Sex with Sister


This story is purely fiction. Any similarity with anyone or place is coincidence. This is my first attempt at creative erotic writing. I welcome constructive criticism.


I woke up with a tingling sensation between my legs. I looked down and saw my nude sister stroking my cock and licking the head. “What are you doing Carla?” I asked.

“I want to get it hard because I want to feel it inside me again.” She said. I lay my head back on the pillow. I know at 18 I’m supposed to be at my peak sexually but 5 times in 24 hours. I’d never done that before.

Let me digress about 24 hours.

It was a late spring Friday morning in my senior year of high school. I woke up with my usual erection and masturbated in the shower. I was sure to wash the tell tale signs from the shower wall.

When I went to breakfast my twin sister, Mom & Dad were all eating breakfast. My Dad talked. “I want to remind both of you that your Mother and I will be gone on our weekend getaway before you get home from school. There is plenty of food in the house. You both know how to cook. Just stay out of trouble while were gone. No wild parties while were gone.” My sister and I just kind of nodded between mouthfuls of food.

I am 5 ft 10 in. about 175 lbs. Not muscle bound but by no means overweight. I have short light brown hair and blue grey eyes. Carla is petite at only about 5 ft 1, in and no more than 105 lbs. She is a natural blonde and reaches the top of her shoulders. She has beautiful blue eyes and her tits are small 32A.

After school I went home and fixed myself a snack and asked Carla what her plans were for the evening. She said she was going to a girl friend, Shannon’s house. I told her I would be over a Julie’s house watching TV. Julie is my high school sweetheart.

When I got to Julie’s house her parents were leaving saying they would be out late. We started watching movies with Julie cuddled up close to me. After a couple hours I started losing interest in the movie and started rubbing one of Julies 34b breast through her T-shirt and giving her little kisses. Finally she pushed me away and said, “Not tonight Chuck, I’m having my period and its too messy.” She must have seen the look of disappointment on my face because she quickly said, “I can give you a blow job.” She immediately started unfastening my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled my jeans and briefs down to my ankles. I lifted my hips off the sofa so she could get them down easier. My cock was already getting hard from anticipation. Julie stroked my cock a few times and then swirled her tongue around the head while fondling my balls. She knew this always made me cum faster. She took my cock in her mouth and played with it with her tongue along the underside and around the head. Bobbing her head up and down she soon had me on the verge of cumming. I shouted a warning to her but she tightened her lips around my cock and swallowed every drop. She kept me in her mouth until I started going soft and then licked me clean. She helped me get my pants back up. A short time later I left to go home a bit earlier than normal because Julie said she was tired.

When I arrived home I noticed the light was on in Carla’s room and the door was open. I stepped inside to say goodnight and saw my sister in bra and panties getting ready for bed. I just said, “Carla, kahramanmaraş escort bayan you know you should close your door when you change clothes.”

She just casually said, “you’ve seen me with less. That bikini I wore last summer covered a lot less than I have on now.’ I just turned to go when she said “Your home kind of early tonight.” I told her Julie was tired so I left early.

She then asked me, “Am I as sexy as Julie?” The question caught me off guard. I looked at her and said, “You’re my sister. I’ve never thought of you that way.” I tried to tell her she was pretty but being my sister I never thought of her as sexy.

She then said, “Pretend I’m not your sister. Am I as sexy as Julie.”

I thought for a moment and said. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen you nude and I’ve seen her nude.”

Carla tried to act shocked and asked, “When Have you seen her nude.”

I blurted out “Every time we have sex at her house we’re nude.” I knew immediately I should not have said it.

Carla looked shocked and said “You mean you’ve gone all the way, you put your cock in her pussy?”

I answered, “Sure we have done it several times.” Carla then just looked down at the floor and said in a low voice, I’ve never seen a guy naked before.” I wasn’t sure how to answer her. Before I could think of anything she asked in a shy low voice. “Would you show me yours?”

“What?” I answered. “You want me to take my pants off for you.”

She turned from me and I could tell she was about to cry when she was able to say, “All the other girls talk about fucking and I’ve never even seen a guys cock.”

I walked around in front of her and put my arms around her to comfort her. I then said, “If it will make you feel any better I’ll let you see my cock, But you better not tell anyone.” I knew I shouldn’t have said it but it was too late now.

Carla looked at me with a smile on her face and asked, “Oh will you Chuck? I won’t tell anyone.”

I told her to sit on her bed. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my T-shirt over my head. I then decided to tease her a bit. I unfastened my belt and the snap and zipper on my jeans. I then turned my back to her and slowly started lowering my jeans. When I got to the bottom of my briefs I pulled them up again. I then let my jeans fall to the floor. I then looked over my shoulder at her. She was smiling and said, “Now take your underpants off.” With my back still towards her I slowly lowered my briefs a bit and then pulled them back up. I looked over my shoulder and she said in a pleading voice. “Take them off.” I slowly lowered them and stood with my back to her. “Turn around and let me see you she ordered.” I slowly turned towards her and kept my hands in front of my cock, which was starting to grow again. I slowly moved my hands.

“WOW” was the first thing out of her mouth. “How can something that big ever fit inside a girls little hole?”

“Very easy,” I told her. “A girls vagina will stretch and expand to let it in.”

She reached out to touch my cock and asked, “Can I touch it.”

“Sure go ahead it won’t bite.” I then added, “If you get it too excited it will shoot cum all over the place.” She giggled a bit as my cock jerked when she touched it and stroked it gently.

She kapalı gaziantep escort bayan then looked up at me with pleading eyes, “Chuck, will you please make love to me, I’m still a virgin and want to feel a cock inside me.”

I stepped away from her and said, “I can’t do that Carla, that’s incest.”

She again pleaded with me, “Please Chuck, Just pretend I’m not your sister. Pretend I’m a sexy girl you just met and what to fuck.”

I again said, “I can’t do that Carla. Its just not right.”

She turned away from me and started to cry. “You don’t love me, you think I’m ugly. I’ll never know what its like to have sex.” My sister knows how to get to me and make me do what she wants. I kept trying to tell myself don’t do it. But I couldn’t stop myself.

I gently took her by the shoulder and turned her towards me. I immediately planted a long passionate kiss on her lips. She responded immediately sticking her tongue into my mouth. My hands went around her. I found the clasp of her bra and unfastened it. I let it fall away from her and moved my lips to her nipples. While playing with one nipple with my lips and tongue and rubbed the other with my fingers. I switched for one nipple to the other and had Carla moaning. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her bed, I lay her down and looked and her sexy body covered only by a pair of white cotton panties, I took hold of the waistband and started removing them. She lifted her hips off the bed to let me remove them easier. I could see a damp spot on her panties. Carla’s pussy. Was shaved smooth. She did that for her bikini.

I gently parted her legs and lowered my head to her pussy lips and gently licked her from the bottom to the top several times. I gently parted her lips at the top and licked her clit. She jerked when I did that so I continued lapping her clit. I wet a finger and slit it in her pussy being careful not to go too far because I didn’t want to pop her cherry with my finger. I slipped a second finger in and began finger fucking her while licking her clit. She was squirming and trashing on the bed. She then let out a long moan as her pussy began contracting. She squeezed my head with her thighs as her orgasm flowed through her body.

When her orgasm finally began to subside she said, “That was awesome Chuck, but what about you? You didn’t come and I want you in my pussy.”

I went to my jeans and got out the condom I always carried with me. I opened the foil packet and rolled it down over my cock. “Are you sure you want this?” I asked. She just nodded her head. “The first time it may hurt a bit.” I told her, “But I’ll try to be gentle.”

I spread her legs and slowly started to enter her virgin pussy. It was very tight and felt wonderful around the head of my cock. I reach a barrier. I looked at her and said, “Try to relax.” I backed out of her a bit and thrust forward hard ripping her hymen apart.

She yelled in pain as I went deep inside her. I stopped to let her get used to me being inside her. I leaned down and gently kissed her.

Finally she looked up at me with a little smile on her face and just said, I’m OK.” I slowly pulled back most of the way out of her and then started back in. I slowly stroked in and out of her tight, hot, wet pussy. I kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan slowly picked up speed and she picked up my rhythm and thrust her hips up to meet my thrust. Her breathing became short and ragged and I picked up the pace. Carla let out a long low moan as her orgasm hit. The contractions of her pussy squeezing my cock were more than I could take. With one last hard thrust I rammed my cock all the way till it touched her cervix and my cock erupted spewing my cum in the condom deep inside her . We lay together with my cock deep inside her till I started to soften. I rolled off her and pulled from her pussy. I grabbed a couple tissue from a box on the table next to her bed and pulled the condom off not letting the cum spill.

Carla rolled next to me and said, “That was great Chuck. I love you.” She then kissed me and asked, “Can we do it again?”

Totally spent I looked and her and said. “I don’t know if I can get it up again.”

Carla took hold of my cock and started stroking it. “Let me see if I can get it up again.” She said.

“Don’t Carla, stop, I don’t have another condom.” I said.

“Don’t worry” she said, “I’m safe, my period just ended yesterday.”

She continued stroking my cock and then began licking the head. The cock started to respond. When she had it hard she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock and slowly began riding me. She felt so good on my cock but I didn’t think Id ever be able to cum again. I looked up at her young tits and reached up holding them and rubbing the tight little nipples. I then reach for her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She started moaning. I started thrusting my hips up pushing my cock deeper into her until her moaning became louder and I felt her pussy starting to squeeze my cock. Somehow I was able to cum, spurting a small amount of cum into her.

Finally she rolled off me. When I regained my strength I got up, picked up my clothes and headed for my room. I took a quick shower to clean up and hit the bed nude and drifted off to sleep. I then woke up with the sun streaming in the window and my sister playing with my cock.

“Please stop.” I pleaded with her. “I don’t think I can cum again……….And we shouldn’t be doing it.”

“But it’s so much fun.” Carla said as she continued stroking my cock which was just semi hard. She then surprised me by taking my cock in her mouth and started sucking it and running her tongue around it. I just laid back and let her play with my cock. I was too tired to fight her and I didn’t think my cock would respond, but it did. Soon I was hard.

Carla then lay next to me with her legs spread and said “Come on Chuck, Fuck me!” I didn’t think there was anything left in me but I rolled on top of her, slipped my cock in her very wet, tight, warm pussy. I slowly started moving in and out of her, knowing that if I did come it would take a while. Carla kept urging me to fuck her hard.

With my cock tucked as deep in her as I could get it I rolled us over so I was on the bottom. “You want to be fucked.” I said, “You have to do the work.”

Carla started riding my cock with hard rapid strokes. I reached for her clit and let my fingers ride over it as she went up and down. She started moaning and then collapsed on me as her body was convulsing from her orgasm. I may have leaked a bit of cum inside her, I don’t know. My cock started to shrivel to its flaccid state and slipped out of her.

I don’t know how long we lay on the bed with Carla on top of me. When she finally got off me and headed for the shower she said. “Get some rest Chuck. We still have the rest of the day and all day tomorrow to fuck before Mom and Dad get home.” I just rolled over and wondered. “What have I done?”

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