Our Dinner Date with Mark


“The meal is delicious Laura,” Mark says and I nod my head in agreement. She has her normally wavy hair pulled up in a bun, so as not to distract from her bare shoulders. She’s been quiet since she set our dinner down in front of us, but that’s understandable I suppose. She has always been a good cook but there’s something special about tonight’s meal, even if it’s only spaghetti. In either case, she clearly isn’t paying attention to the compliment that Mark is giving her. From where I sit, she seems more focused on his hand which seems to me moving farther up her thigh.

Mark is older than me, only by a decade or so. I’ve known him only half as long as I’ve known my wife but we’re strong friends even if he is my boss. He’s the only person I know that I could trust with something like this.

It’s all my fault, I admit. Laura and I had been married young and after 5 years of marriage the sex had started to run dry. There was love, don’t mistake that, but the same position at the pre rehearsed time twice, maybe three times a month did not bode well for our sex life. Laura was a prude, even if she didn’t see it. Every once in a blue moon, she would see fit to take my cock into her mouth, but never for long and never too climax. The only acceptable position was missionary, not because she felt it was pure in some way, but because other positions required imagination and effort.

But I’ve never been one to cry or complain. If you want to change something, you simple need to put forth the effort. So one evening, I let her hand to the bedroom where our laptop awaited us. With some coaxing, I played her a porn video where the romantic couple took their time and tried several new positions. She let me take her from behind that night, laying side by side watching the video and my normally silent partner moaned when I filled her with my seed.

It only grew from there as adding a pornographic element helped to spice up our sex life. We slowly added new patterns and wrinkles to our sex life. She rode me on our couch once while watching television and one day straddled my face and let me lick at her asshole. She shivered when I stuck in a finger, although she was quickly overcome with shame and pulled away, but I remember how wet she was.

Our adventures reached the present when we happened upon a video with two men. One a complete stranger, sandwiching a woman between their thighs, using all of her holes sensually. She rode me especially forcefully that night and at the moment of my climax, she whispered in my ear, “I want that.”

Which leads me to what I’m looking at now. Laura is naked and she’s been that way all evening. Mark and I made light chit chat while she made dinner, wearing only Betturkey an apron. Mark tried to involve her in our conversation, but she was too shy. After all, she had only met him an hour or so ago.

She greeted him at the door, smiling sheepishly. While he took off his shoes and coat, she drew close to me and whispered, “Am I really doing this?” She caught my gaze and I didn’t even have to answer her. Even though she was scared, she knew the answer to her own question. She politely excused herself to go freshen up and when she came back downstairs she bore it all. What was the point in subtlety? Mark knew what he was here for.

Laura has always been pretty, stunning even. I’ve always been drawn to women with Red hair, and Laura’s has a brown shade to it as opposed to a blonde one. She’s short but not small. She has the curves in the appropriate places and they are on full display now. Frankly, I don’t know how Mark has been able to contain himself all night. My cock has been aching to escape my pants all evening and with Mark beginning to kiss my wife’s neck I believe that time has finally come.

Laura is staring straight ahead, but is breathing shallowly. Her neck is craned ever so slightly away, giving Mark more access as he sucks at her neck, just below her jawline. It’s obvious that she’s focused more on where his hand is. He’s placed one hand on her back, while his other hand looks like it’s worked his way up her thigh and has found her pussy based on the look on Laura’s face. Finally she closes her eyes and allows herself to relax. Mark’s arm is moving slowly and he must really be working her because she’s lost. I wonder how wet she is. I wonder how long she’s been wet. It must have been agony for her, sitting at the kitchen table completely nude, waiting for us to finish our meal so that we could move on to the main event.

I’ve been stroking myself absentmindedly and I suppose that’s only fair. Watching my wife get worked over by my boss is a sight that any man would savor. She uses her free hand to cradle his head as he moves on to her ear. He alternates between sucking softly on her earlobe and blowing in her ear. Her breasts are heaving and her nipples are just barely visible above the table. I reach over and delicately pinch one and she squeals, eyes opening suddenly. It’s as If she’s only just now remembering I’m here, but I don’t mind. She reaches over beneath the table and grips my cock, almost as if apologizing. She gazes at me for a second but quickly loses herself again while Mark works away between her legs. She moves her hand as if on autopilot. It’s not enough to get me going but enough to keep me interested. I keep using my hand on her breast, pulling Betturkey Giriş at her nipple and squeezing her breast gently. I wonder if she knows that 2 sets of hands are touching her and working her over.

Suddenly, he moves in quickly and kisses her. Her lips part quickly and soon they are using their tongues. He bites her lip and she whimpers, biting his lip back. They pull away quickly and I can feel my cock swell in her grip.

Mark smiles at her and says, almost laughing. “Do you like tugging on your husband’s cock while a stranger kisses you?”

She nods, but doesn’t say anything. She’s trying to fight a smile. She’s afraid of how dirty she can be which makes her only hotter in my opinion.

He grabs her gently around her collarbone. Choking is something we’ve never done before, but she seems to accept it, craning her neck back and accepting his hand.

“Do you want to get fucked by a stranger while tugging on your husband’s cock?” He asks and she nods, almost pleads.

He moves swiftly and guides her up. She quickly releases her grip on my cock.

“Couch” is all he says and it almost feels like he’s talking to both of us. She moves quickly in front of him and I trail behind the pair of them. He places her on the couch on all fours, but at an angle so that her ass is at crotch height. I move to sit near her head, but Mark stops me.

“Hold on,” He says, “You’ll want to see this.”

And I do. Laura’s ass and pussy are presented perfectly. Shaven and milky white. Mark calmly undoes his belt with one hand and uses the other to run a finger up my wife’s slit. He fingers the length of her pussy slowly before ending at her clit and pushing firmly, slowly moving in a circle. It’s clearly working on Laura as she squirms beneath him. I can see the wetness glistening on his finger as he takes it out. He steps out of his pants and boxers, sporting a solid erection. Between Laura and I, it’s hard to tell which of us is anticipating his penetration more. With a small smile at me, he sticks the head of his dick at my wife’s entrance and slowly it disappears.

Laura’s reaction is immediate. She tries to grip the couch using her hands but clutches at air as she recoils. Watching his cock disappear between her pussy lips slowly, over and over again is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. She looks so perfect, so angelic and so…slutty. She’s never been vocal but now she moans, even grunting as Mark enters her. My cock is rock hard and my pants are quickly off. I take my seat next to Laura’s head, which is turned sideways buried in the couch.

As she feels me sit down, she reaches a hand out and resumes her grip on my cock. It feels amazing in her hand, even though she can’t fully concentrate on the task at hand. It’s hard to blame her, the way the Mark is tearing in to her, picking up the pace. Suddenly he raises a hand and strikes her hard across the ass.

The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard escapes my wife’s lips. She squeals and moans instantaneously and her pace on my dick picks up as if on cue.

“Take his dick in your mouth Laura.” He slaps her on the opposite cheek and she yelps again.

“But,” She manages to whimper, but before she can continue the thought he smacks her ass cheek again and she grunts, opening her mouth and take my cock in hungrily. I’m in heaven, her pace is uneven and erratic but her mouth is so warm. Her enthusiasm is showing too, I’ve never received anything so heavenly.

“Keep her there John, place your hand on her neck.” And so I did. She resisted at first, but Mark’s pounding from behind is making her lose control. Soon I’m shoving my dick into her mouth at a rapid pace and at this rate I won’t last long.

Suddenly she shrieks around my cock and I open my eyes long enough to look at Mark and the sight is almost enough to make me blow right then and there. He’s got his hand near her ass and from the look on her face, he’s inserted his thumb into her ass. But she’s not resisting, in fact, her pace only quickens and now she’s practically howling around my cock. The sight of her ass rippling back and forth and her breasts swaying beneath her is too much. I feel myself climax and we’ve never reached this point orally before. I forget to warn her and before she knows it I’m coming in her mouth. The first wave hits her and she opens her mouth, but my hand is still holding her head down so the second wave is smeared all over her cheek. She looks up as I’m coming down and I expect her to yell, but she doesn’t. Instead she draws my head down and kisses me. I can taste semen and sex but she’s so caught up in lust that she doesn’t care.

I look into her beautiful green eyes and she finds enough strength to smile at me, “Do you like watching your wife take someone else’s cock?”

I nod and kiss her again, “You look so hot baby. Take his cock.”

“His finger is in my ass,” she manages to pant.

“Are you gonna cum baby?” I ask.

She can only nod, but Mark is grunting and with a final shake I can see that he is climaxing, finishing inside my wife, something that we hadn’t talked about. But she doesn’t stop him. She holds my hands and puts her head back down as a stranger spills his seed inside my wife. He pulls out after an eternity of pumping and moaning from both Laura and Mark and I can see hig seed dripping down her leg.

I pick her head up and kiss her full on the lips, pulling away to tell her. “You’re such a slut baby, I love you.”

She shakes her head and smiles at me, “I love you too. Don’t think for a second that this night is over.”

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