I snuggled against you, my tiny body curled into yours, as the sun glimmered through the gauzy hotel curtains. I always woke up early, my body used to waking up early from high school. I still had not gotten used to that in college, and scheduled my classes early in the day, so the rest of the day I was free to write, or text you, or fingerfuck my little cunt on camera for you. But now, you were here with me, still sleeping as I lay tangled up in you.

I sat up and stretched, raising my thin arms above my head, my back arching and my tits popping out from underneath the blanket. I leaned over and kissed you gently on the cheek, and you murmured softly and rolled onto your side. You didn’t wake up before eleven normally, and after last night, it was going to be noon or later today. My big hazel eyes glanced over at the clock. It was only ten. We had already missed the complimentary breakfast, so there was no use in going down to the cafe now. I could shower, but when you awoke, you would pull me with you into there, and fuck me roughly against the shower door, the water streaming onto our bodies. Water sounded good right about now, actually. That was when I remembered the pool we had passed on our hurried way up here.

I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair back into a loose bun, and put on my black bikini that I had planned to wear when we would sneak down there later on. You did love fucking in a pool. I slipped it on, the black fabric stretching tight over my full breasts, the bottom barely covering my little tight ass. I crossed my arms to try to hide the birthmark just below my breasts, right at the top of my ribcage. If you were awake, you would pull my arm away and kiss it, but you were still caught in the hold of dreams, and I was alone.

I crept out the door, closing it carefully as to not to wake you. As the lock clicked, I realized I had forgotten my terrycloth dress, and was just holding a towel instead. I shrugged to an empty hall, and strolled to the elevator, pressing the button for down. I stretched again, and my stomach growled from lack of breakfast, but I knew I would get plenty to fill it when you awoke. The sharp ding of the elevator brought me out of that thought, and I shifted, my juices soaking through the bikini bottom at the thought of tasting you. I was glad it was black, and the elevator opened to reveal a man in his early twenties, tan, muscular, and in a navy suit. I blushed and hoped he could not smell my scent as I shuffled into the cramped space.

I hoped that the ride would one of uncomfortable silence, but instead it was full of nosy conversation. He smiled at me, asked how I liked the hotel, and mentioned that he was the assistant manager of the place. I smiled and nodded, becoming increasingly aware of my own arousal and its scent. He gave me a knowing smile as we reached the main floor, and I scampered off to the pool, away from his hungry gaze.

I love swimming, the feeling of cool water caressing me, clinging to every curve of my body. I glided through the water, enjoying the fluid sensation as I heard a voice ring out loudly.

“So, we meet again!”

I looked up and gulped. It was the man from the elevator, his gaze held at my wet bikini top, alt yazılı seks barely containing my heavy tits. I managed a meek smile, and wished for you to be here, for you to be awake. His eyes tore away from my cleavage to give me a fierce look in the eye.

“Are you enjoying the water?”

He stepped closer, and every bit of me wanted to swim away, but I did not want to be impolite. He was some harmless hotel guy, right? He gave me a shark-like grin, and continued.

“You see, I came here to check out the water temperature, and from how hard your nipples are, it must be very cold.”

I blushed, mortified as my nipple stood fully erect and apparent through the thin stretchy material. He crouched and dipped his hand into the water.

“Oh, no, it’s pretty warm I would say. You must be very aroused then.”

He grinned at me again, as I stood there, gaping at him like a deer in headlights. As much as I would like to deny it, I was getting very turned on by seeing this stranger look at my scantily clad body. I squirmed uncomfortably in the water.

“And someone like you must be, no doubt, very wet. And I simply can’t have that in this hotel’s pool now, can I?”

He chuckled, his eyes still devouring my body.

“Miss, I’m going to have to ask you to get out of the pool, for sanitary reasons.”

I shuffled, dumbfounded, and slowly climbed out of the pool, my cheeks aflame. The water clung to my body, dripping off slowly as my bikini lay plastered to my body. If it had not been black, it might as well have been transparent. His eyes drank me in, and I blushed horribly, looking at my feet like a reprimanded schoolgirl. He spoke again, his voice horribly slick.

“You know, I may have to run tests on this pool now, given what you’ve done. A slut like you might have came in there. What room are you in? I may have to add the cost to your bill.”

I gasped and shook my head, stunned. I began to shiver, scared and cold without my towel, without your arms around me. How could I be so foolish? I was his prey now, and fully vulnerable.

“Hmm? You wouldn’t like that? But I see no reason not to charge you, see no benefit in it for me.”

I swallowed hard, my eyes darting around for escape. Surely You would understand the extra charge. I stammered,

“H-how much would it b-be extra?”

He grinned, calculating and cold.

“Oh, these tests are expensive. Then I might have to drain the whole pool…about three hundred dollars, maybe more.”

My jaw dropped. That was too much money, and you had saved so much to come and see me. How could I be so selfish? We couldn’t pay that much and this man knew it by the look on my face. He smiled again, and continued on with a voice like polished steel.

“Maybe you do have some use to me, however. Let me see if your mouth is good for anything other than gaping, and we can forget about this.”

I bit my lip and looked around. Where was the door again? My feet were like lead as I tried to walk to the beige door. He sidestepped me and was far too close.

“Miss, you still haven’t told me your room number for the charge.”

I gulped.

“I c-can’t afford it.”

He porno 92 chuckled.

“Well then I guess you’ll have to take the alternative payment plan.”

I sniffled, tears running down my burning cheeks as he pushed me onto my knees. The tile beneath them was cold. I shivered again, and was relieved when his hand left my hair, and confused as it didn’t reach down again. I looked up to see you, in a sleepy mess of pajama pants and nothing else, evidently looking for your little one. You must’ve remembered how much I loved swimming, or had searched everywhere else. Now, you looked at me, ashamed me and the position I was in. You must’ve though I was servicing him willingly!

I looked up into your eyes, and you saw the tears and my fearful look, and You looked at me with new compassion, and I felt safe. I ran into your arms, snuggling close to you, my tears smearing on your chest. The stranger stared at you, frightened. He started babbling a bout how I had “seduced him,” but you strode forward and pushed him into the pool. He looked up like a dampened cat, screeching about his Armani suit, and you simply spat on him and gathered my towel. You held it out for me and I snuggled up into it, safe and warm. You wrapped an arm around my shoulder, and gently led me upstairs.

I stammered out the story as you handed me some of the hotel’s shitty prepackaged coffee. I lay in your arms, cheeks streaked with tears as I told you everything. You balled your fists and laid them flat again, rage pulsing through you. I swallowed softly and whispered, “I’m sorry, Sir. I beg for forgiveness for being so foolish and insolent.”

You stroked me cheek softly, and looked down at me.

“My sweet little one, it is not your fault that he treated you so horribly. Many men are aroused by you, but I am the only one to have you. That is understood, yes?”

I nodded, my lips and tongue paralyzed with worry.

“And I protected you, as I promised. But what if I had not known to look there? What if I slept later? My love, he could have taken not only your mouth, but all of you. You should not have gone out without me, especially in such a state!”

You looked over my wet, bikini clad form, and gently untied the damp top, my nipple falling out. “And because you did not wake me and let me know, you must be punished.”

I shivered, and gazed up at you, frightened. You smoothed my wet hair back lovingly.

“Sweetheart, you need to realize that assholes like that would want you, and might take you against your will. I need you to realize the danger of that. I’m your master. I will protect you, because you are mine, and I love you. But, darling, you need to remember to be more cautious.”

I nodded again, a fresh flow of tears starting down my cheeks. I kissed you softly on the cheek, and you picked me up in your arms and bent me over you knee. I sighed, relieved. A spanking of my tight little ass would just arouse me, not hurt me. You told me twenty, and I nodded. The first blow was hard, and I cried out in sudden stinging pain. By ten I’m panting, trying to reach your hand with every blow. By twenty, my ass is bright red, and my juices glimmered on my inner thighs.

I turned xvideos porno to you, ready to cuddle or taste you, but you pinned me back to the bed, the blankets rough on the sensitive flesh of my burning ass. Your tongue snaked into my wet little cunt, and I moaned loudly, reaching down to grab you head and pull you closer. However, you pinned my wrists down and continued your working of my pussy, and I asked softly, “Sir, may I cum?”

You shook your head and moved away from me, my wrists still pinned down. I whimpered, looking up for your eyes, but you did not meet my gaze. You pulled at the restraints on the bedposts, still left for the night before, and secured my wrists in them. I sighed softly.

You resumed your place, and this time slid a finger up and down my slit, not pushing in. My wetness shined as it catched the light, and I tried desperately to push myself onto your hand. You chuckled and pulled away, and I groaned in frustration. As I groaned, you delved your tongue into me, and swirled it about inside of me for a glorious moment, then backed away again. I wanted to scream, but I just managed a whimper. This was my punishment, and I would be obedient. I would show you I am sorry.

You surprised me now, not touching me for what seems like hours, and then roughly shoved two fingers into my drenched cunt. It stretched around them, and I moaned loudly, and panted,

“S-sir, may I c-cum?”

You paused, your fingers not moving inside of me, the tension building and unbearable.

“No. If you do cum, my sweet little fuckslave, I will make sure your new ‘friend’ sees the next time you do. So please, do refrain.”

You smiled and pulled your fingers out of me, and held them above my lips. I moved forward, ready to suck my juices greedily off of your hand when you pulled away, maliciously lapping them off yourself. You then sucked my clit into you mouth, bathing it with your tongue as you slid one of those tempting fingers slowly into my ass. I groaned and tears of frustration welled within my eyes as I whimpered and tried again.

“Sir, may I c-cum?”

You shoved your other finger into my ass roughly, causing me to squirm, and You paused, nipping gently on my clit. I shook and panted, a tear sliding out of my eye. You didn’t answer me yet, but pulled the fingers out slowly and I sighed, ready for defeat. But you remained silent, and pulled away from me, tearing off your pajama pants and pulling forward, your hard cock an inch away from my dripping cunt. You pushed in roughly, causing me to cry out, and said levelly,

” Who do you belong to?”

I shook around you.

“You, Sir.”

“Who loves you?”

Another tear streamed down my cheek.

“You, Sir.”

“Who protects you, fucks you, owns you and your orgasm?”

I shuddered, passion building inside of me.

“You, Sir.”

You looked me in the eye and then bent down to kiss my neck. You raised your head and whispered,

“Now, my little cumslut. Cum for me.”

I cried out and clenched around you, my pussy screaming for this release as I clung to you, coating your cock in my juices. My whole body spasmed. I lay there, spent, tears still streaming down my raw cheeks as you kissed them away.

You released me from the restraints, and pulled me into your arms, holding my body as its racked with sobs. You kissed my forehead and held me tightly, and I curled to you, and remembered to always trust you, as if I didn’t, I would be disobeying again.

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