Nilofar Pt. 02


Welcome back readers,

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and feedbacks and hope it hasn’t been a long of a wait for the second part.

This is a long chain story and every part is connected with each other, so, if you’re reading this for the first time, i would suggest you to read part one first, which will help you understanding the plot better.

Thanks to Old naked dad for his editing and support throughout the series.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Happy reading.


I’m standing at my counter, chatting with John, and keeping an eye on the time. As usual, it’s not very busy this afternoon and the twenty-one year old college student is friendly enough. We’ve had conversations before, but I’m being friendlier today. Sometimes, we talk outside of work and I try to cheer him up by 1 2cking a few jokes. So we have a good time as we chat, laugh and pull each other’s legs. I’ve come to know his mother has recovered pretty well during the last twenty-four hours, which means there’ll not be any need for me to work late today and I am happy about both.

I’m waiting for my shift to finish so I can go home. I know I didn’t ask Nil, yesterday, but I know she’ll be going to my flat today and I simply can’t wait to see her. The only thing I’m unsure about is the time of her arrival. If I can get home fast enough, I may have time for a quick shower and get ready before Nil arrives. She’s seen me dressed only in my uniform so I want to wear something nice for her today.

As soon as the clock hits four, I wave goodbye to John and leave. I’m not fool enough to make the same mistake and take the normal, shorter route past the hive as I usually do. I’m walking as fast as I can, trying to cover the distance to my flat as fast as I can with my short strides, wishing I could have legs as long as Nil’s. That would certainly help me reach my place much faster, but I know I’m not going to grow anymore so I have to manage with what God has given me.

Finally, I make it home within fifteen minutes after leaving the shop and I push the door open to go inside. I immediately take my shoes off and run to the bathroom to start the water. Ten minutes later, I hear the door bell and I panic as I’m still under the shower. Fuck! If I’d guessed she’d arrive at my normal return time, then I could’ve only changed instead of trying for both a bath and a change of clothes. Now I’m under the shower, wet and naked, and need to hurry!

I turn the shower off and fumble with the towel while trying to dry myself as I run all over my flat, trying to find something to wear. I finally find a silk robe and wrap it around my naked body before I run to open the door for her. I can change into something later, but I don’t want to be too late opening the door or she might leave, thinking I’m not in, yet, and I can’t take that chance!

I smile as soon as I see her tall figure leaning against the doorjamb and I move to the other side while completely opening the door, inviting her to come in. I think she looks stunning in the black jacket she’s wearing today…sexy, in fact! She doesn’t move an inch, though, and keeps ogling me. Her eyes have gone big and her jaw may hit the ground, soon. She looks stunned for some reason.

Looking down at myself, I find the reason immediately. I was in such a hurry, I totally forgot to tie the robe and it must’ve opened as I was running to the door! So here I am, standing here with all of my front parts totally exposed, for her to feast her eyes upon. Fuck! It surely isn’t my best plan for welcoming her, by any means, but the damage is already done.

“Come in!” I say as I pull my robe together and blush deeply due to total embarrassment.

“Oh, yeah!” she says, before entering my flat.

She walks directly to the couch, like a robot, to sit. I tie my robe as fast as I can before sneaking into my kitchen, without looking at her, and start fumbling with everything. There’s a fight between the devil and the angel within me!


Devil: ‘Nice, work, Jesse! You swept her completely off of her feet! I simply can’t resist the look on her face. That was a great move!’

Angel: ‘Okay, okay. All jokes aside, you know it was only an accident and not intentional! I’m so embarrassed and I wonder what she might be thinking about me. What if she thinks it was intentional? She must be thinking I’m desperate to be taken by her!’

Devil: ‘Well, aren’t you? During the last couple of meetings with her, there’s been situations when you were more than ready to let her do anything and everything to you! So what’s wrong with trying to seduce her? You can’t deny that you’re completely smitten to her!’

Angel: ‘I know I’m attracted to her, but I barely know her and she’s also a thief. I don’t want to jump into bed with her. It’s never a one-time thing for me. I need time to get to know her better and, if I’m looking for a long-term relationship with her, I have to try to change Short links her lifestyle. I don’t want to take tours of jails to see my girlfriend behind bars.’

Devil: ‘You can look at it as revenge for what she did to you in the storage room. She flashed you, first, and you settled the score, tonight, by flashing her a lot more than boobs! Everything is fair in love and war and this is both!’

Angel: ‘She took out the products hidden within her bra cups… There’s no way I can claim she intentionally flashed me, but opening the door, half naked, for her? Geez! That’s as blunt as it can be!’

Devil: ‘You can’t change the past and hiding in the kitchen isn’t going to help you so stop worrying and go talk to her!’


I hesitantly look towards Nil and see her still sitting on the couch rather than running all over my flat. Quite unusual, I guess, but I don’t think she’s waiting for my permission to have a walk-through as I made it clear to her, yesterday, that she can. Her eyes are fixed on the TV and I wonder what makes her so interested in it because…it’s shut off! I try to break the silence, hoping it may get things back to normal, again.

“Do you want to have some coffee or tea?”

She doesn’t reply, but continues to stare at the TV. Now I’m starting to panic! Why she isn’t talking to me? Is she thinking I’m nothing but a lesbian slut who’s looking for some quick sex? My one mistake has ruined everything.

I rush to the dining, and notice a dizzy look on her face, as if she’s simply dreaming with her eyes open, which causes a big smile to appear on my face. I’m sure she doesn’t hear me and the devil is overtaking my mind. I untie the robe before tying it, again, but I make sure it’s as loose as it can be. I don’t want to stand naked in front of her, but I’m determined to give her a show she’ll remember for a long time! I seductively walk to the dining room and stand in front of her with a smile on my face. Nil must still be dreaming, but as soon as she sees me, she shrugs before looking up at me.

“Do you want to have something?” I ask seductively.

I bend over the table in front of her while making sure my robe gapes enough to give her a nice view of my cleavage. I start flipping the pages of the book lying on the table, while checking her expressions from the corner of my eye. She doesn’t answer, but the effect is immediate. I see her eyes shine before being fixed under my gaping robe. I’m feeling naughty so I decide to push further.

“Would you like to have some tea, coffee or maybe some…milk?”

She remains busy ogling my chest and doesn’t reply, but I shiver when she licks her lips, like cats do, after hearing the word milk. I know she can hardly concentrate on my words, but her subconscious mind is responding to something she’d really likes…my boobs! Finally, I poke her on the shoulder after she doesn’t respond for the third time. She looks up at me and, as soon as our eyes meet, I start giggling. Nil shrugs, before lowering her eyes, and blushes deeply with embarrassment. She knows she’s been caught peeking under my robe. The devil is shouting within me, ‘Say something else to embarrass her more!’, but I don’t want to push too hard so I give her an easy escape, instead.

“So, do you prefer to have tea or coffee?”

“Coffee will be fine,” she stammers.

I laugh before going to the kitchen.

“Why don’t you try the games I installed last night while I get the coffee for us?”

I see her run towards my bedroom, again, and I smile.

Almost ten minutes later, I’m standing in my bedroom with both of the coffee mugs in my hands and searching for Nil, but she’s nowhere to be seen. I saw her running towards my bedroom, earlier, and was quite sure she’d be playing games, but now I wonder where she might be. The laptop is lying on the bed and I’m sure she hasn’t touched it…then it hits me! The laptop is shut down and I haven’t shared my password with her, yet. Damn! How can she play games if she can’t login? It doesn’t take me long to find her standing on the balcony. She’s looking towards the park and I’m not sure, but I think I hear Nil speaking to herself.

“Why didn’t you ask for the password when you found it was locked?” I ask as I hand her a mug full of coffee.

“Oh, I didn’t look at it and sharing the password would’ve hardly helped because I have no clue about how to run that thing.”

“Then you need to learn very soon because you can’t expect me to sit by your side all of the time and help you with the navigation.”

I’m lying because I can hardly wait to sit beside her and watch her play, but I also want her to learn how to operate the computer. It may actually help her find a job and I think she loves games enough to hold her interest while learning computer skills.

“I’m not sure if I can ever run that thing. I’m not as educated as you are.” Nil protests again.

Now I’m getting angry.

“Have you ever tried?” I ask, trying to Short link keep my cool.

She shakes her head no.

“So how can you be so sure you won’t be able to learn how unless you try? I know it’ll take some time, but it’s not impossible if you really want to learn and your computer classes start today.”

Nil sighs and turns her face towards the park. I guess she’s still not convinced she can learn to operate a computer but she doesn’t protest, at least. I try to change the topic.

“You really like it out here, don’t you?”

“Yes. Watching people used to be my favorite past-time and, after so many years and finding a place with such a nice view, I simply can’t resist myself!”

“I used to spend a lot of time out here when I first moved in, but it became monotonous after a while.”

“I know. I went through the same phase once, but you need to find a way to make it interesting,” she says.

“And how’s that?”

“l was eight when I came to the hive with K. We used to share the same room and it had a big window facing the road. K was always busy trying to get money, so we could survive, and there wasn’t any children of my age at the hive, either. So I simply used to spend my days sitting by the window and watch people pass by. There were so many people and so many incidents taking place every day, I thought I’d never get board of them, but eventually the day came.”

She stops, still looking towards the horizon, and sighs before she continues.

“By the time I knew most of the regulars and their schedules, there was hardly anything new to keep me interested and I became afraid. That was my only entertainment and I was losing interest. I spent days trying to find a way and, finally, I found my remedy. I realized it was like a movie and I got bored because I was watching it in the mute mode. What’s a movie without dialogue? So I started describing everything I saw and it worked! I became more innovative, with time. When I saw people talking, I imagined what they might be talking about and started putting dialogues to them. I knew I couldn’t change the scene outside. The regulars would always be there and I would see almost the same things every day, but I could change the dialogues as I wished. You may think I’m crazy, but it worked for me!”

By the time she finishes, I’m in complete awe! The more I get to know Nil, the more she amazes me. My mind drifts around the images of a little girl as she’s sitting by a window, watching the people, and talking to herself so she didn’t get bored. When kids her age had several playthings to keep them busy, how could I judge someone for trying to hold on to the single source of her happiness?

“I don’t think it’s crazy. In fact, as you’ve shared the idea with me, I intend to try it sometime, myself.”

“We can try it now if you want to,” Nil says.

I can see how excited she is about it by the way her eyes shine when she talks. I don’t want to disappoint her, but she needs to start learning how to operate the computer first.

“I think we can try it later, maybe tomorrow, because it’s time for you to learn to operate the laptop.”

“I still don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m too dumb to handle such things!”

“No, you, aren’t! I want you to give it a try. I can assure you, it won’t bite. I hope you find something you like other than all of the things in my place.”

“I love your place!”

“Really? I thought you only liked the balcony,” I say with a smile.

“Apart from my boobs!” the devil makes me add.

“I…” she starts, but stops mid-sentence and blushes, again.

“You what?”

Instead of answering, Nil keeps her head down and blushes, furiously and the devil is now dancing in my head.

“I know you love the balcony and you can tell me if you don’t like my boobs. It’s going to hurt me, but that’s okay.”

“I never said that!” Nil protests, immediately, thinking she’s hurting my feelings.

“Then say you like them! You can’t say you haven’t seen them because, since you’ve arrived, you’ve hardly been able to keep your eyes from peeking under my robe!”

I tease back, as she lowers her eyes again and blushes deeper.

“Okay, enough talking of boobies for one day. We’d better start with your computer lessons if you’re intending not to miss the dinner tonight” I say before turning on my way back.

She smiles and follows me into the bedroom.

It’s been close to a half-hour since we started working on Nil’s basic training of computers. She’s logged-in and logged-out a couple of times, using my passwords, and I’ve described to her how to do some basics, such as how to increase or reduce the speaker volume, but only what she needs to know to play games.

I’m creating a guest domain for her, too, but I don’t add a password so she can login and access the games, easier. It also reduces the chance of her going into some of my other folders, by mistake, and messing with something important. After I finish creating the separate domain for her, I open the games folder so she can have a look at the games I’ve downloaded. I’m about to ask her to choose a game she wants to play, but stop after noticing she’s busy looking at something other than the laptop. I’m not sure when I pulled my left knee up to place my chin on it, but it’s a habit of mine. I always sit like this while working on my laptop, but it also causes my robe to gape wide.

I’m not wearing anything underneath and Nil is sitting in front of me so she must have an uninterrupted ‘up skirt’ view of my bald pussy. Under any other circumstances, I’d be mortified, but I don’t bother closing my legs because it feels so natural in front of her. She’s so focused while looking under my robe, she doesn’t notice me looking at her. I smile, knowing she can’t help looking, and poke her shoulder. Nil looks up, for a moment, before she shrugs her shoulders and lowers her eyes, again, blushing deeply. She knows she’s been caught peeping, again.

“The games you’re going to play tonight are there,” I say as I point toward the laptop.

“They’re definitely not here,” I finish as I point toward my gaping robe.

Nil blushes deeper, which makes me giggle, again. I can’t resist teasing her.

“Now, decide which game you’d like to play until I come back with more coffee,” I say while getting off of the bed to walk to the kitchen.

“Have you decided on a game, yet?” I ask as I return with two more mugs full of coffee.

Nil doesn’t answer, but points toward the screen and I’m surprised by her choice. Rather than choosing one of the most recent games I’ve downloaded, she chose Road Rash. I downloaded it by mistake, but kept it only because there is enough empty space available on my laptop, but, I never thought, she’d be interested in playing this old game.

“Are you sure you want to play this one?”

Nil nods her confirmation.

“Okay,” I say and start the game.

The game has both single and multi-player options so I choose the single-player option for her.

“You go first,” Nil says.

The controls are simple, but after the race starts, I find it’s not simple to control the bike so I’m finding it difficult to keep the bike on the track. Nil is laughing her ass off because my bike is all over the place and keeps crashing into the railings, trees, houses and oncoming cars. It’s a relief when I’m busted by a cop after I run over, at least, a dozen people.

‘Thank God I didn’t try to ride a bike for real!’ I say to myself after the race ends and before turning to Nil, who’s still laughing at my clumsy ride.

“Now it’s your turn.”

I move aside, know she might be good at gaming, but it’s tough to get used to the controls and I’m hoping for a payback. I don’t get the chance though because, from the start, she’s as clinical as one can be. She doesn’t collide with anything, doesn’t crash and wins it so convincingly, I wonder if she’s played this game before so I can’t help but ask.

“You’ve played this before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, but long ago. Old Ralph, the caretaker of the orphanage, used to have this game on his computer and, when he wasn’t busy with his accounting, he’d let me play for a while, until K and I ran away. It’s been more than ten years since I’ve played this.”

Something in her voice is giving me a gut feeling something isn’t right so I immediately blurt out a question.

“Why did you run away from the orphanage?”

“It wasn’t a choice. We had to run for our lives. I know it was my fault because I didn’t stop him when he started touching me during my playtime on his computer, but I was afraid he might not allow me to play, again, if I would’ve tried. So, I tried to overlook whatever he was doing to me and concentrate on playing the game, but one day, K found us with his hand buried under my knickers. She was furious! I stood there and listened to them snapping at each other until Ralph threatened, ‘I’ll take good care of both of you, soon’! We were young, but knew we couldn’t live in the jungle after stepping on the lion’s tail. We spent a few months in a couple of shelters before we moved into the hive.”

Nil lowers her head. I’m sure she must be feeling ashamed after sharing such intimate details with me. Putting my fingers under her chin, I pull her face up so I can look into her eyes as I speak.

“I don’t think you should be ashamed of what happened to you. It wasn’t your fault, in fact, I’m quite impressed by your boldness. It takes a lot of courage to speak about something so personal, especially to someone you don’t know too well.”

“It’s a fact I can’t change, no matter how much I try, and I don’t want to lie to you. I know I can trust you with my secrets,” she says.

“Thanks for having faith in me. Now, you better concentrate on teaching me how to control the bike because I don’t have much faith in my gaming skills.”

Nil nods and smiles before she starts instructing me. After three more races and a few dozen accidents, I finally win a race!

“Yes! I can beat anyone, now!”

“Oh, you think so, do you?”

“I can beat you, too. Piece of cake!” I say, accepting her challenge.

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