Rachel and Me – The Re-Union


Before you start reading this please be aware this is my first time writing a story. There will be many many more to follow and hopefully they will get better in time with practise! Your feedback is appreciated.

Cheers Frosty

Ok, here I was about to send the email that could change my life forever. It simply said “We have unfinished business. Call me” I clicked Send. There it was done.

I had sent the email to Rachel, a former girlfriend. Rachel was perhaps the only person in the whole world who knew about my secret desire. My desire to control a woman, to make her mine. To inflict pain and have pain inflicted back. I had almost forgotten about the email when I got a phone call. At first I didn’t recognise the number, than as I answered I heard her voice.

“Hello Sir” I said nothing, neither did she. The silence between us was probably 10 seconds, it felt like hours.

Finally I said “Meet me tomorrow, 3pm. The Manor hotel. You know what to wear” With that I hung up. As I did so, I realised I was short of breath and I had butterflies.

The next day, I felt like I had hardly slept. I’d managed to get a reservation at the hotel, I had everything packed. I checked and double-checked all the small details. Key for the handcuffs, matches, spare box, candles, blindfold.

I arrived at the hotel at 2pm. I checked in and went upstairs to my room and got it ready. Placed the blindfold under the pillow, handcuffs on the bedside table along with the candles and matches. I ordered a bottle of champagne with a bucket of ice.

I went downstairs, to the restaurant. I ordered a light sandwich, if things went according to plan it’d be a while until I ate again.

It got to 255pm and still no sign of Rachel, I’d begun to wonder if she’d turn up. Than as I was contemplating my next step in she walked. She looked better than the last time I saw her, some 6 months previously. She was wearing Black high heeled strappy shoes and a long just below knee length black coat. She carried a small bag. She saw me and made her way over, I’m sure as she approached görükle escort I saw her blush.

I suppose I should give a little background on me and Rachel, we had met through work. We had gone on a couple of dates than on one occasion when we were alone I discovered the submissive side of her. She loved to be bossed about. She loved having her nipples pinched and bitten and loved to do it back. Over the space of 4-5 months we explored each other more and more and knew how to make the other reach orgasm without any intercourse.

Back to the restaurant, Rachel sat down and I offered to take her coat, she insisted that she kept it on, this was a good sign as one of my fantasies has always been to meet my sub and for her to wear nothing underneath a coat. After a few minutes of catching up and getting the gossip I lead Rachel to the elevator. Once inside I pulled her close and kissed her as deeply as I could. I felt her almost sag into my arms. We reached the fifth floor. I had a quick look outside the elevator, the corridor was clear. Time for my first test, I told Rachel to take off the coat. To my surprise she did so immediately, I took in the sight of her beautiful, now naked body. I took her coat and bag and made my way down the corridor, trying to walk as slowly as I possibly could. I could tell Rachel was nervous, by now so was I. My heart was pounding. We got to my room, got inside. I turned to Rachel and once again pulled her close. “That was amazing” I said.

“Telling me” she replied.

I told Rachel to get on her hands and knees. “Here’s the rules” I said “If at anytime you want me to stop you’re to say Red, if you want me to ease up but not stop you say Amber. You will now refer to me as Sir and know this, you’re body is mine. Do you remember that?”

“Yes Sir” came the reply. I reached under the pillow for the blindfold, I put it on her.

I stroked her face and let my hands run down the front of her, teasing and pinching at her nipples. I ran my hands over her stomach, than pinched her nipples as hard as I could. As she opened bursa escort bayan her mouth I bit down on her bottom lip. The sudden gasp turned to a shudder and I’m sure right there I felt her come for the first time that night. I continued to tease my hands over her body, stopping every couple of minutes to grab a handful of hair and kiss her as deeply as I could. I than handcuffed Rachel’s hands behind her back.

I got up and walked behind her and walked into the bathroom. I stripped, put some cold water on my face. As I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe this had worked. As I exited the bathroom, there was Rachel, on her knees. Her hands cuffed behind her, blindfolded. What a sight. I sat on the bed in front of Rachel, I grabbed another handful of hair, this time putting my fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them greedily. I replaced my fingers with my cock. With the same enthusiasm she sucked on my cock too. It was hard to control myself, after a minute or so I pulled out of her mouth. I lifted her to her feet and guided her towards the bed. I undid her handcuffs and instructed her to lay on the bed. I than handcuffed her hands together above her head and secured them to the bed with my leather belt. I took some of the ice out of the bucket. Keeping it in my hands I started to run the ice all over Rachel’s body. The 2 cubes quickly melted so I got 2 more, I made sure that every inch of Rachel’s body had had contact with the ice.

I than put an ice cube in her mouth and kissed her deeply, I moved down to her neck, to her full breasts than down to her stomach. I teased the inside of her thighs with kisses before gently stroking her clitoris with my tongue. A gasp escaped her lips. “You’ll have to be punished for that?”

“Ok Sir, Sorry Sir” was the reply I got back. I reached over to the bedside table, I selected 2 clothespins. I gently teased her nipples with my tongue, playing and sucking on them. I than put the clothes pins onto both nipples. I felt her flinch but no sound came from her open mouth. I gently flicked the clothespins to see bursa escort how much she’d take. Again no sound, good. She was learning. By now I could see there were small Goosebumps all over Rachel’s body, I leaned over to the bedside table and took a small red candle and matches. I lit the candle.

I gently explored Rachel’s body with my tongue for a couple of minutes while I waited for the candle to melt a little. I again returned to teasing her clitoris with my tongue, I was sucking and licking. I put a finger inside her and felt her warmth on my cold finger. I hunted out her G Spot and kept pressure on it with my index finger. I picked up the candle in my left hand and whilst I still played with her I tipped the candle to put wax in small drops down her body. I concentrated with wax on her nipples and around the clothespins. I stopped and admired my handiwork. I reached bag into my bag of “goodies” and removed a small egg shaped vibrator. I gently teased Rachel with it. As I did so, Rachel started to move her hips, trying to grind against my hand. I slid the vibrator inside her wet pussy and turned it on.

I leaned in close to Rachel and told her to keep the vibrator inside her. Failure to do this would result in her being punished. As I stood up I could see Rachel, now laying naked trying her hardest not to make a sound while she enjoyed the feeling of the vibrator inside of her. I leaned in and kissed her. Than as I stood up I pulled off the clothespin on her left nipple. Rachel flinched, bit on her lip but no sound came out. I pulled the other clothespin off. This time I paid attention to her hardened, wax covered nipples with my tongue and hands. This was bringing Rachel really close. I whispered in her ear, “My dear, if you want to come you only have to ask” I continued to tease Rachel’s body with my hands and tongue and I could see her hips gyrating more and more furiously.

“Please master, I need to come. Please let me” Now I have to confess, I was going to tease Rachel for a while however the fact she had referred to me as her master pleased me greatly.

“Ok, you can come” I said. As I finished I kissed her and felt her whole body tense up and than shake as she came. I undid the handcuffs, took off the blindfold and wrapped her in my arms.

She was still breathing heavily as she said, “wow, glad I booked the whole weekend off”

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