Office Shock Pt. 02

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Well, I woke up the next morning early thinking about what had happened with Andrea the previous day and it wasn’t long before my fingers were probing my fanny. My husband stirred and must have sniffed my little fiddle with my twat and was soon assisting me…

I gave some serious thought in to not going to work that day…or any day for that matter. I am not gay is all I kept saying to myself…but…I cannot deny my lesbian experience had been arousing. I then convinced myself that it was just a silly fling and that we had not had sex or oral so just get over a silly kiss.

I opted for trousers and jumper for work so as not to send the wrong message to my new fan. My husband made a comment about me looking like a granny, and I did feel a little frumpy to be honest.

Once at work is was not long before an email came in off Andrea requesting me to go and see her. I felt sick, but went along as requested. Andrea met me at the door and looked disappointed at my attire. I took the bull by the horns porno and told her I was not a lesbian and did not want to become one. WHAT she shrieked…nor am I she said. I am confused I said to her. At that she took my hand and led me to her desk and sat on the corner with me standing in front of her. I am married she said…but I am bisexual. She then went on to say she even had children!! I said that I was not bisexual. Andrea then asked if I would like a repeat of the previous day but before I could answer she planted a kiss on me and…god…what was I doing again???!! I responded and ran my fingers through her hair and gently rubbed her arse. No one need never know she whispered to me. We kissed passionately for several mins. Andrea confessed she had had a few lesbian flings over the years but had no intention of leaving her husband. To be honest I was coming around to the idea of seeing Andrea as we both wanted to stay married but fancied a bit of fun. Andrea also said she had a fetish with women in satin, and anime porno that’s what attracted her to me along with the short skirt and boots.

Andrea asked me to go to her office the next day at 5 pm and requested that I stimulate her throughout the day in my satin shirt… I told her I had a navy blue one and her face lit up.

The rest of the day she kept texting me with little requests like do you fancy going commando for me tomorrow and leave your bra off. I was throbbing just thinking about her now…I fancied her and the whole role play thing.

The next morning I showered and decided to shave my fanny hair completely off. I slipped my blue satin shirt on and buttoned it all the way to the top, slipped my short black skirt on and boots, and felt good, indeed sexy.

Andrea soon came in to the office where I worked and gave me a wink. She text dozens of times that day saying how good I looked and how she was looking forward to wetting me up.

5PM…she arap porno locked the office door and we were both trembling with delight… she felt my breasts through my shirt and moaned because I had carried out her request not to wear a bra, my nipples were rock hard. Andrea put her mouth to my breast and sucked and licked through the satin whilst stroking my bare thighs… I felt my self juice up quickly and a little fluid ran down my leg in to the top of my boot. She then spent around 10 mins undoing the top 2 buttons of my shirt with her teeth. All the time I kept rubbing her arse and asking what she wanted me to do to her. Nothing, I will lead she said. She then released warm spit inside my shirt running down on to my breasts… I was soaking again. She sucked and sucked though my shirt and then turned me round…and as quick as put a strap on around her perfect waist and penetrated my gently but easily owing to my wetness…and now kissing the back of my neck and shirt making them wet as well. I turned around and snogged her face off whilst she penetrated me from the front.

At 6.30 we left the office with a promise to repeat and enhance our passion in the office.

We arranged to meet again on the Monday dinner time.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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