Playgirl’s Obsession Ch. 02

Christine wakes up after a very restless night of sleep. As she sits up on her bed between two naked male hookers, the blonde philanderer thinks about how Josh has casually rejected her. Even with the two whores who just cummed inside her pussy and ass last night still lying next to her, she can’t take her mind off her childhood friend. She has known him for their entire lives. Josh is the cutest boy she has ever known. The boy is adorable but this doesn’t stem from just his baby face. It’s also in his sweet and gentle, yet feisty personality that makes her light up whenever she is with him. The other guys only let her fuck them because she is wealthy and beautiful, but Josh isn’t shallow like them and wouldn’t open his legs just for her looks and money. Those manwhores are just playthings to her, due in great part to the fact that they are okay with that, willing to be used for sex if they get their own needs satisfied too.

As she ruminates on this, her prostitutes wake up. They look so hot giving her their winning smiles on those handsome faces, and she gazes down at their ripped arms and powerful chest. Those abs also help get her juices flowing too. Looking at an empty glass on her marble bedside table, she reaches for it and hands it to the guy on her left side. “I want you to cum in this and then give it to him so he can cum in it too,” she says, gesturing to the guy on her right. “Then I’ll mix your cum together for a semen shake before my morning workout.”

The first guy stands up and places the glass below his dick. It is already hard from morning wood, and the sight of Christine’s bare boobs as she lowers the sheets only makes him throb. Her breasts are so round and big. They look so soft as she cups them and presses them together, sucking her own nipples one at a time so seductively. It makes him gulp as he strokes his cock, jerking off in front of her. Normally he would be able to give her a long show but she tells him she wants it quickly so he strokes rapidly. Soon he grunts loudly, his anaconda spraying jizz into the glass.

Looking at the large amount of cum already inside the glass, Christine smiles. “Your turn,” she says to the other guy who hasn’t cummed yet this morning. He takes the glass and starts masturbating furiously, as his coworker lies down and relax next to their employer. They are two of the sexiest male prostitutes Christine has ever hired and also have some of the tastiest cum too, hence their morning duty. It doesn’t take long before he is cumming like the other guy did, ejaculating onto the seed already dumped there.

Christine takes the glass back and reaches for a silver teaspoon also on her table. Smiling at them, Christine mixes the two men’s cum together and then brings the glass to her mouth, drinking the mixture of their semen in one gulp. “That was delicious, my lovelies. Here, buy yourself something to wear when I call you over again next week,” she says, handing them each a hundred dollar bill and then touching their dicks. “Fuck whoever you want between now and then, but next Tuesday these are going inside me again.”

She then sends the two hookers off on their way and goes over to her large, luxurious bathroom. Getting inside it, Christine begins to shower. The girl scoops out all the semen from inside her cunt and asshole, feeling it leak out in an incredible volume. With a sigh of satisfaction, she cleans up her athletic figure and washes her hairy pussy. It is making her horny to see cum flowing out of her orifice. Despite all the guys she has rotating in and out of her bedroom, there is only one that the girl fantasizes about. Josh. It has always been Josh who turns her on. She is always thinking about him when she’s fucking other guys. There is something about the infuriatingly adorable nerd which makes her want to violate him and make him hers. Christine has refrained from doing that out of respect for Elizabeth, though, since the latter is her best friend and dating Josh.

When she overheard her and Carter talking about how they fooled around behind Josh’s back, it made Christine realize that she might have a chance to get what she wants, after all. The player was so excited and thought that Lizzie might break up with Josh for Carter, but unfortunately dear old Elizabeth is really in love with Josh and won’t leave him, despite how much hornier seeing Carter’s solid body clearly makes her. It made Christine so furious but she and Elizabeth have been best friends since forever and she couldn’t betray her. She would have to hope that Elizabeth fucks up on her own accord.

After being done with showering and then brushing her teeth, Christine heads down into the living room where her mother, Georgina Brennason, is sitting and reading a newspaper. “Hi, mom,” she greets with a wave, sitting down at the table with her. Her mother sets down the newspaper and looks up at her in a way that says the two of them are about to have a very serious conversation. “Did I do something bad? You’re looking at me like I did,” she says to Porno her mom.

“What do you think?” Georgina asks. “You know I don’t mind you being with some men. Waiters and strippers are fine. But prostitutes?” she asks, aghast. Christine gulps a little bit, not wanting to have this conversation with her mom right now. “I mean, that’s just going too far, isn’t it?” She’s known her sleeping around is tolerated but that her mother wouldn’t like how she hires hookers so she tried to keep that aspect secret from her. At that moment, her father, Mike, walks into the room.

“Your mother is right, honey,” he says as he places a plate of pancakes and a bowl of fruits on the table. “I, too, am okay with you being as active as you want, as long as you are careful and use protection. But hiring prostitutes is an unnecessary waste of money, since a lot of guys are already willing to sleep with you for free. Have sex with all those strippers if you want, but no more of the hookers, okay?” Christine rolls her eyes slightly. She supposed she should be glad though that her father is okay with his daughter’s sleeping around, unlike other dads.

“Okay, mom and dad,” she says, before starting to eat her breakfast. “I promise I won’t be hiring any more hookers. Just the waiters and strippers from now on.” Her father is now just shaking his head fondly at this and so is her mom. Christine soon finds herself now thinking about Elizabeth. If she won’t leave Josh of her own accord then she might end up having to do something about it. Give her a little nudge in that direction, so to speak.


The two girls are now walking together in the park. They are hanging out and Christine is waiting for the perfect time to broach the topic. She finally finds an opening after gathering her courage for a while. “So how are things going with you and Josh right now?” she asks her best friend. Christine is still pretending to be ignorant of the fact that Elizabeth cheated with Carter, wanting to have a secret edge over her friend. She waits for a while, thinking of how the latter might respond, figuring out some of the ways she can get them to break up.

Elizabeth takes deep breaths as she is walking, looking at the ground. She has always confused everything in her best friend but this is very different. “Not so well right now,” she says. The girl stops as she considers whether or not she is going to tell Christine about what she did, before deciding to tell the truth. “I cheated on him with Carter once. I am talking about normal sex, then oral and anal. Josh was understandably upset when I told him about this. God, I was such a fucking idiot. I cheated on the boy I love with and lost my virginity to his best friend!”

Christine convincingly pretends to be surprised by this information, gasping in horror. “Oh no!” she cries out in a dramatic fashion. “That is just terrible! But at least you told him. What did he say to you! Is he giving you another chance or something?” she questions and watches her best friend’s reaction carefully, wanting to see how she will respond. “Please, you’ve got to talk to me about this, honey. You know I’m always here for you and I always have your best interests at heart, right?”

Finally, Elizabeth nods. “He said that we can still be together,” she tells the tall blonde. “But it’s different now. Josh is still angry and he won’t give me any kisses or hugs. No matter how much I tried he won’t give me affection and is always frowning. He told me we are going to take it slow. I don’t know what to do anymore, Christine! Please, you have got to help me out!” she whines and Christine hides a mischievous smirk. This could go the way she wants it to, if she plays all her cards right.

“Well, it sounds to me like he might be into cuckolding,” Christine states. She notices her friend’s confused look and sighs at Elizabeth’s innocence. “The word means when a guy likes letting his girlfriend have sex with other men.” Elizabeth looks at her in amazement as Christine continues. “Think about it. Would any rational boy accept a girl who sucked his best friend’s cock back? No! It must have turned him on to see you do that, Lizzie. He is just way too embarrassed to admit that, even to himself. You should surprise him with it by arranging to fuck another guy right in front of him.” Christine almost bursts out giggling at her dumb friend taking this seriously.

Elizabeth thinks about this for a while. Are you sure though that this is going to work? It could backfire massively,” she says to her blonde friend who just shrugs. The idea does turn her on quite a lot but she isn’t completely certain about doing it yet. “He might just have forgiven me out of his kindness. You know how kind Josh can be.” She sighs as she struggles to understand what she can do to both salvage her relationship and get her sexual needs met. Elizabeth loves Josh more than anything in the world but he doesn’t turn her on at all.

“Oh, yes! Of course. He is going to end up loving Altyazılı Porno it,” Christine says to her very enthusiastically. She is really messing with her best friend’s head and good old Lizzie has no idea what is going on. “Now remember. You need to surprise him with it. He has to be ambushed and forced to accept his own desires, of which he is, at present time, ashamed.” The blonde hotel heiress could barely conceal her amusement as her friend nods along stupidly to this.

“You’re right. I’ll have to catch him off guard so that he would have to face it,” she says, nodding, deep in thought. She is completely oblivious to Christine’s manipulation. “I’ll get our parents to talk about setting up marriage between the two of us, so that Josh couldn’t get away from me.” Christine frowns at this but then smiles as she realizes that it is nothing to worry about. If her plan works, and it probably will, judging from the way her friend seems to buy the idea, then he would fight tooth and nail against it.


Josh is questioning his decision to stay with Elizabeth again. He couldn’t believe how easily he decided to give her a second chance. Yes, he is madly in love with her but her betrayal of him was so disgusting and now he realizes that he should have been angry for way longer. It has been only two weeks since she confessed her wrongful act to him and the two have already started to patch things up. The boy is still hesitant when thinking about giving her his virginity though, after she gave hers to Carter. Thinking about that backstabbing bastard still makes him feel pissed off beyond measure.

If only the jackass told him what happened instead of letting him believe nothing happened, then Josh would have forgiven him along with Elizabeth. But he kept it from him. It’s this lack of honesty that Josh couldn’t forgive. They’ve been best friends since forever and he still lied to him after already betraying him once. Josh is now disgusted with himself. He knows that Carter has always been a hoe, fucking any woman who wanted a piece of him, but he didn’t think he’d be a home wrecker too and is completely disappointed in the guy who used to be his best friend.

Suddenly, his parents come into his room. He is perplexed by this. They usually knock before entering but didn’t do that today. Whatever they want to talk to him about must be very important. “Son, I need you to listen to what me and your mother have to say carefully before you say anything, got it?” Josh simply nods, frowning. His dad looks very stressed and so does his mother, who has never been so nervous before, at least as far as he is concerned. “Good. It is very important for our family and we need you to step up and do the right thing.”

He feels anxious seeing his father look like this. Josh’s mother is also visibly sweating, clearly nervous about what they are going to say to him. It bothers him to see them this way and he decides to say “Please get on with it already. You’re infecting me with that nervousness.” They must be here to talk to him about something that is extremely serious and that doesn’t make him feel any less uncomfortable. “And please stop staring at me like that. It’s disturbing, dad.” His father finally drops his gaze and he feels a bit more relaxed.

“There is something you really have to do and no one else can do it,” his father says in a curt tone, trying to hide how much he’s dreading Josh’s reaction. Josh gestures for him to go on as he looks at his wife for support. Josh’s mom patted the middle aged man’s arm encouragingly, and he continues “We really want you to stay over at Elizabeth’s house more often, stay over for some nights, and you know, marry her.” Josh has taken a sip of water and is now choking on it as his mom jabs his dad’s ribs with her elbow, giving him a disapproving look.

“What?” he asks them. The boy couldn’t believe what his father just said to him. His dad has said some truly ridiculous things when drunk but he doesn’t even have that excuse as a mitigating factor right now. And his mom is just standing there with nothing but a disapproving frown on her face. “I’m sorry, but how did it go from me sleeping over at her place, which I won’t do now, by the way, to marrying her?” His father sighs, telling his mother to deal with the conversation in his place instead.

“You should do it because it’s a good thing to do, honey. She has been with you practically since you two were in kindergarten. I know you’re tired of hearing this now but we always knew even from back then that you would end up together,” his mother says to the teenage boy. She then frowns, worried by something he said earlier. “Wait. You said that you won’t do it now. What happened between the two of you, sweetie?” Her husband is also worried about this, now that his wife raised the issue.

Josh takes a very deep breath. It still pains him to think about this but he knows he must tell his parents what happened, so they wouldn’t expect him to just get married Brazzers to Elizabeth right after graduation. “She cheated on me,” he says, making them gasp in shock and horror. “Not just with some random guy, but with Carter. Yes, she had sex with my best friend and then kept it a secret for more than a month, before finally coming clean about it. I’ve decided to give her another chance but there won’t be a marriage anytime soon. Forget about it.”

His mother bursts into tears. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” she cries out and envelopes him in a massive hug. Josh kept it a secret from the two of them, not wanting his parents to have to worry about him. He managed to hide it well enough. Too well, though, since they think that he is at a point where he’ll want to tie the knot with her soon. “You should have told us about this. We could have been there for you when you were dealing with it.” He nods, thanking her for her support, but is confused by how his father is still looking at him.

Mr. Beckett feels very anxious to say what he is about to after hearing what his son told him. But it is necessary and he is going to say it anyway, because he has to. “I’m really sorry that this happened to you, Josh,” he tells the boy. “But Elizabeth told us and her parents that she really feels sorry about what happened and wants to get married to you once you two have finished high school. Her father is our boss and if you marry her, that could be very useful. We’d get things like promotions and pay raises, and….”

He stops once he realizes he said too much, with his son now staring at him in shock and indignation. Mrs Beckett shakes her head at her husband’s lack of a filter, saying everything instead of playing it slow. “So that’s what this is about?” Josh breathes, looking at him. “You guys are pimping me out. You’re going to whore me out to Elizabeth. I can’t believe this! Get out of my room now!” They sigh, shaking their heads as they leave. He couldn’t believe the bullshit he just heard from his father and wants to hurl something across the room.

About five minutes after they left, Larry enters the room. The elderly man sits down next to him on the bed and pats his back gently. “You can tell me what it is, Mister Josh,” the trusty butler says to him. He has always had a soft spot for the boy. When Josh couldn’t speak at the age of three and his parents called him a retard, it was Larry who tried to help the toddler until he could start talking. Josh always goes to Larry whenever he feels down, instead of his parents. That speaks volume about their close relationship.

He sighs as Larry continues stroking his back comfortingly. “I don’t know what to do anymore, Larry,” Josh says, sniffling. He feels very lost and knows that only Larry would understand and try to help him. “I just told my parents that Elizabeth cheated on me but they still expect me to marry her, so that they could get cushy jobs with more benefits.” Josh clenches his fists at this thought, still angry. “Can you believe that? They are trying to sell me for money!” He then takes a deep breath. “Sorry for dumping this all in your lap, Larry. I’ll go outside to get some fresh air and take a walk.”

Josh feels less angry when he is outside, inhaling the fresh air by himself. He walks around aimlessly, before heading towards a nearby cafe. Liking the cafe there, he stops and gets himself Iced Latte. Sitting down to drink it, the boy wonders about what he can do to sort out his relationship issues effectively. Finally, he chooses to go over to Elizabeth’s place to see if she would explain to him why she told their parents she wants them to get married. This proves to be an opportunity for him to see what he least wants to.

When he gets there, he spots Carter’s car just outside. Frowning, he enters using the spare key that Elizabeth gave him. Creeping up to her bedroom, Josh presses his ear against the door. What he hears turn his blood to ice. “I love Josh but I also love your dick, Carter. Please, just shove that monster inside me one more time, and I promise I will never bother you about it again,” he can hear his brunette girlfriend begging his former best friend. Rage bubbles up inside him and he waits to hear what Carter says next.

“No!” Carter says unequivocally. Josh listens intently as he continues. “Please, we’ve already discussed this before. It’s horrible enough that we betrayed him once. Don’t make me do it again, Lizzie.” At this Josh’s rage at his friend simmers quite a lot. Yes, he lied to him, but it’s Elizabeth who wants to do it again, despite giving her word that it’d never happen for a second time. “You can’t expect me to want to do that to him, now that he knows. I will never be able to live with myself, and you won’t be able to live with yourself either.”

“I know we would end up feeling bad about it but it could also be good for us too! We are very sexually compatible, right?” Elizabeth says. Josh finds himself getting angrier than he has ever been, even more than he was when he first found out about this. “I love Josh more than anything but he could never turn me on with that face and body.” Ouch. “You, on the other hand. Each time I look at your body I feel myself getting soaked. Come on. You want me too. I can see it in your eyes, baby.”

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