I had been here a lot since moving back to New Zealand about six months ago. I had been living in Greece, on a sort of working sabbatical from the local university. Since I lived two blocks from here it was the first place I went for a drink after I moved in. Once I walked in I had kept coming back. It was… different I guess. A hole in the wall leading to an underground club larger than you would guess with a dark nature-like atmosphere, lush green furnishings and playing a lot of industrial, metal and rock music, ‘Nymph’ was the hottest alternative club in town.

Although there was another reason why I had kept coming here, I’d never tried to find out her name but she had turbulent emerald eyes and gorgeous black hair and was slightly taller than my 5’9. I’d guess just shy of 5’11.

The Nymph.

Well, thats what I called her anyway, since she was the owner of this club. I thought she was, simply, the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, I’d never worked up the nerve to actually speak to her. I was pretty sure tonight wouldn’t be any different. My friends hadn’t shown yet so I started circling the club, looking for a good table and checking out the people. The place was starting to get busy and I couldn’t find a table so I went down to the next level, the main dance floor was down here and it wasn’t as busy as the entrance level yet. There was a second bar that stretched almost the length of one side of the room and I found a standing table towards the furtherest corner of the room just back from the first tables surrounding the edge of the floor.

My stone gray pinstripe coat started to make me feel warm and I slid it off, exposing tanned skin and lithe but muscled arms. I was now clad only in my matching waistcoat and breast strapping. Outside of their strapping my breasts are full but not overly large, I imagine strapping them down would be more painful if they were. I’m pretty average in build but years of gym workouts and swimming have muscled me up. I was glad I’d chosen my ass-hugging black leather biker pants, no matter how unforgivingly warm they might become, when I saw the Nymph making her sweep of her club.

As she mingled through the crowd, shaking hands and smiling, flirting where appropriate I couldn’t take my eyes of her. Midnight black hair streamed the full length of her back, all in pencil braids and entwined with ribbons of hot pink, sky blue and grass green. Loosely tied back from her face and held in check by a few braids looped around the fullness that moved as if filled with life all its own. As I watched her I surveyed the crowd, everybody turned to watch her, even the gay boys couldn’t seem to keep their eyes to themselves as she sauntered seductively through the growing waves of people. I could feel myself moisten as I watched her intently, the sweep of her grass green skirt wasn’t too wide as she spun from a customer to her assistant to order a round for a table of VIP’s. The hem fell just below the line of her knee and my breath quickened for an instant as I took in the full view of her. A sheer matching grass green corset showed off a more ample bosom than mine, with a beautiful jade pendant in the shape of a tree hanging just above the cleft from around a long and slender neck that I wanted to sink my teeth into. Her long porcelain legs were toned, chiselled muscle and she wore simple heels in matching green. I shivered from desire as she walked towards me, full lips shaped into a dazzling smile. The bangles that decorated both wrists were the same colours as the ribbons twisted through her braids and a jade armband encircled one of her toned biceps.

By extrordinary luck I had picked the table behind the group of her friends that she had invited that night. The only seat left being closest to my table I had a great view as she bent over slightly to pull out her seat. The tautness of her skirt showed the luscious curve of her ass before falling loosely away and I couldn’t help but look, well… actually stare is more accurate. Before she could sit she leaned across the table to greet her friends and I saw part of the tattoo that adorned her back for the first time. I strained my eyes in order to see more, following the twisting almost root-like tendrils from the base of her spine, I noticed runes and Greek characters knotted throughout the trunk that ran up her spine, hard to see between the lacings of the sheer corset she wore and I leaned closer to her without realising. Trying to see the branches I could just make out under the shimmery green fabric.

So engrossed was I that I didn’t register my friend Nicole, waving manically and making her way through the throng of people, until the Nymph turned around to see who she was waving too. Knowing it wasn’t her, she turned to find me staring at her back. I smiled as I glanced upward, since I had been caught I figured there was no harm in admiring the rest of her tattoo. My deep brown eyes followed the tattoo around her torso. Leaves, more runes and Greek characters woven into branches covered her smooth flesh and slid up towards her perky D-cup breasts, which unfortunately were covered by less sheer fabric I couldn’t see through. Raising my eyes to glance to her face and gauge her reaction I was pleased bursa escort to see a playful smile on her lips as she turned away from me and sat down and I was joined by Nicole, Jill and Bobbi.

“Hey Aria.” Nicole greeted me as she pulled out a stool and leaned back into Bobbi’s arms.

“Who’s got your attention tonight?” Jill, my ex and best friend asked me as her greeting as she came round and hugged me.

“Only you,” I answered as I hugged her in return, smiling over her thin shoulder at my flatmates.

“Bullshit.” Jill laughed as she pulled up another stool.

“We all know its the raven haired beauty behind us.” Bobbi joined in.

“Yeah the one that owns this place,” Nicole piped up.

“The one you nearly always stare at…” Jill finished as they all laughed at my expense.

“Pfft, you all say that like I’m the only one of us that does.” I joked as I pointedly looked at each of them in turn.

“Well, at least we aren’t as obvious.” Nicole smiled at me.

“Anybody here got work or study plans early tomorrow?” I asked, keen to escape their good-natured torment.

“I’m free so I’m getting shots and chasers. Speak now or suffer the consequences.” I announced backing away towards the bar. Getting smiles and thumbs up from them I turned and went to order drinks.

Coming back with a tray of Black Mamba shots (Black Sambuca and cream liquer) and four whiskey and cokes we started our night with a toast to the Equinox.

“Blessed be.” We choursed before downing each shot. The dance floor began to fill and Snake River Conspiracy pumped from the speakers.

We filed out to the floor, whiskey and cokes in hand, not really worried about our stuff at the table as we could all see it from where we ended up. I started swaying to the music, feeling buzzed from the shots I found it easier to dance. Usually I was the dyke who sat in the corner, watching everybody else. Tonight I wanted to be part of the swelling, undulating crowd, dancing and swaying and free. I saw Jill smile at me as she danced closer to me, leaning in so I could hear her as she said something about Nic and Bobbi. I looked their way, giggling as I saw Bobbi’s hand slide up under Nicole’s shirt and caress her lover’s stomach as they started making out. My arms drew Jill closer to my body and we danced to the husky haunting sound of the music being played, our bodies moving together in familiar rhythm. Jill’s hands roamed slowly over my back, snaking under the waistcoat I wore to knead the muscles of my lower back.

“You look hot when you dance” she whispered in my ear.

“You always look hot.” I said. But when I felt her hands slide down and cup my ass, pulling me closer so that the strap-on I was wearing rubbed against her pelvic bone I wanted to back off, I knew this was a bad idea as it was when we first hooked up.

“I did always love the fact you come prepared.” Jill laughed as she stroked the strap-on through my leather pants.

I laughed, grabbing her hands away “Now, now. No more of that. We both know its not a good idea.”

Jill smiled at me, “Fine, but you know you’re missing out.” She called out as she headed to the bar to order more shots for us all.

Grabbing Nicole and Bobbi, I headed back to the table and we all downed our tequila shots. Deciding they weren’t enough I headed back to the bar, ordering another couple rounds of Black Mamba’s and whiskey and coke’s.

“Put those on the house account Aroha,” a deep, sultry voice said behind me as a long-boned feminine hand was placed on my shoulder.

“And add a couple rounds of those Black Mamba’s for me and my table as well.” The Nymph nodded to the bartender as she slid her hand lightly down my back.

“Sure thing, boss.”

“So…” The Nymph said as she turned her sparkling emerald gaze on me… “Your group seems to be having a good time tonight.”

I smiled, “Yeah we are, thanks.” My mouth felt dry as I wet my lips. She was so close to me, I hadn’t seen her this close before and my clit throbbed as I returned her gaze.

“We always do, actually. You run a great club.” I stammered looking for conversation as the bartender finished up one tray of shots and drinks, putting them out and starting on the next tray.

“Well, your welcome. I don’t think we’ve met before,” she said extending her hand towards me, “I’m Daphne.”

“Aria.” I replied taking her hand in mine. It was warm and silken and I liked the feel of her hand in mine, “It’s my pleasure to meet you.” I murmered as I raised her hand to my mouth and kissing the back of it.

“Charmed, I’m sure.” Daphne said as she giggled, clearly amused. “I didn’t think anybody did that anymore.”

“Perhaps they should, Daphne.” I replied, trying my hardest to focus on her eyes rather than her breasts which were even more gorgeous and full up close. I was acutely aware of her body inches from mine, the heat of her radiated around me. I struggled to say something else.

“So, was your name inspiration for the club?” I asked, gesturing around me.

Daphne raised one pointed eyebrow at me.

“Like the nymph that turned herself into a tree to escape Apollo’s infatuation.” I continued. Trying to think of something bursa ucuz escort else to say.

“Yes actually.” She turned toward the bar as the second tray of drinks was placed in front of us.

“Most people don’t make the connection,” she smiled. “Do you like Greek history?”

I smiled, a topic I knew something about. “Yeah I love it. I teach it actually.”

“Teach it? Thats cool.” Daphne motioned to the bartender who began making two more shots.

“You’ll have to try this shot then. I call it Apollo’s Downfall.”

“I’m game.”

“I thought you might be.”

Glancing around the crowd as I waited, not sure what to say next, I noticed Jill hooking up with a girl at our table. Feeling slightly relieved, I turned to pick up my Apollo’s Downfall.

“What should we drink too?” Daphne asked as we raised our glasses.

“How about to Spring, since tonight is the Equinox.”


“To Spring.” We chimed in unison as we downed our shots.

The sharpness hit my tongue and burned my throat as I swallowed. Her head tilted back to swallow her shot and I was mesmerised, watching her. Taking the opportunity to roam my eyes over her body hungrily, I imagined running the tip of my tongue along those tattooed branches, under her sheer green corset. I could see them clearly this close. My hands ached to grasp her hair, her breasts or her hips as I suckled one of her nipples, her clit.

I wanted her desperately.

I raised my eyes and was met by an amused gaze, triumphant and knowing.

“Wow. What was in that shot?” I asked, throat dry my voice came out husky with my desire.

“Absinthe, ouzo and a secret ingredient. No other drink has it.” She smiled as she lifted her tray. “I better go, and I really should let you get back to your girlfriend and friends.” Daphne said as she turned away.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” I answered, “But my friends will be wondering what I’ve done with their drinks.” I joked.

Daphne turned her head back, long black braids and coloured ribbons flicking over her shoulder as she did.

“Oh I thought the blonde was your girl. Looked like it on the floor.” She called out as she moved through the crowd.

Lifting my tray I followed her back to my table.

“Finally Aria!” Nicole cried out as I placed the tray down.

“Almost sent out a rescue team for you.” Bobbi joked.

“Yeah we were gonna make posters with your picture on them and everything.” Jill finished.

“Alright, alright.” I waved my arms in surrender, “Next time one of you pays then.” I shot back. My limbs felt light and airy, and I glanced over at Daphne who was back with her group, handing out the Black Mamba’s. Electric chills shivered along my spine as I looked at her. I wanted to go back over to her, I felt drawn to her, like a compass drawn North. My breath came in shorter gasps as I stared.

“You should try talking to her.” Jill said to me. Startling me from my reverie. The girl she had picked up was feeling her up, kissing the back of her neck. Careless of the crowd. I did my share of the shots, one after the other, after the other and sculled half my whiskey and coke before answering her.

“I did speak to her. Her name’s Daphne.”

Nicole and Bobbi stopped making out and stared at me, Jill stopped her pick up from feeling her up.

“What? That explains why you took so long at the bar then.” Jill squealed excitedly.

“Strike out?” Bobbi asked.

“No. Thanks for your vote of confidence by the way.” I scoffed, “I think she was watching us dance before.”

“Well, since the shots are gone, I was gonna suggest dancing again.” Nicole said. Leading Bobbi to the floor by her hand, and pulling her into the pumping crowd of dancers.

“Let’s go,” Jill said over her shoulder, doing the same with her new girl.

What the hell I thought as I followed my friends into the swaying masses.

As Perfect Circle played out of the club’s speakers, I swayed along as if in a trance. I felt so alone as I looked around me. I noticed people everywhere were hooking up, grinding on each other, half of them were practically having sex on the dance floor. Bobbi and Nicole certainly were. Jill and her conquest were nearly there as well. I felt wrong and out of place amongst the masses of people enjoying each other, a lemon in a bowl full of apples, I needed to get some air so I left the floor and found myself outside in the smokers area which was practically empty.

“Are you feeling okay? You look a little peaky.” Daphne’s voice seemed to wrap around me like vines, little leaves of firey desire tickling the sensitive skin around my ears, blazing down around my breasts, my stomach and my hips.

“I could really use a glass of water, I guess.” I said as I turned to find her standing close to me, holding a glass of water.

Daphne smiled, her teeth were white and straight and her lips full and inviting as she offered me the water.

“How did you know?” I asked as I took the water and sculled half of it down in one long swallow.

Daphne shrugged. “It’s my job.” She laughed, and a cute blond guy walked out. She moved closer to me to let him pass bursa elit escort by her, hooking her foot on the bottom bar around the high table we stood at. Casually the inside of her thigh rested against the outside of mine, the vines of fire I could feel around me snaked their way down my legs, between my thighs. My nipples stiffened under the strapping and razor sharp desire sliced through to the centre of me. My hands shook slightly from the strain of resisting the urge to drag my nails lightly up her thigh to her enticing womanhood. I sipped my water for something to do.

I didn’t know what she was saying, all I could focus on was the way her hair brushed my shoulder as she leant close to my ear to talk to me. The smell of sunlight surrounded me, as though shining through a canopy of trees and flowers, like river water soaked into fresh dirt. I felt her arm rest upon my back, her fingers absently twirling locks of hair at the bottom of my short hair line. I readjusted the green strap-on I wore beneath my pants, the delicious pressure building around the end inside me lessened.

Her hot breath moistened my neck, her ample breasts brushed my bicep and I reached for her, unable to stop myself. Drawing her fully against me, my arm locked around her hips, my hand lightly rested on the swell curve of her buttocks. I bought my lips close enough to faintly taste her lipstick when I licked my lips, before she pressed her lips to mine. Her mouth opened to me, and as her tongue wrestled with mine her other hand slid under my waistcoat massaging my chest through the strapping. Her grip on my neck strengthened, hardened to be as unyeilding as oak as we claimed each others lips, tongues and breath.

“Come to the floor, lover.” Daphne purred as she led me inside. The music was louder and crowds of people pressed against me as I followed her onto the dance floor. She turned to face me in the middle of the pulsating crowd, running her hands firmly over her breasts and down her hips as she swayed to the music.

My feet followed her, my hands ran over her hips as I danced slightly away from her. Her strong fingers interlaced with mine, my hands were drawn with hers over her rounded stomach, her full breasts. I heard her moan as she squeezed them gently, could feel the hardness of her nipples under my palms as Daphne moved them over the light fabric back down to her hips. Releasing my hands she drew me closer by my hips. Tracing her hand lightly over the front of my pants, my strap-on firm beneath her grasp. I felt it move inside me as she tugged on it lightly, my pussy convulsed slightly and felt incredible around the hard, warm strap-on end inside me and Daphne smiled.

I enfolded her strong body in my arms, kissing the base of her neck, over her collarbone I ran my tongue, nipping lightly at her shoulder. My hands roamed over her body, stopping now and then to massage and tease. Her moans were loud in my ear as her hands found my body, fervently stroking my back and my shoulders. We swayed, locked together. Her pelvis brushed mine, we moved in time to the music. People around us groped at us as we kissed passionately. Somebody reached from behind to unbutton my waistcoat as Daphne’s hands grabbed me firmly by the ass, grinding against my strap-on, I let it slide over my arms, not really caring who was removing it. A cute redhead was undoing Daphne’s corset from behind her as my hands came back to her torso. The redhead smiled at me over Daphne’s shoulder, undoing the last hook she slid her hands up over Daphne’s sides before teasingly removing the sheer fabric. Revealing the dark green tree tattoo in its full glory. It was beautifully done, the twisting branches and leaves fanned over her breasts and I traced my fingers lightly down over the delicate knotwork that filled the trunk and flowed smoothly into the roots that ended just above the band of her skirt. The redhead grasped both of Daphne’s breasts firmly in her small hands and tweaked the stiff pink nipples as I snarled lightly at her. Daphne moaned loudly as I licked around and between the redheads fingers, suckling and tonguing the dusky pink flesh of her nipples. My hands stroked the beautiful orbs, the skin lightly tanned and her jade pendant caught the light, gleaming slightly. Somebody ran their hands over my back, coming to a stop on each side of my torso and then I felt a moist warmth start at the bottom of my spine, a swirling tongue found the hollow there and I swore softly as I groaned from pleasure. The smell of female musk filled the atmosphere and my cunt was soaked when Daphne reached for my belt buckle. Urgency filled us both and somehow I guided us towards the front of the floor as she undid my fly, peeling the leather over my hips and freeing the strap-on slightly. Solidly we slammed up against the stage where the dj booth was, I pushed her up against it, lifting her ass onto the stage so I could reach her with my mouth. I roughly pulled her skirt off, tossing it on the floor behind me. I took a moment, burning the image of her in my mind. Long black pencil braids and coloured ribbons streaming over her smooth naked rounded body, her emerald eyes awash with undiluted lust for me, the tattoo moving as she breathed heavily and she bit her lip as I ran my hands up over her inner thighs and hooked my fingers around the black lace thong. Her ample breasts quivered and heaved as I pulled it slowly down, exposing a neat trim landing strip of short black hair and a glistening, heavily swollen slit I couldn’t wait to slide my tongue into.

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