One Night with an Angel

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It was dark, I could hear a pin drop. I listened, my senses heightened. I was blindfolded and wore only the simple leather collar, nipple clamps that were adorned with a rhinestone and silver chain to connect them, my hair down as per her request. I seemed to be able to feel every thread in the carpet beneath my knees. My hands folded neatly in front of me. My arms positioned in such a way that pushed my breasts together. My nipples hard and waiting, I could sense the dampness on my thighs and cleanly shaven lips. I pictured what she may look like tonight. I was not sure whether she would allow me to see her. I could tell she was not there yet. Call it a sixth sense but I always know when she is near me. I could feel it in my heart, in the pure contentment to know she is right there. When she is there I feel nothing is wrong, nothing can harm me. Thinking of this at that moment I smiled.

How can I describe such an indescribable beauty? It is not so simple. Perfect in her imperfections. I memorized her. Every mark, scar, freckle, and dimple. The way she looks when the light hits her a certain way and she looks like an angel. The face she makes when I know she is in rapture. The deep pools of her eyes that suck me in within moments of being in her presence and I cannot seem to tear my eyes away but feel the need to close my eyes at moments for I may lose myself in her. She has skin that could be described as nothing less than the flesh of a summer white peach. I know when I kiss her in certain places she blushes. Her hair, oh her hair, the sweetest of milk chocolates. Her eyes, those eyes, the most brilliant blue, I wish they made a name for it. She has beautiful nipples that harden in such a wondrous way, of the creamiest tan, as if the sun kissed them. Her beautiful mound, an arrayment of creams, pinks, and deep reds. The taste…incomparable, only to be described as how a woman should always taste. I can get lost there forever and be in bliss.

Just as I get lost in thoughts of her I can hear her. I can hear her careful, calculated movements along the carpet, just outside the door. I hear the door open with a slow sweep. I immediately bow my head to her, sensing her right in front of me and I bend immediately to kiss her feet.

*Good Evening Mistress. * I say obediently.

Good Evening Sub, I see you have done as asked of you. Always the obedient little girl for your mistress. Good Girl. *She tells me in a commanding tone of voice that gives me chills.

*Yes Mistress, Everything I do is to please you. * I lean down again and kiss her feet.

She grips my hair in one of her dainty hands, with a firm grip and pulls my head back.

I feel the end of her leather riding crop tracing my neck and then slowly, achingly, down the curve of my breasts and belly, to the bald flesh of my vagina, then thighs. I let out a soft low moan, unable to control my noises. Without words being spoken she bends me over, I now am on all fours. She whips me quickly with her crop, alternating from left to right on my rear. I cry out, not in pain, not yet. The true pain is to come soon enough. I thank her, altyazılı porno ever the obedient girl she has made me into. I can sense a smile on her face, I too smile only briefly, so eager to please. She runs her soft hands over where she has just spanked. I hear the clicking of a chain, a chain, which she connects to my collar. She tugs at it and quickly I follow her on my knees. I know this room like the back of my hand now. I know what she wants. I lift myself off the floor and stand, lifting my arms above my head, she then bounds them to a bar hung from the ceiling, and my feet are then bound to a bar attached to the floor.

I hang my head, with that I feel her hands touching the back of my head to untie the blindfold. I take a moment to let my sight adjust to the dim lighting of the room and I can’t see her. She is behind me, I feel her lean in, her body pressed against mine she kisses the sensitive curve of my neck.

*Thank you my Mistress*

She saunters around me slowly. Taking my breath away as she comes into view. Latex panties that I love so, her matching boots, and black corset. She is stunning. I’m not surprised; she always looks stunning to me. She has the crop in her hand and her eyes gleaming. Time stops completely, I feel a struggle to even take a breath. She gives me that coy smile that I learned she owns completely. She snaps the crop quickly against my thighs, inner and outer, alternating sides. I feel the sting and writhe, unable to really move being bound in such a way. Only when she thinks that my thighs have become sufficiently pink does she move on to my breasts. Giving each a few good sting with the crop before she lays it down on the bed. She then uses her hand to slap them. A smile across her face as my mouth twists in sweet agony.

Gently she removes one clamp, gripping my nipple between her thumb and forefinger pinching and twisting it. I cant hold in a moan that escapes from my lips before I have time to stop it. She clamps it back and repeats the same motion with my other nipple. She reaches a hand between my legs in the simple task to test me for wetness, which I assure you I was plenty wet at this point. She smiles in approval, again I thank her.

She grabs a candle that was burning on a bedside table. It smelled sweetly of Vanilla, in which she has filled the house. That Vanilla, always there, lingering, always a reminder of her. She always smelled of Vanilla. She tipped the candle slightly dripping a small amount of the hot wax over my left breast and I suck in air quickly.

*Thank you Mistress*

She smiles sweetly at me. She then tips it again over my right breast. Again I take a deep quick breath and let my head fall back and close my eyes. She has a silver envelope opener, which she then uses to scrape the wax from the tender spots on my breast. The spots bright with redness where she allowed the wax to kiss me.

*Thank you Mistress*

She walks around me once again, and I know better than to let my head turn, instead keeping it straightforward. She grips my hair and pulls my head back with a gentle jerk. She kisses mobil porno my neck, letting her sweet pink lips and tongue trace my flesh. I moan softly. My clit throbbing at this point persistently and achingly. She presses her body against mine and I arch my back to press my rear against her. Needing to feel her warmth, that place I need to be, that place I wish to taste. She reaches up and unties my hands, then bends down and unties my feet and quickly I go to my knees. She returns to the front of me. My head respectfully bowed down before her.

*Tell me my sweet sub how much you love and honor your Mistress, show me how much you ache to please me, my sweet obedient little girl*

I bend over and place many kisses on her feet.

*Mistress, might I please kiss you everywhere? In all the places I have been aching to kiss you all day? Do I have your Permission Mistress? *

*Yes Sub, show me how you worship me. *

With that I let my kisses lead from her feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, belly. I stand and continue my kisses, up her belly, chest, and breasts. I suck her sweet nipples into my mouth and nibble them ever so gently, going from one to the other and back again. Continuing my kisses up her chest to her neck where I lead from left to right, licking as I travel, then her earlobes, nibbling. I kiss her cheeks, her chin, her nose, her forehead, her eyes, her hair, then finally with a longing glance into her eyes I kiss her lips. Those full beautiful lips, and she tastes like sugar. Like the finest sugar ever in existence. The only thing they compare to is the taste of her juices. The taste of her stronger than any drug created by man. If I am crazy to be addicted to her in such a way, then certify me and send me away. I slide my tongue ever so gently into her mouth and massage her tongue with mine. I suck on her lips. I break the kiss only to go onto the sweetest of places on her body.

I drop to my knees again and lead her to the bed where I lay her down, then climb onto the bed. Making sure to never fully rise from my knees. I crawl between her legs and lay on my belly, pulling her latex panties off, I see that she has a strap-on on. I spread her legs and move the strap aside to access her sweet lips. I lick her slowly. I run my tongue from top to bottom, bottom to top, side to side. To taste every inch of her, this is my goal. Once I have licked her outer lips of their juices, I spread her lips. I dip my tongue inside of her, which elicits the sweetest sigh I think I have ever heard. I slide my tongue up to her clit, which I circle with my tongue teasingly. Never actually touching it. I can feel her hips buck beneath my mouth. She then lets me know the teasing must end and I circle her clit with my lips, bringing it out of its hood with gentle suction. Rolling my tongue on it and lightly pinching it with my lips. I slide one finger inside of her, rolling it upwards against her g-spot. Bringing even more wetness I slide yet another finger and continue.

Her sweet aroma filling my nose, I savor her taste. Nothing sweeter or more unique than my Mistress. I begin to slide sex izle my fingers in and out, in and out, over and over. My tongue taking delight in massaging that little bundle of nerves for my Mistress. My free hand stroking her thighs, her belly, her rear. I nibble very softly on her, just barely grazing her with my teeth, and she bucks her hips up. I move my head with her movements. Going faster and deeper. I want her to reach that place. That place where she loses herself in me. Where she cant think, breathe or move. Finally she reaches that places. She rewards me with a wonderful flow of juices that I so eagerly lick up. I do not dare spill a drop, for I know better than that. Once she comes back from that place I just sent her she looks down and stares at me.

*Was that to your approval Mistress? *

She smiles, that smile I strive to get. I know I have done a good job and have received her approval. She sits up and pulls my up to her, she kisses me deeply and I melt into her. She pulls me so that I am straddling her waist. She is seated against the headboard of the bed. She grabs the strap on and slides it into my tight, hot, wet, cunt. I cry out for her.

Oh Mistress!

I let gravity do its job and slide all the way down. Its thickness is incredible as it stretches me. It causes me slight pain and I let my head fall forward onto her shoulder. I begin rising and falling on it. Slowly at first, adjusting, then speeding up. I know I cant last long with her but she wont allow me to cum until she sees fit. I keep a slow steady pace, staring into her eyes as I ride her. My moans increasing, sighing and writhing, bucking and plunging onto her thick pink girl cock. She then holds me in place and smiles. Laying me next to her she slides between my legs and moves down. She slides her tongue to my swollen throbbing clit. She works magic; to this day I do not know exactly what it is she does to me. She slides her fingers inside of me and I cry out. She finds my g-spot with quick expertise and massages it just right. I cry out for her over and over.

Oh Mistress! My Mistress!

Once she believes she has had a sufficient taste of her obedient little love slave she climbs between my legs once again plunging her pink appendage into my awaiting pussy. Wanting me to cum she drives into me hard and fast. In only a matter of moments I begin to cum hard for her. I thrust my hips up to meet her. Screaming and moaning, I climax quick and hard. My moans subsiding slowly as I collapse beneath her, unable to move. I am barely able to breath. She lies on top of me, and I cling to her tightly. I never want to let these moments go.

I rise slowly as she climbs off of me and crawl to the adjoining bathroom where I run the water. Filling the tub with nearly hot water and bubbles. Again using the vanilla scents. I come back to my Mistress and lead her to the tub, where I lay her down. I join her in the tub, sitting behind her. I rest her head on my chest as I wash her off, running my hands slowly over her body. I kiss her forehead and bathe her. I rinse her and stand her up, I dry her with a towel and wrap her robe around her, and drying myself off as well I crawl back to the bed. Where we lay in each other’s arms. I smile up to her as she kisses my forehead.

I love you my wonderful Mistress Angel

I love you my wonderfully obedient little subbie.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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