Sex Slave on Death Row


[Ever been to the slammer? Not a fun place. But one thing is true, there are no minors in state prison, all sex in prison goes on between adults whether they consent or not. Sometimes it gets pretty hot in the pen and the air conditioning is usually broken.]


Just my luck to end up in the state pen with a cell mate called Bubba, Jackson, a 6 foot 8 inch black prisoner who had his own ideas of prison etiquette. Bubba had been a front linesman for the Dallas 49ers but got into an argument with a Korean shopkeeper in Compton over the cost of a Steeler’s jumbo beer can. By the time the argument ended Hop Sing had a brain injury and a cranial fracture and the imprint of a Steeler’s metal beer can imprinted on his forehead.

Bubba in recompense was shot by Hop Sing with a .45 automatic round that entered Bubba’s his right arm, then hit the bone and ricocheted off tearing up a bunch of nerve tissue and exiting the forearm struck him just below the eye and then made a giro that slowed its velocity and found itself just inside the cranial vault that surrounds the brain.

Bubba ended up in prison for assault, with his right arm paralyzed. No doctor would risk removing the bullet so he was stymied. His brain was untouched but the lead from the non military round (military rounds are encased to avoid lead poisoning) had already poisoned one section of his brain’s receptors and he was showing the first signs of Parkinson’s. Being right handed he couldn’t adapt well and this disability didn’t do much for his sense of humor.

My name is Fuchs, Mike Fuchs, but everyone always has called me by my last name, I guess there are lots of Mikes but fewer Fuchs. I was incarcerated as the result of a fraud action of which I was unknowingly a part. I had entered into a contact to build a three unit vacation cabin and was supposed to take in the central unit as payment for my labor. I built the cabin, the other two partners paid the building materials or so I thought. Turns out one guy had run short and just signed my name to the building materials. As it was a federal backed loan, the over zealous DA brought me up on charges of fraud. This was ludicrous but when advised I could get 7 years or plead guilty and get a 14 months sentence I took the public defender’s advice. Wouldn’t ya know he ended up buying the cabin when it ended up in bankruptcy court.

There were three other inmates in our cell, number 56, but there was no question who was in charge. Yup, you guessed it Bubba. The other inmates were a Latino named Del Gatto, a Filipino named Carlos and a small black kid who went by the name of Sneaker. I guess they were happy when I was ushered into the cell in my poorly pressed jailhouse. I thought I’d get incarcerated in a tennis club non max prison for a white collar crime but somehow I ended up in the state pen.

Since Bubba didn’t have use of his right hand I was designated to replace the Philippine guy and my first job was to masturbate Bubba that night as soon as it was lights out. You might think that was an easy chore, I’d been doing it to myself since I was 10 years old. Of course when you’re jerking yourself off, no one hits you in the head if you slow down,

“Damn you white boy, I was just getting into it, now you haf-ta start over WAP (he smacked me).”

Of course the guards knew what was going on and they got a big laugh out of it. I was quickly know as the ‘jerker-off guy.’ I’d get cornered in the shower stall and bathroom and it seemed everyone wanted to be jerked off. Usually I was able to run away, but not always.

After several jerk-off weeks I got a new directive, I was to blow Sneaker as well and Bubba was to watch to make sure I did it right.I never blew a guy so I didn’t know what to do, The Filipino gave me a crash course, seems it was something he knew quite a bit about.

So that night my chore was to jerk off Bubba and suck Sneaker’s cock.

Sneaker was a skinny back kid, around 135 pounds, I’m sure I could have beat his ass but with Bubba standing by that was not going to happen. The kid’s cock was rather puny, kind of rubbery and tasted of nothing but wet flesh. When he came in about three minutes I tried to escape his ejaculation but when I pulled back it hit me on my lips.

That made Bubba laugh. Like I said he had a great sense of humor. When I went to wipe it off, Bubba grabs my hand. Hey Carlos, get over here and lick the seed off the Jerk-off guys face. Carlos was quick to arrive and I could feel his very large tongue lap up the cum juice very quickly. This was going from strange to weird.

Done for the night I washed my face in the tiny sink and tried to sleep.

Quite honestly, I was getting sick of this sexual harassment. I was in jail, not a sex colony. I trying to figure the way out of this conundrum.

The next night I satisfied Bubba who was now asking me to lick his cock clean after I’d jerked him off. I knew where that was going to lead me. I didn’t mention but perhaps I should. You, the Betturkey reader probably assumed a big guy like Bubba had an enormous sexual organ, Well, he did not. Contrary to popular imagination, that Blacks have very large dicks, bubba was an embarrassment. It was well cut and quite thick but only about 5 inches long. The bell shaped head was actually pleasant to handle and after licking it I realized that if we were to proceed to a blowjob, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Sneaker, as small in stature as he was, had a 6 inch dick that was kind of nasty. It was very wrinkly with loose skin and his balls were rock hard. Rock hard balls means something is wrong. When forced to blow him his cum was very little and of a yellow tinge. While I was bent over Sneaker, Carlos pulled down my sweat pants and tried to stick his cock into my ass. NO—Bubba waved him off. That was the last straw. I wasn’t going to have that happen to me. How could I live with myself after being defiled?

I kept think about what Clinton had said, the oral stuff wasn’t sex, but I just could not agree.The next morning I asked to be taken to the Warden’s office even though I knew this would get me in dutch with my cellmates. Yes, I now realized why they were called cellmates.

Warden Grey was the type of man you’d expect to find as the deacon of an Episcopal church. He was grey haired and slender Wore a jacket and a bolo type tie with some sort of brown rock on it.

“Nice bolo,” I offered.

“Yeah my kid made it for me.”

“That’s nice.”

“Not really, he was killed in an auto crash twenty years ago.”

Opps… I realized I shouldn’t have mentioned that.

I explained what Bubba and the others were putting me through. The warden listened with his hands clasped on a small book. I thought it might have been a bible, instead it was a notebook.

He opened it and said, “In this here notebook I have the same allegations by the last 4 inmates in what we call Bubba’s cell.”

Oh my God, I though, coming here was an error.

“Why? Mr Fuchs, do you think we put you in that cell.”

“I figured you didn’t know what was going on.”

“Well you figured wrong, we put you in that cell—wanna guess why?”

I didn’t answer.

“We put you there because no one in that group has a large dick. We wanted you to be broken in slowly. If we’d put you in with some of these horse cocks you’d have hemorrhaged anally and you’d be dead by now.”

“You should thank me for that.”

“Thank you Warden.”

“Let me explain one thing to you. The reason the prison is so peaceful, no riots or excess murders is because we allow the inmates a full sex life. A life of full sexual expression and satisfaction, and you sir are part of the solution.”

I was turning white.

“Hold on, maybe you don’t get what i’m telling you.”

He hit a button uno his desk, “Deputy, get in here.”

A big prison guard came quickly into the off.

“He giving you a problem Warden?”

Without answering he pointed at me,

“Mr Fuchs, please assume the position.”

Not knowing what I was to do I hesitated and the big guard pushed me to my knees, and pulled down my sweat pants so I could feel the cool air on my ass.

“Show him your truncheon Henry.”

The guard pulled out a thing that looked like a black jack, about 8 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches wide.

“Here Henry, dip it in the vaseline.”

I could hear a slippery gurgle as the blackjack was pushed into the bottle.

“Now, relax and open your legs wide Mr. Fuchs.”

I was frozen with fear but the guard spread my legs .

“Ok Henry, let him get the feel.”

With a fast fluid motion the guard named the tool into my ass.

“Sorry Warden, it only goes in about 4 inches.”

“You see Mr. Fuchs, you are not ready. We want you to be able to stick a full night stick up that ass of yours. You’ll need some time. Come back in a few weeks and we’ll try you again.”

The burly guard walked and dragged me, the black jack still in my ass right to the cell. All the prisoner up the walkway that was flanked by cell on both sides laughed and made catcalls at me.

When we got to my cell the guard ripped the tool out of my ass where it seemed to have adhered. It removal was quite painful.

“You guy in here,” the guard spoke to my cell mates.

“You guys going too easy on Mr. Fuchs here, now get to work or you will lose all sex privileges. “

“Oh yeah, any of you guys go to shop class.”

Someone grunted.

“You tell Mr. Jason, the shop teacher, you are going to need to get some extra lathe time to fashion some plastic dildos for Mr. Fuchs here.”

The cell door slid open and I had no idea what lay before me.

Bubba had a mean face on when he heard I’d misbehaved.

“I knew I was going too easy on him,” he addressed the others, “and the jackass went to the Warden to complain.”

“Ok Mister Fuchs, now we gonna let the hard times roll.”

then Betturkey Giriş he added,

“You seem to have learned about cock sucking but we gonna break you into big cock butt fucking now.”

And so began my training and I shut up and took it, there was no one to complain too. So I took it stoically. In a few days they had a variety of hard plastic dildos of various sizes. I cooperated knowing they were preparing me for the service I was unprepared for.

Sneaker became the one in charge. He would put me in a four on the floor and mount me from behind. After he’d fuck me and loosen me up he’d insert a bigger dildo and insert it as deep as he could. I would squirm to help, but I was working with him, not against him. I knew what might happen to me if I screwed up again.

It took about three weeks, little by little my ass hole enlarged until somewhere around 21 days I could hardly feel Sneaker if he fucked me after the dildos had enlarged me. I went through four dildos, each larger than the previous one. It was then they decided I was ready for the test. I was transferred to a new cell, not much different from the old one but the three inmates were big, really big guys.

I didn’t realize when I was brought to this cell that these men were actually on death row. Normally death row inmates are usually kept each in a single cell, but because of prison overcrowding, those inmates who were not deemed to be violent were segregated three to a cell.

The warden who wanted their execution to be preceded by some sexual gratification, and since there were no women, I was to be the surrogate, the visiting angel before they’re marched off to the gas chamber.

These prisoners didn’t seem to be watched as much by the guards as the previous inmates, they just lived in limbo waiting out their time without talking too much. They were never released from their cell for a run to the exercise yard. I thought it wise to stay on my lower bunk and just keep quiet. The three guys hardly introduced themselves. I picked up on who they were from their name tags on their prison jumpsuits.

Hector was a tall lean Latino covered with tattoos that extended even onto his shaved skull. He never smiled and keep whistling some familiar tune I could not recognize. I had no intention of asking him what the song was.

Richter was wide, as wide as an oak door. He had no tats but his body was covered with scars. I didn’t know if he was a “cutter ” or had been horribly mutilated at some earlier time. He was always sniffing and coughing. From somewhere he’d gotten cigarette and would smoke them on the inside of his palm so you couldn’t see them, but the smoke was rancid. It never smelled like tobacco. He’d smoke, stinking up the cell and then fall back on his bunk, wide eyed and then fall asleep.

The remaining cellmate was Staub, was an older guy. He had a mustache and long beard that extended down to his chest. The beard was mousy in color, a mixture of brown and grey hairs, stubby and very curly. It reminded me of the pubic hair of a girl I used to date. Maybe he was her brother I joked to myself. I’d hear him talking in a low grumbling tones. He seemed to be an elder statesman, cons from the quad would send him notes and stop on their exercise tours to have brief consults with Staub, but of what they spoke I wasn’t ever privy.

I realized that first night, that it wasn’t the fact that we were all prisoners, the fact was I was their prisoner. They referred to me as “hey boy” as if I was the bellhop in those old Have Gun will travel TV western dramas. When Hector said,

“Hey Boy, strip down, clean your ass and get down in my bunk.”

I did as I was told. I knew what was coming next. As I did as he bid, it dawned on me the Hector was whistling the ‘Wedding March’ by Wagner. It didn’t make me feel more welcome.

He laid me flat on his bunk, that smelled like sweat and dried cum. Hector positioned me as he whistled. Now the tune became clear and obvious.

“You better have a clean ass or I break your arm after I break yo ass.”

With his huge machinist hands he reached below my ass cheeks and grabbed my flaccid cock and balls in one palm and said,

“Aw you still soft, aren’t you glad to see me?”

He squeezed my genital tightly as if expecting an answer.

“Yes sir,” I weakly croaked.



“Yes, sir who?”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Hector?”

“No, no, no. Yes, sir, my husband.”

“Yes, sir, my husband.”

“I love you my husband.”

This was getting tiresome but when a behemoth has you by the balls you do as he says.

“I love you my husband,” and I added, “make love to me gently on this our wedding night.”

That seemed to go over well, he released my balls and bent forward to kiss me on both ass cheeks, warm and wet and then moved to my ass hole where he licked and tongued me like one would expect a husband making love to his virgin bride might do.

When he judged me wet enough, he grunted Betturkey Güncel Giriş his approval,

“Clean,” and proceeded to whistle again.

He placed the tip of his penis head, which felt warm at the apex of my ass hole and started to work it in, a little at a time. I bit the edge of the pillow to keep from crying out and disturbing the two other inmates. At the same time I thanked God and the preparation that Sneaker had put me through because although Hectors cock was at least 8 inches long and thick and wide, he was able to fit most of it in, when his cock came at loggerheads with my closed rectum he whispered,

“Now I take your virginity,” and with flip of his hips he rammed the whole cock inside me.

It was painful but I was up to it. I lay their, tears streaming from my eyes as he fucked me, in strong waves of thrusting and then slow steady strokes, it seemed like a long time but I was able to withstand his onslaught. At a certain moment he grabbed me by my hair and pulled at the same time I could feel his massive missile tremble and then pulsate.

I counted the pulsations to myself knowing that with the last one my ordeal of tonight would be over. As my ass was still filled with his large cock, Hector pushed his hand under my leg, felt my erect cock and laughed,”That is good, you do love me.”

He tightened his embrace and fell asleep. I lay partially crushed with this heavy weight while he began snoring and drooling on my neck and back. After an hour or so he rolled over, his soft cock , slither out of my ass like a snake shedding his skin. At that point I was able to squeeze past him and run to the bathroom cubical and wash away his voluminous seed. So ended my wedding night.

The next day passed uneventfully, Hector rarely rose from the bed and the other two played cards, gambling with cigarette. We were delivered our meals through a slot in the cell door. When I realized we weren’t released to the dinning hall or the exercise quad I knew I was in with some bad hombres.

That evening I expected more of the same that Hector had put me through but this was not to be a duplicate of my wedding night, it was more like a gang bang. Let me try to put it into words.

Knowing night was falling I’d hardly eaten, neither lunch nor dinner, so my system would be easily cleansed. When I finished preparing myself Hector seemed to have fallen asleep.

Richter and Staub then grabbed me and dragged me to the floor in front of Staub’s lower bunk. It seemed that these two guys got their jollies working in harmony and I was to be the middleman. As they arranged me on all fours Hector shouted out,

“Go easy on my wife.”

“Oh yeah, we will,” one of them said.

“We’ll ease our cocks right into him,” laughed Staub.

Staub came around in front of he and got down on his haunches,

“Look you fucking fairy, you are going to suck my cock till I cum, if I can, and if you lay one tooth on my cock I’ll knock out all your teeth and we’ll begin again.”

“I’ll be goo, Mr Staub, trust me I’ll do my best for you.”

I was so scared I couldn’t pronounce good.

“While you’re sucking my dick, Richter will be plowing your ass hole. Now don’t bite down on my cock even if he fucks you real hard, I’m warning you.”

I began to appreciate Hectors foreplay, Richter didn’t rim me to lube me up.

I said,

“Mr. Richter sir, I’m happy to accommodate you but I’m going to need some lube to give you some pleasure.”

Staub piped up,

“Get the butter from the evening meal, I never eat the stuff.”

So my ass got lubed up with butter, fortunately it wasn’t the salted variety. Richter pushed a cube up my ass that melted as it went,

“You’ve got a hot little ass, Fuchs,” and he laughed.

He lathered up his head and shaft with another cube and I realized what Maria, that girl from ‘Last Tango in Paris,’ must have felt like when Brando butt fucked her.

My prepping completed the two of them set to business. Staub’s cock was quite long, but not too wide. I had to let him push it past my epiglottis to satisfy him, his thrust are slow and full giving me time to adapt and control the gag reflex after a few false starts.

Meanwhile, Richter was pushing past Hectors virgin territory. This guy’s cock was bigger than any of the dildos and I’d wished I’d been in practicing a little longer with Sneaker. But it was too late for that. This cock was at least 11-12 inches long, as wide as a cop’s billy club and his balls hung like baseballs. As Richter dove deeper and further up my annal canal I could feel his hairy balls beaten a tattoo on my ass cheeks.

Luckily, for me, he passed the point of resistance without tearing me up and as he worked at fucking me so deeply, it no longer was pain only but it began to feel good, I was totally ensnared and filled and those baseballs kept hitting me harder and faster.

Stab shouted at Richter

“I’m almost there.”

And Richer mumbled, “Ok.”

My dick was fully extended as well when a gush of Staub’s cum rushed down my throat followed almost on cue by Richer’s massive cum load. He must have been saving it for weeks but it had its effect. As it filled me and its warm juices ran back to attack my prostate, that stimulated me to do the unthinkable.

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