~ J A C K S O N ~

~You would think you’d feel degraded, not able to speak up about what you think, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. You seem to do a lot better when you don’t have the option of speaking for yourself, in fact.~

When I first met my little puppy, he was hardly docile. He was a brat, pure and simple. If he didn’t get his way, he’d whine, holler, and complain for hours. He lived with his father and sucked the money out of his accounts one by one. I absolutely hated him.

He would come into his fathers office and flirt with every person in the building with a cock. I’m ninety percent positive that he’d fucked most of them. And he was only eighteen.

When I was hired on, he immediately became fascinated with me. I’ve no idea why. I never treated him nicely. Half of the time I merely rolled my eyes and ignored the obvious flirtation.

But he was a persistent little shit.

And because he was my bosses son, I had to at least be cordial with him. That didn’t mean I fucking wanted to though. I thought he was a snotty little brat, after all. But I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t the most adorable little fucker I had ever seen.

He is still the most adorable little fucker I’ve ever seen and he’s nearly twenty one now.

My little puppy, with his adorable blue green eyes, velvety black hair that nearly kisses his chin when he moves his head and makes his pale skin appear even more luminescent, and a slim, tiny little body that he could move in ways that couldn’t possibly be legal.

It had taken him a full year of persistence before I finally realized why he was the way he is. A couple months after he and I got together, he confessed to me that he had a plan, and the night that I found myself seeing the real, unedited and unfiltered Maxwell Parker had been something he had not planned out.

I knew that though. There was no way that my little puppy could’ve possibly known that I’d be on my way to pick up papers for someone else when he’d had a breakdown in the bathroom. He couldn’t have planned that I’d walk in and see him bent over the sink, crying his eyes out, because I never walked that way. I never used that bathroom.

That was the day that the annoying, snobby, bratty, whorish Maxwell Parker stopped being a nuisance. That was the day I stopped judging him based on what he did and more on who he was inside of the snobby little head of his.

And on the inside, he wasn’t nearly as horrible as he pretended to be. His bratty exterior was a boy who needed to be led, guided and cared for.

It took us about three months after that before I had the beautiful little thing in my bed. He was nothing short of perfection. He was docile, submissive almost as he let me completely own every goddamned inch of his perfect body.

It didn’t take me long to realize why he desired me so much. I figured it out the third time we had sex, or rather after, when we were talking. He had said I wanted you so much because you exerted the power, the control that I had never had but desired so fervently.

I understood it immediately. He was so desperate to find someone who could give him what he needed, he would do anything.

And so, he became my little puppy.

The little puppy that I couldn’t wait to get home to every night. The little puppy I fucked like an animal at least once a night. The little puppy who looked up at me with those beautiful blue green eyes that stared deep into my own as I moved inside of him.

That thought was what broke me completely out of my thoughts. I can’t wait to be inside of him again. I can’t wait to get home so I can hold him in my arms, to feel rather than know of his submission to me.

I found myself pushing the gas pedal just a little harder, hoping that I’d get home quicker. My little puppy hates when I’m late because I have to work all day.

My little puppy waits at home for me every day, and I get home to him as quickly as I can. When I get home, he’ll have dinner done, and he’ll be kneeling at the door, his soft blue collar hanging around his neck proudly.

So, when I pull into the driveway of our little three bedroom house and park, I hurriedly make my way inside.

I unlock the door and step inside. The first thing I see is my beautiful little boy sitting there on the floor in absolutely nothing but his collar. I smirk, looking down at him. He blinked up at me innocently.

“How’s my little boy been today?” I asked and he smiles, yapping up at me cutely. He came forward and rubbed against the lower part of my leg.

“Have you been a good boy?” He nods his head, yapping again. I smile down at him, and set my bag down beside the door. “Such a good boy, you are.” I tell him getting down on one knee in front of him and petting his head softly. He cocks his head to the side and rubs into my hand eagerly.

“Dinner smells delicious, pup.” I tell him and he smiles, arching his head up into my hand. “Come on then, lets go. Daddies hungry.” I tell him and he smiles happily, following behind görükle escort me on his knees.

I lead him up to the table and tap the seat of the chair next to mine. He crawls up, sitting on the heels of his feet as I look at the meal he’s cooked for us.

On the table sat two perfectly placed plates of lasagna, mashed potatoes and green beans. He poured champagne into the expensive wine glasses on the table. He lit a candle and put out a bowl of strawberries.

“You really went all out tonight, didn’t you pup?” I asked, and he nodded happily. “Tonight is our two year anniversary isn’t it?” I asked him and he nodded again. “I want you to speak tonight. Just until I take you up to bed to ravish you with pleasure,” I told him and he nodded.

“I missed you so fucking much, daddy.” He said softly. I smile a bit, putting my hand on his thigh.

“I missed you too, puppy.” My little pup speaks, but only when he isn’t in submission. He would never get punished for speaking, but he doesn’t anyway. I think it’s because everyone else expects him to have a loud, boisterous personality and I don’t.

He picked up his fork and took a tiny bite as he looked at me with a blush on his face. “How was work?” He asked as I took a bite of the lasagna.

“It was stressful as always. Your dad really had a big position. I hope he’s living it up in Maui right now.” I laughed and he shook his head, a smile playing on his face.

“Last I heard he had a girlfriend.” He told me, taking a small sip of his champagne. “She’s younger, but what can I say, since I’m twenty one and you’re what, ninety?” He joked and I smirked.

“Ninety seven, thank you.” I joked and he laughed. I love that little laugh of his that reminds me of gentle tinkling bells being shaken by the wind. “I hope that I don’t look ninety,” I said, taking another bite of my food.

“Oh no, you’re extremely handsome.” He told me, shifting on his feet a bit. “I really didn’t know you were thirty seven when I started hitting on you.” I smiled and shook my head at him.

“You were such a little whore, puppy.” I teased and he blushed, hiding his face behind his wine glass as he sipped again. I smirked at him as he fluttered his lashes to keep from letting me see how his pale little cheeks turned red.

“You love me, though.” It was a self-conscious voice that he used, and though I knew he knew I loved him, it helps for him to hear it. He is a very self-conscious about everything.

“I do love you.” I tell him, taking another bite and chewing slowly. “This is delicious. You are getting even better at cooking.”

He smiled softly, looking up at me shyly. “Of course I am,” He said confidently, “I have the best daddy in the world, he pays for me to take classes.” I laughed and shake my head at him.

“You didn’t even need the classes, pup. You cooked better than I ever did.” I told him and he blushed again, looking away from me to keep me from seeing how embarrassed he was at the praise.

“I learned from my dads chef. I loved hanging out with Cassandra in the kitchen. She always let me try the foods she created.” I smiled and shook my head at him.

He is so beautiful. My little pup may come off as a spoiled brat—and honestly, I spoil him probably more than his father did—but he wasn’t entirely spoiled. He is actually the deepest person I’ve met.

He genuinely cares for people that’ve been hurt or misunderstood. I love it about him.

He was raised with a man who cared more for money than for his own child. He gave his money to his child to keep him hushed up about the way he was treated. He wasn’t abused, he just wasn’t loved like he deserved to be. His father wasn’t around much, he worked all the time. When he was around though, Maxie was expected to behave as though he was an adult instead of a child. By the time he hit eighteen, he rebelled and his father figured the only way to keep him quiet was to give him whatever he wanted. His father loved him, I knew it and so did he, but he didn’t show it in the right way.

“So, have you thought about getting a job?” I asked, and he sighed, nodding his head.

“I don’t want to. I mean, I don’t want to be here alone all day, but… I want things that a job will prevent me from having.” He blushed, looking away from me.

“Oh?” I asked, and he nodded.

“Well, I want daddy time. I want a lot of daddy time. And I was wondering… maybe you could take a couple weeks off and we could go to… France? Italy?” He asked, and I shrugged.

“I can,” I said softly, and he nodded excitedly. “Just figure out when you want to go and where.” I told him and he smiled softly at me.

“Yay!” He exclaimed, clapping his hands excitedly.

“I found something pretty interesting out earlier today,” I started, sipping on my champagne. “I talked to your father and he told me that, well, I could retire soon.” I told him and his eyes went wide.

“Really?” He asked excitedly. I nodded and he smiled a bit. “Well, what’d you say?”

“Well, I bursa escort bayan said that I would talk to you about it,” I told him. “But, that I was sure that you’d be thrilled at the prospect of having more time with me.” I said and his eyes widened, laughing a bit.

“You didn’t!” I nodded. “He absolutely loathes you, you know?” He asked, and I shrugged taking another bite of my lasagna.

“I didn’t do anything to him, really.” I said, and he laughed.

“Besides get his little whore son to be a good boy for daddy,” he said, looking over me with a heat in those blue green eyes of his. “I mean, you’d think Trevor Parker would be happy that his little boy was no longer creating bad press for him.”

“I hate your father, Maxie.” I said and he laughed, shaking his head.

“I hate my dad too sometimes.” He laughed, looking around and then up at me. “I have missed you so much, daddy.” He admitted softly, looking up at me with so much love in his eyes.

My little Maxie is the most affectionate boy I’ve met. He was so starved for love, attention and affection that when I first took him and I refused to make it hard and fast, he cried. His little body shook below me and he begged me to go harder.

But with Maxie, he didn’t really want it. It was more of a please don’t show me affection if you’re not going to stay instead of a go faster you stupid asshole. I knew him better than I knew myself within three months of truly seeing who he was.

But we were two sides of the same coin because he knew me better than he knew himself as well.

After I had made love to every inch of his body that first time, he’d busted into tears, burying his face in my chest. He was distraught, telling me that he wasn’t worth loving and that if I couldn’t handle him being clingy that I needed to step away from him now.

“I have really missed you too, puppy.” I said, running my hand over his thigh. He giggled, sipping on his champagne. He slipped his legs open a bit. “You’re a naughty little puppy,” I told him, smirking at him.

He blushed brightly and whimpered when I slipped my hand between his bare legs, touching his beautiful little cock. My little puppy has this beautiful tiny little cock and I love to watch him go red when I bring the attention to it.

But he loves to glance down and see our cocks side by side. He says that my large, thick and tan cock makes his tiny little pale cock look adorable. It is quite adorable to be honest. It makes him appear even more boyish, and that’s so fucking adorable.

Typically I went for men, not boys, but something about my little puppy completely enchanted me and I was wrapped around his little finger.

With my touch he sank back into his submission, lowering his eyes and whimpering with every touch, but not speaking.

“Perhaps I should take you right here over this table, puppy. Let you fall apart here where you host your little parties…” He whined, looking up at me. “Or maybe I should take you to our room and let your beautiful little body be on display for me.” He nodded eagerly, whimpering softly.

I run my hand up his stomach slowly, and he moaned his eyes wide and his lip stuck between his teeth.

“Go get on the bed,” I told him and he obediently scurried off without a sound. I smile, picking up our dishes and put them into the sink, running water into the sink and letting them soak. I sighed, palming myself through my work pants and take a quick sip of water before I walk up to the bedroom after him.

When I walked in, I was astounded to see my little puppy sitting in the center of the bed, his legs folded underneath him and positioned apart while his hands were in between his thighs on the bed. His neck was bared for me.

I was immediately hard as a rock as I looked over him. He was pouting at me, his pretty blue green eyes wide and mischievous as always.

I ignored his look, though, taking to slowly stripping my clothes off. He didn’t move a muscle as I took my clothes off. When I was down to nothing but my boxers, I looked over at him.

He was panting lightly, his cheeks red as he watched me. He was watching me intensely, his lip being bitten between his teeth gorgeously.

I took my boxers off slowly, watching as his eyes widened as he looked up at me. “Little puppy is so naughty, aren’t you?” I asked and he keened softly, looking up at me.

I walked forward petting him softly. He whined, moving his lips against mine, not pressuring but allowing me to lead him. I could feel his eyelashes fluttering against my cheek and I smirked.

I pushed him back, spreading his legs and running my hands all over his body. He whimpered, looking up at me his hands immediately going over his head to clutch at the bedframe.

I spread his legs, looking down at him as I ran my fingers down to the toy that was stretching his hole beautifully. I smirked, pushing my finger against the tensed ring of his asshole.

“You’re such a good boy,” I praise him, pulling the toy out looking bursa escort at his beautiful little hole. I had picked a smaller toy so that his hole wouldn’t get too stretched out. I love to watch it gape just the slightest as I run my tongue over the rim of his hole slowly. I love to be able to push just the tip in his hole, making him shiver around my tongue.

He closed his eyes, his face gloriously flushed as I rolled him over so that I could have easy access to his hole.

I lean down, running my tongue slowly along his ass cheek. He whimpered and pushed back into my mouth just the slightest as if he couldn’t control himself at all.

Slowly I ran my tongue over his hole, him moaning loudly but keeping his head buried in my pillow. I smirk a bit, pulling back to look over my desperate little puppy.

He looked so good with his ass arched into the air, his back bent from where he was pushing his ass up but keeping his chest down on the bed. The light in the room seemed to create an erotic halo around him, making me admire how utterly gorgeous my little puppy truly is.

I lean back down, slipping my tongue inside of him again. He yelped in shock, pushing back into my tongue. I ran my tongue over him slowly, and then I slipped my tongue inside him again, and wiggled it around a bit.

He moaned, and fuck; it felt like I was the one moaning. I lapped at his hole, spitting on it a bit before I slipped my finger into him down to the knuckle. He gasped, his eyes slipping shut as he shook in front of me.

He was such a beautiful sight, so wonderfully desperate as I rimmed him. I pulled back just enough to look up at my little lover and he whimpered, his blue green eyes focused on me as I touched him. I smirked down at him, leaning back down and running my tongue around the rim of his hole where my finger was stretching him, readying him.

He whined desperately, pushing back into me. “What does daddies little puppy need?” I asked and he keened loudly, pushing his ass higher in the air a clear sign of more. “Good boy, you know just how to ask daddy what you need.”

He yapped, pushing back again. I smirked, biting his ass check softly. He moaned, letting his eyes slip shut again.

“God, puppy, you are so delicious.” I murmur against his hole and he sucks in a deep breath. I slip a second finger in suddenly and he lets out a surprised cry. I run my tongue over his hole again, slipping it in between my fingers and running my tongue along his rim.

I pulled back enough to where I was able to stretch him. Maxie is small everywhere, even his hole after two years is like a vice around my cock. I have to stretch him enough for it to be pleasurable for him. I love my little puppy, and my little puppy loves being loved on. He finds his own way of communicating what he wanted, and I understood every motion and noise that he makes.

I added a third finger and he growled, obviously saying now now now. I laugh softly, looking down over him. “Puppy, calm down. You don’t want this to go too fast, do you?” I asked him and he shook his head no at me.

I scissor my fingers inside of him, hitting his prostate head on. He moaned, his hands gripping for the sheets above his head.

I continued teasing his hole with my fingers and tongue for a moment, spitting on it and spreading it around. Once I was sure he was sufficiently stretched, I pulled my fingers out.

He whined, a sound full of annoyance and desperation. “Don’t whine, puppy. I’ll fill you to the brim when I’m ready. You don’t want daddy to stop do you?” At my words he shook his head frantically, pushing his ass up in the air. I let my naked body slip down over his, my cock slipping between his cheeks, teasing him with the feeling of it so close but so far.

He was shaking, his eyes wide and his ass pushed up in desperation. I looked down at his hole it was clenching and unclenching.

“Does puppy want to be fucked from behind, hmm? Or would you prefer to look at daddy while he fucks you?” It was meant to throw him off, to make him annoyed.

He huffed, pushing his hips back in obvious answer. I smiled against his neck, biting down on his neck. I slipped my fingers down his back, gently running over the knobs of his spine. He shivered at the touch. His beautiful body was covered in sweat and I wanted to lick and suck on every inch of his body. So, I started at his ass, sucking a deep purple mark on the skin there. He clearly realized my intentions, and whined. I continued up his back, leaving love bites and saliva up and down his spine. By the time that I finished with him, he looked utterly fucked.

I settled myself between his legs, rubbing the tip of my cock against his pink winking hole. He pushed back once, trying to get me inside of him quickly.

I pushed the tip inside of him and he let out a happy cry, pushing back into my body immediately. I smirked, gripping his pale hips. I knew that he’d have little fingertip sized bruises on his hips to remind him of me taking him tonight for the rest of the week.

I let him get settled on me, a shocked gasp felt his mouth. I looked down at his small form in front of me. He was gripping the sheets in front of him. And then he yapped twice, confident and sure. I paused, holding him still as he tried to move against me.

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