One Would Think

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One would think after 10 years in the Marines, I would be used to mornings. Still, I found each morning a real pain. I was on recruiting duty in the Bay Area of California. Yes. I really had to work hard for a living. Wasn’t the most receptive environment to Marines, .Still, there were a lot of good folks, and I was making mission monthly, more often than not. 3 bodies a month was my usual requirement. Phone calls, office traffic, area canvassing and home visits. I found the best way of all, was to work smarter, not harder. For example, when I had a good hard charging kid in, I would take extra care of him. Or her. Let them answer phones, work around the office or come with me on visits. Make sure they got PFC. Before they left. Don’t lie. Tell the kid straight away what job I can or cannot give him, based on his mental scores, availability and so forth. That way, he would come back home, tell everyone Sergeant did not lie to him, and he would send others my way. I would rather lose a recruit than lie to him or her. Lying only harmed the recruit, and it also would harm me.

That being said, one early summer morning, I went to pick up Ian. Ian was a good kid, and highly motivated. Loved to answer phones. He just flat out loved being around us, and could not wait to go to boot in July. He had just graduated from a local school. So, yours truly, gets in his GOV, government owned vehicle, and heads off to pick up Ian, as we had discussed the night before. The sun was bright, the weather nice. Dogs were barking in the subdivision, birds chirping, all that good shit. Then I pulled into his driveway. Immediately, I went into overdrive! Mary, his mother is washing the car. Mary, I want to tell you, is stunning! She is taller than me, about 6 feet tall. She has beylikdüzü escort dark brown hair and brown eyes. Dreamy eyes. Sexy. Gorgeous red mouth, and she can wear her paint well. Mary was clad this morning in a blue New York Yankees tank top and short, cut off jeans. Her long bright red nails held a water hose in her hands, and I noticed her cute feet. I always check out feet. Bright painted red nails, with a few toe rings. And she was barefoot. Her tube top was a little wet, and her nipples stuck out provocatively from the breeze. She has this long brown hair, as I mentioned and a smile to light up the universe. Mary is 44. I was 24.

“Hi, Sergeant Giles,’ she smiled, ‘want to help me wash the car? I have bad news!”

“Well, ma’am’, I said…always the professional, right?, ‘I would most love to help. I am supposed to pick up Ian. Is he around?”

“Well, that’s what I was going to tell you. Work called, and I guessed the breakfast burritos wont get made unless he is there.” She turned off the water. Actually, she bent over in front of me, with her short shorts riding up her gorgeous ass, and those long wet legs shimmering in the sun, and looked back and smiled. My cock was nearly ripping through my uniform! Gorgeous woman, here!

She stood up straight. Her tits were huge, but they weren’t small. Her long 40 something year old body was beyond curvaceous. God, what a knockout, she was! Those bare feet, and painted nails were just summoning every instinct of my male genitalia.

Suddenly, she walked up close to me. Very close. Her long fingernails brushed my ribbons on my chest.

“Would you like to come inside?” Would I? Damn, I want “cum” inside! I followed her into the kitchen, then to the living adana escort room. Suddenly, she turned, and threw her arms around my neck, and our lips locked. Her tongue roamed freely within my mouth and I kissed her back. Hard. Her hand went straight to my crotch. My hands went straight to her tits. She just threw back that gorgeous head and moaned, and my lips went to her long, white neck. Her tube top was off, and those two fleshy mounds of joy were in my hands. Gorgeous and hard brown nipples. I started to suck them as I pushed her back onto the couch. She was trying to undo my shirt. I had to stop her. “Don’t rip it, hon.”

I unbuttoned my uniform short sleeved shirt. Then, I removed my corafram shoes. Now come the moment. All you former Marines will know. We wear suspender straps. Shirt tails to black sock. Now follows the laugh!

“You have garters on?”

“They’re not garters!” I corrected. “They are shirt straps!” Mary was giggling, as I undressed. Feeling a bit weird, as my cock was at full attention, in front on my recruits hot mom, topless, legs spread, laying back on the couch. Then she sat up.

“Come here, baby!” Those long fingers grasped my rock hard cock and she pulled me closer. She moaned and then put those beautiful red lips over the head. Then she started to draw me in deeper. Making gorgeous sucking sounds she started to suck me hard. And harder! My hands went to the back of her head, grasping that mound of brown hair. I pulled out for a moment, just to run the length of my hard shaft over her gorgeous face. I reentered her hot, wet mouth. My hips were thrusting forward to meet her beautiful mouth. Oh my. No one ever had her skills! Her other hand grasped my balls firmly, and started massaging…

“Baby, afyon escort I want to cum in your mouth!” this wasn’t taking long! My body involuntarily convulsed, my cock jump, and my balls contracted and I saw stars. My cock was exploding in to that hot moms mouth. She never missed a beat. She gagged a bit, but swallowed the entire load. Well, most of it, anyways. A corner of her mouth had remnants of my cum dribbling out. I’m not done! I gotta please her.

I pushed her back onto the couch. I undid her tiny jeans. She was shaved. I put one leg up on the couch, the other long gorgeous leg on the floor.

Damn, this woman was beautiful. I kissed her hard. Went south. I had to suck her brown, beautiful nipples. Licked down her belly. All around her hips. Then down her legs, till I got to those hot little toes. Bright red paint. Took them in my mouth. Holding her feet as if they were gold. This is where it crossed my mind! I love my job! I have this beautiful, mature mom just at my beck and call! She is my mothers age, but she totally turns me on! I work north now. Up her calves, knees to her thighs. I spread her brown pussy lips wide, exposing the hard clit. My tongue goes deep inside her. I hear her moaning, as I move to the clit. Flat, deep, long tongue strokes. My fingers find there way up into her. I find her g spot behind her clit. I am drinking her wetness, as it flows down the back of my throat. She grabs me, and says to come to her. I spread her legs wider, and position my cock at her the opening of her vagina. I am enthralled with her womanhood. She moans as I thrust in. Not soft, but hard and right to the hilt. I put her legs over my shoulders. Those long legs. I thrust deeper. Suddenly, my thighs are awash in a wet, warm drenching. Mary is cumming all over us. My cock jumps, and I unload all my sperm into her womb. Jet after jet. We kissed deeply. She held me tight, and we spent the afternoon, till her soon came home, making love in every room of the house. Damn, Mary was beautiful. I will love her always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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