Sally and Roberta

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Nothing could have surprised Sally Raymond more than to learn that she had been allotted to share a room with Roberta at the summer camp. The Tennis Club had rented a whole house on a time-share basis on the foreshore at Somerton for the week, during which there would be rigorous training sessions. Roberta Davis, a woman of thirty-seven and former champion, was the team coach. Sally watched her now coming off the tennis court, having won yet another match 6-3, 4-6, 7-5.

Nineteen year old Sally had always been in awe of Roberta. Often she had stood still, staring at the older woman as though fascinated. She’s as far above me as the stars, thought Sally. She’s all I would most like to be. Sally’s mind was constantly reverting to her. Striking-looking, tall and finely built, she might have stood as a model for a Juno. Her long red hair glowing in the sunlight.

And now as she walked from the tennis court swinging her racket her eyes caught the gaze of the younger girl. Sally looked immediately away, a flush mounting to her cheeks, as though caught in a guilty act. Presently the eyes of the two met as Roberta reached the seats from where Sally had watched the game.

‘Hi, Sally. I’m going for a swim. Care to join me?’

‘Yes, thanks.’

‘Got your costume?’

‘I’ve got my bikini on underneath.’

‘Clever girl. I’ll have to change in the shed on the beach.’

They made their way down the narrow stony path that led to the beach. The sea itself was like a backcloth daub with bright sunlight catching the sandbars in the bay. Sally waited outside while Roberta went in to change. She always felt a bit nervous with the older woman, feeling the strain of trying to think what to say. She stared out across a sunlit sea of brilliant blue to the tender dove-grey line of the horizon. Sunlight was making diamonds on the sea.

When Roberta emerged from the bathing shed her bathers were a deeply-cut maillot, drawn high against her thighs revealing the full maturity of her figure. It fitted her like a skin and was open to the waist at the back. Sally felt a bit self-conscious as she couldn’t seem to stop looking at her companion. She blushed and averted her eyes as they walked along the water’s edge. The sea lay mirror-smooth, gleaming like old lacquer.

‘I’ll race you to the sandbank,’ Roberta challenged as she danced into the water. And then they were swimming out to the long sandbar, which remained uncovered six or seven hours between tides.

Then as they swam out further into the sea Sally forged ahead. All at once she felt something grab her legs, pulling her under the water. She found herself struggling with her new friend and felt the other woman’s full-breasted body conforming to the contours of her own slim figure as they laughed together. Sally wondered at the older woman’s explosive energy. She was behaving like a tomboy trying to outdo an elder brother.

After they had swum for about an hour they returned and lay on the soft warm sand drowsy with the heat of high summer. The sky above was topaz, the sea shone pale lemon and pearl.

Sally must have dozed off, for she became aware of a change and a heaviness in the air. The approach of a thunderstorm, no doubt, though the sky was still serene,

Towards evening as the sun was setting the two women found themselves again together drawn to the beach as if by some prearranged force over which they had no control. Sally had been as restless as a barque with no moorings.

It was a hot, muggy twilight and the heat was oppressive and almost airless. The sky was becoming dark and ominous as they walked along the harder packed sand near the choppy water.

Sally glanced at the other woman noting the raw-silk blouse and the white Bermuda shorts, the flawless skin of her arms and legs. She found herself mesmerized, so beautiful the woman. Ahead foaming waves were breaking upon wet sand.

‘There’s going to be quite a bit of thunder later tonight,’ Sally said at last, ‘I can feel it in the air.’

Roberta turned at looked at the younger girl. ‘I don’t mind the thunder, it’s lightning that scares me stiff. An oak tree was struck near my home when I was a child, and I’ve been terrified ever since.’

Sally had thought nothing could have discomposed the older woman, but we all have our fears, she reasoned.

At last they turned into the path that led back to the guest-house where they were staying.

Roberta took Sally’s hand as they made their way through the dark shadows of the trees.

Sally found herself feeling extremely tense, a tight feeling forming in the pit of her stomach. The tight grasp of fingers.

Their glances met, became strangely entangled. She could not draw her eyes away. Roberta’s forefinger was now stroking the palm of her hand, and in spite of herself, Sally felt a sudden stirring in her body. She was instantly afraid and tried to draw away.

‘Don’t be nervous, Sally.’ Roberta seemed to guess what was going on in her mind. ‘I’m not aiming to seduce Uzun porno you …’

Sally’s heart seemed to do a somersault inside her breast. She felt her body stiffen.

She was very conscious of the delicate whiteness of Roberta’s skin. But her eyes dropped before the other’s searching gaze.

Sally made a slight sound in her throat in an attempt to laugh. ‘I know, I wasn’t …’ she broke off, not knowing what to say.

The will of each woman seemed to be fighting with that of the other. Sally stood looking at the line of Roberta’s body, noting the smooth white flesh of her thighs and arms. She felt her own stomach rise into her throat. Her eyes would not meet the older woman’s eyes. Roberta was now leaning her weight against the girl, their bodies touching

Their lips met in a long kiss. Roberta kissed with her open mouth on Sally’s, sending a frisson through her whole body. Her heart pounding under her ribcage. Roberta stirred her but she was fighting the feeling inside herself. At last she broke away, making her way alone up along the path.

At the top of the rise, Sally turned to look behind.

Roberta had her back to her and was staring out to sea. In front of the boathouse the surf was pounding on the shore. The storm that had been threatening would burst in an hour or so.. 513 words.

A few minutes later Sally reached the guest-house and had fastened herself in her room. Only it wasn’t solely her room alone. She was to share it with a woman who had just made a pass at her.

She pressed her thighs against me in such a familiar way, Sally reflected. At first she had believed the movement was accidental, but that thigh pressure was quite deliberate. And then had come the kiss – full on the lips. Sally trembled as she remembered.

Sally looked around the essentially feminine room with its chintz-covered chairs and large old-fashioned mirror that reflected a good portion of the room. She had always believed that her admiration of Roberta was without desire, she’s me as I would most like to be, she thought, but now she felt herself disturbed by the older woman.

She made her way into the adjoining bathroom and prepared the shower. Outside the wind was rising steadily and the rain came in big splattering drops against the window,

She examined herself critically in the mirror as she undressed. Raven-haired, lobelia-blue eyes, a clear girlish complexion, she noted the contours of her body, the thrust of youthful bust, and the firm honey-coloured flesh of arms and shoulders. Perhaps I’m imagining things, she told her reflection, wishing she were able to release the thing she felt. She knew that deep down she was attracted to the woman who represented the deepest vision of herself. She strove hard to pull herself back from panic.

She’d devour me if I’d let her, she told herself as she finished showering. She’s so sleek and white-skinned as marble, she thought as she toweled her own body. She fought the feeling inside her.

She knotted the belt of her pink cotton robe over her sheer white nightgown, and went into the bedroom where she combed her hair in front of the big mirror.

It wasn’t long before Roberta came into the room, saying: ‘I was afraid you had dissolved in the rain, Sally.’

‘I — I, I’m sorry … I,’ she broke off not knowing what to say.

‘Don’t say it, Sally. Forget it if you will.’

How could she forget it? Sally thought. Her eyes were riveted on the face of the woman. She is the key to the mysteries, she thought. It was as though Sally was searching for the essential secret of woman in her, wanting the experience of her female being. The disturbing nearness of her body, her ivory whiteness, the perfume of her hair.

Because Roberta seemed to be compelling her in some mysterious way, coming so close to where Sally was seated, as if intimate with her. Looking into the mirror to see both their reflections, Sally saw herself as more beautiful when Roberta glanced at her with that detached, scrutinizing gaze that so excited the younger woman. For a moment she was delightfully conscious of herself, but at the same time she was desperately trying to hide her own inner fright.

A distant crash of thunder broke the stillness of the room and the tension Sally felt eased when Roberta moved over to her bed to sort out her things before moving into the bathroom. It was a hot summer’s night, heavy with thunder and the occasional lightning flash.

Sally switched off the light, slipped off her robe and slid into bed and lay listening to Roberta taking her shower.

A short while later the bathroom door opened and Roberta stood silhouetted, the light directly behind her. Sally was very conscious of the older woman in her green silk dressing robe. A delightful perfume emanated from her.

She could hear her moving her things about and getting into bed.

After about half an hour Roberta asked, ‘Are you awake, Sally?’ the woman’s voice sounded far away but Öğrenci porno she was only on the other side of the room.

Sally did not reply at first, she was very conscious of the mingled feelings within herself.

All at once a brilliant flash of lightning flooded the room, then an ominous thunder crashed directly overhead.

Before she knew what was happening Sally found herself looking up into Roberta’s terrified face. She had slipped from her own bed and had come over to the younger woman.

Sally sat up and turned on the bedside light only to find Roberta climbing into her bed beside her. The older woman was breathing heavily. Strange that she should reveal her vulnerability, Sally thought.

‘I’m sorry, Sally, but I can’t stay in my bed by myself. I know it’s silly, but that’s the way I am. It’s a psychological thing. Lightning terrifies me.’

Roberta took a deep breath. ‘I’ll be alright in a little while and then I’ll go back to my own bed. But for the moment I can’t sleep on my own. I’ll do my best not to disturb you.’

The two women lay silent for a time on opposite sides of the bed. Sally became rigid and turned her back to her.

After a few moments Roberta said, ‘I guess you’re thinking the worst of me, aren’t you?’

Sally felt a tightening sensation in her throat. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I suppose you’re worried about what I said about seducing you when we were at the beach.’

Sally turned and faced the older woman, looking deep into her eyes. ‘I’m sorry, I suppose I behaved a bit silly. But I did wonder for a moment …’ she broke off embarrassed.

Roberta sat erect before her on the bed, a half-smile forming on her full lips. ‘I thought so. You’ve never done it before.’

‘Not with a woman. No’

‘You’re a bit prejudiced, I suppose. Thinking it unnatural.?’

‘No. I don’t think so. I guess I haven’t thought about it much. But I have admired you.’

‘But you wouldn’t want to go the distance with me?’

‘I don’t know. Why do you ask?’

‘Because I’m very turned on by you. That’s why.’

Sally was speechless. For a long moment the world spun on its axis and the room seemed to spin with it. ‘But … I …’

‘I’ve frightened you. Perhaps I’d better go back to my own bed and not spoil the friendship.’

Sally now felt something within her respond fiercely to the other woman. She stretched out her hand and touched Roberta’s arm. ‘Don’t go, Roberta.’

She knew that despite her initial fear she was fully aroused by the woman by her side, now comprehending that something had been uncovered in her self that she had been too frightened to admit to herself. She felt she must expose her need to her companion. She sat up in bed and turned to face the other woman. For a long time their eyes locked. Sally was very conscious of Roberta’s body outlined beneath her silk negligee and the pressure of her full breasts against the material.

She held her breath as Roberta sat up on the bed, and in what seemed like a single gesture, slowly lifted the negligee, drew it over her head and tossed it aside and sat naked and unashamed before her, shaking out her lustrous mane of red hair.

Sally held her breath, conscious of the fierce thumping of her heart. A wave of colour mounted her cheeks. She could not draw her eyes away.

It was quite obvious to Roberta, as she turned in Sally’s direction, that her companion was stunned by the sight and nearness of her now naked body, a body that was all curves and shadowy creases.

Sally’s breathing grew more uneven as she took in the fullness and firmness of the low oval breasts, the full nipples with areoles large and dark. She saw the prominent muscle definition in the flat stomach which led down to the mound where her thighs joined.

Some further heavy pulsating moments went by. Roberta was quite unabashed and gave Sally time to satisfy her curiosity. With carmine lips moist, she gave a teasing smile. Her voice caressed the younger girl.

‘You’re still a bit nervous, aren’t you, Sally?’

In a voice that did not sound like her own, Sally said, faltering as she spoke, ‘I’m frightened of the feelings I’m feeling with you so near.’

She felt a raw hot desire. Roberta saw a tremor pass through her as the younger woman stared at her body. She waited while Sally composed herself. Their glances met and became strangely entangled.

‘Just relax, Sally. There’s nothing to be afraid of.’

‘I’m not afraid now.’

‘Well,’ Roberta smiled. ‘That’s something. But when one disrobes the other should, too. Otherwise it’s indecent. I want to look at you.’

Sally drew the sheet off her body and sat up on the bed and pulled off her own nightdress. She felt acutely self-conscious, and could feel her nipples tightening under the older woman’s direct gaze. She felt the woman’s open stare travel down her smooth soft flesh to where only the upper portion of her pubic hair was visible,

‘You’re beautiful, Sally.’ Roberta said.

The colour in the girl’s face deepened still more, her voice shaking a little. ‘You really think so?’

‘I do indeed.’

This can’t be really happening, Sally thought to herself. For a moment she couldn’t believe she was doing this, exposing herself to another woman’s gaze. She was acutely conscious of Roberta’s eyes taking in the silky texture of her skin, the milky white breasts with their light brown aroused nipples. Her figure was well-proportioned, she knew.

‘You’ve wanted me for a long time, haven’t you?’ Roberta said at last.


It seemed to Sally that they would never stop looking at each other.

The two woman lay facing each other on the bed and spent several minutes stroking and caressing each other’s shoulders and arms.

In the distance the thunder rolled dull and muffled by the heat. The storm was passing.

Roberta was very conscious of making sure that Sally was relaxed and made no attempt to hurry her.

When she thought she was ready, Roberta ran her fingers through Sally’s hair. She kissed Sally’s throat, then moved to her shoulders, then trailed her fingers down to her left breast, softly teasing the swelling flesh of the nipple.

With her other hand she stroked the tense upper part of her body, feeling it yield to her touch. She felt her bare back, caressing the curve of her spine.

‘You do want me, don’t you, Sally?’

‘Yes. Very much.’

The young girl buried her face in Roberta’s neck. She was shy but desire stirred her.

Despite her trepidation, Sally’s pleasure increased as Roberta gently teased the areola around her nipple, while cupping the other breast with her hand.

She loved the sensation of Roberta’s hands on her body, and she spent a moment considering what she should do in return.

She thought the best thing to do would be to mirror the other woman’s actions. Tentatively, she reached out to the globular breasts and touched one of the big pink nipples with her fingertips. She found herself kneading the swollen nipple, bringing her face closer and closer. Her lips parted as she put her mouth on the nipple. She was giving suck.

Sally felt soft hands thrust to her thighs as they lay naked, entwined on the bed. She wanted Roberta to touch her completely with the sensation of her touch spreading to every part of her body.

They rolled over and Sally lay beneath her companion, her back arching, straining to the pressure of the woman’s body against hers. Roberta then rubbed her own breasts against the girl’s face, then got her mouth on her lips, giving her the deepest tongue kiss. The touch of her hand between Sally’s thighs gave a large frisson of pleasure.

Roberta’s hands were now sliding over her rear, fondling each of the buttocks in turn, the excitement coursing through Sally’s body as they clung together, touching, kissing, exploring.

At once the rhythm of Sally’s breathing changed as the woman got on top of her again. Roberta was sliding her hand up the inside of Sally’s thigh, her fingers stroking gently against the soft hairs, searching for the parting of her sex,

Sally’s knees came up and her legs spread as Roberta caressed her clitoris with her finger. She was aware that she was not as wet as she should be, but she clutched her partner’s shoulders as her gasp and short cries came at last.

‘Was it good for you?’ Roberta asked.

‘So — so.’

‘Only so – so?’

‘ … ‘

Roberta then slid off the bed and spent a moment arranging the mirror so that it reflected Sally lying naked on the bed.

‘I want you to see how beautiful you look, Sally. To see yourself as I see you.’

Roberta was like a vain teacher showing off a star pupil, Sally thought as she looked at her reflection. She tried to consider her mirror-image objectively. To please her friend Sally spread her thighs wide apart, displaying the soft triangle of pubic hair barely hiding the crease. Her firm brown nipples seemed to have deepened in colour.

Her companion then beckoned to her. ‘I want you to sit on the chair beside the mirror in front of me.’ Sally slid off the bed and sat before her friend. ‘That’s right, now come forward to the edge of the chair, right on the edge!’

Sally looked at her friend who had dropped to the floor to crouch between her opened knees, putting her arms up around the young girl’s thighs. ‘I want to love you there,’ she said. Roberta brought her mouth up along the inside of her leg and ran her tongue across the thin patch of pubic hair.

Roberta was making full use of her tongue, probing Sally’s labia and felt her own desire rising in response as her friend moaned and pushed against her mouth, her breathing becoming faster and faster. Roberta tongued the moist vulva while Sally was grasping the back of her head with her hands. She had found her rhythm against the older woman’s mouth. She was breathing in broken gasps now as she writhed with exquisite sex hunger, body hunger. She arched forward, saying yes, yes, yes … she jerked several times with the climax; she found herself rising and falling, endlessly like rough waves pounding a beach. She then collapsed back into the chair.

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