Office Crush Pt. 04

Sorry for the wait.


Freya woke to her alarm. She sat up remembering where she was she smiled over to Shia who sleepily looked up at her.

“We have to go to work.” Freya whispered as she kissed Shia on the forehead.

She got up and went to her car. She came back in with a bag.

Shia laughed. “You brought a whole bag. I just invited you to dinner.”

“I think we both wanted the same outcome. You had your toys prepared and bed made while I wore fancy underwear and packed a bag just in case.”

“Fair enough.” Shia said as she sipped a glass of water.

Both ready they went to their cars. Freya ran over for one more kiss before they both pulled out. They rode up in the elevator with a few other people. They kept smirking at each other. They knew they had to act like nothing happened.

Freya was back to working at her own desk. She could see Shia from hers. Her phone pinged. It was a text from Shia.

“I can’t stop thinking of how you smell, the way you tasted as I brought my tongue up from your slit to your beautiful little button…I want more.”

Freya blushed as she looked up to see Shia staring at her. “Stop you’re going to get me thinking.”

“Thinking about all of what we did last night? The way you rode my lengthy cock until your dam burst all over me and the bed. How I was unable to taste any of your sweet nectar due to you chaining me up and using me.”

Freya read it as her heart raced. She could feel herself getting turned on.

“Or the way you felt as you shook against me as I held your legs. The way you smothered me into your clit as you moaned.”

Freya gasped. She needed to compose herself. She got up and ran to the bathroom. She sat in the stall catching her breath as she wiped her wetness away.

Her phone chimed again. “All hot and bothered are we?” Shia sent with a laughing emoji and a heart.

Freya rolled her eyes. “Maybe.” She sent back.

She washed her hands and went back to her desk. “I want to tie you up and ride your face until I’ve had my fill.” She sent.

Shia smirked at her phone. “Tonight then?”

Freya smiled. “My place, 9 o’clock.”

“I’ll be there.” Shia sent with a kissy face.



Shia had left before Freya. She sat in the dimly lit office planning exactly what they would do tonight. She smiled to herself as she saved her work on a flashdrive to take home.

Gathering her things she made her way to the elevator. She heard Dana’s voice call her. Turning around she saw her under the only lit lamp. Dana met her halfway. “I really need the two documents I sent you. Please tell me you revised them. Also your phone number so we can get through the two projects quicker.”

Freya rolled her eyes as she deleted the messages between her and Shia before handing her phone over. She logged in to her email on Dana’s desktop and sent the documents.

Her phone vibrated. Freya knew exactly who it was and immediately started panincing. Dana read the short message before looking up at Freya.

“I knew it.” Dana said under her breath.

Freya logged out before taking her phone back. She read the message quickly. “Knew what Dana? That we are meeting out of the office to get our portfolios and projects finished before the deadlines?” Freya asked annoyed.

Dana was silent waiting for Freya to crack. She finally spoke. “You two arent hooking up?” She asked, disappointed.

“No? You know she’s not my type.” Freya laughed.

“Is she single?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

Dana eyed her before answering. “I’ve been trying to get her attention but nothing is working. I’ve asked her to lunch multiple times, tried just talking in general, and each time she denies or ignores me. She seems to really like you though.”

Freya picked up the rest of her things bursa escort bayan before speaking. “When we meet tonight, I’ll work in that she should go to lunch with you soon. Okay?”

Dana beamed. “I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.”

Freya rode down in the elevator relieved that she dodged Dana yet again.

Shia had asked if she should bring dinner tonight. Freya smirked down at her phone as she replied that she had it covered.


Freya straightened up around the house before setting up her bedroom. She sent Shia her address before getting in the shower. Freya washed, shaved and set a mask. She stood naked with her hair in a towel as she decided what to wear.

She settled in her bay window with her laptop on a standing breakfast tray as she worked on the saved work from earlier.

“I’m here beautiful.”

Freya smiled at her phone.

“Doors open, locked it behind you.”

Shia followed the light to the kitchen to see Freya in a robe, her face illuminated by the laptop and the glare on her sexy librarian glasses. She smiled at her.

“Take that shirt and your pants off, leave them on the table and come here.” Freya said casually as she continued to type. She waited until she heard the rusting of clothes to stop. She watched as Shia’s fit body walked closer, she eyed her muscles and fit thighs in her boxer briefs.

Shia was taken back by the gentle order. She smiled and compiled. She folded her clothes as she set them down. Shia grew slightly nervous, she knew that Freya wanted to jump into things and that she would be in charge tonight which excited her more.

She made her way over to her.

“On your knees.” Freya said as she pulled her robe open enough to reveal her long legs.

Shia smiled up at her.

“I’m going to finish this. I expect you to behave.” She said as she typed without looking at Shia.

Shia stared at Freya’s hidden mound. She caressed her calf as she gently picked it up to kiss her ankle. She kissed up her inner calf, over her knee and down her outer calf. Shia switched to Freya’s other smooth leg, she ran her hand up to Freya’s lower thigh as her kisses trailed behind it.

Freya smiled to herself as she continued to type. She felt as Shia’s kisses grew tender she spread her legs a little more as she opened her hips inviting Shia closer. She felt as her fingers danced along her inner thigh and lingered near her hip, so close to her lace.

Shia moved her face closer, she nipped lightly at Freya’s sensitive skin drawing closer to her lace until her nose was pressed against her dressed lip. Shia took a big whiff of Freya’s scent as she closed her eyes in enjoyment.

“You smell so good.”

“Did I say to speak?” Freya barked.

“No sorry ma’am.” Shia smiled.

Her head was under the desk as she probed the lace with her tongue. She licked at Freya’s lips enjoying her scent. She grew more eager; she wanted so badly to move the lace over and dive right into her milky river and taste her lover.

“Remove them.” Freya said.

Shia pulled on them as Freya helped her get them off leaving them around one of her ankles. Shia didn’t waste any time as her taste buds danced with Freya’s juice. She could hear Freya gasp as she drove her tongue deeper.

Freya could feel Shia’s tongue exploring her folds, covering every inch. She finally felt her run her tongue over her clit. Freya jumped at the attention.

“Don’t distract me.” She said sternly.

Shia put her hands next to Freya’s hips as she allowed her flat tongue to run up from her spongy lips to her hidden clit. She did this multiple times. Freya seemed unaffected by her efforts. She pulled away and began kissing her inner thighs.

“Did I say to stop?!” Freya stated.

“Sorry ma’am.” Shia smirked as she dipped her tongue bursa bayan escort back into Freya’s wetness. She moved her tongue in and out slowly. She could feel Freya clenching, wanting more.

“Good, keep going.” Freya praised.

She gasped as she felt Shia’s tongue dig deeper. Freya continued typing. About fifteen minutes had gone by and she could feel the mess Shia had made between her thighs and knew her jaw must be tired. She closed her laptop and moved the tray to the side.

Freya leaned back as she pulled Shia closer. She knew what Freya wanted. Shia shuffled closer as she attacked her clit. She sucked and flicked her tongue. Freya gasped as her head fell back as she looked outside. She smirked knowing if anyone were outside they could be watching.

Shia lapped at her juices bringing them up to her clit as she worked feverishly. Freya could feel the thrill getting to her she groaned as she held her lover’s head tightly against her. She began grinding her hips into Shia’s face as she tried to keep up.

Freya used Shia’s face to get herself off she thought back to her first time getting off thinking of Shia. She was in the shower. Her wet naked body against the cool tile as she held her lips apart allowing the hard water pressure to hit her clit where she needed it. Her body seemingly going numb as she focused on the pleasurable stimulation.

Her whole body curled as she was brought back to the present as she finally came moaning as her hips bucked. She gasped as Shia kept her orgasm going after she had given up grinding. Freya leaned back farther as she was put into another world, her orgasm carrying over longer. Freya began twitching as Shia let up, she could feel her tongue cleaning her up.

Shia kissed her thighs as she watched her lover in her relaxed state. Freya finally came back, she sat up and pulled Shia to her by her cheeks lovingly. She kissed her tasting herself. Shia moved with her until she was on top of her.

Freya laid her head back on the cushion looking up at Shia with a smile. “What?” Shia asked with a smile.

“Just that was very nice.” Freya smiled.

“Good.” Shia smiled down at her kissing her forehead.

Freya looped her hands loosely around Shia’s neck. Looking up at her they shared eye contact. “I wish you had your strap…I had a whole night planned but I really just want you to fuck me right now..” Freya said blushing.

“I mean … like you I did pack a bag…” Shia smiled with a laugh.

“Why didn’t you bring it in with you?” Freya asked.

“I -I don’t know I felt like it would have been rude…”

Freya furrowed her brows and she laughed, shaking her head.

“I’ll go get it.” Shia asked.

Freya smiled. “No… Head to my room and get comfy…I’ll grab it..I’d hate to see you dressed again.” Freya smirked.

Shia got up as she handed Freya her keys.

“Room is upstairs.” Freya smiled as she stuffed half of her wet panties into Shia’s boxer brief waistband.


Freya ran outside as she unlocked Shia’s car. She looked in the passenger side. No luck. Freya looked in the back seat, she stopped as she saw a very feminine sweater thrown across the seats. She stared at it. She knew it couldn’t have been Shia’s. All different scenarios ran through Freya’s head. She grabbed it and smelled the perfume, Shia wore a men’s cologne.

She knew she was taking too long, she rushed to the trunk grabbing Shia’s bag and running into the house and locking the door behind her. She settled herself as she grabbed some snacks.


Freya laid everything on the bed. Shia sat up and opened the small zipper throwing her keys in and zipping it up. She went for the bigger compartment.

“Your car smells like perfume.” Freya laughed.

“Like a sweet perfume right?” bursa merkez escort Shia asked.


“Yeah my sister left her sweater in there,I stopped at my moms on the way home from work and took her home…they both have terrible perfume.” Shia laughed as she dug through her bag.

Freya was relieved but still on edge.

Shia was quiet. “I um told my mom about you…” she said quietly.

Freya turned around pulling her massive curls into a scrunchie.

“What did you tell her?” Freya asked as she pulled her robe tight and sat on the bed facing Shia.

“Well I told her how we met with the promotion and all and that you are very nice and that I really enjoy your company. I didn’t tell her your name or that we have been intimate, as far as she knows I have made a friend.” Shia laughed lightly.

“So we are just friends?” Freya smiled.

“I mean I’d hope we are friends… I really do enjoy your company…and if we do become or are more than friends I wouldn’t be mad.” Shia smiled.

“Do you consider us more than friends?” Freya asked.

“I’d like to.” Shia smiled sweetly at her.

Freya smiled back at her.

Shia scoffed and rolled her eyes. “I wanted to ask you in a more formal way.” She smiled.

“I’d like to…to- let’s go on a proper, no work, no rush sit down dinner date?” Freya asked.

“I’d love to.”

“Only thing is …I need a favor.” Freya smiled nervously at her.

“Um okay?” Shia questioned.

“Sooo before I left to come home tonight Dana called me over and..” Freya explained the situation. Shia agreed to do it for her new girlfriend.

They lay there intertwined with each other enjoying each other’s company. When Shia’s phone started ringing.

She answered it as she put her sister on speaker.

“Shy so Maggie…fuck I really hope im not interrupting anything with your new girl..”

Shia laughed. “What’s wrong with Maggie?”

“She wont eat… I give her the dry food at night right?”

“Yes. Did you mix the peas in?”

“She gets peas?”

“Yes. Peas or carrots with dinner.”

“I wish I was as spoiled as your dog.”

Freya laughed. She straddled Shia as she led her hand between her thighs. Shia smirked at her as she slipped a finger in. Freya began grinding back and forth as she started riding Shia’s fingers.

Shia watched as Freya lost her robe revealing her fully lace lingerie bra. She watched as Shia’s eyes lit up. She flipped her hair to one side as she made eye contact with Shia.

Freya settled her hand between Shia’s thigh as she was still talking on the phone. Freya shoved two fingers inside Shia as her eyes closed and she tried to stay calm.

Shia could feel Freya tightening around her fingers. She nearly moaned as Freya began curling her fingers inside her.

“Soo Shy hows your night going?” They heard Shia’s sister finally ask.


“Thays all? You had so much to say in the car.”

Freya arched her eyebrow as she smirked down at Shia. She watched as Shia squirmed as Freya grew harder with her motions.

“Do you need anything else?” Shia managed to ask.

“Mhm trying to get rid of me to get hack to your woman. Have a good night Shy.”

“Thanks for taking care of Maggy.” Shia smiled as she clicked the call off.

Shia looked lovingly back at Freya as she added another finger her eyes closed as she enjoyed her efforts. Freya gasped as she felt Shia curl her fingers inside her.

They both worked with each other until they felt their juices escaping their hot lips. They lay there gasping with each other.


“What snacks did you bring?” Shia asked after laying still enjoying Freya’s company for a while. “What happened to dinner?” Shia laughed.

Freya smirked at her. “You already ate.” She said looking into her eyes.

Shia blushed as she smiled.

“We have a problem though.” Freya said as she sat up.

“What’s wrong?” Shia asked.

“The promotion…who gets it and would the other be okay with the outcome?”


Hope you enjoyed and everyone is staying safe.

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