We tongue kiss. You are very good at it.We tease each other all over with lips and fingers. I lick and kiss your ass cheeks. I find that exciting, very exciting. I rake my fingernails along both your glorious ass cheeks and leave scratch marks. “Harder, I like it,” you whisper.

“I especially like teasing your ass because you can’t see what I am doing. Though perhaps you can in the mirror?”

We stimulate each others’ erogonous zones. Nipples especially. Your vagina. My rock hard cock.Tease and tease. Very slowly. I talk to you the whole time. “Would you like me to organize another man for our sexual pleasure?”z

Glorious slow music is heightening our pleasure. Fantasies are abandoned.

We are like two teenagers. Except we are far more adept at pleasing each other. Ever so slowly we tease each other to orgasm. You remind me yet again, “Yes another man, I am to be pleased and please.”

‘Hello Sweetheart,’ I emailed a few days later. ‘Last night you told me you were too tired after a hard week. Will do us both good to have a night off. It will sharpen our libidos. And on Saturday you can double your pleasure and mine.’

‘I love a challenge and will look forward to it with great anticipation,’ she emailed back.

I already had a second man in mind for such an occasion. Most of the weight lifters who frequent the gym nearby are steroid filled monsters. However one slim, fortyish man looks more like a retired football player. He calls into my shop once a week to check out new items.

After a while he became very comfortable about telling me how his ex-wife liked him “fucking her with tongue. She really escort gaziantep manken bayan got off on it. So did I. And I miss it. I still fantasize and dream about it.”

“If you are comfortable in a MFM situation and free tomorrow night, maybe I can make your dreams reality,” I told him.

He arrived early, obviously very keen. I was already in a black silk dressing gown while you were upstairs ‘getting ready’. I told him to get undressed and gave him another black silk dressing gown. Very tense small talk, and thankfully you arrived quickly.

You walked down the stairs determined to make an entrance. Ultra-confident, topless in high heels, with a wrap around your hips you had the rapt attention of two men. “I think I am going to enjoy this,” you smirked. “I told my man I expected double pleasure tonight. I am in charge. I want double pleasure. Double pleasure remember. I am to be pleased.”

“Sit down in that chair,” you directed. The chair had arms but was much lower than normal. “I am going to tape your arms to the chair. Then I am going to open your dressing gown so I can see all of you,” you told him as you removed your wrap, exposing your trimmed bush. “Then I am going to stand behind you and tease your nipples, as well as tease my man while he watches. My man has chosen well for me,” you murmured as you teased, watching his erection bloom.

“These are the rules,” I cut in. “You are here for oral sex only. And to please Sandra. She expects double pleasure tonight. You must watch me please Sandra first though.

“You might have a escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan long wait for your turn though. But it will be worth the wait. She is very, very good,” I told him as I sat you on a chair in front of a floor length mirror, so he would be watching at a right angle. And very exciting.”

I stand behind you, teasing your nipples. “Two minutes ago Sandra was doing this to you,” I teased. “Was it good?” I could sense you watching his agitated reaction as I moved in front of you and opened your legs as wide as I could.

We started tongue kissing as I teased your vagina lips with the tip of one finger. “Sandra loves being licked,” I whispered as I commenced licking your clit as teasingly as possible.

As I lifted your ass to please you better I ordered, “Put your feet on my shoulders. Are you enjoying him watching. Is he enjoying watching?”

After what seemed like twenty minutes of me licking and teasing you we both heard him growl, “That was at least the ninth time.”

“It was,” you boasted. My man told you I was good. Your turn on is also my turn on.”

Then it was my turn to sit in the chair while Sandra worked her magic with my cock between her pursed lips.

The other man was awestruck. “You are incredible!” he groaned as Sandra got into a rhythm. “And very exciting. My cock is throbbing for you.”

As I neared orgasm I stood up and repositioned Sandra slightly so that she was kneeling in front of me with my cock straight out in front of me as she expertly teased me to orgasm.

For me, an gaziantep masöz escort bayan orgasm while standing up is always the most pleasurable. This time was going to be even better with an agitated and very turned on stranger watching. And waiting his turn. “Tease me sweetheart. Tease. Tease. You are teasing two men at once.

“Do you like that? You are very exciting.”

Sandra was relishing the power she had over two men. And thriving on it. “What you are doing is very exciting for two men. I can’t hold out much longer sweetheart.”

After Sandra had pleased me I stood her in front of the other man, his arms still tied. Instantly it became obvious why I had chosen such a low chair.

“Your turn for him to please you.” I had your ass cheeks in my hands, urging your vagina lips into his lips while you had your hands behind his head, urging him into you.

Urging my lover to new pleasures and fantasies. “You are here to pleasure me. If my man likes what you do to me that is a bonus.”

“Untie me?” he begged. “I want to show her what I can do. I want to emulate you. I want my hands on her gorgeous ass cheeks while I lick her. I want you to watch me please her.”

“Do you want that sweetheart?” I ask rhetorically.

“Yes I do. Very much. Watch him pleasure me with his tongue while he plays with my ass. “You always liked my ass. You made a point of kissing it the first time you had me. Your trophy. Today is my double pleasure day. Enjoy watching.”

Very exciting watching your lover being pleasured by another man.

“Sit her down in the chair. Kneel in front of her like I was. She loves watching in the mirror. Tease her. Show her how good you are.

“This is the only chance you will ever get. Lift her ass up with your hands. She is loving me watching you tease her to orgasm.

“Show him how very good you are sweetheart. “Over and over.”

And you did as I stood behind you teasing your nipples, soaking in a stranger’s pleasure. And I loved it.

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