Pizza Boy at the Door Ch. 01

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8===> Waking up to a whole new beginning

Author’s note: For those of you that have been emailing and leaving messages on other stories…Pizza Boy is finally back! More chapters are still being added and new twists and drama for the boys will be coming.

For those of you reading this series for the first time, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have had while writing it.

* * * * *

Joshua James Thomas’s eyes fluttered slightly as he began to awaken. Much like every other morning since blossoming into puberty though, he kept them closed as his right hand automatically slipped beneath the thin cotton sheet covering him and ran down across his hairless chest and tummy in search of the hardness that never failed to be between his legs at daybreak. After pushing his pure white briefs down over his full ball sac, he wrapped his fist around his seven inch shaft and slowly began to work himself. Squeezing off his morning wood had become as much a daily morning ritual as brushing his teeth and taking a shower. Just as he allowed a soft moan to escape his lips, he kicked off the sheet and began to take longer, quicker strokes.

A millisecond later, a pillow bounced off his head followed with “Damn Josh! At least wait until I hit the shower before you jack off dude!”

It was at that point that Josh remembered that he no longer enjoyed the privacy of the over-the-garage bedroom secluded from the rest of his family in the home he had grown up and come of age in; but was…as of yesterday…sharing a cramped dorm room on the University of West Florida campus with another freshman by the name of Ryan Barone. Even though they came from vastly different backgrounds, Ryan and Josh seemed to be a good match…especially after their into-the-wee-hours chat fest they had shared the previous evening after settling into the room they would split for the next nine months.

“Man! I am really sorry.” Josh sputtered as he rapidly pulled the sheet back over most of his 5′ 8″ semi-nakedness and began to blush. “I am just so used to nobody being around and enjoying a morning whack session, that I forgot I wasn’t living at home anymore.” He didn’t explain to Ryan that he was certain a good portion of the steel rod his cock had become overnight, was due to the fantasies he had after watching his new roomie strip down to his boxer briefs and stretch his six foot tall slender frame seductively on the bed that was only four foot from his own as they talked for hours before falling asleep. Although a total virgin, Josh had moved to almost complete acceptance that his attraction to other guys was as natural as the thunderous orgasms that attraction created when he masturbated. Still completely closeted to his family and friends back home, he was certain of two things: he was gay, and the higher education he was just beginning would also include much more than just “book learnin’” as his rural farmer dad referred to college.

Ryan swung the long firm legs that went along with his swimmer’s build over the bed and grabbed a towel as he stood up. He ruffled Josh’s hair as he walked by him and was sporting what was obviously equally hard morning wood of his own. Ryan jostled his package and said “I’ll take an extra 10 minutes in the shower with this and you can finish what you had started buddy,” before strutting to the door and into the hallway towards the joint bathroom they shared with three other rooms. Josh allowed his hand to stealthily return to his own still throbbing bulge as he watched Ryan’s firm ass cheeks shift back and forth behind the tight blue boxer briefs as he walked out the door.

As soon as the door snapped shut, Josh whipped aside the sheet again and closed his eyes as he began to methodically continue his long standing morning habit. After a few minutes of pleasuring himself and with thoughts that bounced between memories of Rob; his best friend all thru high school; and the visual of his new roommate stroking in the shower just beyond the dorm room wall his bed sat against…he began to feel the familiar tingle of an impending eruption. He cupped his balls with his left hand as they began to draw up. The thumb of his right one was used to massage the oozing pre over his mushroom and tease the sensitive slit. Simultaneously, he was tightening the hold on the base with his ring and pinky finger to prolong the feelings from the unstoppable flow that was forcing its way thru his grip. His hips suddenly bucked skyward from the bed and a very vocal but subdued “Ohhh fuucckkk!!!” escaped from his throat as the first rope launched from his manhood and flew over his head. It was followed by two more that landed on his forehead and chin. Josh’s strokes were at a feverish pitch now and he pulled three more wads of life juice up his shaft and opened his eyes in time to see them splatter his boyish chest and tummy. That brought on a long string that globbed onto his fuzzy happy trail and a final one that mixed with his thick dark blond pubes. bursa escort As his toes uncurled and his legs and hips settled back to being flat on the bed, he worked out one last large dribble and re-closed his eyes to relax into the euphoria that always followed his massive orgasms.

Knowing that Ryan was due back at any moment, Josh couldn’t permit himself the typical cigarette and five minutes of afterglow he normally enjoyed and grabbed the tee shirt laying on the floor beside the bed to begin his cleanup. His timing was impeccable as the doorknob begin to turn just as he pulled the waistband of his tighty-whities over his now flaccid tool and dropped the sticky wet shirt back to the floor. Ryan had that tell-tale “Oh hell yeah, me too!” look of satisfaction on his face as he sat down on the bed across from Josh. He then began to snicker as a huge grin crept across his face. Josh’s confused look was replaced with deep blushing again as Ryan matter-of-factly stated “Dude! You have to be proud to be able to shoot like that, but shit…get that cum out of your hair and wipe the wad off the wall before it leaves a big stain!”

Although embarrassed by his roomie’s bluntness, Josh couldn’t help but join in the laughter with Ryan as he shrugged and dabbed the large blob from his hair and wiped off the huge splotch on the wall. His laughter morphed into a wide smile as he realized that without a doubt, he had just experienced one of the largest orgasms of his life and his roommate was being cool enough to joke about it.

Even with every indication being that Ryan was totally straight, Josh’s thought at that moment was: ‘Yeppers…looks like this dorm match will work out…maybe even better than it started.’

* * * * *

Josh’s first week on campus had been a mixture of rushing about to find buildings; get books for his classes picked up; getting the schedule down to memory; realizing that most every professor went into full teaching mode on day two at the latest; and making a few new friends. He also succumbed to another typical frosh habit: partying far too much at night as they discovered the freedom of living away from home for the first time. Although technically against the rules…and Florida law…beer was readily available in the freshman dorms, and it was even easier to find someone with a joint they would happily split. ‘Oh yeah…this is the life,’ was his attitude living in his mind by mid week.

As the weekend approached, Josh had been invited to at least a half dozen different welcome-to-school parties where the booze and smoke would be plentiful. He would have to hope he could catch them late, since he was to begin his part time job at 6 PM Friday as a delivery driver for a pizza shop on the edge of campus. Even with student loans and the small scholarship he had snagged, Josh’s rural farm family struggled to be able to cover the extra expenses like room & board and his car insurance, so he knew that a part time job was the only way he would have pocket & party money while in school. Rob’s older brother, Tom, was a senior at UWF and got him in the door at a pizza shop he had worked for his first three years of college. Tom had convinced Josh that the potential for making $12 to $15 an hour with tips, part time, would provide the chance for more cash in his pocket than a full time one flipping burgers or bagging groceries at minimum wage. Plus, even with the bullshit car reimbursement rate the company paid, Josh’s gas tank would almost always be full courtesy of someone else. That took care of another expense his family couldn’t really afford. Tom’s final convincing argument was “Where else can work for money that good and 45 minutes out of every hour, there is no boss looking over your shoulder and you can be listening to your favorite CDs?” All of that sold Josh even though he would be losing prime partying time while working the 6 pm to 2 am shift on weekends.

The way Tom had told it, turned out to be true since by the time he had finished up at 10 PM on Sunday, he had over $125 in his pocket from tips, a full gas tank, a paycheck for another $100 coming the next Friday, and a free large pepperoni pie to munch on while he finished up his psych class assignment back at the dorm. Plus he had indeed spent the majority of the 20 hours he had worked the three days rocking out to his favorite tunes in his car. He smiled to himself as he realized all the perks far outweighed the initial negative reaction he had to continually hearing ‘the pizza boy is here!’ on almost every delivery. That reaction had morphed into acceptance and then even to yelling out ‘Pizza boy at the door!’ when the music was too loud at an address to hear his knock, or when he trotted into one of the frat houses.

It didn’t hurt any either, that his co-workers at the shop were all good looking other college guys and at least two were not only open about being gay, but were completely accepted by the others. Josh had also quickly developed çanakkale escort the ability to check out the boxes and butts of hot customers, and being able to let his eyes drink in…without getting caught…a well-built frat boy standing at his room door in just tight boxer briefs. He grinned wider as he remembered one delivery where a total hunk of a grad student had whipped open the door of his off campus apartment totally naked and invited him in while he found his wallet. His crotched twitched as he remembered the hard core stroke session he had in bed the night after that delivery.

Josh allowed his subconscious to wander even more as he lay flat on his stomach on the bed with Ryan snoring loudly from the other side of the room. ‘Good money. Cool co-workers. Lots of time for tunes. Free food. And eye candy…really great eye candy! Yeah…that is where I need to be.’ Thinking back to that evening’s deliveries to cute guys made him push the textbook he had been immersed in to the side. He flipped over on his back; began squeezing the lump that had formed in his boxers; and decided to quickly pound one off before he began reading the chapter on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for his 10 AM Monday class.

* * * * *

By the end of his third week, things were working out almost perfectly for Josh. He and Ryan had gotten comfortable enough with each other, that the requirement for total privacy to take care of morning or late night erections wasn’t such a big deal anymore…although he did have to be careful about how much he allowed himself to steal glances as Ryan stroked himself. From the ongoing discussions they had, Josh was almost completely certain that Ryan was terminally straight even though he did admit to a one-time circle jerk at Boy Scout camp when he was 15. Josh had intentionally avoided going into any detail about his own preferences and spoke only generically of his high school dating history. He did confess one night that he was a virgin, and for the next few days, Ryan seemed obsessed with convincing him how great it would be when Josh finally got laid the first time. He found it easier to simply grin and shake his head ‘yes’ when Ryan went into details of what to expect; rather than let his roomie know that the best first time he could imagine would be with someone as good looking and well built as he was. Even though he was still keeping his closet door tightly shut, Josh knew in his heart that it would only be a matter of time before he confided in Ryan.

Classes were going equally as well for him; mainly because Josh had intentionally limited himself to a gravy schedule the first semester. He had been told…and accepted…that it would be very easy to fall into the freedom of being away from home party pattern and planned for it. Keeping up with his studies and assignments, some occasional partying, and adding in the extra time he found he was spending at work and the friendships that were developing there, would have made a tougher class load a royal pain in the ass . Plus the pizza shop had been so pleased with his work ethic, that they asked him to work two extra rush shifts during the week also. The 30 hours a week there; coupled with the after hours socialization time that tends to come with the job; made his decision to only take 12 hours the first term a good one.

Not surprisingly, Josh had become quite close to Cody….the hunky 21 year old senior he drove with at the shop. Part of that came from the big brother, mentor friendship that Cody provided him with both work and school; but also the fact that Cody was completely comfortable about being openly gay. Josh knew that when he finally reached the coming out stage, that Cody would most likely be the first friend he would tell and lean on. A little part of him had to admit also, that he fantasized about Cody maybe being the one to bring his virginity to an end and more than a few times it was Cody that was in his mind when he pulled one off alone in bed.

After learning the campus well and investing in a cheap GPS unit and good map to handle the off campus territory the shop serviced also, Josh quickly became very proficient at his job. Coupled with his boyish good looks, dark sandy blonde hair, a toothy white smile, and the almost always present ‘life couldn’t be better’ demeanor; he became popular with the regulars both on and off the university grounds. About the only time he would change that happy-go-lucky image, was when a stoned frat guy would pat him on the ass and ask if he had brought the extra sausage; or he would have a private residence door open late at night and be met by 4 or 5 giggling high school freshmen girls in short teddies having a sleep over. The latter one simply drove him nuts because the female teenyboppers almost always did nothing but tease him mercilessly as they made him step inside while they took their time pooling their money to pay for the food. He learned rapidly to just play to their suggestive didim escort comments and found that usually nailed him a half decent tip along with an offer to come back after work…which he would never do, but hey…the job WAS about getting the tip. On the other hand, the first one would frustrate him because it did make his sausage hard and didn’t know what to say to find out if the guy was serious. More than a few times, he had sat in his car rubbing the stiffy in his cargo shorts wondering what might have happened if the male customer was serious and he had said the right thing.

Another thing Josh came to learn quickly about the pizza delivery business when it included a college campus, was that tips weren’t always in cash. It wasn’t at all unusual to be handed a cold beer or two instead of a couple of bucks; and at least a few times a week, a well rolled joint was included with payment for a pie. He was also introduced to the custom of drivers getting together after work and sharing their scores…which meant he often hit his dorm room with a nice mellow buzz. It was during one of those 2:30 AM parking lot smoke outs, that the first nails were loosened from his closet walls when he, Cody, and Bryan…a cute 20 year old junior that was also gay and out…decided to burn one more as the after work party began breaking up.

As they sat at the old picnic table behind the shop away from the lights, and passed the blunt Cody had gotten tipped with at a delivery to the TKE house, Bryan leaned into Cody with a shotgun. Josh watched silently as they seemed to hold their lips together far longer than necessary to trade the drag. His eyes continued their lock on them as Bryan’s hand slipped under Cody’s work pullover and shamelessly rubbed his left pec. Cody responded by using his right hand to pull Bryan’s head tighter to his and it became obvious that Bryan’s tongue was following the smoke into Cody’s mouth. After the longest and most erotic 15 seconds of his life as he stared at his two friends kissing, Josh heard Cody say “You delivered to those damn ATO teases tonight, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” came the reply. “That fucking, thinks-he-is-all-that, president of theirs answered his door in just a pair of red bikini briefs and wiggled his ass in my face while he claimed he was looking for his wallet.” Bryan paused; glanced sideways at Josh; and continued, assuming the new guy was evidently willing to hear the entire story. “Then he pulled that tacky stunt where he starts to pay you and ‘accidentally’ drops two $20’s on the floor; waits for you to kneel down to pick them up; rubs his bulge and says ‘You can have both if you take care of this while you are down there pizza boy.’”

Josh continued listening intently as Cody snickered and offered “He tried that one on me last Saturday night too. But I just leaned in and half kissed his pathetic little lump, stood up, slipped both twenties in my pocket, thanked him for the tip, and told him if he wanted the best blow job in town it would cost his spoiled rich ass another $50.”

Josh erupted into laughter with Bryan at that line…but he also noticed that he had gotten hard. He wasn’t sure if it was from the visual the story had created, the buzz from the joint, or watching the real life kiss his buddies had traded. Most likely it was a combination of all three.

Cody’s hand dropped to Josh’s shoulder and he said “I hope us talking like this doesn’t bother you man…but hell…with your cute looks and that innocent country boy image, I bet you get hit on more than both me and Bryan.”

Josh blushed, lowered his eyes a little, and mumbled “I think I have been, but I am never sure if it just teasing.”

Cody squeezed his shoulder as he answered “Probably only about half the time Josh. Even the worst closet case frat boys have gaydar that works part of the time.” Josh had noticed that Bryan’s fingers had worked their way inside the leg of Cody’s shorts as he spoke, and he was only partially prepared for Cody’s next words. “You are gay too, aren’t you, Josh?”

Josh finally broke the momentary eerie silence of finally having the question being asked so bluntly about his preferences with a halting, muddled combination of “Well…I think. I mean…I might be. And well…maybe. Damn….I guess so. But I have never done anything with anyone. And…ummm…shit Codeman!” The heat in his cheeks said that the blushing that came with the words had to be a color of red to rival any fire truck.

Cody shifted to big brother mode as he draped his arm over Josh’s shoulder and stating, “It’s OK buddy…I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that.” The comforting squeeze Cody gave his shoulder and smile on his face, put one on Josh’s face too. “You are a virgin, man? Serious? Never anything with another guy? Not even a little ‘doing a favor for a bud’ with your hand on a sleep over in high school?”

Josh blushed again as he simply shook his head no in answer to the final question, but quickly managed to add “It’s not like I haven’t wanted to.” A slightly evil grin appeared on his face as his cock twitched just thinking about it…and as he saw Bryan snuggle up against Cody and begin strumming his fingers along the inside of his long thighs.

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