Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 02

Big Tits

“I’ll be right back,” Tara said.

She got off of Josh and slipped into the house, leaving Josh laying naked in the lounge chair. He wasn’t quite sure what he should do next. He realized that Tara had big plans, and he definitely wasn’t going to complain. Further he was stuck here because she had hidden his clothes. He decided that all he could do was wait and see what Tara had planned next. As he sat there he unconsciously began to play with his balls and his cock began to harden again.

“Sorry about that, I’m back,” Tara said as she came back out the door. She was wearing a robe and carrying a couple glasses of lemonade with her. “I thought you might like something to drink while we rest.”

“Thanks,” Josh said as he took the offered glass. “Although it doesn’t seem very fair that you get a robe while I’m stuck like this.”

“Well it took me enough time and trouble to get you naked that I’m not sure I can trust you if I give you your clothes back,” responded Tara “but if it makes you feel better then we can do this . . . “

With that she untied the belt on the robe and let it fall open. Josh still was having trouble believing that Tara was so bold. As he watched her open her robe he began to stroke his cock without realizing it. After a few seconds he realized what he was doing and quickly pulled his hand away. He attempted to cover it with his hands.

“Why bother honey, I’ve already seen it. Besides it looked like you were enjoying yourself.” Tara said as she licked her lips. One of her hands drifted down her stomach and began to play with her clit as she stared at his hard cock. After a minute she shook her head as if some spell had just been broken. She then proceeded to lay down on one of the other lounge chairs, leaving her robe laying open, almost as if she was sunbathing in the moon light.

Josh watched her for a couple minutes trying to completely comprehend what had happened. Until today he hadn’t seen a live girl naked. Now within an hour he had had his cock sucked, eaten Tara out, and was reclining naked in a chair next to a girl who might as well be naked. And to top it off he assumed that before this weekend was over he would be experiencing a lot more.

“Your awfully quiet over there Josh,” Tara said with a bemused grin, “What’s going on in your head?”

“I’m trying to process everything,” Josh answered, “and I find I have a lot of questions.”

She smiled, “Well go ahead and ask.”

“First off, I’m wondering how long you had this planned for.” he said.

“A couple of weeks actually,” Tara said, “The easy and fun part was dreaming up what we were going to do. The hard part was deciding exactly how to get you here. Then I just had to wait for my parents to go away so I could put my plan into action.”

“And what about your sister? It sounded like she knew what you were planning,”

“I never let her in on my plans. I don’t know what she was up to but she likes to tease me when I have boys over and no one is home. I figure it was just some good natured teasing.”

“How did you get rid of her without making her suspicious then?”

“That part was easy, I didn’t have to do anything. She goes and sleeps over her best friend Jen’s house almost every weekend. I just assumed she would on which ever weekend I decided to act,” explained Tara.

“Ok, I think that covers everything,” Josh said. By this point he had relax a bit and was sitting comfortably in the chair. He had actually forgotten that they were both sitting there naked (or practically naked in Tara’s case). He noticed that he had gotten so relaxed his erection Şerifali Escort had even gone down. Tara noticed this too.

“Gee, I think someone is losing interest. We need to fix this.”

With that Tara got up out of her lounge chair and walked over to Josh’s chair. As she walked her robe flowed out behind her like a cape. This alone was enough to cause Josh’s cock to begin to stir. When Tara reached Josh’s chair she put one leg on each side of this legs and straddled his chair.

“Well that’s a start. Although I’m sure I can do much better.”

Tara had now worked herself up to Josh’s thighs. She sat down on his lap just before his now very hard cock. Josh couldn’t begin to describe the feeling of her naked flesh inches from his cock. Not only was her perfect ass on his thighs, but her bare pussy was only about an inch from his balls. He could feel the heat coming from it and could tell that she was still very excited. All of this was something that up until now he had only dreamed of. Now he was getting a chance to live it.

Tara leaned forward and pressed her lips into Josh’s. He could feel the tip of his cock touching her stomach and her breasts dangling down against his chest. Her soft lips were pushed into his. After he got over the initial shock, he gently leaned into the kiss. As he did so he felt her lips begin to part and her tongue begin to probe his closed lips. He followed suit by opening his lips slowly, but before he could push his tongue out, Tara pushed forward and thrust her tongue into his mouth. If this wasn’t enough of a shock, Josh suddenly felt a hand on his cock.

Tara began to slowly jerk him off and before Josh could help himself he let out a gasp into her mouth. This didn’t stop Tara though, she just broke the kiss and began to kiss his neck and worked her way up to his ear. Tara began to nibble on Josh’s earlobe and Josh wasn’t sure how much more he was going to be able to take.

“Umm . . . T . . . T. . . Tara . . .” Josh stammered. Tara stopped nibbling and whispered in Josh’s ear, “You like that? Well I’m not going to let you cum just yet. I’m horny as hell and I still think you owe me.” Tara suddenly jumped off of Josh and just stood over him looking like a torturer eyeing her captor.

“Get up,” Tara demanded. Josh didn’t see any alternative, so he stood up.

“I want you to go jump in the pool and stay there until your erection has gone down, then I want you to come back here.” Tara said.

Josh went over to the edge of the pool and jumped in. The pool felt a bit colder then it did earlier, but that worked to his advantage and within a couple minutes his cock had shrunken again. He decided it might not be wise to keep Tara waiting and hopped out of the pool and headed toward the lounge chairs. As he approached he noticed that Tara had leaned one of the chairs all the way back and was laying on her back on it. Her robe was thrown on the ground next to her. She was lying there with one hand working furiously on one of her nipples while she had three fingers of her other hand in her pussy. Her fingers were slowly moving in and out and she was gently moaning. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying herself.

“Come on over Josh and lay down.” Tara said without opening her eyes.

“Umm . . . There doesn’t seem to be any room.” Josh commented.

“I think you know what I mean,” Tara said, “Lie down on top of me. And before you can say anything, I realize we are both naked and what lying on top of me would cause. That’s the point, I want your cock inside me now!”

This was enough to shoot his cock İstanbul Escort immediately to erection. Josh didn’t wait for anymore instructions. He approached the chair and kneeled between Tara’s legs. He lined up his cock with her pussy and pushed forward. He felt his cock enter her and slide in until it was completely inside. The whole time Tara was sighing, obviously enjoying the experience. Josh decided to try a couple slow thrusts. This caused Tara to moan a little.

“Please keep doing that,” she moaned.

Josh started to thrust some more. After a few more thrusts though he was startled by a rustling in the woods followed by a sound that sounded like a bird’s panicked chirping. This caused Josh to jump off of Tara and Tara to sit up. Both looked in the direction of the sound.

“There is a cat that wanders the woods and going after birds and small rodents, it sounds like it just got one.” Tara explained.

“I’m starting to feel a bit uncomfortable,” said Josh, “and I have to get going home soon.”

“You aren’t leaving yet,” answered Tara, “but I guess we can move inside and I will let you use the phone to call home and let them know not to worry. However, you are mine for the weekend.”

With that she grabbed Josh by the hand and led him inside. They headed through the kitchen and into the living room. At this point, Josh really wasn’t sure he would want to go home even if he was going to be allowed. He already had a good idea what he was going to tell his parents.

“Sit in that chair and use the phone on the table next to it,” Tara said.

Josh sat down and picked up the phone. He dialed his number, but suddenly before the first ring he felt Tara’s lips around his cock.

“I’m just making sure you are convinced to stay the weekend.” Tara then went back to sucking Josh’s cock. When Josh’s mother picked up the phone, he could barely talk. Josh managed to say hi and explain to his parents that he was going to be going over his friend Aaron’s house for the weekend. His mother said ok and tried to keep him on the phone a bit longer, but Josh couldn’t concentrate any more with the constant licking and sucking that Tara was doing. He finally convinced his mother to say good bye and hung up the phone.

“Took you long enough,” said Tara as she smiled up at him, “Now follow me.”

Tara got up and grabbed Josh’s cock. She pulled him toward the stairs and led him up. Once at the top of the stairs, Tara brought them past what Josh assumed was her sisters room (based on the assortment of band and celebrity posters on the walls), and pulled him into the next bedroom. Tara flipped the switch on the wall on and a light came on.

“How do you like it,” Tara asked as she released him and did a quick spin in the middle of the room. It was almost as if she was showing it off. Josh could see that the bedroom was connected to a bathroom and could see through the open door on the other end into what he had guessed was Abby’s room.

“We are completely protected here, there will be no more interruptions. Lay down on the bed while I take care of a couple of things.” Tara then went to the door to the hall and closed it. As he laid down on his back on the bed, she closed the door to the bathroom and the curtains on the windows.

“There now you have no excuses.” Tara came over to the bed and got up on it. She crawled over to Josh and straddled his hips. “Now get that cock into me and fuck me properly.” He grabbed his cock and guided it smoothly and professionally to her pussy. She quickly lowered herself onto his cock, gasping as she impaled herself on his full Ümraniye Escort length.

Josh couldn’t believe the difference in sensations between this and what they had been doing before they were interrupted. He could still feel the incredible sensation of his entire length sliding up inside of Tara, but the added loss of control just made things unbearable. He wasn’t sure how long he could hold back. Tara began to lift herself up and down causing Josh to slide in and out of her. The whole time she was moaning quietly to herself. Instinctively, Josh began to match her motion so that they began to meet in the middle. He would push up into her as she would come down, impaling herself on him.

Josh began to feel a build up of pressure and didn’t know what to do. He knew that Tara was no where near ready to cum, but all of the foreplay as well as the lack of experience made him unable to hold back for long. He decided to try something to speed Tara along. He reached over one of the times that they were separated and started to look for her clit. There was a sharp intake of breath from Tara as Josh found it. He began to rub the little knob as they continued to move together and apart. Tara quietly began to moan.

“Oh Josh, please keep doing that.” She begged. “Oh my god, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Slowly the rhythm began to get faster and faster. Josh could tell that Tara was close and she was beginning to yell.

“OH GOD YES!!! OH MY GOD THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! JOSH . . . I’M ABOUT TO C . . . C . . . CUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!” As Tara yelled this, Josh could feel her pussy begin to clamp down on his cock. This was too much for him and he began to shoot into her. Tara slammed down on top of him one final time and then just sat there panting and moaning as her pussy milked every last drop from his cock. His cock continued to spasm inside of her causing little shivers to run through her body

Finally, as the contractions of her pussy and the jerking of his cock began to die down, Tara fell off of Josh and Josh rolled over to his side. The two of them just laid there in the bliss of their incredible orgasms. Josh couldn’t believe this incredible experience and felt spent. Tara couldn’t believe that how good it had felt. Never had she had such an incredible orgasm, so she hadn’t been prepared for it.

After a couple minutes of laying there and panting, Tara said, “I’m glad I planned this all out, you are incredible. I’m also glad that you are mine for the entire weekend.”

“I’m glad that you planned this too, but why me?” Josh asked.

Tara responded, “I have been watching you for a while. I have thought you were cute ever since I first saw you and had always hoped to have you.”

“I don’t know if this is the wrong time, or just stupid,” said Josh, “But would you like to go see a movie sometime.”

Tara laughed, “Of course I will go to a movie with you.”

“So you didn’t plan for this to be a one weekend thing?” he asked.

“I didn’t have that much planned, however after tonight and feeling what you are capable of I would hate to see you go.”

Josh smiled at her as he began to run his hand up and down the side of her body. She began to run a hand along his chest and they just laid there for a minute.

“I guess we should acknowledge our audience now,” Tara suddenly said. Josh looked at her with a confused look on his face.

With that Tara stood up and faced the door to the bathroom, “I know your in there you little sneak, you can come out now.”

Tara pulled open the door and there stood a flushed faced Abby. Her jeans were down at her knees and one hand down the front of her dark blue boy shorts. She was topless and her bra was unhooked behind her and one breast was free from it. Her other hand was pinching her nipple.

Josh’s jaw just dropped.

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