Pupil’s Pet Ch. 2

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Joe cleaned himself up in a nearby bathroom and walked off with a spring in his step. He still had the camera, and getting it could be the key to keeping Michelle’s future at the school in tact.

Michelle was left in the cold store room, a student’s cum still dripping from her face and onto her blouse…she sat there and started to cry to herself, knowing that she had done nothing to deserve what Joe was doing to her. After a few minutes she pulled a tissue from her pocket and attempted to clean herself, getting the worst of it off.

All she could think about was getting that camera from Joe, he already had a whole evening to get them developed and show his schoolmates – but not knowing where he lived meant she couldn’t go after him, just hope that he would bring it back into the school tomorrow.

After a long shower and a cry Michelle set to marking some papers and eventually getting some sleep, the school reports were coming up and she’d have to meet with everyone’s parents and let them know how their kids were getting on.


The piercing sound of Michelle’s alarm clock made it’s presence felt and she reluctantly got out of her double bed, still thinking about what Joe was doing to her and how she needed to get the camera back…and fast!

As she drove through the school gates she parked up in her usual parking space, it felt like Friday already from the amount of stress she was feeling, but it was only Wednesday and she got out of the car – carrying a thick batch of marked reports for her students.

She got to the staff room and grabbed her usual cup of coffee, adding an extra sugar…it didn’t taste as good as it did on Monday. Taking a stroll down the corridor things seemed quieter than usual, the heating system hummed silently normally but today it was louder – and there weren’t as many students around.

Just as she glanced down the near empty corridor a voice from behind her shouted “MORNING MISS TYLER!!…or, should I call you…’Michelle’?”, it was Joe standing with Gary, one of his friends.

“Shouldn’t you be somewhere Mr Keller?” she ordered, not looking at his eyes.

“Probably, but I don’t feel like being anywhere…in fact I might just skip class today, I’ve err…got some things to do, a project to finish…yeah” he said, with cunning undertones.

Michelle picked up on his hints, and felt the anger inside her building up again, “Get to your class immediately!” she roared

Joe’s friend looked shocked at her reactions, more shocked that she didn’t tell him not to call her Michelle. Strolling off Joe said “I’ll see you later…Miss”, winking at her.

Her mind was racing with paranoia…what if he’d developed the photographs already and showed his friends, what if he was going to blackmail her again, what if she’d be the victim of further humiliation?…

The bell rung and she went to attend her first class of the day, but still preoccupied with what Joe was planning.

While sitting in Mr Hockley’s science class Joe started dreaming up a plan, he wanted his cock inside Miss Tyler…yesterday had been just the start of things, today he çanakkale escort wanted to test her at another level. Suddenly an idea jumped into his head, prompting a smile, and turning around he said “Gary, what are you doing after school?”

Gary looked across at him, “Nothing much…why?”

Gary was a short guy, only about 5’6”…half asian but with a boyish charm that a lot of the girls loved about him, his hair was much more styled than Joe’s ruffled locks.

“I’ve got something to show you, you’ll love it…trust me, you’ll have fun”

Shaking his head Gary carried on working, Joe was always full of pranks and tricks and he was sure this was just another one.

The day passed quickly, Michelle had almost forgotten about Joe and his coded message earlier. As the bell sounded for the final time the students filed out of the door she kicked back in her chair and stretched…thankful for not having to teach Joe that day.

She took off her shoes and stretched her legs out on her table, smoothing her legs which had ached all day…just as she closed her eyes planning a nice relaxing bath there was knock at the door…Joe was there.

Without waiting for her to say “Come in”, he went through the door and shut it again.

“Joe I don’t know what you think you were playing at earlier but you NEVER call me anything but ‘Miss Tyler’, you hear me?” she said jumping up from her desk.

“Nice to see you too…I guess you’ll be happy to know that I didn’t get those photographs developed” smirking at her.

Michelle breathed a long sigh of relief, and sat back down in her chair. “Well I’m very glad…”

“YET!” he shouted, interrupting her and moving toward her.

Joe had ordered Gary to stand outside and wait for his signal to come in. Gary was watching as Miss Tyler’s face move from one of relaxation to one of heavy stress as Joe moved around her, saying things that he couldn’t quite make out and he crept closer to the door.

“….now, you’re going to do what you’re told, and afterwards I will give you the film and you can destroy it” Joe said assertively

“No, not again…you hand me that film now Joe, I’m not playing your games anymore” she said, sounding very upset “This is my career on the line here, if you don’t give it to me I’ll kill you!!”

“Now now Michelle…”, Joe said, walking around the back of her and putting his hands on her shoulders and talking to her ear “…don’t talk to me in that tone, all I want is you to do what I tell you to do…got it?”

Michelle nodded reluctantly, noticing someone at the door peering from a distance…”Who’s that??”


Joe’s plan had taken a wrong turn and he walked to the door and made Gary come in. “Michelle, meet Gary….Gary, Michelle”.

Gary stood there, seeing a teacher looking like she was about to burst out in tears…and seeing Joe’s face change from a cheeky one to one of power and dominance.

“Now…strip!” he ordered

Gary’s jaw dropped, what the hell was Joe doing? And why the hell was Miss Tyler doing as he said? Joe looked over at him and winked…”See, çeşme escort I told you I had something to show you”

“I…I…I need to go, I just remembered I hav..”

“STAY HERE!….please, Gary I want you to see this fine teacher’s sexy body…maybe you’ll change your mind” he smiled.

In this time Michelle had taken off every stitch of clothing that covered her long, sexy body and stood there before the two students feeling cold and starting to shiver. This met with Gary’s approval…his eyes widened as the sexiest teacher in the school stood before him, fully exposed.

Joe opened up his pants and pulled down his shorts, ordering her to take his young cock in her mouth and suck on it….she didn’t hesitate, even with Gary in the room she knew she was cornered, all she could do was submit to his every request and pray that she’d get what she’d been promised.

After a few moments Joe pulled out of her mouth and slapped her across the face, “Now bitch, get on the table for me…spread those long legs”

Gary could still barely move, half in shock and half out of seeing this usual monster of a teacher doing things to a student that could finish her career.

“NO, stop it Joe…you might be able to order me to do things but this is too far, I’m not letting you do this!”, Michelle wasn’t prepared for the new level of humiliation she was about to suffer and squirmed as his hands held her wrists and they struggled.

Gary ran over and totally out of character he held her wrists to the desk as Joe steadied her legs. Panting, Joe said “Now, this IS happening slut…like it or not”, he looked up at Gary and back down at her.

“Gary, drop your pants…try this little slut’s mouth, it’s beautiful”

Gary did as he was told, not thinking twice. Still a virgin, Gary had many dreams of something like this and despite his good reputation as a quiet and brainy student he wanted to feel the inside of Miss Tyler’s mouth.

Joe parted Michelle’s legs, and edged his cock into her…still lubricated from her mouth and started moving his hips back and forth. Just as he started to get up a rhythm Gary had positioned his cock in front of her mouth and pushed it into her…he let go of her wrists, she didn’t struggle against him.

Michelle sucked on it, things were way beyond her control…she had a student inside her pussy and was sucking another one’s cock. She had no dignity left, knowing that if a teacher were to walk in now and catch what she was doing that she’d lose her job and probably be made to apologise to the parents of the two horny young students who were using her body.

Listening to Joe starting to moan she started to get into it more, Gary’s cock tasted good in her mouth and she was strangely enjoying what was being done to her. It had been years since she’d had a cock inside her and never one this young.

She saw Joe look at Gary and wink at him but Gary’s face was out of view and she could only assume that this degrading act would be enough to get the unprinted photos back and mean that she could keep her job, free from threats of blackmail.

In diyarbakır escort no time at all Gary’s cock started quivering in her mouth and he released a thick stream of cum into her mouth. It tasted good, she licked it and swallowed it, even starting to clean his cock to make sure she’d got everything he’d given her.

Joe still wasn’t done, he caressed her 36D breasts in his hands…loving the feel of them. He’d never touched ‘adult’ breasts before and they felt much nicer than the small ones of his former girlfriends. He raised Michelle’s legs into the air by the backs of her knees and started fucking her hard, wanting to spread his hot young seed inside his mature submissive teacher.

Michelle moaned unwillingly….everything about this situation was very wrong, yet she was getting the sex she’d deprived herself of for years.

There was something special in Joe’s mind about impregnating a horny mature woman and as his cock began to tighten with each thrust into Michelle’s now extremely wet pussy he thought of what might happen if she were to get pregnant…there would certainly be questions among the staff, everyone knew she didn’t have a boyfriend.

As he felt a surge of pleasure rush through him he plunged his cock deep into Michelle, letting jets of cum squirt into her and mix with her own juices…and continued fucking her until his cock was too flaccid to carry on.

Out of breath, Joe ran his hands over Michelle’s body one last time…”Get dressed slut, I’m finished with you”.

“Shit, that was fucking fantastic”, Gary said…he’d watched the rest of the performance and loved it, and as he zipped his pants he had a smile broader than any that Joe had seen on his face before.

“OK, now give me that film” Michelle said coldly, all the barriers were back up now…she’d let two students have their way with her and now it was Joe’s turn to uphold his end of the bargain

“…the what?” Joe said, smirking.

“I did everything you said Joe, now give me that film!” she ordered, her voice bellowing louder than he’d heard previously

Joe searched his bag, knowing what was about to happen…”Dammit, now where did I put that?”, there was a touch of sarcasm to Joe’s voice but this was not funny. Michelle’s face went white.

“Joe this isn’t funny, you’ve had your fun…just hand it over”

“Seriously, it was in my bag earlier…” he said, sounding sincere.

She grabbed the bag from his hands and desperately searched the contents, not seeing any sign of the incriminating evidence.

“I put your name on it, maybe someone handed it in to the staff room?” Joe said.

Michelle threw the bag to the floor, discounting the possibility of teachers taking it home to see what was on it or the bitchy secretary doing something similar.

Joe knew all the time though that the film was safe, safe at home in a drawer…he hadn’t finished with Michelle, she’d have to do more to get that film back…much, much more.

Gary and Joe left the room, Gary waved a goodbye with a smile and Joe didn’t look around and started to verbally discuss with Gary what his teacher’s pussy felt like.

Michelle sat back down in her chair and started crying, as far as she was concerned the film had disappeared and anyone could be in possession of it. The next day it would reappear of course, but Joe had plans to make sure she’d beg for it…

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