Sara’s Panty Business Pt. 03

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This story has a strong panty sniffing fetish theme so if this is something you find unpleasant please rather read another story.

I welcome feedback and comments, both good and bad.


Chapter 1

After they had finished their dinner, Sara went upstairs to change. As she sat on the toilet, she looked down at the panties stretched across her knees. Despite having had a shower earlier, her panties were already quite damp, and she could smell her musky scent from them. Her recollections of being so well fucked by William, had been on her mind all day and her heightened state of arousal had made her pussy wet and gooey. She remembered Scott’s comments the previous weekend about the panties she was wearing and decided that for safety sake she would leave them in the hamper in case he went looking for them. Despite her misgivings about him using her panties, the thought of him sniffing this pair turned her on tremendously. She knew that despite showering after their meeting, there would still be traces of William’s cum that would have leaked from deep inside her, onto the gusset, and was sure that he wouldn’t notice. She ran her finger over the smooth skin of her pussy and was very pleased to see that although her lips were still quite swollen, the redness had receded, and her recent sex wouldn’t be so obvious to Scott. Slipping on a silky teddy that barely covered her pussy she returned to the lounge.

“I hope we can celebrate our good news,” he said handing her a glass of wine.

“I am always keen to celebrate,” she answered playfully. Despite being so well satisfied earlier in the day she remained very aroused.

She sat on the couch with her one leg under her bum, the other on the floor. Her legs slightly spread, giving him a view of her puffy pussy. She saw him adjust his hardening cock over his trousers and it was obvious that he liked what he saw.

“Let’s go straight up to bed,” she suggested, I feel like being comfortable this evening.

Without a word he drained his wine and held out his hand to help her from the couch. When they got to their room, Sara pulled back the covers, and lay back against the pillows, her legs slightly parted. He stripped off his clothes and crawled from the foot of the bed towards her. Kneeling in front of her he opened her legs a little wider and she knew that he was going to go down on her. For a brief moment, she thought of stopping him, but the thought of him licking where William had been a few hours earlier, was strangely arousing and she let him continue.

He lowered his head to her pussy, and she knew that the scent of her pussy must be quite strong.

“You smell good tonight.”

“For some reason I’m feeling really horny,” she lied easily.

She felt his lips touch her mound, gently spread her pussy and suck her clit into his mouth. His saliva dribbled from his lips and ran down her slit. He gently flicked his tongue over her clit and started to trace random patterns over her sensitive button and around the hood. He slipped his fingers between her legs until his middle finger was buried deep inside her. Despite her concerns that she would be too sensitive she could feel her pleasure rising as his finger massaged her G-spot. She pulled his head harder against her, mashing his mouth against her pussy. She took her nipples between her fingers and rolled them firmly. He stopped licking her with his tongue and started to suck her hard clit between the soft inner skin of his lips. In her mind it felt almost like he was sucking her clit like a mini cock. She knew that she was going to cum quickly. The varied and continued sexual stimulation seemed to make her body aroused and alive. It wasn’t long before she felt a tingling in her spine and a pulsating in her pussy, until her body shuddered and shook to orgasm, her juices dribbling freely from her and into his mouth. She could not remember such a wet orgasm and could feel the wetness dribbling down her ass crack and onto the sheets below.

She had expected him to kneel next to her so he could take his cock in her mouth but instead Scott knelt in front of her and guided himself into her. He slipped in easily and the difference in size of the two cocks she had had inside her that day, was very noticeable. Scott pushed himself all the way in, but she didn’t feel as full as she had earlier and needed more. The only way she would be able to truly enjoy this, would be to fantasize that it was William fucking her rather than her husband. She hoped this would make up for the lack of friction she was feeling against the walls of her pussy. He took her breasts in his hands and caressed her hard nipples as he pumped himself in and out. With his other hand he flicked her clit gently. Although she was enjoying the attention on her nipples and felt pleasure from him rubbing her clit, his cock just wasn’t big enough to truly satisfy her. Scott didn’t seem to notice, and she felt his strokes speed up, his moans becoming more urgent until with a groan she felt his cock twitch inside her and the warmth of his cum sarışın porno splattering inside her pussy.

They lay still for a while; Sara felt a little disappointed and although she had enjoyed her orgasm from him eating her pussy, she had not had much pleasure from being fucked by him but realised that it was largely her own fault. If she had not agreed to let William fuck her the difference would not have been noticeable. She didn’t regret it for a second and could not wait to have her pussy so pleasurably stretched by him again.

As his cock softened, he withdrew, leaned over, give her a quick kiss, lay down next her and rolled over to go to sleep. It was not long before she heard his gentle snores next to her. She lay for a while re-living the events of the day in her mind, until she too, fell into a deep dream filled sleep.

Chapter 2

When she woke the following morning, she glanced over at the bed side clock. She had slept later than usual, and Scott was already up. She had slept so soundly that she had not heard him get out of bed. She went downstairs to make coffee and as she saw that he was already dressed for work and finishing his coffee.

“Good morning sleepy head,” he said cheerfully, “nothing like some good sex to make you sleep like a log.”

“That’s true enough,” she replied. In her mind, she had enjoyed good sex the previous day, just not with him.

“I was up just after six. I have already been through my emails and thought I would make an early start at the shop,”

“That sounds like a good idea. I need to get the laundry for the flats washed. We have new guests arriving on Friday.”

“I’ll see you this evening,” he said kissing her and heading to his car.

Once Scott had left, Sara went back up stairs to shower and dress. She was expecting her toy to be delivered during the morning and couldn’t wait to see if it worked as well as the reviews had suggested.

She walked into her room naked and opened her panty drawer. She loved the freedom of being naked, even if it was alone in her own home. The last 24 hours had almost made her lose focus on her panty business and she really needed to get her orders back on track. If her agency commission from William slowed in the winter, she would need the income from her panties to make up the shortfall. She had folded her panties in the order she needed to send them out, and the next pair was a red, full back, satin and lace pair. She had seldom worn red panties but as she pulled them on, she quite liked them, and they made her feel a little wanton.

Once dressed, she picked up the laundry hamper and made her way down stairs to get the first load of washing into the machine. When she opened the lid, she was surprised to see that the panties she had worn the previous evening were no longer on top. Her heart raced; had Scott used them as she had thought he might? She picked the clothes from the hamper, item by item, until she saw the white lace pair lying towards the bottom of the hamper. She picked them up and immediately knew that they had been used; his cum soaked into the fabric made them a heavier than normal. She brought them to her nose and the distinct, bleach like smell of cum, wafted from them. So much for him checking his emails this morning. Without hesitating she stuck out her tongue and dipped it into the sticky mess on the gusset. She recognised his distinctive taste but also detected remnants of her own pussy taste. They smelt so good and she was quite surprised how much she was starting to enjoy her own scent and taste. She set them aside and sorted the remaining clothing ready for washing. Picking up the panties she took them through to the study and put them in the top drawer for later.

A while later, she heard the front doorbell, and knew this would be her delivery. When she opened the door, she saw an older delivery man standing holding a plain brown box. She was relieved that the packaging was plain, and he had no way of knowing what the box contained. She signed for the parcel and went back to the study.

She tore away the outer packaging and opened the box. Taking the holder out she slipped off the white. plastic cover, and the We-Vibe was lying neatly in the charging dock with the remote control next to it. She unwrapped the cable and put it on to charge. Opening the instruction manual, she started to read. There was a link to the manufacturers home page and typed the address into her computer. Following the instructions to link the toy to her smart phone she soon had it paired but felt disappointment that they suggested eight hours charging before use. She would need to either wait until Scott had gone to sleep later that evening or try it out the following morning when she had the house to herself.

Chapter 3

By late afternoon Sara was exhausted. She had spent most of the day catching up on all the chores she had neglected over the past few weeks, with so much of her time having been taken up on her panty business. She walked wearily upstairs to shower sert porno before Scott returned. When she slipped her panties off, she inspected the gusset and was pleased to see that the gusset had a well-defined line of moisture soaked into them. She lifted them to her nose and the aroma from her pussy was pleasant and musky and she was happy that they would be perfect for the buyer. She bagged them and returned them to their hiding place in the drawer and went to shower.

As she showered her thoughts returned to the cum-stained panties she had found in the hamper this morning. She was in a dilemma on how to deal with the issue; did she should confront Scott or rather just ignore it? Despite being turned on by knowing he would have tasted the remnants of Williams cum mixed with her secretions, she was still a little annoyed with him for jerking off into her panties. She did feel a little hypocritical that she was comfortable enough to let strange men enjoy her dirty panties but was being judgemental about her own husband doing the same thing. She decided to give it a little more thought before confronting him.

She opened her panty drawer and the next panties in the pile were another white pair of boy-shorts; just like the ones she had given William. She slipped them on and loved the smooth feeling of the soft fabric cupping her pussy. Giving her mound a light rub, her fingers lingered on her clit and she shivered with pleasure. Her nipples were hard like little bullets.

Sara was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Scott returned from work. When he saw her standing in the kitchen wearing a light sundress, he smiled at her.

“Hi honey, how was your day?” he asked hugging her and kissing her on the lips.

“Mostly housework and catching up with a very large pile of laundry.”

Sara was sure Scott flushed when she mentioned the laundry. She wondered whether he really thought she wouldn’t notice his cum in her panties. Without replying he turned and went upstairs to change.

By the time the kids were asleep, and she had tidied up the kitchen she headed back upstairs. When she walked into the bedroom Scott was already lying in bed reading his book. Scott lowered his book and silently watched her undress. Sara saw him watching from the corner of her eye and decided to give him a little sexy show. She slipped the straps off her shoulders and let the sundress fall to her feet. Turning her back to him she bent forward, straight legged to retrieve the dress. She parted her legs slightly and knew that he would be able to see her puffy mound hanging down and visible through the gap between her upper thighs. She turned to face him and put her fingers into the waistband to slowly slip them off, when he stopped her.

“Leave them on, that pair is so sexy.”

She paused for a moment and then slid her fingers around the front of the panties, rubbing down her mound, her middle finger tracing a line down her slit. When she looked over at Scott his hand was under the duvet and his hardon formed a tent in the bedding.

“Is that for me?” she said seductively.

Without a word he flipped the covers back and exposed his hard cock to her.

“Hmm, I like the look of that.” She said crawling up the bed, between his legs. Ready to take him into her mouth.

“Please turn around,” he asked, stopping her.

Sara knew that earlier in their relationship he had loved to 69, but was a little surprised, as he had not suggested it for a long time. She was happy to oblige, the thought of him licking her pussy through her panties made her squirm with anticipation. She lifted her knee over his head and lowered her pussy to his mouth, leaning her body forward and taking his cock into her mouth. His juices were oozing from his tip and she licked at them with her tongue, savouring the taste and smooth texture in her mouth. She lowered her pussy further until she felt the warmth of his breath through the flimsy fabric. She loved the feeling of his tongue tracing over her clit and could hear him inhaling the scent that had already impregnated her panties. As she took him deep into her mouth, her hands caressed his balls gently. She felt him pull her panties to one side and slip his finger into her. The angle of his fingers seemed to hit the right spot and along with the suction of his mouth on her clit she was feeling so good. She grinded her pussy against his face, her pleasure rising quickly, until with a shudder she came. She felt his tongue slip between her lips and him licking her juices into his mouth. After a few seconds after the pleasure passed, and she concentrated her attention back to his cock. She could feel his balls start to contract and knew that he would soon be filling her mouth. She took him as deep as she could, then sliding back out until her tongue caressed the ridge of his cock, and she knew it would not be long. She felt his shaft twitch and felt his hands on the side of her head, pulling her harder against him until with a loud grunt, he started to squirt his cum into the back of sex hattı porno her throat. She swallowed quickly, every drop slipping easily down her throat. Then letting his cock withdraw a little she sucked him gently again, coaxing the last few strands from him. They lay still for a while, Sara with his softening cock still in her mouth, Scott still with his nose buried in her wet pussy.

Sara reluctantly raised herself off him and got shakily to her feet. When she walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She really didn’t mind the taste of cum but didn’t really want to wake up with a gummy mouth the next morning. She would have loved to bag the panties but knew this would be risky and instead threw them into the hamper. She walked back to the bed and slipped between the covers next to him. He rolled over to face her and kissed her, his tongue swirling around her mouth, licking up the remnants of his cum from her mouth and lips.

“That was a nice change” she said once their kiss was over.

“It’s long overdue, I had almost forgotten how much I love your scent.”

Sara smiled to herself. She knew that he had enjoyed her scent the previous day. Again, she wished he would be honest with her about his love of her dirty panties and knew he would be surprised that she would not be as judgmental as he thought. She needed to find a way to bring this out into the open.

Chapter 4

When Sara woke up, Scott was again up before her. As she pulled on her gown, she glanced down at the laundry hamper and surprised to see her panties lying on the top. It was unlikely that he had used them and left them on top, but she still picked them up to check. No signs of cum on them, but her scent was distinct. The yellowish stain had dried, and a powdery flaky residue remained. She knew that her buyer would love this pair despite them having dried. She tossed them back and made a mental note to bag them as soon as Scott had left for work.

Scott stood up as she walked into the room and gave her a big hug and kiss.

“I’m heading to the store; I’ll see you this evening.”

“Let’s hope it’s a good one,” she answered.

She felt a bad about cheating on him, but knew that despite the guilt, she would meet William again on Friday. She could not deprive herself of the feeling of him inside her again. His cock like a drug for her.

Sara sped through her morning chores and by mid-morning she was done. She selected the next pair of panties on the list, a black pair of cotton briefs. She pulled them on and went down to the study to take a more careful look at her new toy. She retrieved it from behind the drawers where she had hidden it. She opened the link and went through the tutorial and at the same time opened the app on her phone to control it. Once it was all set up, she pulled her panties to her knees and slowly inserted it into her pussy. She was so wet she didn’t need any of the free lube they had supplied. Once satisfied that it was correctly positioned and comfortable, she pulled her panties back up. She had read that by wearing panties while the toy was in her, it kept the thicker end more firmly against her clit and made sure that it would not fall out as easily if she was too wet. She gave a shiver of pleasure as it pressed against her clit.

Scrolling through the options for strength and pattern she chose the medium setting as a start and a wave pattern with the vibrations coming and going. At first, she didn’t feel much, but as the waves started to ebb and flow, she could feel her pleasure increasing. She pressed her fingers over the toy, pressing the vibrating silicon firmly against her clit. While sitting back and enjoying the massaging feelings on her G spot she opened one of her favourite masturbation videos and sat back and watched a couple on the screen. He fingers started to increase the pressure on her clit while the part inside her massaged the front roof of her pussy. She glanced over and saw the panties she had removed a little earlier lying in the drawer. She picked them up and brought the stained gusset to her nose. The scent of her pussy raising her arousal. It was not long before she could feel her pleasure peak and her pussy throbbed to the most intense and wettest orgasms, she had ever experienced. As her pleasure subsided, she needed to stop the vibrations; her clit was just too sensitive. Dropping the panties to her lap and with shaking hands, she fumbled under the panties she was wearing, and after a few slippery attempts, pulled the toy out and dropped it on the desk. Her body was still trembling. She had never experienced her g-spot and clit both being stimulated so completely at the same time. She pulled her panties back into place and saw that they were completely soaked, and the scent was distinct and so sexy.

By Thursday afternoon Sara had the washing for William’s apartments ready to be returned. She gathered the next few pairs of panties to send out and put them in her bag. She looked through her panty drawer until she found the lace pair, she had worn the previous Friday with William. Although she had promised to keep them for him, they would have lost their scent by the time they met and wanted to rather give him a fresh pair. She pulled them on and as she glanced at herself in the mirror, the memories they conjured up made her pussy tingle.

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