Playing Poker in Vegas Ch. 02

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To understand my relationship with Bill and Stephanie, please first read my story titled, “Poker Night with Friends.” Then come back and read this series of stories in order. It will all make sense and tie each story together. This story contains gay male content. If this does not interest you, please read no further.


After laying there for a few minutes, I got up and went to the bathroom to take a piss and clean off my wet and swollen cock. My cock ring had caused my shaft and balls to turn purple from all the pounding I had just put on Stephanie, so I freed my package from the metal ring and threw it in the sink.

When I returned to the room, Stephanie said, “I’m ready to go again.”

Knowing how sex crazed Stephanie is, it was no surprise to hear her wanting another round of punishment so quickly. Personally, I had just fulfilled my twisted fantasy, but I was ready to go again. I fucked Stephanie, check. I blew Bill, check. I was good at this point, but I was now finding myself in the same place that Bill has been for many years. Pleasing Stephanie was paramount. What she wants is what she gets, and this moment was no different. It was a strange place for me to be, seeing how I wasn’t married to Stephanie.

I just smiled.

“Clean his cock off”, she said as she pointed to Bill.

I turned back toward the bathroom to grab a wash cloth, but Stephanie quickly stopped me.

“With your mouth!”

I snapped back toward the room and walked directly to the bed where Bill was still laying. As I reached the bed, Bill scooted himself to the edge and sat on the end of the bed. His cock was now limp, but still thick and covered in cum. I always considered myself a heavy cummer, but the amount of semen covering Bill’s penis was more than I had ever imagined one man could produce.

I went down to my knees on the floor and took him into my mouth. I worked my lips up and down his shaft a few times and gathered his juices into my mouth. The flavor of his cum tasted just like mine but the added scent of Stephanie’s asshole was pure bliss. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and grabbed onto his shaft with my right hand. I swallowed the first batch and quickly moved my mouth to his hairless ball sack. I sucked one testicle into my mouth, massaged it with my tongue and felt his cock begin to grow in my hand. I stroked his shaft a few times and popped his ball out of my mouth.

I was so turned on by all this kinky sex that I decided to take it up a notch. I pushed Bill backward onto the bed, forced his legs back and pinned his knees behind his ears. I figured at this point, I might as well break every barrier imaginable, so tasting his asshole was naturally the next step. I hadn’t fantasized about this part, but I was feeling completely liberated by the lack of rules and had an overwhelming desire to put my mouth on his asshole.

I slammed my face into Bill’s crotch and went straight for his asshole. The instant my mouth touched his anus, he moaned loudly and held his own legs back to give me complete access to his ass. I sucked his smoothly waxed butthole between my lips and swirled the tip of my tongue around diyarbakır escort his hole, feeling the ridges of his clean asshole as I explored. Rimming my best friend’s shithole was much more of a turn on than I expected! I had no idea what I was doing, so I sucked and licked his asshole like it was a pussy. Bill’s moans got louder and he slowly jerked himself off while I ate him out.

Just as I was about to slam my fingers inside, Stephanie stopped me.

She said, “Let’s go take a shower together.”

Stephanie went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Bill and I got up and smiled at each other.

Bill said “Oh man! I was really starting to get into that.”

Bill’s cock was protruding straight out from his body and I felt a weird sense of accomplishment knowing that I gave him that hard on. My cock was hanging semi hard, still swollen and looking impressively thick. We both walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower with Stephanie.

Stephanie instantly greeted Bill face to face with a make out session. I stood awkwardly behind Bill and watched them kiss. I felt somewhat out of place, so after a few minutes I reached underneath Bill’s arm and put one of Stephanie’s tits in my right hand. She quickly grabbed my hand with hers and moved it down to Bill’s cock. I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and slowly jerked him off while they continued to kiss. I moved my left hand to his chest and softly pinched his left nipple between my fingers.

The situation was silent and much more intimate now, which is something I really like. It wasn’t long before my cock became a raging hard on once again. I moved my body tight into Bill’s and lifted my stiff cock upward, resting it in the cradle of his butt cheeks. I leaned in and softly kissed the side of Bill’s neck. He acknowledged my kisses by moving his head to the side. Stephanie then moved her kisses to the other side of his neck. Bill leaned his head back and moaned softly as he was now the recipient of our complete attention.

After a few minutes, Stephanie spoke softly into Bill’s ear.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Stephanie grabbed a bar of soap and began rubbing it on Bill’s chest. After the soap came to a lather, she spread the soap all over his body and then moved her hands to his back. Her hands slid between my chest and Bill’s back and then down to his ass. I stepped back to give her more space and watched her put the bar of soap between Bill’s ass cheeks.

After she got a huge lather going in his ass crack, Stephanie dropped the bar of soap and looked at me over Bill’s shoulder. She motioned for me to step closer, so I did. She slid her soapy hand onto my cock and stroked my length until it was also covered in soap.

Stephanie continued holding my hard cock and at the same time, pushed Bill’s upper body down. When Bill bent over in front of me, I knew exactly what Stephanie wanted. I was happy to follow her lead. I took a step forward, moved my penis close to Bill’s soapy ass cheeks and allowed Stephanie’s grip to guide me directly to Bill’s sweet rosebud.

I watched the head of my penis push into the soapy abyss edirne escort and out of view. With Stephanie’s expert help, the tip of my cock found Bill’s asshole. I pushed my hips forward until the head of my cock pushed inside him slightly and continued forward pressure until I felt my cock pop the ring of his asshole. He didn’t even flinch, but I held still for a moment to allow my buddy to catch his breath while his sphincter gripped the base of my cock head. His asshole was not nearly as tight as I had expected, and it was clear that he was not new to ass play.

I put both hands on Bill’s hips and asked, “Are you okay?”

Without saying a word, Bill slowly pushed back into me and allowed my shaft to start entering him. Bill continued backward pressure as my cock went deeper and deeper inside him. I felt every inch of my shaft slide past his sphincter until I reached maximum depth. I gripped his hips tight and pushed myself further inside him until our shaved ball sacks mashed into each other. My entire cock was now buried inside my best friend and the warmth of his bowels hugged my shaft like a blanket. Another line crossed and it felt fucking amazing!

Stephanie quickly moved to the side to see what she had caused. The shower water was now spraying directly on Bill’s back and running down his ass crack. The flow of water washed away the suds and now revealed my cock buried inside her husband. This was a first for all of us and I never thought I could be this turned on, but my cock was harder than it’s ever been!

Stephanie told Bill, “You asked me for this.”

Bill said, “Oh, fuck yeah I did.”

“Do you want him to fuck you?”

I wasn’t going anywhere now. This was going to happen. Bill was going to get fucked whether he wanted it or not. Before he could answer, I started fucking Bill with soft and slow strokes while Stephanie stared like a rabid animal. The look in her eyes was of amazement and lust as she watched my shaft slide in and out of Bill’s asshole. I reached over and pulled on one of her nipple rings, which snapped her out of her trance.

Stephanie smiled and said, “You have no idea how happy this makes me.”

With that, I directed her attention back to Bill’s loose asshole and gripped his waist as hard as I could. I picked up my pace until my thrusts became longer and more aggressive. Soon, I was butt fucking Bill with every ounce of strength I could give him and my pelvis crashed into his ass with every thrust. Bill’s moans turned into loud grunts as I pounded his asshole over and over. His loose ball sack reached back and slapped the underside of my balls as I fucked him with perfect rhythm.

The sensation of my best friend’s asshole and the sight of my cock impaling him was great, but the feeling of his fat balls slapping against mine put me into a frenzy. I had no idea how amazing his balls would feel against mine, but I kept the rhythm perfect so they swung into my taint on every thrust. I kept fucking him and enjoyed hearing the sounds of our bodies colliding in so many different ways. This was a surprise turn on for me and it caused my orgasm to approach faster than I wanted. elazığ escort

I needed to hold out longer, so I turned to Stephanie and directed my attention away from the insane butt fucking I was giving to my best friend. But unfortunately for my cause, that didn’t help either as she was now masturbating vigorously while she watched her husband cry out for more.

I slowed my pace a bit in the hopes my orgasm would subside.

Stephanie yelled, “Don’t stop!”

I picked up the pace again, but I was out of options. My balls tightened and my load began climbing my shaft as my orgasm was imminent.

I let out a loud grunt and said, “I’m gonna…”

“Don’t you dare cum yet!”

I was right on the brink of orgasm but instantly stopped. I hoped it was not too late and stayed still as my cock pulsed a few times. I could feel a couple little shots leave the tip of my cock and shoot a small amount of semen inside my friend. But, luckily I stopped just in time and did not completely nut.

I was so close to blowing my load and was a little annoyed at being told to stop. I carefully pulled my cock out of Bill’s gaping asshole and I asked Stephanie, “What? Why?”

Stephanie went to her knees and wrapped her grip around my cock. She looked up and said, “One of Bill’s fantasies is to watch you cum on my face.”

With that, she sucked my ass covered cock into her mouth and worked my shaft with both hands. She twisted her dueling grips on my meat in unison and caught my sensitive cock head with each pass. I looked down the whole time and watched Stephanie’s beautiful face while she worked my meat like a pro. I grabbed the back of Stephanie’s head and helped guide her movements as my body stiffened. I was ready to cum again.

My load raced to the tip of my cock like a freight train and I forcefully pulled out of her mouth. I pointed my penis right at her face and jerked myself the rest of the way. She leaned her head back with her mouth open and waited for my load.

I yelled, “Oh my God!”

The first shot was massive and fired out of the tip of my cock, landed on her forehead and draped down the side of her nose. The following shots sprayed onto her face and into her mouth. Shot after shot found its target and made a white mess that gravity took down to her chin.

After my orgasm finished, I squeezed my cock head, shook the last drop into her mouth and watched my seed swim on her tongue. Stephanie closed her mouth, gulped once and then opened to show me that she had swallowed my whole load. Her cum covered face smiled up at me, and I smiled back. This whole night was fucking amazing and I hoped it wouldn’t stop here.

We both looked over to see Bill moving toward us as he jerked off. His hand slid up and down his beautiful cock like a piston and by the look on his face it was obvious that he was close to exploding.

Stephanie stayed on her knees and directed Bill over to her. It wasn’t long before Bill was spraying her face with his load too. After the last drop landed, I helped Stephanie stand up. The three of us kissed passionately while both batches of semen disappeared from Stephanie’s face.

I said, “Fuck! That was insane!”

Stephanie smiled and said, “Well, now two of us have gotten fucked. Who’s next?”

Bill instantly said, “I need a rest.”

I knew who was next, and I anxiously looked forward to the end of Bill’s rest period.

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