told him the apartment number and to give me five minutes before he came up.

I took the elevator up to the fifth floor, all my senses reeling with thoughts of the end of another school term and more importantly, of what lay ahead with Tim, some thirteen years my junior. Jesus, had I made a mistake, here?

Well, at least there was no more school until fall and Time was no longer a student.

I quickly went into the bathroom for a much needed pee, washed my hands and face and was startled by the door chimes. Quickly drying my face, I walked toward the door, calling out, “I’m coming!”

And I almost was, cumming that is, as I was already getting a wet pussy in anticipation. My panties, I had worn a thong today, under my short skirt were definitely wet. When I opened the door, Tim just stood there, mouth hanging open, staring, as though he were in a daze. I had to take his hand and lead him into the room. As the door latched shut and I turned the deadlock, Tim’s face went crimson.

He stammered some as he said, “Uh, hh hh hi, Ms Nn nn Norcross.”

He was again just standing there in a daze. It was as if his adolescent hormones had suddenly stopped flowing. He was all at once, timid now that he was faced with a real live woman with a 100% chance to really score and he didn’t know what to do with me. His confidence has suddenly fled.

It appeared that the bravado and flirting done with, Tim really did not know what to do next or was too scared to try.

In a sudden revelation, I thought, God, Tim is very adept in his ability to flirt and tease, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that he has never actually bedded a girl. Shit, I’ll even bet he’s a genuine, full, one hundred carat virgin! Now this situation has some real possibilities.

Well, at that moment, I became the aggressive partner. I’d be teaching him again, but this time, it would not be English. I’d teach him the poetry of the body and of love. And, I think this time, I’ll have a very willing student for once. A student eager to learn and participate in “class activities,” if I did this right and didn’t scare him off first.

So, I said, “Tim, how about if we go into the living room first, sit by the fire, and have a drink. I have some coke in the dry bar fridge. Why don’t you get us each one on ice.”

Tim started fixing the drinks, but he splashed coke on the counter, dropped several ice cubes on the floor, and almost dropped the two liter bottle. But he finally managed to get the drinks made and literally stumbled over to me on the couch in front of the fire. He handed me my drink and then sat in a straight back chair across from me.

Tim’s hand was shaking so much, he slopped a little of his drink on his hand. I thought, Oh, my big, macho, stud, what a little boy you really are. Somehow, Tim managed a shaky and choppy conversation with me as he downed his drink in two, quick gulps. This was followed by a fit of coughing with tears running freely down his cheeks. And once again, he had very red cheeks of embarrassment.

God, my pussy was screaming for attention and it was soaking wet now. I wanted to jump his bones so badly as my need was about to get out of hand. But, I knew I would have to go slowly with Tim or lose him.

So I next said, “Tim, why don’t you come over here and lie on your stomach on the couch. Let me rub some of the tenseness out of your back and shoulder muscles.”

I got up and watched him shakily walk over and lie down with a groan. Shaky or not, I did notice as he walked to me that he was sporting a large boner again under his tented pants front.

I climbed over Tim to straddle him with my knees, but kept my pussy up and off him as I rubbed and kneaded his shoulders and back. My God, was he tight and tense as a hundred pound bowstring at full pull!

Slowly, as I continued my gentle massage, Tim began to relax. After ten minutes of this, my now completely soaked pussy needed something. So, I lowered my pussy down onto Tim’s ass, but just barely. With a light touch of both hands and pussy, I put the two into synchronized motion on his back and ass.

Tim groaned and sighed. I didn’t want to come yet, so I said to Tim, “Turn over and I will do your front.”

“Noooo”, he almost sobbed.

I was startled. “Why not? What’s wrong?”

There was a lengthy pause before Tim answered with, “I came in my pants and the front of my jeans is soaked.

“Oh, is that all,” I replied, “You should see my panties. In fact why don’t you?”

I dropped my skirt and moved my legs to get it all the way off, leaving the tiny thong on.

Then I said, “Turn over, now.”

He did. His face was still crimson. I quickly undid his belt, zipped him down and slid his pants and underwear down to his shoes and took it all off before Tim knew what had hit him.

Tim’s cock was no monster, but it was long and quite fat. It was also standing straight up at full attention. It was pretty sticky with his orgasm of a moment ago. He had a really huge set of balls to go with this big dick. Tim was staring straight at my soaked panties. The color began to fade from his face. It looked as though all that color was going to the head of his uncut cock. And man, was that cock pulsing with energy and still oozing liquid.

I leaned forward and down to engulf that big piece of meat with my mouth before Tim knew what happened. I began sucking and licking like mad, cleaning up all the cock cream. His cock veins were bulging and pulsing so strongly, I could feel them throbbing against my tongue and cheeks.

Then I stuck my tongue between the foreskin and his cock head and gave him a real rimming. This drove him so wild that he orgasmed quickly, shooting another load of cream, this time straight down my throat. I did not miss a drop.

But, as I swallowed the last drop, my pent up sexual frenzy burst into a shattering orgasm that poured into my already soaked thong. It was too much for that tiny piece of cloth and pussy juice streamed through and around the thong to run down my thighs and onto Tim’s legs.

I guess all this broke the ice with Tim because he then said, all be it somewhat chokingly, “I ww w w ant to see that,” and proceeded to pull my thong off by breaking the elastic band.

My pussy is clean shaven and now it fairly glowed with my juice smeared all over it. Tim reached up very tentatively and lightly touched it with first one finger, then two, then three. His cock was still at full mast and began twitching and jumping again.

And that, I thought, is the joy of eighteen year old hormones in full flow!

I said, “Let’s get more comfortable and go get on the bed.”

Tim very vigorously nodded his head yes, his eyes all aglow as I grabbed him by his erect dick and pulled him after me into the bedroom. Standing beside the bed, I told him to unbutton my blouse. He was all fumbly fingered, so I said, “Slow down, you need to enjoy and tease when you undress a woman.”

Tim, as I have said before, was a fast learner. When he got the blouse unbuttoned, he slooowwlly peeled it off. He reached in back to undo the bra.

“It has a front clasp, Tim.”

He had trouble with it, so I said, “Let me show you how it works, Tim.”

I unhooked the bra and then sloooowwwly peeled the cups open to reveal my 34Ds to his gaze. My nipples were hard, stiffly erect, and pointing straight at him. I think he actually drooled saliva from the corners of his mouth. His eyes bulged and his cock just about went wild with its twitching. I thought sure he was going to cum. But he held it back–barely.

That left me totally naked and Tim naked from the waist down. I did a slow strip of his shirt. First I raised it high enough to clear his nipples and then held it there while I did a slow tongue job on each one. His cock was still twitching and bobbing like mad. Now it was his cock head that was drooling.

“Tim, put your hands on my tits!”

I gave him about thirty seconds and then stripped the shirt the rest of the way off him and pushed him backward onto the bed.

Jesus, did I again want to jump those bones of his, in the worst way! His cock was sticking straight up and jumping, pulsing, and throbbing like he hadn’t cum once, let alone several times already. But, I restrained myself. After all, I was initiating and teaching a virgin.

I then asked him, “Tim, have you ever been to bed with a girl before now?”

Once again, he turned crimson red and said, “No. To tell the truth, I have only heavy petted through clothes. One girl let me touch her tits, but inside her blouse and bra and that for only about sixty seconds. I never actually got to see them. Like a lot of guys, I guess, I just did a lot of bragging about stuff that never really happened.

God, where has this boy been?

Well,” I said, “We’ve a good start at fixing that, haven’t we?”

“Yeah,” he grinned.

“Well then, let’s continue the lessons. Stretch out beside me here and kiss me.” I could feel his erect cock beating and pulsing against my leg as we kissed. My tongue went out to play with his lips. It took a bit, but Tim finally caught on and opened his mouth. Our tongues began to duel as a wet Frenching commenced.

Dribbles of pre cum or cock cream were making their presence felt on me at the same time.

“All right, now nibble on my ear and kiss around on and down my neck to my shoulder. While you are doing that, take one hand and massage my tits. Pay particular attention to the nipples.”

Tim’s concentration on my tits and nipples caused his mouth the leave my face as he looked down in awe at his fingers.

“Keep kissing! Rub the nipple between your thumb and forefinger. Harder! Pinch it! Pull it and snap it! Harder! Oh God, Tim, that feels so damned good, you’re doing great.”

While this was going on, I had grabbed his dick and slowly stroked it. I gloried in the feel of it; the pulsing veins, the rolling of the foreskin, and the hardness yet softness of that flesh pole.

“Now that your mouth is doing my tits, take a hand down to my pussy. Gently rub both sides of the slit, up and down with the two outside fingers on each side of your hand. Keep the middle finger up in the air first.”

He followed my instructions but got carried away a bit.

“Gently, gently, boy.”

He let up some of the pressure immediately.

“That’s better. Good. Now lower the middle finger into my slit, go in slowly and gently, ever deeper as you move up and down my pussy. Spread that pussy juice for lubrication, Tim.”

Again, he followed my instruction. The feelings he generated in my pussy were devine. My hips began to move in the eternal motions of eros in full bloom.

“Now, put your fingers in your mouth and suck them off and dry.”

Tim did and then he groaned and stifled a sob.

“Now wipe my pussy some more and then bring your fingers up to my mouth.”

He brought two pussy soaked fingers to my mouth for a sweet taste of myself.

“All right , Tim, now concentrate just on my pussy. Put your hand back there and continue. Now, take your thumb and forefinger and play with my clit. Here, I’ll show you where and what it is.”

I guided his fingers for a moment before he went off on his own rhythm of stimulating my clit.

“That’s it, pinch it, squeeze it, gently pull and snap it. Oh, God, Tim, keep going, don’t stop”

I was still slowly stroking Tim’s cock all this time, but now I began stroking and jacking for all I was worth. I think he was about dry of cock cream as he should have cum again, as quick on the trigger as he seemed to be.

“Now, rub my pussy some more. Put two fingers in my love tunnel now. In and out, Tim, In and out, but slowly. Now three fingers. That’s great, Tim, keep going. Oh, God!

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