She Thinks, He Thinks


Wow, that was a bit close. What a lummox. I swear, that boy doesn’t realize the edges of his body. Never has — damned bull in a china shop.

Shit, my boob got walloped.

Actually, he felt nice though, banging into me. What a great looking boy he is. And that is quite a body.


Wow, that was a bit close. Shit, I better slow down. I almost mowed her over. She must be okay — didn’t say anything.

Nice tits, mom. That part wasn’t bad. For it being mom. Yeah, nice rack, mom.


God, I hate going into this room. Smells like a damn boy. You’d think he’d be able to just keep most of his stuff picked up. Dammit boy, you’re 19, for God’s sake. I need to get him washing his own clothes by now. You’ve coddled this kid, Nan.

Actually, not so bad today. Atta boy, Jeff. Only inhospitable, not apocalyptic.

Hmm. Looks like he’s got himself a little nest of naughties here. What’s you trying to hide, Mister?

Great. Smut. Uck. Little stiff, I’d say. And it smells. Like him. Like sex. Whew.

We’ll just be saying goodbye to this one. I doubt he’ll say anything, but he’s not going to like it. I hate this shit. MILF Mommas. Fuck. Really? Three Hole Cougars. Oh my god. This is horrible.


Oh fuck, she cleaned up. Oh . . . oh, shit. This is not good. Fuck.

I didn’t see that coming. That was stupid. Now I’m going to have to talk to her about it. She’s probably got her smut-rant fully practiced.

OK, which ones did I have there . . . damn, the MILF one. Did she look . . . no. Not back there. The rest of the stash is safe. But the MILF one. Damn. That’s a little fucked up.

I don’t even know why I have these — shit, the interweb porn is so fucking good.

But that one picture was something.


Huh, nothing. I guess I can’t expect him to bring it up, but I expected something. At least some awkwardness. He has to know.


Huh, nothing. I thought she’d be all over me by now. Chill. I wonder if this is just going to build up and blow up into something completely fucking nuts.

Naw, she’ll cut me this slack.

God, I’m starved. Might as well eat.


Damn, I need to throw that disgusting thing out. I can’t believe I looked at it. Only for a minute though. Just looked.

That one picture was something, though. That was an amazing cock. I would die impaled on that thing.

What a way to die, though.

And in her ass. Unbelievable. It looks so fucking nasty.

It has been so long.

And now I’m sitting here looking at a smutty “MILF” with cum dripping out of her ass and wishing it was me. How pathetic can I possibly be?


Well, she’s certainly not acting pissed off. She’s actually in a pretty good mood. Damn, I will never figure this shit out.

She’s kinda displaying the assets today. Man, nice ass and tits. Way up firm and high. Go mom. I’m just gonna watch you make that sandwich.

Shit, listen to me. I need to get laid. I bet Jessica is still looking to play. I hope I didn’t piss her off last week . . .


That was one fine cum, young lady. Wow, nothing like a spring in your step. Damn, that was great.

I need to throw that trash away — God, it’s so disgusting. I sure do like that picture, though . . .

God, I’m starved. Might as well eat.

I’m gonna kill this sandwich.


Dude, you walked into that one. You dumb shit. There was no way. None. She set you up like a bowling pin — right down to rubbing my dick when we danced. I so deserved that — I was a complete ass hat to her last week. OK, Jessica, we’re even.

And now, fucking blue balls. The worst.

Looks like it’s gonna have to be the stash and Ol’ Righty here, tonight. And that good lube. Oh, yeah.

Damn, I really thought I was gonna get some tonight. That completely sucks.


Well, he’s home early. That must have been a bust. Doesn’t look any too happy either. Looks like my Little Buddy struck out tonight.

Oh my god! Yeah, I’d say he didn’t get any tonight. That’s like a damned third leg. I can see why he never wears those nice tight pants I bought him. Holy cow!

I guess that’s the last time I refer to him as my Little Buddy. Somebody’s completely grown up.


Damn, I think she saw me. I’m never gonna be able to sneak past her, I swear. Oh well. We don’t need to talk. I’ll check in tomorrow.

Fucking Saturday — I’m so glad it’s finally here. What a week.

Okay, let’s do this. I might even break out the vape pen — she’ll never notice the smell. These things are fucking great.

Damn, I wish I had that MILF mag. I’d love to see that fine ass shot again. I wonder if there’s a Tineye option. Let’s see, if I . . .


Oh, great, now he’s doing that vaping again. Now what am I supposed to do? I hate it when he does that here. I guess it’s not that strong, but I can sure smell it.

How strong is the smell upstairs?

Yeah, I can smell it even more here.

Oh, well shit, his door’s open. He must have been in a hurry. Okay, at least close it.


Look away.

Look away.

Look gaziantep manken escort bayan away — you can’t be doing this. Look away, goddammit.

Oh, he saw me. Fuck.

“If you’re going to vape, please do it outside.”

Yeah, that’s not too suspicious. Dumb shit.


Dumb shit. You fucking left the door open. Oh fuck.

I think she saw me. No, I think she just noticed the vape pen. Fuck.

She wouldn’t have watched me, would she?

Yeah, that wasn’t too obvious. Dumb shit.


Stop thinking about it. Stop. STOP!

That’s such a big fucking cock. My god.




Oh Fuck.

Shit, I hit the wall. That was intense. Man, I’ve never cum that hard before. Fuck, it’s all over me. Whew. That was good. I’m not even going again — that was enough.


Ahhgh! Mmmph. Oh. Oh. My.

Shit, I hit a wall there. That was intense. I haven’t cum that hard for a very long time.

Whoa, was I too loud? I hope he didn’t hear me. I sure heard his grunt, but I would hate it . . . naw, I don’t expect he’d be even thinking about me.

I sure hope he didn’t hear me.

Such a big fucking cock. Hmm . . .




Oh baby, let’s get this shower head just right. Mmm. Yeah, right there, ah . . . Good morrrrning!

Such a big fucking cock. Hmmm . . .


Oh, she’s wearing those shorts again. Those things are like paint. What the hell is she doing?

I don’t believe it — high beams. She is sprouting them, big time. Wow. Those are epic. Man I wish I remembered when those used to be all mine. Nice fucking tits.

What the hell, mom?

I’m never going to last around here if she’s dressing like that. Shit. I’m glad I saved my shower — I have some business to attend to.

I’d better wolf this down. Damn, another great breakfast. Go, Mom.


Well, my boy’s looking good this morning. How can men get away with just rolling out of bed like that? Fuckers. Yeah, I’d say’s he’s looking fuckably good.

Oh — did I just think that? Get a grip girl.

Great, there’s that damn pecker of his again. My lord, that’s some piece of equipment. And you can see his cockhead easy — that is epic. My god. Man, I remember those times. So long ago since I’ve had a nice hard cock.

Oh, damn, I hope he didn’t see me checking him out. I think he saw me — oh, shit, look at his face. What’s he thinking?


Oh, damn, I hope she didn’t see me checking her out. I think she saw me. What the hell is that look?

Dude, get a grip.

“I’m gonna grab a quick shower.”

Yeah, get out of here. This is danger.


Well, he sure ran out of there. See ya.

I know exactly what he’s going to do. And I’ll bet he raids my hamper again.

Shit, I’m getting wet again. This is unbelievable. I’m completely turned on by his cock, and knowing he’s about to whack off. What is going on?

Slow down, it’s just the mind playing games. Lot of fantasies aren’t close to real. No biggie. Just playing on the edge of a fantasy, that’s all. You’re okay, Nan.

Remember when I got off on that forced-sex roll play at Sandals last winter? That was awesome, that’s for sure, and I hate violence. See? This is just a little playful mind candy, same as that.

But different. Very different, of course.

I wonder if he’s going to need a clean towel. Maybe I can bring him a warm one from the dryer. That would be nice of me.


All right then. Just come right in. No problem. Just beating off in here, don’t mind me.

Fuck, that was close. Again. What the fuck, and I thought I was being careful this time.

There’s no way she can really think I needed a towel. She just gave me a new one yesterday. Man, she was casual, just waltzing in here.

And looking good. Nice rack, mom. Fucking nipples, yeah. That’s a nice image to focus on.

Man, those nipples were tasty looking. I’d love to munch both at the same time . . . that would be awesome. I’ll bet she likes to have them pinched. Seems all MILFs have iron tits. I can’t figure out how they can be so sensitive, and yet you can still bite ’em. I’ll never figure that shit out.

Jesus, Mrs. Ingle sure love to have those things bit. Fuck, that had to hurt. Damn she would squirt and squirm. Mrs. Ingle, hmmm. That might work again.

Mom’s are way bigger than those. Man . . .

Yeah, Mom, mmm, that’s right. Spread ’em . . . mmm, yeah.


Well, what did you expect? You practically invited yourself into that shower with him. And that log he calls his cock. You are such a bitch!

But it is fun. And I would love to see that cock again. I almost saw it, just through the shower glass. I think it’s bigger than my black toy. I’ll bet it is.

No, I don’t think so. This dildo is huge. There’s no way that boy is more than this 10 ½ inches. Is there?

What would I do with it? I’d fucking blow him. I would. I’d swallow that damned rod.

I wonder how much of it I could take. Yeah, I used to swallow gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan some pretty big dicks. God, Pablo, what a great cock. In the bottom of my throat. Uhn.

Damn, I am so wet again.

Well I guess there’s no reason to sit here and guess. Let’s see, how much of this . . . get it really wet . . . here we go . . . glgh . . .

Don’t you start this and not finish. Push, get down.

Damn you, you are not going to beat me. I can do this.

Don’t panic. You got this.

You don’t need to breath yet. Hold your breath.

Relax. Swallow all of that big black dick. Is that you, Pablo . . .?


Okay, that felt great. I think that soap is even better than her thong.

Okay, maybe not.

God, I love that purple thong. It just holds that load so nice.

Speaking of which. I should put that thing back — she’s going to know I have it. I should sneak it into the bottom of her hamper — she’ll never notice it there.

I need to do this quick. I don’t want to get busted.

Oh . . . oh, wow.


Why is he here? Why did he come in here? No, this is terrible. No, no, no, shit, shit, shit. Why did he come in here? This is . . . this is terrible.

Slowly, pull it out slowly . . .

What was he thinking? And why is he holding my party thong? What the fuck is he doing? He’s just standing there looking at me.

Why doesn’t he leave?


She swallowed that hole cock.

That’s a big cock.

She swallowed that whole fucking thing.

Mom, what the hell? A porn star? Holy shit.

She’s just looking at me.

Hell, I need to get out of here. Ah . . .


My god, Nan, what did you just do? What did you do?

You’re just playing with fire. What are you doing?

Oh, listen to him go. He’s out of here. See ya.

I wonder where he’s off to. What’s that girl’s name/

Slow down, you’re gonna get a ticket.

Shit, shit, shit. What am I doing? Put this shit away. Jeez . . .

I gotta get out of here too. I gotta think. I’m gonna go pound some pavement — I need to work this shit out of me. This is just crazy.


I need to go pound some weights. I need to work this shit out of me. That was unbelievable.

Or go pound Mrs. Ingle. Yeah, maybe later.

Wally would completely shit if he saw that. He’s been dreaming of her for so damned long. He’d freak, he’d completely freak.

Am I freaking? I should be.

Shit, that was a big fucking dick. A black dick. Go, mom.

I don’t think I’ll ever get that image out of my head. I’m not sure I want to.

Yeah, I’d hit that. Fuck it. I would definitely hit that. If she could suck dick like that . . .

I bet she could even swallow my whole cock. That would be unbelievable. God, someone who could swallow my whole cock, and not just the head.

Fuck you, Mimi. Yes, it is possible. I just saw it.

Now I just need to feel it.



Well he’s finally home. We should eat. Some dinner will be good. I’ll just pull together some leftovers.

That run and shower were great. I needed that. Pressure and release.

I should get dressed. This robe is probably not appropriate.

Oh, but he’s seen this plenty of times. It’s not like it shows anything. I’m fine. Just making dinner.


My god, she’s in her robe! She must have just gone running or something.

Shit, mom.



Huh, he didn’t look too happy. I wonder what he’s thinking. He’s probably disgusted with his saggy ol’ mom and her stupid dildo. That was so bad.

Shit, I wish I could undo this.


Shit, I wish I could do that again. I want to see her swallow that cock. Her.

Not this damned blonde. Shit, her tits are so fake, and her nipples are tiny. Where do they get these actresses? Okay, maybe not actresses. This porn sucks.

Man. I’d love a blowjob. Mrs. Ingle or Mimi, maybe? Shit, I don’t know.

I’d better go downstairs. I think dinner’s ready. Maybe I should set the table and clean up and stuff. She’d like that.


That wasn’t such a bad dinner. I don’t know why people fuss so much about leftovers — I like them!

Look at him clean up. What a good boy. His mother would be proud. I am proud.

Yeah, but that’s not all. Hubba, Hubba.

Now stop.

I so surprised he wanted to stay home and watch a movie together. I miss doing that with my boy. This will be fun. But I’d better pick the movie. Something light and fun, nothing heavy.


Really? Five minutes in and we’re in a love scene? I still think Hangover would have been great. But this is fucked up. They’re fucking. Whoa.


They’re fucking. Whoa.

I don’t think this is the one Mary recommended after all.

Wow, I didn’t realize they showed that much in movies these days.

Nice ass. His too.


Oh, mom, don’t do that. No, no, no. You can’t lay on my lap like that.

Shit. Fuck. This is bad. She’s gonna feel it.

I gaziantep masöz escort bayan can hardly breath.



Oh my god, that is so hard. Focus on the movie. Focus.


Her tits are barely touching my arm.


I can feel his hand on my hip. Where you going, buster?


Shit. Fuck. This is bad. She’s gonna feel it.

I can hardly breath.


It’s just right there. Right there.

What if I just breathed on it. Just a little, soft breath . . .

You fucking tease. You’re teasing your son.

Oh, but just in fun. Just being close to my boy.


Oh, shit. Oh fuck. I can’t . . . I can’t . . .

Oh, no.

Oooooh. Shiiiiit.


Oh my god. It’s wet.

He came. Oh, that smell — that wicked smell.

He just came. His pants are so wet, oh my god.

He just came.


I just came. Oh fuck, I came in my fucking sweats. Did she notice? She will. I know she will. It had to have been a lot. Oh fuck.


Should I just ignore this? We both know this just happened. We both know.

Oh, his eyes are so beautiful. So sweet. Oh, I love that boy.

Oh, and he just loves me. Look at him.


She is so beautiful.

I can’t believe I just came. But what was I supposed to do? Shit.

What? What? What’s she doing?

Oh . . .


Girl you want that dick right now. That smell did you in.

Go upstairs. Leave. Go.

Get up.


I ain’t going nowhere.

Damn. Damn it all to hell. Damn.

Just look at it. That’s a big fucking cock.

Yeah, baby, slide your hips up, let Momma see that big beautiful cock of yours. That’s it. Show me, baby.


Oh . . .


That’s right, baby. Show me what you got. I’m done pretending — I want to see this thing. Just see it. That’s all. Just compare it to my own toys.

It’s still hard.

It’s so hard. And dripping in cum. Oh my.

They won’t connect — my fingers won’t connect — it’s too thick.

That head, my god, it’s a fucking plum. It’s so soft.

Oh, smell it. Mmmm. God, I could eat him.



Oh . . . her mouth . . . she’s gonna . . . oh . . . oh myyyyy gaaaaawd.

Oh she’s . . . she’s . . .


Don’t you start this and not finish. Push, get down.

Okay, come up for air, fist it, fist it — so fucking thick, so hard.

Damn you, you are not going to beat me. I can do this, I have GOT to do this.

Yeah, nice and wet, okay, here we go, baby. Get ready for something you’ve only dreamed about.


Oh . . . this is better than I dreamed about. Oh my god.

She’s not going to get it. She’s . . . yeah, she’s not . . . oh man, that’s so good. Oh, that tongue. Oh baby.

I don’t care . . . oh, there she goes, she’s doing it, oh my god. All the . . .

Oh . . .


Don’t panic.

You got this.

You don’t need to breath yet. You can hold your breath for a minute, remember?


Oh, that smell of jizz in his pubes. In my nose. That’s just fucking disgusting. So good.

Oh, I’m going to choke. Come on, hold it, hold it.

Fuck, this is a big cock. So much bigger than the black dildo. Fuck you, Pablo. Fuck you.

And I just fucking swallowed it.



Oh . . .

Not again, not yet. Oh shit, I’m gonna cum. Shit. Not yet. Not yet.

So good . . .

Oh . . .


Here it comes, don’t panic. You got his. Up or in, up or in? Come on, up or in?

Fuck it. In.

Don’t panic. Let it slide right on down, let it slide, don’t gag, don’t gag, you got this.

Swallow — oh he liked that — swallow. Yeah, I think I found a favorite thing there boy!

So salty, so slimy. Fuck I missed this sticky stuff.


Oh fuck. Oh shit. So good. So deep. Oh. Fuck. Shit. So good. So good. Oh, that, that, that, oh fuck. So good. Oh my god. Oh my god. So good.

Oh, she’s swallowing. Oh, I can’t believe it . . .

Oh . . .


I’m not ready for this conversation. I’m gonna slide right out of here.

Yeah, “sleepy,” right. Fucking lame excuse.

Just get out of here. My pussy is soaked. I’m going explode. I need to get out of there or I’m going to fuck him.

Who cares how lame it is — go to bed. Going to bed.


Shit, I don’t know what just happened. She blew me. She fucking swallowed it all.

Fuck you, Mimi. I just came down the bottom of her throat. It was fucking great. Can you imagine the look on her face if she saw that? Oh, what I’d give.

Man, what the fuck. What just happened.

Go to bed. Just go to bed. What a weird fucking day.


I don’t give . . . a . . . shit . . . if . . . he . . . hears . . . me. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. So full. So completely full. That plug is perfect in my ass, and that black beauty. Yeah, slide and slip and buzz away, baby. I need this one bad.

Oh fuck. Oh shit. So good. So deep. Oh. Fuck. Shit. So good. So good. Oh, that, that, that, oh fuck. So good. Oh my god. Oh my god. So good.

Breathe. Breathe. Oh my god. That was . . . wow. I can barely feel my legs.

What have you done? What the fuck did you do?

You blew your son. Deal with it. And it was good.

Go to sleep. Just go to sleep. What a weird fucking day.


Bacon. Breakfast. Mom’s cooking. Fuck I’m hungry.

Oh, this is going to be so weird. Shit.

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