Ring of Suggestion Pt. 13


Author’s Note: The following story contains scenes of incest, lesbian and gay male sex. So if that sort of thing turns you off then I suggest that you look elsewhere. All of the persons involved are over the age of 18.


While my cousins Haley and Samantha were in the throes of orgasm, I replaced my hands with Samantha’s so that she was the one pinching Haley’s nipples and Haley was pinching Samantha’s nipples.

I made myself invisible to them. I dried off and put my clothes back on and observed them together. I was still horny, but wanted to see who else was available to have sex with.

“Oh Josh! That was incredible! That’s the first time I have ever had a nipple orgasm!” Haley remarked as she opened her eyes.

“Where’d he go?” She asked her sister.

I watched as they dropped their hands and turned around and around looking for me.

“I have no idea Haley. I’m beginning to wonder if he was even here.” Sam told her.

Haley fingered her pussy and brought her wet fingers up to her sister’s face and placed them in her mouth.

“Cum, mmmm!” He was definitely here she told her sister fondly.

And then she kissed Haley on the mouth.

“I was surprised that you found us. I thought you were busy at the stables with Tom and Matt.” Sam said to Haley.

“They weren’t interested in me. They were stalking Gwen and Valerie down by the lake. I observed them fucking and grew bored so I watched poppa with Karen and Tim when I spotted someone spying on you over here. So I came to investigate.” Haley told her.

“You’re such a voyeur Haley. I was surprised when you joined us.” Sam told her frankly.

“Hey! I love a good dick just the same as you do sis. And watching the two of you together got me extremely wet.” Haley replied peevishly.

“Who knew that little dweebie Josh would turn into such a hunk?” Sam told her sister.

“I know! I’m glad that I came over when I did. My only complaint is that I wish his dick was bigger.” Haley told Sam.

“Bigger? Are you fucking kidding me?” Sam asked incredulously.

“Yeah sis. Ever since Gwen began fisting my cunt, I need bigger and bigger dildoes to get off. And now my snatch has stretch so much that I need at least a 12 inch cock to get off anymore. I could probably handle 15 inches if I could find a dildo that was that long.” Haley told her.

“Gwen has been fisting you!! That’s, that’s fucking hot!” Sam replied and grabbed Haley’s pussy with her hand and began to finger her with 4 fingers easily.

Did you see how much cum he spewed on us? I hope he sticks around to give us another dousing!” Halley chuckled.

“I could use a daily dousing myself. Where did he come from anyway?” Sam asked her sister.

“I have no idea. There’s no car in the driveway. It’s like he appeared out of thin air or something.” Haley puzzled and bit her lower lip in thought.

“Well regardless of how he got here, I’m glad that you stumbled upon us sis. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to spend some quality time with you one on one. Feeling your lips on my pussy was really nice.” Sam said excitedly.

“The pleasure was all mine Sam. I’ve been fantasizing about eating a creampie for a long time and your pussy tasted delicious. I’m glad that we connected like we did. Come on, let’s go inside and spend some more quality time together in bed.” Haley told her sister and took her hand in hers.

“Absolutely! I am so psyched to try fisting you sis!” Sam told her.


“Draco, I thought my 9 inch dick would be enough to satisfy any woman. It’s too bad that I can’t make my dick grow bigger with these rings. That would really be something!” I told him.

(“I’ve been waiting for you to ask that very question sir. One of your new abilities is that you can now enlarge or shrink your dick to fit any sized pussy or anus. Just think it with your mind and it will grow or shrink right in front of you. But beware, once you begin down this road, your libido will change as well and you will need more and more sex to satisfy your bigger dick.” He told me.)


My next stop was the lake and teleported there.

I observed Gwen and Valerie. They were both naked and Valerie was sitting on the wooden swing while her sister was licking her pussy.

Gwen was really petite while her sister Valerie was kind of chunky. Valerie had long dark hair, small pointed tits with cone shaped nipples and a big dark bush.

I also saw Tom and Matt observing them behind a tree nearby. Both guys were naked and stroking their dicks as they watched their sisters together.

I made myself invisible to the 4 of them and removed my clothes and walked over to where Gwen and Valerie were.

“Oh Gwen, yes put your fingers inside of me. God I love the way you lick me.” Valerie told her sister.

“I just love sucking on Val’s clit. I’m a tried and true lesbian just like Val and Sally are. I don’t understand how Sam, Karen and Haley can stand having a filthy dick inside of them. All that stuff that shoots out is so disgusting, but şahinbey escort they seem to love it. I really hope that Val will lick my asshole again. Feeling her tongue worm its way in my anus is such a turn on.” Gwen mused in her mind.

I smiled as I heard her thoughts. “I’ll let you remain a lesbian Gwen. Your ass is perfect!” I mused in my head.

(“Yes! Fuck the lesbian’s asshole! I love it!” Draco called out in my mind.)

I reached down and got my fingers wet in her pussy juices and spread the slippery stuff over my cock head and then slowly pressed my dick inside of her tight anus.

Gwen stopped what she was doing and looked behind her.

“Hey sis, what’s the matter? Why did you stop licking me? I was SOO close to cumming!” Valerie told her sister.

“I, uh, mmmm. I, uh…it feels like something just entered inside my asshole Val.” Gwen told her.

“It’s just your imagination sis. Concentrate on me you sexy little nympho lesbian!” Val told her sister and pulled her sister’s face back to her pussy.

I smiled and drove my dick deep in Gwen’s tight little anus.

I could hardly believe that I was in her asshole. What had come over me? I never enjoyed anal sex before, but the longer I stayed in her ass the more I wanted to fuck it. And fuck it I did. I really nailed the petite lesbian’s asshole.

I melded with Gwen’s mind…”Oh fuck! Whatever is inside my asshole feels incredible! I’m on the verge of a massive orgasm. Yes! Whoever or whatever you are? Fuck me! Harder and deeper! YESSSSS!” She cried out in her mind.

I didn’t disappoint. I fucked her ass harder and deeper. I even willd my dick to grow longer and thicker and stretched her ass to the max.

Gwen lifted her head from Valerie’s quim a second time and cried out in orgasm. “YESSSSSSSS!!!! FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!! I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!”

Her pussy opened up and gushed juices on both of our legs although most of it hit the ground.

I pulled out and walked up to Matt and Tom who were observing their sisters. Matt was behind Tom and fucking his asshole while Tom was stroking his dick.

“I don’t know what has come over Gwen, but I would sure love to feel a massive dick in my anus too.” Matt thought in his mind.

(“Take his ass!” Draco begged me.)

I don’t really know what came over me but the more I observed Matt and Tom together, the more I wanted to get in on the action.


So I did. I got behind Matt and pushed my wet slimy ass covered dick into his asshole.

Matt also looked behind him and his brother asked him what was the matter. “Why’d you stop Matty?” Tom asked.

“I feel like whatever was fucking Gwen’s asshole just a few minutes ago is now fucking my asshole bro and the feeling is incredible. Yes fuck my ass! Whomever or whatever you are, fuck my ass hard!” Matt called out making Gwen and Valerie look over at their brothers.

I slowly slid my dick all the way inside Matt’s asshole. It felt different from Gwen’s anus. It was hotter and more rugged.


Surprisingly, I had no choice but to do what Draco said. I made Matt’s dick grow bigger and longer inside Tom’s asshole too.

“Fuck Matt! What’s happening? Your dick is growing bigger and harder and going deeper in my asshole. Yes! fuck me Matty! Fuck me! FUCK ME BRO!!!” He called out.

I did something else, I made Tom’s dick grow bigger and longer too so that he was now stroking a foot long cock with both hands while his sister’s were in shock at what they saw.

“I’m almost there!” Tom called out loud.

“Me too!” Matt cried out.

I instructed Valerie and Gwen to come closer and closer so that they were both standing about 4 feet in front of Tom as he stroked his huge cock.

I melded all three of our minds and suddenly wished there was a huge dick deep inside my own asshole. What was going on with me? This was so not like me at all. I wasn’t gay!


All three of us climaxed at the same time.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Tom cried out.

“FUCK YEAH!!!! Matt cried out.

“Oh fuck! I am a faggot!” I exclaimed in my mind.

Huge globs of sperm shot out of each of our pricks. We each jerked from the force of the blasts of cum out of our dicks.

Gwen and Valerie watched in abject fascination as they observed Tom’s dick explode and huge thick streams of baby batter shot out 4 feet and splattered on the lesbian sisters.

Whatever they were expecting, they weren’t expecting Tom’s cum to hit their bodies. And they certainly weren’t expecting his sperm to go into their open mouths as they stood there in shock.

The 20 year old women were frozen in place as Tom’s sticky şahinbey escort bayan semen hit their tits, abdomen, necks, faces and pussy several times.

It was the biggest and best orgasm that either brother ever remembered experiencing.

We then watched as Gwen and Valerie turned towards one another and laughed.

“Oh my god Val, you are covered in Tom’s sperm.” She giggled.

“You are too Gwen. I know I should be disgusted, but I’m not. I’m strangely turned on.” She told her sister and began to lick her face.

Gwen did the same to Val and moaned, “Mmmm. I love Tom’s semen. It tastes like candy.”

“I know. Maybe we misjudged our brothers and their delicious tasting cum. We might want to rethink this whole lesbian thing after all. My pussy has been lonely of late. I could use a good fucking!” Valerie told her sister.

“I agree Val. You read my mind. Let’s get them to do it now. I need fucked bad.” The lesbian told her sister.

I knew this was Draco’s doing. He was fueled by making people do what was totally unethical sexually. There was no way two lesbians would agree to getting fucked by a man unless they were coerced in some way. Draco was a twisted fuck!

I pulled my dick out of Matt’s gaping rectum and huge globs of my sperm dripped down his thighs.

The brothers began to 69 and licked the sperm from each other’s assholes. They were joined by their lesbian sisters and I watched as the 4 of them had sex together. Matt entered Val’s pussy and Tom entered Gwen’s pussy.

I went over and put on my clothes and really had to pee.

I then teleported to the stables which were about 300 yards away.

“You are such a tease sis.” Tim told his 21 year old sister.

“You know it’s a sin for you to even be looking at me older brother. If momma saw the way you are leering at my tits, you’d be cleaning the stables for the next month as punishment.” Karen told him playfully.

Karen was 5’9″ tall and 139 lbs, with dark black hair and a killer body. Her large 38 dd breasts were practically hanging out of her tank top. She had a great looking ass in her cutoff jean shorts and cowboy boots.

“What’re ye kids doin in ‘ere? Tim go ‘elp yer brothers in da barn. Go on. Git!” Uncle Al yelled at his son.

Tim hung his head and sauntered off past me. Since I was invisible to him he never saw me there. But I did see him circle around to the back of the stables and I wondered what he was up to.

“At least Uncle Al is somewhat normal and not molesting his daughter’s the way Aunt Jessie is.” I smiled to myself.

I was about to walk away when I heard Karen screech, “Stop it poppa!”

“Gurl, ye can’t be flauntin’ ’em titters an not expec’ me ta keep me hands away.” He told her.

I looked in the door and Al was standing in front of Karen and holding her tits in his hands.

“Stop it poppa! It’s wrong. What if momma saw us?” She protested and smacked his hands away.

Uncle Al didn’t care and forced himself against his tall daughter. He rubbed his pecker into her ass as he manipulated her nipples with his fingers.

“Ow poppa! You’re hurting me!” She cried out loudly.

Al cuffed her cheek and she fell down on her butt. He undid his belt and opened his pants and took out his weiner. I thought he was going to start jerking off but instead he started to piss on her.

Karen let it happen. She sat up and welcomed his piss to wet her shirt as she opened her shorts and pulled them down and sat back.

Uncle Al sneered at his daughter as his hot yellow piss connected with Karen’s pussy and then she took some in her open mouth. Seeing him urinate on his daughter made me have to pee too.

“Oh poppa you know how turned on I get when you piss on me!” She told him.

She then watched as he stroked his pecker erect and then jerked off on her. His dick was barely 4 inches in length and had a big purplish head that looked like a plum. He grunted and a thick glob of sperm shot out and landed on her stomach and that was it.

He then turned and stuffed his dick back in his pants and walked away.

Karen was still on her back and rubbing her nipples through her wet shirt when I walked over to her. Her eyes were closed so I took out my dick and began to piss on her also.

“Yes! Oh, mmmm.” She moaned as my hot piss went on her wet tits and erect nipples.

I pissed in her open mouth and on her stomach and also on her pussy.

“Oh Timmy! That was awes…” She stopped talking midsentence as she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m your cousin Josh Mavers.” I told her.

Her mouth was open in shock. She looked from my eyes to my dick before getting to her knees and taking my dick in her mouth.

Surprisingly, I was still horny after the sex I had with her sister’s Haley and Sam so it didn’t take much to get my dick rock hard.

Karen removed her mouth and looked up at me with a knowing look. “I can taste pussy on your dick Josh and something escort bayan şahinbey else too, maybe ass? I don’t mind. It’s quite the turn-on actually. Anyone I know?” She asked.

I smiled. “Actually, I just got done fucking your brother Matt’s asshole and before that your sister’s Haley and Samantha over by the barn.”

“Oh you naughty boy! You engaged in incest with my brother and sisters? You realize that what you did is incest don’t you?” She said and continued to lick my shaft and stroke it with her hands.

“I do actually. They said the same thing to me. I suggest you be honest with me though, Have you fucked your dad?” I asked.

“No, I haven’t. I really want to, but all he wants to do is piss and jerk off on me occasionally. I have fucked my brothers though. Timmy and I have sex almost daily. His dick is bigger than poppa’s but nothing like yours. I’m not sure that my pussy can handle this horse cock, but I’m hoping you will give me the chance to try.” She said.

“Maybe your cute little asshole will fit my huge cock first.” I told her.

“Perhaps it would, but then my ass cream would contaminate my pussy flora and befoul my fallopian tubes. But you don’t care about that do you. Go on then, fuck my virgin ass.” She told me enticingly.

She laid on her back and I got down between her legs. Karen took my dick in her hands and guided it to her sopping wet pussy first to get it wet. “Fuck, it’s huge! You think it will fit?” She asked with concern since the head barely got halfway inside her snatch.

I heard the floor creak behind me seconds before something hit me hard on the head from behind and I slumped on top of Karen and lost consciousness.


When I started to come to I heard voices.

“Dis boy’s an alien or some’at? He got no car or bags or nuttin’.” Uncle Al stated.

I was naked and tied to a chair. Uncle Al was standing in front of his family who were in a semi circle. He was holding a double barrel shotgun over his right shoulder and in his left hand he was holding a club.

“He’s coming to Al.” Aunt Jessie told him.

Uncle Al turned towards me and pointed the shotgun at my body.

“So yoos me nephe’. I don’ blieve it son. I seen yur license. How’d you get ‘ere?”

I felt my hands and determined that the rings were all still attached to my fingers.

I stared daggers at him. I could reduce him into a babbling baboon if I wanted to.

“I said, ‘owd yoo get ‘ere son?” He asked a second time.

I stayed quiet.

“Perhaps you hit him too hard Timmy.” Aunt Jessie stated.

Tim was angry and had his fists balled up. “I shoulda killed ‘im. The things he done wit Karen.” Tim spat tobacco on the floor.

I was piecing it together. Tim had a thing for Karen and when he saw her sucking my dick he must have gone ballistic. And then seeing me begin to fuck her, he lost it completely.

I grouped the family together in my mind and gave them a command to not move.

“Aunt Jesse contacted my mom, Angela Mavers yesterday and said some troubling things to her. So I decided to come out and investigate for myself.” I told them.

“What kinder things?” Uncle Al asked.

“Why don’t you ask your wife?” I told him calmly.

I freed up Uncle Al so that he could lower the shotgun and turn to face his wife.

“What’s th’ boy gittin at Jess?” Al asked his wife.

“I think you’re seeing someone Al. I told Angela that I think you are having an affair. You haven’t touched me in ages. I practically throw myself at you and you don’t touch me anymore. Just 2 days ago I pressed my breasts in your face and you walked away.” She told him bitterly.

“Tell him the other thing too Aunt Jessie.” I told her.

Tears spilled down her cheeks.

“We live in a house of incest!” She blurted angrily.

“Whater ye mean?” Al asked her.

“Our daughters are having sex together with our sons and I think that they are doing unspeakable things together. Naughty, filthy things!” She spat.

“Oh, it’s far worse than that Uncle Al and Aunt Jessie. You both claim to be this strict religious family and you both are the cause of the incest going on. You both are in denial.

Uncle Al here has forced himself on Gwen and Valerie repeatedly over the last couple of years. I witnessed him pissing on Karen just a few hours ago before he jerked off on her.

And you Aunt Jessie, have had lesbian sex with all of your daughters even though you know it is incest. You have also let your sons fuck your pussy and swallowed their sperm.

You both know this to be true. You live out here in the country and what do you think is going to happen? You have handsome sons and gorgeous daughters and you both give in to your lustful desires.

You all do and so do I. I’m not judging you for it. I think it’s hot!

I watched Aunt Jessie and Sally have sex together and then blew a load all over Aunt Jessie’s tits, neck and face.

I then watched Samantha piss on Mark before I fucked both Samantha and Haley in the outside shower.

Incest is okay in my book. You should give in to it more. Hell, you might as well just walk around in the nude and if a hard-on arises, take whatever pussy is available to you. That’s what I would do.” I told them.

Jessie and Al looked stricken and sick.

“Uncle Al. How are things going with the farm? Are you turning a profit?” I asked him.

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