Of course I’ll Marry You! But… Chapter 5 – The Same Old, Same Old Isn’t the Same Old Anymore


They had all fallen asleep quite early so they woke up just after sunrise. One by one, they untangled themselves and padded off to the washroom and went through their morning routines. Mandy was the last to show her face downstairs, she came to Rebecca and gave her a hug and a sweet good morning kiss, “Good morning, sweetie,” she said. Rebecca returned the greeting and then Mandy moved to Kyle and repeated her greeting. Their kiss was considerably longer than the one with Rebecca and it ended with a long stroke of Mandy’s middle finger down Kyle’s chest.“You know how I said I’m a lesbian?” Mandy said quietly, “It looks like I’m going to have to stop calling myself that. I’m officially bisexual, and it’s all thanks to you!” she kissed Kyle again. “And of course, you, too!” she said as she moved to kiss Rebecca once more.As much as they all wanted to let this kissing and touching take its natural course culminating in toe-curling explosive orgasms for all of them, they stopped at Kyle’s suggestion and by mutual consent because was a weekday and they all had to get to work.Throughout the rest of the week and through the weekend, it was pretty much the same. They would have dinner together and then ostensibly sit down to watch a show or a movie on TV but less than a half-hour in they would be groping and kissing each other. Predictably, they would all end up in the same bed, making a mess of the bedsheets and filling the house with their orgasmic orchestra.  The following week, Mandy had to go out of town for work leaving Kyle and Rebecca to their own devices.That Monday night after dinner, the young couple settled in and started discussing their future. They contemplated a wedding date, whom they would ask to stand with them and whom they would invite. Neither of them wanted a church wedding, they weren’t especially religious so they settled on a civil ceremony followed by a reception at a community hall.“You know babe,” she said, “after everything that’s happened between us and Mandy, I think we need to talk about how she fits into our relationship.”“I think she’s fitting in just perfectly as it is,” he replied. Of course he did, he was getting to sleep with two beautiful bisexual women and getting what most men would consider the fantasy of a lifetime played out before him every night.“So you think we should continue Sex hikayeleri things as they are then?” she asked him. “Even after we get married?”“Why not?” he asked. “In fact, I think we should ask her to move in here with us.”“I like that idea,” Rebecca said. “Or we could all get a new place together.”“I like that idea even more,” he replied. “When she gets back, we should talk to her about it.” Rebecca agreed. They started kissing and were soon naked in her bed. Just as he was getting ready to mount her from behind, she stopped him.“Babe, there’s something else,” she said, pushing him away. He was not best pleased about this sudden coitus interruptus but he went along. “You know that first night I told you about Mandy and me?” He nodded, suddenly apprehensive. “And I told you about that party we went to?”“I told you, baby, that’s in the past,” he said. “You don’t have to tell me about it.”“But I do,” she said. “All this talk about the wedding and stuff has me thinking, I need to tell you the whole truth.” She kissed him gently, “Because after I tell you, there’s another question I have to ask you.”“Oh-oh,” he said, “I’m not sure I like the sound of this.”“Bear with me baby,” she said lovingly, “Listen to what I have to say before you start jumping to conclusions.” She urged him onto his back and laid beside him, her head on his shoulder and her fingers playing along his still-firm cock.“Sooooo, remember I said that there were six different guys, well one of those guys is the reason I have this.” She reached into her nightstand and retrieved it, “This is about the same size as he was he was a bit longer but not quite as thick.” Kyle wanted to speak but, as he had learned from her previous confession, it was better to let her finish what she wanted to say.She waited for him to speak but, seeing that he wasn’t going to, she continued. “Have you ever been to an orgy?” she asked him.He smiled, “Every night is like an orgy to me.”“Oh, that’s not an orgy,” she replied, “I’m talking like a lot more people than that!”“And exactly how many orgies have you been part of?” he asked, already knowing the answer.“Just the one,” she said, “but if the opportunity came up, and if you wanted to do that, I wouldn’t mind attending another one.” She rubbed his cock as she spoke, hoping that her attention might sway Sikiş hikayeleri him.“What about Mandy? Do you think she’d like to do that again?”“I think she would,” she said.“I don’t know,” he said. “Something tells me that orgies are places where women get a lot of attention from a lot of different men. I mean, think about that night, six guys, three girls and one of them was a lesbian. Seems a little one-sided.”“Maybe, like I said, we just did it once but it was a lot of fun!” She thought for a moment. “Here’s the thing. That night I had three guys at once and it felt amazing! I’d like to do that again if the opportunity comes up and I’d like you to be one of those guys!”“Well,” he said. “I can’t say I’m surprised, I kind of figured there was a large black cock involved when I saw your toy and I’m not surprised you’d want to try that again.” He thought some more, “What about STDs, aren’t people who do that taking a pretty big risk?”“I guess,” she admitted. “Maybe we shouldn’t go that way.”“Hang on,” he said, “the idea of being involved in something like that is pretty exciting. I’m not saying yes, but I’m not saying no either.” He brought her to him for a kiss, “We won’t go looking for that but if the chance comes along, we’ll see what happens.”She kissed him hard, trying to show her appreciation for not saying a flay no. “I’m calling that a win!” She picked up the toy and rummaged in her nightstand for some lube, “How would you like to watch me fuck myself with this?”“I’d actually like to fuck you with it myself!” he answered.“OKAY!” she squealed delightedly. She handed it to him and reclined, parting her legs and running her fingers between her pussy lips before using both hands to pull on either side and open herself up to him. “Go easy!” she cautioned.He grinned as he moved toward her pussy, “Maybe at first,” he said. He leaned down and started kissing and licking her pussy, probing it with two fingers, then three before adding a fourth to spread her as wide as he could. Then he took the toy and rubbed its length along her clit before drizzling some lube onto it and her pussy. He positioned its head at her opening and looked up at her.She nodded almost imperceptibly, giving him the silent go-ahead to slide the monster toy inside her. He watched in amazement as her pussy yielded to its girth, Erotik hikaye splaying her wider as it accepted the broad head inside it. Her eyes rolled back as the large ridge of the glans rubbed along her G-Spot, a soft moan coming from her core as she gave herself to the pure pleasure of being completely filled.Kyle started working the toy slowly into her and leaned back in to suckle on her clit. She sighed loudly as his tongue flicked forward, “Yes, baby, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” He rotated the toy as he worked it, making more of it disappear inside her with each gentle push. “More,” she moaned each time he drew it back and he obliged her until there was only enough left not inside her to grip with his fingertips.He had seen her use this toy before but he was still stunned that she was able to accommodate it without being torn open. “I can’t believe you can take all this inside you,” he breathed as he drew it out so that the tip was barely making contact with her lips.“Me neither,” she sighed, “Put it back in me! Please, baby!” He acquiesced to her request and pushed it back in, a little more quickly than he had before. “Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sighed as it slid into her. “I wish I could describe to you how that feels!”“Tell me, baby,” he whispered. “Tell me how it feels!”“Mmmmmmmmmmokay,” she said. “First, there’s the feeling of being stretched open, it doesn’t hurt but it’s a bit uncomfortable at first. Then I can feel the ridge run along my G-Spot, that feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before!” She squirmed a little he felt the resistance as it contacted her cervix. “I can feel every ridge, every bump, every vein as it slides along my cunt, kind of like I can feel when you slip your beautiful cock in my ass!”“Maybe I should do just that!” he suggested but she shook her head violently.“Not with this one baby,” she said more forcefully. “We’ll get a thinner one for that!” He drew it out and pushed it back in again. This time he felt the resistance of her cervix again and then she pulled her knees up and he felt it slip past that point and go in that little bit deeper. “Oh, there, I can feel it slip past my cervix, I’m as full as I can be now and it feels soooooooo good!”“You should be!” he said as he took one of her hands and brought it down so she could feel that she had taken it completely inside her such that her opening was starting to close around the blunt end of it. I think there’s room for more!” He latched back onto her clit and felt her hips buck as she flexed her Kegels and ejected the toy partway from herself only to have him push it back in.

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