Pittsburgh Women Ch. 02

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So we were forced to go on living. Like zombies we passed each other only sometimes opening up about our feelings or thoughts.

Free from entanglements, on Valentine’s morning, I drove to my late sister’s apartment. The purpose was to organize, remember and also, in a way, let go of my sister. My parents were happy that I was doing this. I arrived mid-morning and we got a lot of things accomplished. I was not hostile to Donna, now, so we talked freely. She described how she had met my sister, and her whole story. We both cried as we chatted.

We went through clothes, and books, catholic rosaries, and photos. Donna would keep most things, I would take back home some things, and we would donate other things to charity. We cried and hugged several times, pulling Paulina’s personal items and telling stories.

As we broke for lunch I got a call from my Mother. “Kathy it is snowing on the Interstate and we got 2 inches already. Now they are calling for 6 plus inches. You’d better stay there with Donna, tonight.”

The first thing I noticed in the apartment was that there was only one full size bed. The sofa wasn’t big enough to sleep on, but I announced to Donna, that to be cautious with the snow storm, that I’d sleep on it.

After lunch, we packed some boxes in my car and then came back inside to talk and watch TV. I told her that I wanted to have a bath right after the movie ended. Right on cue, about 4:00 p.m. the power went out in just before the movie ended. We weren’t sure that it was a total outage, but the lights flickered back on twice more and then it got dark and cold.

Donna suggested “If you want a bath, you’d better take it now because we won’t have any heat either!” She marched into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water. She gave me my sister’s old pajama Escort Pendik shirt and bathrobe and let me get started. I soaked in the tub for about 10 minutes when Donna, knocked on the door and came in. I was shy about being naked in front of her, until she said hurry up. There won’t be any hot water for me.” I emerged totally nude to the cold air as Donna gave me a towel. She didn’t ogle my body, and I was a little surprised that she didn’t in my vulnerable state.

The instant I was out and wrapped in a towel, she disrobed. I saw her famous nipples that my sister had described so well. She quickly hopped in the leftover bathwater.

As I opened the bathroom door, I discovered how frigid the apartment was. It must have fallen 10 degrees as I bathed and dried myself. I didn’t have all the nightshirts organized, and I wished I had slippers or woolen socks to insulate my feet from the cold. I was reluctant to sleep on the cold sofa, or to hop into her bed. While I thought about the bed that she and my sister made love, I dawdled as my body lost its precious heat.

I was only 5 p.m. and already becoming a dark winter night. It was bizarre to be so cold and dark, but it became obvious that the only thing to do was go to bed.

Donna emerged bundled up in a nightshirt and bathrobe, and saw me shivering, standing next to the bed. “Oh, my word, Kathy, you’re freezing! Here let me warm you up.” She took off her bathrobe and hugged me. “C’mon, get into bed.”

I lay down under her covers as she stacked every blanket in the house of me. In a minute she climbed in behind me and hugged her warm torso into my back. I felt better, but my nose, ears and toes, were still ridiculously cold. I shivered in the descending pitch black for the next 20 minutes, rocking back against her to share the warmth.

After a while I realized that our bare legs were touching. All the way up to her upper thigh was touching my naked skin. The nightshirt had crept up to my waist and her bare skin was warm against my butt. I felt warm moisture on my butt cheek and I considered whether it was wet from the bath or arousal. As I remembered my sister’s invitation to sample Donna’s body, I realized that we were both sexually aroused.

I pumped my legs so that I was sliding against her crotch for several more minutes. My body heat was returning. The passion I felt was improving my spirits. I was now very curious about her extra large clitoris and nipples.

I rolled over to face her, and kissed her quickly on the lips.

“You don’t have to do this,” she told me.

“I want to, Donna.” I kissed her wet on the lips and she allowed my tongue to enter, and we dueled. I felt her nipples over her night shirt, and then mashed my crotch into hers. I felt the nub of her clitoris grinding into mine. The pressure was a tease and a pleasure. I have no idea how long we stayed humping like that, but it might have been an hour.

Eventually, she rolled me onto my back and mounted me, climbing in between my legs and to grind her pussy lips into mine. The squishy goo which lubricated between us created the most heavenly feeling. She increased the pressure until I felt her clitoris protrude and enter me.

The intensity is too much to describe. It was the longest, slowest, most rewarding fuck of my life. Stars went off in brain as I grunted and squealed in a huge, spectacular release.

She came with me, and we collapsed into a deep sleep for many hours.

After 1 a.m., we were abruptly woken from sleep from the beeping microwave and the blaring sound of the television, as the electricity returned. The lights had all been on and we didn’t turn any of them off.

She bounced out of bed to check on the thermostat and push it up a few degrees. She returned to bed with two glasses on brandy, and proposed a toast to loving sisters. We clinked glasses and drank a healthy gulp. The brandy instantly warmed my throat and stomach. I got the courage to tell her that my sister had encouraged me to sleep with her and to take care of her if anything ever happened. We both cried again, until we started to kiss each other tenderly.

She announced that now that the room had warmed up we should continue our love making. “Oral sex is the best. You are going to love this. Are you ready?”

“Maybe we should take another shower to clean up from last time,” I declared.

We showered together and played with each other’s nipples. I soaped up her ass and kissed her neck. She got towels and we climbed back into bed. The chill had left the apartment, so wrestled and nibbled totally naked.

It was remarkable when she gave me oral sex. She

nibbled my pussy lips and stroked into my vagina opening. She picked up the pace, and then zeroed in the clitoris. She brought me close several times and then slowed down. She went deep inside to what must have been my G-spot.

Slowly she stroked that G-spot for several minutes. She returned to my clit, while she pumped two fingers into my pussy canal. Finally, I exploded. I splattered her face with some liquid I didn’t know I was capable of making.

I chuckled as I considered Olek, and compared how pathetic he was compared to an experienced pussy eater.

Thankfully, I can tell my mother anything. She was always incredibly open to us, and never harsh or judgmental.

She wasn’t surprised when I told her that I slept with Donna. She figured that both of her girls were lesbians after so many bad Polish boyfriends.

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