Quality Check

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My name is Taylor, I’m a commercial electrician working in California around the Bay Area. This is a story from when I was still young in the trade, about 19, working on a 23 story high rise in downtown San Jose.

Being at the bottom of the hierarchy, I’d been givin the task of “quality control.” My job was to simply walk through every apartment unit on every floor starting from the top, ensuring every receptacle, light fixture, switch and the like where in proper order for inspection. It was easy work, but boring and slow. Arriving on the 23rd floor with my cart and tools, I opened the door to unit 361 and began my day.

I was on my second unit of the day when I heard the hallway door open, click shut, open again, slam shut, then open again with a barrage of curses from a soft feminine voice. Crouching, having just adjusted the trim plate over a receptacle, I rolled back on my heels to get a look down the hall at the commotion and nearly fell over at the sight. A plump, curvy butt was pushing the door open while a high heeled boot struggled to keep it propped. She was fumbling to fit a cart like mine through the door but failing miserably.

“Let me help you with that,” I called out, Getting to my feet I caught my first glimpse of her blond hair, tied into a messy pony tail under her pink hard hat.

“Shit, thank you!” She gasped as I swung the door open for her and the cart. “And sorry you had to hear that!” She finished with giggle.

“No…uh. No problem.” I caught myself. My eyes glued to her swaying ass as she maneuvered the cart down the hall. Her tight blue jeans hugged her perfect ass, and her knee length high heel boots gave her strut that extra pop. Was she showing off? He shook his head to snap himself out of it, catching the trailing end of something else she said.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, following her back into the living room area.

“What are you up to in here all by your lonesome?” She repeated, turning to face me.

I was caught off guard once more. How had he not seen that massive rack? Her chest protruded out of her unzipped safety vest, barely held back by her thin white blouse. Her black lace bra was as clear as day through the fabric and the top left a generous amount of cleavage. They bounced slightly as she turned to face him.

“Eyes up here, stud.” She called out, once again snapping him back to reality.

“I, uh, oh geez. I’m really sorry, I don’t know what came-”

“Its fine,” she interrupted. Her tits jiggling as she fanned her face with her hand ” I get it a a lot. I usually keep my swear on but these units are hot!”

“Yeah, you’re not kidding.” I coughed out, keep in my eyes pointed out the window. I’d never been so embarrassed in my life. What do I do now? Face flushed, I glanced over to see her eyeing me up and down with a wicked- almost seductive-smirk on her face. Only now did I feel my erection fighting against the fabric of my pants. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle as they passed over my groin area before meeting my eyes for the first time. She was older then I had first thought, but age had only helped her looks. Her full plump lips were parted slightly in the middle, adding to her sexual aura.

“Well?” She cooed, still waiting on an answer to her earlier question. Placing her hand on her hip, she stuck her butt out even more.

“I’m a sparky, just doing quality control.” I breathed, calming down. “And you?”

“Decorator” she answered, walking into the bedroom, out of view. “Each unit gets its own living decor based on each customers request.”

“Sounds like the two of us will be working side by side then.” My wits were getting back to me.

“Mmmm, I hope so..” she teased from the other room.

A few hours passed by and the two of us worked quietly together. Her taking notes and measurements, me straightening edirne escort switches and wall lights. I’d beat her to the next unit every time, and would happily help her get her cart into each unit. I’d been sneaking glances at her every chance I got, but I was pretty sure she knew and was actually making it easier. What happened next proved it.

“Hey sparky, come give me a hand!” She called out from the bedroom. Following her voice, I found her in the small closet standing on a short ladder she carried on her cart.

“There’s some sort of electrical box up in the corner, do you know what it is?” She asked, turning to me and stepping down. My eyes once again locking on to her bouncing globes as she did so. Taking her flashlight, I stepped up onto the ladder and peered up into the corner. There was nothing there.

“I don’t see anyth-” My words caught in my throat as I looked down and met her eyes. She’d worked her way in front of me, the ladder putting my waist level with her face. One hand brought a finger to her lips, silencing me, and the other slid up my inner thigh and traced the outline oy my semi-erect cock. She winked at me with lust filled eyes, her finger following my length up to my zipper as I stood there dumbstruck, mouth gaping.

“I’ve got some things for you to quality check..” she purred. Before I could react, she had my cock free, nearly catching her across the chin as she pulled my boxers down.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped. “You’re way bigger than my husband!” Gripping my cock in one hand, she worked my balls out of my boxers next. Her tongue darted out and lapped up the drop of pre-cum forming on the tip.

“You even taste better..” Without warning, she turned her head and took one of my balls into her wet mouth, sucking gently and stroking my shaft simultaneously. The flashlight I still held reflected off a diamond studded ring one on of her fingers wrapped halfway around my cock. This set me off and I tilted my head back with a groan, careful not to lose my balance.

“Mmmm…you like that baby?” She moaned, in between moving from one testicle to the other, filling the room with a wet, sloppy sound. “I’ve been so fucking horny all week…” she slurpped, her tongue now tracing a line up the underside of my shaft. “I need a fat, young, cock.” She finished with a kiss on the tip.

The sound of a door clicking made both of them freeze. Somebody was coming in the unit. Panicking, I clicked off the flashlight and started to step off the ladder but she held my cock firm and pressed her finger to her lips again.

Reaching out, she grabbed the closet door and slid it closed. Still on the ladder, I was able to see out of the slits along the top of the door. His heart pounded as a shadow appeared in the hallway followed by a man’s voice.

“…biggest units available. Two bedrooms and a view of downtown.” It was the fucking owner, the most important man on site! He was walking with three women, all dressed professionally. They were doing tours! They were coming in the bedroo- His train of thought was cut off my a muffled gag as his cock hit the back of the cougars throat. Looking down he met her crazed, lusftul gaze through the dim light. Her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock and spit bubbled from the corners of her mouth.

“This room here is the largest.” Said the man. They were right fucking there on the other side! She paid no attention as his dick popped out of her mouth with a quiet pop. She pumped his shaft a few times with her ring hand before taking him down her throat again. The voices continued but he couldn’t focus. She was now fondling his balls and stoking his swollen member, tongue lapping at the tip.

“Cum for me baby,” I heard her whisper in between kisses. I had to reach out to the wall for support as she took my length down her elazığ escort throat once more. My eyes squeezed shut as I tried to hold on. What the fuck was happening?! I was feet away from the damn owner of the building, balls deep in some sluts throat. And I didn’t even know her name.

“What about the closets Mr. Campbell?” A female voice suddenly cut through my fantasy and my eyes jerked open. She was standing right at the closet fucking door, inches away from the two of them. His heart skipped a beat as the handle turned and the door began to swing outward.

“The next unit has much bigger closets. These aren’t very big” The mans voice came from down the hall.

“Yeah let’s go see those” replied the woman, turning away from the open closet door. Thank fucking Christ, I thought, then almost laughed as I looked down at the act I was committing. At this same moment she started sucking on the tip as hard as she could, fondling my balls and jerking my cock all at once while looking up at me. The adrenaline and pleasure was too much and grabbed her head with both hands, slamming my cock down her throat with a loud gag. Hearing the unit door slam shut as the party left was all it took.

“Oh FUCK” I groaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

Hearing this, she started moaning, her throat vibrating my cock as I face fucked her. My spine arched and my head rolled back as I exploded in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum coated the back of her throat as she once again looked me dead in the eyes. Using her wedding ring finger and thumb, she pumped every drop out of my shaft and swallowed. Losing my balance, I stepped down off the ladder, pulling my spent cock from her mouth with a loud slurp.

“Did that bitch say Mr. Campbell?” She asked, wiping her face. Her white blouse was soaked through from her drooling, the perfect orbs of exposed cleavage glistening with saliva. He didn’t care anymore about staring. Her laugh surprised him into looking up.

“Whats so funny?” I asked, figuring I just looked stupid standing there in full work attire with my cock hanging out of my pants.

“Mr. Campbell,” She whispered seductively, stepling toward him with a now-familiar lustful smirk “Is my husband.” His body jerked has she took hold of his cock, stirring it back to life. “He bought me these tits you keep staring at,” she continued, gripping my cock with both hands, using her arms to push her massive breasts together, presenting me with a view I’d never forget. “Want to see them?”

My response was a muffled groan as I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her into me, lips locking as my other hand found its way under her blouse. We kissed like animals, her arms pulling me tighter against her as my hand cupped her breast and squeezed, drawing a moan from her.

Breaking away she pulled her blouse up, and her black lace bra down revealing the biggest pair of perky, full, fake breasts he’d ever seen. Perfectly round with no sag, round pink areolas and hard pointy nipples begging for attention. I wasted no time tossing my hard hat aside, getting on my knees, and burying my face between them. I took one nipple into my mouth and pinched the other with my fingers, drawing yet another, louder moan from her.

“Mmmmm fuck, that’s it baby. Just like that.”

I mauled her tits, squeezing and sucking, alternating nipples and leaving trails of saliva as she gasped.

“Oh fuck, baby, oh FUUUUCK!” She cried out and shook violently before collapsing against me. I held her close but continued my attack on her married breasts.

“I’ve never-AH” her body flinched as I gently plucked at her nipple with my teeth. “I’ve never had an orgasm like that..” I only smiled and flicked her other nipple, causing her body to spasm again.

“Lets go, big boy. You’re going to fuck the shit out of your erzincan escort bosses wife” Grabbing me by the cock she led me out of the bedroom and into the living room.

“I’ve always wanted to get fucked against the windows of a high rise.” She rasped, wiggling her jeans and black thong off her round ass and halfway down her thighs. Pressing her palms against the window she bent over and arched her back, spread her heels, and looked back at me expectantly.

“Well stud? Get over here and fuck Mrs. Campbell.” She wiggled her butt at me as she said it. Coming up behind her, I thumped my raging erection against her plump ass cheeks. She wiggled some more, grinding her hips against mine as she laughed and looked back at me.

“Fuck my married puss-OH FUCK!” She screamed as I slammed my cock balls deep into her sopping wet pussy. Our bodies collided with a wet clap, juices dripping down our inner thighs as I gave her time to adjust to my size.

“Fuck baby, you’re so big, I-,” Her voice trailed off as I slid my shaft a few inches out, then slammed back home.

“Fuck me baby, pound me. Pound this married pussy, oh fuuuuck!” She was losing her mind. Our bodies formed a rythem, bouncing against each other as I pistoned in and out of her. Each thrust growing harder and going deeper than the last. The sound of clapping and groaning filled the room. I didn’t care if I was caught anymore, all I wanted now was to pump this married cunt full of my cum. Taking a fistful of her golden ponytail, I pulled her head back and pressed her chest against the window. Her massive tits spread out in front of her across the glass as I plowed into her from behind.

“OH…Fuck…fuck…YES baby…give it to me…oh god…oh GOD I’m CUMMING OHHHH!” She screamed after each thrust. I could feel her juices dripping off my balls, making wet slapping noises likes waves hitting rocks everytime I hit home. Her pussy clenched down around my cock as she came, back arching and ass grinding against me taking every inch. This did it for me and I felt myself erupt inside her, balls draining into her married pussy, coating her inner walls with my seed. We froze in that position, shaking and breathing heavily, riding the wave of pleasure until it passed. She wiggled her butt slightly until my spent cock slid from her lips.

“Jesus..fucking Christ..” she gasped between breathes “That was incredible..” she turned to face me and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her tits against me for a long, passionate kiss. The moment was broken up by her cell phone going off in her jeans, still bunched up around her knees. Fumbling to pull them back up over her shapely ass, she looked angry when she saw the caller and silenced the call.

“Its him, its time to leave I guess. I wasn’t looking at the time.” She said with a wink. Suddenly an evil look came across her face and she reached for my cock just as I started putting it away.

“Get out your camera.” She asked, getting on her knees before me and pulling out her phone. She started jerking me off with her wedding ring hand, and dialed something on the phone with her other. My face paled as “Hubby” popped up on her outgoing call.

“Catherine?” He answered immediately, she’d put it on speaker phone. “Lets hurry up and get put of here there’s going to be traffic.”

“Of course baby I’m just getting my cart cleaned up for tomorrow.” Looking at me, she mouthed ‘take the photo’ and pressed my now rock hard erection against her face, wedding ring shining brightly as she turned the phone so I could see the caller in my picture.

“It can wait, hurry up. I’ll be in the Bently.” He barked and hung up. Licking my cock like an ice cream, Catherine kissed the tip before standing up and fixing her thrashed pony tail. She snatched my phone from my hand, entered her info as ‘Mrs. Campbell’ and handed it back.

“Right.” She said, then started down the hall “I guess I’ll see you on Monday then?” She winked and was out the door before I could answer. Dumbstruck, I looked down at my phone to see I was off in fifteen minutes, nice!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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