On the Line


The clock seemed to be stopped, it wasn’t. The thought of going to Yesterday’s after work was wearing on my mine. The last time I went there I got so drunk that I had to be helped to the car. Not tonight, I hope that Karen meant it when she said Mark wanted us to go to his house after the club.

I had met Karen on the job. We worked on the same line and got to visit while we worked. Since we were both single and were not attached we often went for a drink after work to unwind. If either of us got lucky we made other arrangements for a ride home. Now we shared an apartment to save money, it worked too. When ever one had company the other either stayed out or stayed in their room until the company left. Not that we had a lot of company.

Tonight was supposed to be special. Mark had asked Karen about me and then invited us to his place after the club closed. Since we were not working this weekend and could sleep in I had agreed. I was not gonna have too much to drink, I wanted to be in control of my senses just in case.

Karen was a little gal, 5’4″ 110 soaking wet. Her hair was ash blonde and with her green eyes lighting up her face she drove more than one man crazy. She liked to dance and when she got on the dance floor she put her body through a routine that made me hot. I had thought about hitting on her but didn’t want to lose the living arrangement.

We finally got done cleaning up and were headed out the door when Karen caught up to me. “There has been a change in plans, I hope you don’t mind.” She told me,” Mark asked if we would mind not going to the club, he has some beer at the apartment.”

I was all for it. I didn’t want to drink much and I would prefer the quietness of the apartment to the rowdy noise at the club. So Karen gave me directions to Marks place and off we went Marks apartment was part of a complex like the one we lived in. It was in a building with three other apartments, they had a swimming pool and excercize room. His apartment was a single bedroom unit, with a small kitchen and the living room served as the dining room as well. He had it sparsely furnished with a couch, easy chair and TV. The bedroom had a queen size bed, a dresser and a small closet. Your typical male apartment.

Karen and I sat on the couch and drank a beer while Mark put on some music, then he took a seat in the easy chair. The first beer went down fast, for us all. When we had each gotten another beer Karen spoke.” You know we have been friends for a while now, but there is something you don’t know about me. I’m a BI-sexual female. The first time I saw you I wanted you. When we moved in together I wanted to tell you, but was afraid of being rejected. Mark agreed to help me lure you here tonight to see what your reaction might be. If it turns out bad, I’ll stay here and you can stay at the apartment. We can still be friends I hope.”

I didn’t know what to say. Was my dream of a relationship with Karen going to become a reality? How ironic, here I was concerned about how she would react and all along we both felt the same way. I guess the look on my face and the smile was all she needed for reassurance. Before I could reply Karen was hugging me and then she gently kissed me on the lips. It soon turned to one of passion with our tongues sliding in and out of our mouths, and our hands caressing and searching each other’s bodies. As we kissed we groped each other, when her hand touched me I opened xslot Yeni Giriş my legs, when she squeezed my breast I sighed. When we broke apart I saw that Mark had left the room. He returned now and suggested we use the bedroom, he would remain in the living room and drink another beer.

When we were both standing next to the bed I began to undo the buttons on Karen’s blouse. When it fell away revealing her firm perky tits with the nipples standing erect I could no longer wait. I took a breast in each of my hands and held it firmly squeezing it as I placed my hot mouth on each nipple in turn. As I suckled and nibbled on her sweet tits Karen undid her pants and let them drop to the floor. I released her tits and stood up. While she removed her panties and crawled on the bed, I took off my clothes and let them drop at my feet then joined her on the bed.

We began by holding each other close. Her breast still wet from my mouthing pressed against mine. Our legs intertwined pressing love nest to love nest. The feel of our bodies touching exciting the fire in us both. I wanted to explore every inch of Karen’s softness. I turned her on her stomach then I laid on top of her rubbing myself against her. As I slid down her back with my tits I followed with my tongue. Licking and nipping her soft skin. When I reached her ass my tongue split her cheeks as my hands squeezed them.

Then I rolled her over; I wanted to attack her puffy pussy. Then when I looked up, there was Mark. He was watching from the doorway, he had removed his cloths and what he had seen had excited him. He held his swollen cock in his hands slowly rubbing his hand up and down the shaft. Karen saw where I was looking and she smiled. “Mark come and join us, you deserve part of this too.”

Mark came over to the bed as Karen now sat up on the edge. When Mark was standing in front of her she took his cock out of his hand and wrapped her lips around the shaft and began to bob her head up and down on him. Mark placed his hands on Karen’s head as she sucked and licked up and down on his big cock. Watching this made want to be part of the action so I stood up and went behind Mark and put my hands around his waist. As I nibbled his ear and neck, my tits were pressing against his back. My pussy was rubbing his ass. The excitement of both of us working on him brought out a groan of pleasure. I stepped away from Mark and pulled him away from Karen’s hungry mouth.

I told Karen to kneel on the bed with her sweet little pussy sticking out. I moved Mark over and let him guide his big swollen cock through the lips of Karen’s wet pussy. When he was in all the way he began to rock back and forth, his big cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she moaned with the pleasure. Mark placed his hands on Karen’s hips and as he drove deep in her pussy he pulled her back against him his big balls slapping against her ass made the sound of meat on meat.

With Mark fucking her pussy I was left to suckle her tits. I worked my head under her and took each nipple and bit it softly. Then messaged her tits and sucked the nipples as she moaned louder with the added pleasure being forced on her.

Mark kept a steady driving action plunging his big swollen cock hard into Karen’s hot pussy. Karen let out a muffled groan as she was overcome with her first orgasm. I felt the tension in her body as she jerked her head back again and again. Now xslot Gir it was my turn.

I slid out from under Karen and told Mark to pull out. He looked at me as if to say no, but thought better of it as Karen fell forward on the bed. I told Mark to get on the bed with me and I laid back and spread my legs wide. He moved between my legs I held his big swollen cock, throbbing from the fucking he had given Karen and I guided it between my waiting hot pussy lips. As his cock filled my pussy I raised my hips up to give his cock more room to go deeper inside me.

Now he held my hips up and began to fuck me hard and fast, bouncing against me with each thrust. I felt the big cock fill me up and then pull out and each time he reentered I shivered with the pleasure. I didn’t want him to finish to soon; I wanted him to bring me to a full orgasm as he had Karen. I was so hot and ready that I was soon on the brink and then I was there. All the fore play with Karen and watching him Fuck her made me ready all to soon.

Marks body became tense and I knew he was about to let go with his blast of hot chism. I yelled at Mark to shoot his cum on me, let it cover my body. Mark pulled his cock out of my pussy and began to jerk himself. I quickly grabbed his hard swollen cock and jerked it hard to help him get off. He began to jerk and shiver and his load of white hot cum spurted out onto my stomach and my tits. The force of it sent some up to my face. Just as he was about to collapse Karen took his cock and put it in her mouth to suck out the last drops of cum. Mark fell back on the bed, his energy spent for now.

It had been a lovely start to what was to become a long night.

Mark lay on the bed panting; his once swollen cock now limp. He would recover soon. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and to clean the cum from my body. I thought of a shower but decided to wait. I wanted to finish what I had started with Karen, and I knew she was ready for me as well.

When I came out of the bathroom I found Karen, still naked, sitting on the couch drinking a beer. I got a beer from the fridge and joined her “Well a good start, but I think we have a little unfinished business don’t we?” I kidded her. She laughed as she put down her empty can.

“Yes, and now I’m gonna finish it.” She said as she grabbed my legs and pulled me to the couch edge and knelt before me. As I laid back against the couch she lifted my thighs high and wide and buried her face between them. With her fingers she parted the lips of my pussy. Her tongue entered in and found my clit. Her tongue flicked at my clit and I moaned with the touch. Her tongue began darting and lapping at my pussy and my hips rose to greet the thrust. Now her fingers began their drive as she slid three small fingers in and out of me maintaining her licking on my clit and wet lips.

I grasped my nipples and pinched them causing pain to shoot through them. I moaned and urged her to go on saying, ”Yes, Yes, Yes ooh baby yes.” Over and over. Karen’s fingers and hand were now saturated with my juices as I spurted forth with each orgasm. She withdrew her fingers and licked the juices from her hand, taking each finger and sensuously sucking and licking them. She really knew how to tease.

I heard the sound of a beer can pop open and there was Mark emerging from the kitchen, “you girls can wear a guy out like that” he said. He had put on his under xslot Sitesi shorts and sat in the easy chair. ” I’m gonna need a couple of beers to refill my tank” he kidded.

” Well you’d better hurry, there are two hot wet pussy’s waiting for more of that big cock of yours” I prodded him.” You have time; I was just about to have a little fun with Karen. You can watch maybe you’ll learn something.” And we all laughed.

I wish I had a toy to use on Karen. As she sat drinking another beer I decided to have a drink as well only I was going to have it on Karen. When Karen put her empty beer can down I asked her to lay back on the couch. Then as she lay there I poured some beer on her tits. As it was running off of her tits I lapped it up. Then I poured more over her tits and her belly letting it run down to her pussy. I licked furiously to catch every drop.

She was ready and hot. I laid down on the floor and had Karen to squat with her pussy on my face so I could enjoy her more. And still have her tits to play with. Then I began to tease the lips of her pussy darting in and out, followed by long slow licks the length of her lips. I knew she was enjoying it when I heard her gasp and then start to rock on my face as she let out a whimper to go, go, go.

The action was too much for Mark. He put down his beer and got down on the floor where he parted my thighs and began his own assault. He opened my lips with two of his big fingers. His tongue found my clit and he alternated between flicking on it and lapping my lips. Then he drove his tongue deep inside me. Touching the walls of my gaping pussy. I was soon wet and my juices covered Marks face as he continued licking and playing with my pussy.

Now Karen was leaning back her hands on my hips thrusting forward ready to explode. I held her ass in my hands as I sucked her pussy and when she let go with her orgasm her body jerked slamming her pussy against my face. Sensing her release I too let loose as Mark chewed on the swollen clit his fingers tweaking the inside of my hot wet pussy.

Mark finished licking the juices from my pussy and returned to his chair. Karen sat back on the couch and I went to refill our beers. I needed something to wash the juices down. When I handed mark his beer I couldn’t help but notice he had fully recovered. His shorts were bulging with his throbbing cock.

After taking a few swallow of beer i looked at Karen and nodded toward Mark. She understood and together we left the couch and knelt before Mark’s chair. With out a word we pulled his shorts off and as Karen started to stroke his big throbbing cock I began to tickle his balls. Then I wrapped my mouth over his cock and began to rake my teeth up and down the shaft of his cock, licking the purple swollen head. Karen joined in and together we licked up and down on his cock as he laid his head back and moaned with pleasure.

Karen and I took turns sucking on his shaft bobbing up and down on his cock until he was ready to explode. We jerked him off as we kept sucking to get hi to explode in our mouth, I wanted to feel the rush of cum shooting deep down my throat. When he was ready I took as much of his big cock as i could and jerked the shaft and then he went off, spasm after spasm of hot cum shooting filling my mouth until I could hold no more. It seeped between my lips and down my chin, dripping on to my tits. Karen rubbed it around on my tits and then she began licking it off me giving me another warm sensation.

It was too late now to go home so we decided to spend the night. We all washed up and then crawled into Mark’s bed. Curled up together we were soon asleep. What the morning would bring we would have to wait and see

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