Relieving Her Son


After visiting this website for many years, I’ve finally decided to give back to the community. This will be the first short story i’ve written in over 12 years. This story is an outlet for my sexual fantasies spurred on by extended abstinence. It’ arbitrarily takes place in The Gunslinger universe by Steven King. I originally wanted this to be one thing: jack-off material. Plain and simple. I soon found that there needs to be a balance between smut and story. I can only hope I achieved that sacred balance to make the story both readable and “usable”. After writing this, I really appreciate the authors who have contributed to this website over the years. Y’all are the real heros.

Their car cruised along the New Hampshire highway at a reasonable speed. Once in a while a speeding car would shoot by on the left-hand lane; trying to remind the driver of their lack of expediency. Megan ignored these drivers. Her 19 year old son slept in the back passenger seat of her four-door Avalon; his head now drifted over to one side facing the window. A thin blanket, who’s job was clearly for comfort rather than warmth, draped over his body from the shoulders down. The duo was returning from a multi-day trip spurred on by Megan’s obligation to keep in touch with her parents. To call it an obligation would imply she had no desire to actually see them.

The opposite was the case. She had come to appreciate the fact that they were still in her life after all this time. Despite their past disagreements about Megan and her personal life choices over the years, she knew that it was her moral obligation to keep in touch and cherish the time they had left together. In their old age, Megan’s parents had essentially given up commenting on their daughter’s life. Maybe an off-hand comment or two during family get-togethers; when the alcohol flowed more liberally than usual. Less so during those quiet moments when it was just the three of them together in one of the cozy rooms of her parent’s modest New Hampshire cabin. These conversations would lead to those old, insistent questions that seemed to always be in the back of her father’s mind. Especially her father’s mind. As a good mother would, Megan’s had been less likely to make these hurtful comments as her husband stood unafraid of the consequences.

But now, Megan didn’t have to worry about that. She was a grown woman with her own desires, ambitions, and priorities in life. To say true, her main priorities these days were her son Jeremy and her continued allegiance to the Tet Corporation as an accountant/researcher. Sometimes in more silent and isolated moments, she wondered about that corporation and her role in the big cogs of that towering machine of capitalism. She couldn’t lie to herself; the job wasn’t always fun. It was a job after all. But she had the feeling her role was important somehow. Important like the first stone that slides off a rocky cliff, which hits more small stones that eventually causes a thundering landslide.

Regardless, it was a job. And that job supported herself and her son despite the absence of her former husband. When she left him, there were no tears to be shed. She came to accept that he wasn’t a bad man, but rather flawed. Not some kind of wife beater, or gambler, cheat, or rouge. He was a straight shooting man who didn’t take risks. Neither in his personal life nor at his job at the federal building marked “IRS” in bold letters. It was true he had a knack for numbers. And he was competent at the job where he directed his underlings at that bureaucratic labyrinth of pencil pushers and penny pinchers. But it wasn’t enough for her. It wasn’t what she envisioned before marrying him those 19 long years ago. Of course she appreciated his financial status and his ability to at least try and control bureaucratic pile-ups that she was oh-too familiar with.

What she didn’t know 19 years ago was the fact that his aversion to risk would slip into his personal life. In hindsight, she realized he was faking it ’till he made it. If she mentioned this next factoid to any of her close friends, they would probably side eye her with a judgmental fascination. But for some reason back then, she was turned on by his sexual and emotional shyness. She knew the trope of the manly man; the no-nonsense primal and confident man that all of her girlfriends dreamed of. She knew that was the norm. She knew it was what she was supposed to be attracted to. But somehow in that wild, formative roller-coaster we call life, her attractions and fantasies never ended up aligning with the “norm”. She sometimes thought it stemmed from one of her first boyfriends in highschool. When they were just starting to learn how the birds and bee’s actually played out in real life. When both were new to the basic human functions of emotional and sexual intimacy. When both were, as one famous singer and songwriter wrote: “Working on the night moves”.

That probably solidified something inside her. Probably. Regardless, it stuck to her like a dark blotch of oil kızıl gaziantep escort on a wayward piece of cardboard. She had all but buried these thoughts of sexually-stimulating shyness about 10 years ago. 10 years ago when that elephant between herself and her husband was finally acknowledged. Undeniable and bright under the blinding spotlight of lonely nights and dissatisfaction with her sex life. When hard conversations between herself and her husband were unable to bridge the gap. When his lack of confidence and unwillingness to try new things wore her down to nothing. The shyness and zero-confidence wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied. And so, like all good things…

She snapped back from her thoughts as another one of those speedy drivers zipped by, throwing a small gust of wind that lightly pushed against the Avalon. These long drives always seemed to bring the past to the surface. Meanwhile her son Jeremy seemed to stir ever-so-slightly in the backseat. Must be dreaming, she thought to herself as the dotted lines of the highway swept underneath the car.

However, this innocent interpretation was quickly replaced by one more concerning. Under the thin blanket, she saw a slow and slight up-and-down motion disturbing its surface. His eyes still closed. His head still tilted to the side as if he was sleeping. She had a sudden realization that he was not, in fact, snoozing away the long trip home. Her son was trying to slyly masturbate in her own backseat! While pretending to sleep? Did he think she wouldn’t notice because his eyes were closed? Is he suffering from a lack of object permanence? Does he think i’ll disappear if he can’t see me?

A blazing feeling of shock, disbelief, and anger suddenly burned within her. Could he really be that dumb? Worse: Did he think SHE was too dumb to notice? That this old nag of a mother was either too naive or out of touch to understand? This made her grip the leatherbound steering wheel just a little bit harder.

Or maybe….was he just that inexperienced? Did he not know how to hide it yet? She knew the boy wasn’t some stud bringing home cheerleaders on the regular. And now with these fresh thoughts in her mind, Megan realized her son had never really talked about girls. Not even about platonic meet ups, let alone dating. She supposed a boy like that would never want to talk about such things with their own mother. Especially if he was testing out the waters of the hormone-ridden highschool experience. She could understand that part. But not the part where her own son would submit to his sexual urges in an obvious and inconvenient fashion like this.

With these ideas coalescing in her mind, her former burning thoughts were doused with a cold bucket of understanding and….something else. Attraction? Was it some kind of minuscule sexual switch that was turned on in the farthest reaches of her work-focused brain? It wasn’t comfortable at first. It was like that icy bucket had drenched her and gave her system a momentary shock. But as she got used to that metaphoric coldness, a new fire seemed to start welling up inside her. One that swept away any learned societal norms, along with the walls that she built up inside her after the divorce. Something clicked. A mental wire was connected where one never existed. It was something she didn’t think would ever happen in this life or in a thousand others.

“JEREMY!” She half shouted, despite trying to keep a cooler tone.

Her son opened his eyes immediately, looking startled. Those slight motions from under the blanket immediately stopped. He looked into his mother’s eyes in the rearview mirror while trying to force the look and tone of sleepy confusion.

“Hey…what’s going on?” He said in a tired voice while he unknowingly failed the bluff check his mother had just given him. She felt the slightest bit of embarrassment for Jeremy’s failure to convince her. Megan composed herself and continued.

“I could really go for some relief if you know what I mean. I think there’s a rest stop coming up close to the border here. I figure you should know before you sleep through it.”

He was hoping beyond hope she hadn’t seen what he was doing. In hindsight, he felt embarrassed and stupid for enacting this little plan for taking care of his “business”. He had gotten an indescribable horny urge about 15 minutes back. It must have been the boredom of the trip, combined with his frustrating lack of jerk-off opportunities at his grandparents cabin. He hated sleeping with his mom in the same room, despite having his own cot to himself. In truth, the excruciating lack of privacy seemed to only annoy him when one of those urges came on. Jeremy looked down at the seltzer cans he had dropped on the floor. He had knocked back three of the cans in an attempt to occupy himself on the long drive home. He tried to compose himself and looked back at her in the mirror.

“Yeah, now that you mention it I could probably use a bathroom gaziantep kızıl escort bayan right about now.”

Yes. Im sure you definitely could use a bathroom right now, she thought with a bit of understanding humor. I’m sure you could use 15 minutes for sure. Maybe 10 since you’re just a horny teenager right? This thought was followed by a more urgent one: What am I doing here exactly? She did need to use the restroom, sure. But she knew that wasn’t the only reason why she was stopping. Something in her mind didn’t allow this shadowy reason to fully come to the surface.

“Alright”, she said with the slightest bit of cheer in the back of her voice. “It should be coming up soon.”

As they drove, she took a few sly glances in the mirror to see her son looking out the window with a hint of concern on his face. She knew it would have devastated Jeremy if she had come out and accused him of lewd behavior. To essentially shame him for his teenage sexual urges. To shame him like her parents once did. At least she was never caught masturbating by them. But their ways of reading between her lines and filling in the gaps seemed just as devastating as the former. The assumptions of her preferences by the men she dated. By judging the composure and mannerisms of her former husband. And her father laughing at the thinly-veiled assumptions of Megan’s husband’s sexual prowess made by her drunk uncles. Those drinks always seemed to bring out unfair talk like this back when she was younger.

The rest stop came into view on the right. She pulled into the exit and came up to the semi-packed parking lot. In front of the lot there stood a rectangular building with multiple doors selling alcohol, lottery tickets, and knick-knacks. Along the right side of the building was a line of porta potties probably meant for the occupants of large buses. Megan felt the heat inside her grow as her mouth went a bit dry, like a teenager on their first romp. She was really doing this, wasn’t she? She had to. For both of them.

“I don’t want to deal with that disaster of a parking lot. Let me just…park right over here.” She said as she turned towards the row of plastic bathrooms. Seems like everyone at this place decided to use the bathroom in the store, she thought. Or just busy buying tax-free alcohol no doubt. Makes sense, unlike this situation. She drove the Avalon past the rows of porta potties until she reached a large handicap unit at the very end. She pulled up close and parked to its right side where the line of plastic structures ended.

Megan unbuckled her seat belt and opened the door. Jeremy hesitated as he tossed aside his aid of concealment, then left the car as well. He started towards that last handicap unit with the green indicator on the handle. Megan had butterflies in her stomach as she witnessed her dumb parking plan come to fruition. Of course he’d go to the nearest free stall, she thought. A prime example of the path of least resistance. She gave an amiable smile as she opened the door and held it for Jeremy. He gave a slightly awkward smile in return as he entered. He saw a plastic urinal on the wall to his left; the thing he needed for his task. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he would need it in more ways than one. A plastic toilet seat sitting atop a large plastic box was attached to the opposite wall ahead. The light inside was slightly dark and tinted with that green hue as the sun forced its way through the colored plastic walls of the structure. He observed all of this in an instant. It was what he’d expect from a roadside porta potty. What he didn’t expect was his mother to briskly come around the door, enter the porta potty, and unceremoniously shut and lock the door behind her. Jeremy had a look of perplexed shock on his face as she turned to him.

“Uh, what are you doing Mom?” he asked with that same look.

“I said I needed to relieve myself. And I saw you needed to relieve yourself too. Right?” she said holding that same amiable smile.

“I mean yeah but uh, I need some privacy here. I think uh….the next one is open.”

“Oh I’m sure.” she said confidently. “I just thought you might need some help with this one”.

“I…really don’t understand…” he said in flustered tones.

“Did you really think the pretend-sleeping trick would work? You think your own mom wouldn’t see what you were doing back there?”

With this, Jeremy’s face began to fill with a rosey color she’d seen before with former lovers of inexperience. A rosey color that in some inexplicable way, made her think of the Tet Corporation building. This was despite the fact that it’s outer and inner walls were mostly donned with a professional and modern shade of white. This thought exited her mind as quickly as it entered.

“I uh, really don’t know what you’re…” he began to say. With this Megan stepped closer to her son. All bets were off now, she thought. Her former burning was now a bonfire. Her anticipation gaziantep kızıl escort had turned on that faucet buried beneath her now constricting jean pants. She was desperate to rip them off, but knew it would be too soon for something like that.

“As your mother, I think its my job to help my son with his problems. And judging by your bold move in the car back there, I think that problem might be a little desperate don’t you think?” She stepped forward again and put her hands on his shoulders with a gentle touch. She was only a few inches taller then Jeremy but that small height difference seemed to turn up all her dials.

“I…uh…think I’ll just wait in the….” he stammered before she cut him off with a kiss on his lips. To his surprise this kiss was not just a motherly peck but a full-blown french kiss. The kind he’d seen and heard about but never experienced. Her tongue worked a kind of magic within his mouth and after the momentary shock, he began to reciprocate without knowing what he was doing. After a moment, she pulled away and smiled at him.

“I thought that would get your attention. But there’s something else that needs attention.” She looked down at his pants and Jeremy’s eyes followed hers down to his crotch. There was nothing apparent on the outside of his pants but he knew he was sporting a hard-on strapped up against his belly with his underwear. It was an important trick he learned early on during his adolescence. He had made sure to store it away when he was caught earlier, but it seemed that he didn’t deflate in time to have it sink back into his pants. Megan took her left hand off his shoulder and used her right to guide him over to the urinal. She came up behind and pressed her body against his back. He felt her breasts against him and gave the slightest shiver in response. She guided both of her hands down to his pants where she gently zipped down his fly. Her head rested slightly on his right shoulder as she paused for a moment.

“If you need to relieve yourself, you might want to pull him out first right?” Without a word and without a reasonable thought in his head, he took his own hands down to his pants. He freed his erection from its waistband entrapment and snaked it through both his underwear and his pants fly. He felt a sense of relief as it hit the outside air and stood ridged and needing in front of the urinal. Precum had already smeared the tip of his dick; results from an unsuccessful car session and the recent attention in the bathroom. Megan took her right hand with head still resting on his shoulder, and gently grasped his shaft. Her left hand came up and splayed across his chest. He never felt this physically touched before in his life and had no thoughts or words to form a reaction. She began slowly stroking his engorged member.

“Now doesn’t that feel better” she cooed in his ear. She heard his breathing change and knew he was becoming enveloped in the moment.

“Yeah….” is all he could muster.

“Now I want you to do something for me.” she said as she continued to stroke his sensitive cock in front of the plastic urinal. “In here I’m not Mom. I need you to call me mommy. Can you do that for me honey?”

“W-what?” he said in a surprised but entranced tone.

“I said I need you to call me mommy while we’re here ok?” she reiterated again. She began stroking with more earnestness as precum began coating her fingers and created a ‘shlick shlick’ noise on his increasingly needy member. “Unless you want me to stop?”

“I….ok….mom. I mean…” he said in that same entranced voice. “Mmmm…mommy.” he uttered with hesitation.

“Thats a good boy, Jeremy.” she said with that content smile on her face. “Now, do you feel like you need to cum, baby? Do you feel like shooting out all that hot cum for mommy?” She stroked a bit faster and gripped just a bit harder on his young cock, producing a fresh bead of precum.

“I…really do Mmm” he hesitated again for a moment. “Mommy.”

“Oh do you” she said as she brushed her left cheek into his right. “Tell me”

“Oh….fucckkk” he moaned as he extended the expletive in his sexual entrancement. “Mommy I…need to cum soon.”

Megan desperately wanted to touch herself when she heard this. She desired her own “relief” in those moments of sexual excitement. Her dampening panties were the physical manifestation of said desire. But she kept her left hand firmly on his chest as she continued. “Go ahead and cum for mommy. Let it all out for me.”

“Oh mommy I’m so close…” he said in the most desperate voice. His right hand came up and covered her left hand on his chest. She felt the pressure from his hand and knew he was on the verge. “I’m…!” was all that he said before moaning and bucking his leaking cock into her hand. His wet tip started leaking not a drop, but a healthy dribble of precum. Halting for only a moment, then began throwing thick, white cum on the urinal backboard. His hand pressed hard on hers as one, two, three ropes splattered against the plastic, making small impact noises from the ferocity of his orgasm. She continued to pump his cum-shooting member as he managed two more smaller white ropes. This time they had less velocity and fell down on Megan’s pumping fingers. She expertly slowed down her stroking as she felt Jeremy’s throbs diminish. She heard him panting heavily by her ear as the last throb escaped him.

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