One for the Road Ch. 05


It took a while to get up the motel stairs then I struggled to find my key. Eventually I remembered that I had given the key to Ingrid. I swayed slightly as I knocked lightly on the door. Moments passed then the door opened. Whoever opened it was standing so that they couldn’t be seen from the hall. I walked in and the door closed. I turned around and saw Steven standing there.

He was naked. His hair was still wet from the shower. In the dim light he looked particularly muscular. His chest was hairless. Beneath his flat stomach his cock was half erect. It was huge. I hadn’t seen many cocks but I knew this one was unusually large. I looked down at his thin legs and bony feet but my gaze was drawn back to that semi-flaccid penis. It was at least ten inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist. It twitched a bit and grew slightly harder.

I was lost for words but Steven said that he didn’t mind if I watched. As he spoke his cock continued to grow. Stephen put one of his hands around his tight ball sac and lifted his penis slightly. It was now fully erect. It was over a foot long with a huge purple mushroom head that was just meant for fucking. The length of his shaft was thickly veined. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip. He flicked it off with his thumb. Steven wrapped his right hand around his cock. He squeezed it. It was as hard as steel. Steven moaned slightly and pushed his cock forward into his fist. He stood like for about a minute then let go.

I asked where Ingrid was. Steven told me that she was next door. June had knocked on the door and offered Ingrid a drink in her room. I asked if they were coming back. He said that they appeared to be very interested in each other. That’s why he had started to wank in the shower.

“It’s a shame to waste a hard cock like that in the shower.” I said to him. It was the alcohol talking again. I wasn’t gay, I wasn’t even bi-curious. I wasn’t sure about anything except that piece of man-meat. It was huge; it was hard and was staring at me.

I put my hand on Steven’s chest, more to steady myself than to touch his pecs. His nipples were small but they looked quite tasty. I started to lean forward but I heard the sound of a key in the door. I paused and was nearly knocked over by June as she pushed the door open. She took one quick look at Steven and dragged Ingrid in from the hall. She hastily slammed the door.

“Wow,” June said breathlessly to Ingrid, “You were right, that is one huge dick. And you haven’t fucked him yet?”

“No,” Ingrid shook her head as she spoke, “that is the arrangement we made.”

“Well, you must be getting plenty of dicks then,” June said to Ingrid, “or are you in love with your dildo?”

“I get my share of dicks!” Ingrid Betturkey replied to June with a laugh.

“Good.” June said as she patted Ingrid on the bum, “I’d have to have that, no matter what I promised. God, I want to feel that cock in me.”

June placed both her hands on Steven’s erection. There was still some to spare! She dropped to her knees as she shoved his naked body against the wall. In a moment she had his purple knob in her mouth, sucking on it greedily. He smiled at Ingrid then started to rub the back of June’s head. I could feel my own cock grow in my shorts. June twisted her head and took as much of that massive cock as she could.

Ingrid looked at me and shook her head. I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s been like this since Darwin” Ingrid whispered to me. “They take one look at that penis and they want him. The stories I could tell you!”

“I was even tempted myself,” I quietly confided to Ingrid, “he just looks so tasty.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Ingrid said to me, “Many men have tasted that cock. Some have even paid to feel it in their, er, what’s the word? Oh, yeah, in their arse. There was a guy in Perth. He was going to fuck me but once he saw Steven he was begging for that cock. I just sat and watched.”

June was working her mouth along Steven’s cock. She motioned behind and Ingrid lifted the bottom of the black t-shirt. She took her mouth away from his cock to allow Ingrid to lift the garment over her head. She still had her black panties on but her taught little tits were free for all to see. Ingrid put her hands on them and started rubbing. I stared at Steven’s penis. It looked even bigger now, shiny with June’s saliva and a slight lipstick smudge near the base. Half of it kept disappearing into June’s mouth. Ingrid starting biting the back of June’s neck.

Seven grabbed the back of her head and forced that cock back between June’s lips. She took it all greedily. I could see her cheeks moving in and out as she worked that tongue around that manhood. Ingrid was rubbing her tits and kissing her bare back. Steven had a tight grip on June’s head as he gently face fucked her.

Ingrid stood up and started to undress. I did the same. Soon we were both naked, standing there watching the show that June and Steven were putting on for us. I was starting to get hard. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Ingrid rubbing her large, soft breasts. One hand moved to her hairy fanny.

Steven was almost bent double. His cock must have been halfway down June’s throat. He was really going for it now. His entire body stiffened and he obviously shot a load of semen into the tight little mouth. June nearly gagged but she swallowed his load and kept Betturkey Giriş sucking until he slowly withdrew that monster from her mouth.

Ingrid walked across the room to lie on the bed. Her heavy breathing caused her large breasts to heave in the dull light of the motel room. I stood there watching.

Steven stepped away from the wall. His huge penis was soft. It was covered in June’s saliva. Drops of his cum fell onto the carpet. June wiped them up with her fingers then licked them clean. Steve patted the top of her head as he grabbed a bathrobe. June put her arm around him. They watched Ingrid play with herself on the bed for a while then June ushered him to her room.

I sat on the edge of the bed. I put one of my hands on her soft, sweaty, stomach. She spread her legs. I looked at the juice oozing out of her. I slowly ran a finger down to her red and puffy vagina. I flicked her clit then slid two fingers into her hole. I moved them around inside that soaking hole then pulled them out.

I put those fingers to her mouth. She started to suck them. She put one of her hands on my cock and it started to grow. I re-inserted two fingers into that wet pussy. I finger fucked her then pushed four fingers into her, all the way to the knuckle. She moved her hips and my hand was deep inside her. She started groaning as I started wiggling my hands inside her. My thumb gently rubbed her clit.

She lazily stroked my cock. It was fully erect. I put my free hand on one of her breasts and started to tweak the nipple. It stiffened between my fingers. She put her left hand on her other breast and pinched that nipple.

There was a knock on the door. The night attendant said that he was answering our call for room service. Ingrid told him to come into the room. It was dark but he soon realised what was going on. He placed the tray of drinks on the table and asked if there was anything else that he could do.

My fingers were still working away inside Ingrid. My cock was fully erect with a drop of precum forming in its eye. Ingrid told the bellboy to drop his pants. In about a minute his uniform was neatly folded next to the food tray.

He was young, about twenty, and well built. His erect cock was short, about five inches, but really thick and heavily veined. He must have done this sort of thing often as he exhibited no shame, standing there as she masturbated me I and I finger fucked her. He stood there patiently waiting for instructions. Ingrid reached out and started stroking his cock. She pulled him closer. I was still sitting on the bed, working that wet twat for all I was worth. I watched her hands working the two cocks. She turned onto her side, facing me. She Betturkey Güncel Giriş told me to get on the bed. I lay beside her. We kissed. It was a full open mouthed kiss. Both our hungry mouths tried to swallow the other. Our tongues wrestled.

Ingrid guided the guy onto the bed. He was behind her. He put both his hands on her boobs and started massaging them. I could feel his knuckles on my chest. She guided his hard penis between her legs. My fingers were still in her cunt as his penis slid into her from behind. I pulled my hand back so that I was just fingering her clit.

The other guy was biting her neck as he gently but forcefully drove that piece of meat in and out her. I was still kissing her deeply. She reached down and started rubbing the tip of my cock against her clit. I could feel his cock moving in and out of her. I put both my hands on the side of her head. I held it strongly as our tongues wrestled. The bellboy winked at me as her started to increase the pace. Ingrid was rubbing my cock against her clit with gusto.

The attendant said that he was about to blow. She stopped working my cock and pushed her butt back against his thrusting. He was really working her tits, mashing them and pinching them. She took her mouth away from mine. She was starting to cum. She was moaning deeply, her legs stiffening against mine. The bellboy humped that thick piece of meat into her really quickly then he stopped. I looked her in the eyes as his jism shot deeply into that hungry pussy. I could tell that it was a huge load.

He was still for a few moments. She was breathing heavily; her orgasm was starting deep inside that well fucked cunt. She dismissed the attendant with a few short words then rolled onto her back.

She grabbed my manhood and guided it into the wet mess that was her cunt. She wrapped her legs around my back. I started humping her for all she was worth.

I felt her fingers digging into my back. She was almost manic. Her arms and legs were tightly wrapped around me. He knees were almost up around my ears. She was literally just a big cunt that needed my cock to fuck it. She had the seed another man inside her but I could still feel every inch of her as my cock I was pounding deeply into her. She was so close to orgasm I could taste it. Her whole body was shaking to the rhythm of my pounding.

Ingrid breathlessly urged me to fuck her. She asked for my cum, begged me to add to the load inside. I could hear the squishy noises that her cunt and my cock made. She was almost hysterical and I was pounding with all my strength. I felt her entire body stiffen around me. I plugged that tight wet hole one more time and shot a huge load deep into her uterus. Her cunt milked me as she moaned deeply.

Ingrid came loudly, violently, as she squeezed my body against her. She bucked until we were both spent. We became a sweaty mass of arms, legs, cunt and cock.

I kissed her gently on the lips. She opened her eyes. We gazed at each other as sleep and alcohol overcame our desires.

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