I met Mrs. Russell one Saturday afternoon while bowling and drinking at a charity bowling tournament. Her and her friends were on the adjacent lane to ours. I never called her Mrs. Russell, she had introduced herself as Sherrie. I guessed that her and her friends were all in their 30s while my fraternity brothers and I were all 21.

We enjoyed their company and since none of us were good bowlers we enjoyed poking friendly fun at each others poor bowling games. We had fun bowling and drinking and our charity frames were soon over. We all thanked each other for a great time said we hoped we could do it again. As we were changing back to our street shoes I told the ladies that we were having a party at our fraternity house that night and that they were more than welcome to stop by. They seemed flattered at the idea and giggled about it but I didn’t really think they would show up later that night.

My fraternity’s parties have always been notorious for being bashes. We would have them at least once a term. Picking a weekend when class work would be in a lull just as people were getting ready to go into finals. Free time and the need to blow off some steam made for fantastic parties.

The doors would open at 7 PM and the party would be in full swing by 9 PM. The beer never stopped flowing at our parties (we had an in with a local distributor who we could count on to deliver more barrels even after 2 AM). We would go through somewhere between 20 and 30 barrels of beer in a party evening and were damn proud of it. Needless to say, drunken antics were commonplace at these parties.

I was helping work the door; checking IDs, stamping hands, and collecting money; when I saw Sherrie standing in line to get in. Leaving the other guys to do door duty I approached her and said hi and asked if her friends were with her. She seemed relieved, I think she was having misgivings about coming to the party in the first place and told me it was just her and none of her friends even knew she was coming here. I pulled her out of line and asked what she was drinking; “Beer, beer, or beer?” She smiled, which really took me aback because she was very cute, “I’ll have a beer then”. “Good choice”, I said as I handed her the mandatory Solo cup. “Let me give you the house tour.”

We pushed our way down into the basement where the main bar and the dance floor were located. The place was packed Sex hikayeleri but we able to share a couple of dances. She had some really sexy moves. I enjoyed taking her all in as we danced. She was about 5’8″ and slender with shoulder length blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. Wearing jeans that accentuated her round ass and a tight black concert t-shirt pulled taughtly over her 36C tits. She could pass for a grad student with no problem.

After a few dances we refreshed our beers and I continued the house tour. Going back to the main floor it was now completely packed. Sherrie was pressed against me, I could feel her tits pressing against my back as we found our way through the throng of people partying. We made our way to the second floor, I showed her each of the rooms on that floor in which little subparties were occurring.

We stopped and chatted in each room. She even took a hit off a joint being passed around in one room that was notorious for pot smoking. Sherrie was having a really good time. As was I.

On the third floor we refilled our beers and I showed her the highlights of the rooms on that floor. There were people everywhere laughing and drinking. “Which room is yours?”, she asked me. I told her the hierarchy of the house, how upperclassmen got first pick of the rooms and that mine was a room I shared with another guy on the 4th floor. “This house has a 4th floor?”, she asked. “It’s really a converted attic but it is one of the more desired rooms. Want to see it? It’s usually not part of the standard house tour”.

Of course she wanted to see it so I guided her to the narrow stairs leading to the 4th floor. It is kind of a cross between a ladder and a stair. I let her ascend first placing my hand on her curvy ass to guide her up. When the house is rocking there really isn’t a quiet place and the 4th floor was about as quiet as it was going to get. It’s not much of a room, divided into two sides. One with a couch and a TV the other with two mattresses laying on the floor.

This is cozy up here, she remarked. Yes, and check out the view. I opened the door on the end that went to a small porch that was really the fire escape. There was barely room for both of us to stand there and look over the campus. She pressed back against me and I instinctively put my arms around her as we took in the view from 4 floors up. She purred, and Sikiş hikayeleri tilted her head back and kissed me. “Thanks for the nice tour”, Sherrie said. “My pleasure”, I responded and kissed her neck. Her sighs told me I had better not stop and I worked her neck from her ear lobe to her tshirt collar. Kissing, licking, and nibbling her responsive sighs told me I was doing something right.

Sherrie pressed tighter back against me, my mouth on her neck, and my hands starting to roam over her body fondling and squeezing her tits through her bra and T-shirt. She was easily the oldest woman I had been with but she was turning me on more than anyone I had ever been with before.

She reached down and rubbed my rock hard cock through my jeans, “Did I do this?”, she asked. Mmmmhmmmm, I groaned. Face to face now, she ground her sweet hips against mine, our tongues exploring each other, our hands roaming each others bodies.

My hands were up under her tshirt squeezing her tits through her bra when she broke the kiss and took me by the hand back inside. We started undressing each other and soon were both naked, her stroking my very hard cock and me sucking her erect nipples. I broke away from those lovely nipple buds and pushing her back on to the mattress kissed/licked my way down her body to her pussy. Sherrie had a neatly trimmed bush, shaved into a mohawk with a short trimmed pelt. I lightly kissed it, licked it, then pulled her lips apart with my fingers as my tongue really went to work on it. I love eating pussy but this one was special. The sounds she made as I worked her with my tongue zeroed me in on exactly what felt good for her. It wasn’t long before her body stiffened and her ass rose up off the mattress to grind against my mouth as she had an awesome to watch orgasm.

I kissed her as she recovered, she licked her juice off of my mouth and face. My hard cock nestled against her pussy as we kissed and I fondled her tits and tweaked her nipples. We laughed and made out, fondling each other, humping our sexes together. When the head of my cock slipped into her cunt lips, Sherrie looked at me then said “Fuck me baby. I’m yours”. She was extremely wet and I slid into her to the hilt grinding it into her before setting up a hot fucking pace. Her tits jiggled every time I thrust into her. It was almost as hot to watch as it was to fuck her.

Sherrie had Erotik hikaye a natural athleticism. I discovered later that she had played college volleyball. Her tits were firm and round. Topped with a hard brown nipple and exhibiting virtually no sag. Her firm body exhibited almost no signs of having had 2 kids. Her pussy was a tight sheath that was doing absolutely wonderful things to my engorged cock. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long.

She was also very vocal. You knew when you hit a sensitive spot and she loved saying things like “Fuck me hard with that big college boy cock”. When the inevitable moment of my orgasm hit and she could feel me spraying the inside of her pussy with my hot cum load she was saying, “Yes baby, cum in me, shoot your hot cum in my tight milf cunt”. She was soooo hot and had me so worked up.

We held each other as the orgasm subsided and my cock deflated and slipped out of her along with a large gob of cum. I kissed her and then kissed my way back down to her well fucked pussy. I love eating my own creampie and got to work on eating the pie that I had made. We got into a 69 both tasting ourselves as well as our partner while we licked and sucked each other clean.

Her pussy was soon cleaned out and I was hard again. We started fucking in the doggy position. Me really pumping it hard into her as she fucked back against me. Sherrie was reaching back to play with my ass and balls while I was fondling her tits and nipples. The slick wet sounds of her cunt being filled by my cock permeated the room. Her dirty mouth was really getting me hot too. From what she was saying there was no doubt that she wanted my hot cum being pumped into her milf cunt.

We switched postions after a while, I am pretty sure she came once while we were doing it doggy, and she got on top and rode me. I loved playing with her tits as she slid up and down my cock. Tweaking and sucking the hard pebble of a nipple. Sherrie orgasmed twice that way, the second time while I was shooting my load deep up inside of her. As my erection subsided and I slipped out of her wonderful pussy she squeezed out a big glob of our combined juices onto my cock. She then licked and sucked me clean, I returned the favor and we ended up sharing a big hot cummy tongue kiss as we enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms. We returned to the party for a while before she decided she had to get back home.

I walked her to her car and we made out for a while before she had to get going. I gave her my phone number and hoping she calls as I really want a repeat performance of that evening.

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