Sibling Advice Ch. 02


I never expected to relive my past with Julie, so her phone call came as some what of a surprise, she called looking for advice and/or a friendly ear after discovering that her two kids, Michelle and Craig have been playing with each other, in much the same way that we used to play, well in the beginning anyway, by the end of the phone call I was holding my limp cock in my hand and had a mess to clean up.

Julie was such a dirty whore back then, she was dating John but still wouldn’t give up what we had, I can’t count the number of times she would come home after a date with him only to join me in the bed, and other then the taboo factor of being siblings their wasn’t anything wrong, we were both well and truly consenting adults, and were very much aware of what we were doing.

It all came to a crashing holt when I stated to see Sarah, it just came too hard to see Julie anymore, although she was always on my mind, then after a few years, it wasn’t an issue anymore, but it would appear that we will re-visit those times, Julie is no longer with John and has been for some time, and I have no serious relationship to get in the way.

I am in two minds though about what to do, Michelle and Craig are out on Saturday and Julie has made it clear that she wants to start something again, I would love nothing more then to get back into the swing of things, but it hurt a lot when we stopped, I love Julie a lot and I’m not sure if I could go though something like that again, it has taken a long time for our relationship to mend its self, for us to get back to being friends and siblings without the awkward sexual tension, but the phone sex we just had was amazing and I’m sure that any sexual activity would also be worth it.

It took me the week to come to a conclusion that I didn’t know what I wanted, but would go over to Julie’s and play it by ear, as I got to the door, a lump grew in my throat, I was nervous about what was going to happen, I haven’t had sexual nerves for years, as I knocked on the door, I thought that my heart was going to explode. Imagine my shock when Craig answered the door?

“Hi Uncle Daniel, what are you doing here?” Craig asked as he opened the door.

“I just wanted to pop in and see your mother, is she home?” I asked, trying to play it cool.

“Yeah, she here, come in,” Daniel ushered me inside.

It was apparent that Julie was the only one expecting, and I was not about to change that thought, as I gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan walked in, I greeted him with a firm handshake, Daniel has grown, he stands level with me at 170cm and by looking at him I would say he weighs 75kg but he is a solid 75kg with broad shoulders and a defined body, he is looking more and more like John now, with a squarish face, and dark hair. No longer had I walked in then Michelle walked down the stairs.

“Hi Uncle Daniel,” she shouted as she bound towards me and gave me a hug.

Michelle too seems to be growing more and more, it’s not like I am a stranger to them at all, I guess that maybe my perception of them is changing, Michelle is becoming a rather striking young woman, looking more and more like her mother, she is short like her mum, she stands at 162cm and would weigh about 55kg, she is well portioned, she will be a busty woman with already a large C cup. As she pressed herself against me to hug I could not stop thinking about her naked, trying hard I managed to keep my bulge from being exposed.

“Michelle, if your going to hug your Uncle like that at least put on something other then a revealing halter top ,” Julie called out as she approached.

“How are you Daniel?” She asked as we gave each other a peek on the cheek.

“I’m good, just thought I’d pop by for a visit,” I responded

“John, is busy with his girlfriend Sam, and can’t or doesn’t want to see the kids today,” Julie remarked

“Were not kids, mum were both adults,” Michelle shot back

“Well, you are my kids,” Julie answered.

“Well, what ever you want to call yourselves, it doesn’t matter, I am glad to see you though,” I joined in trying to settle the two of them down.

“And were glad to see you too Uncle Dan,” Craig responded.

Julie sat down with us at the table and we chatted for hours about nothing really, only really stopping to get something to drink from water to more coffee, before we knew it, it was late afternoon and fast approaching early evening.

“Do you want to stay for dinner Dan?” Julie asked

“Nah, it’s okay, I should get going, besides you didn’t expect company,” I answered.

“No come on Uncle Dan, stay for dinner, we were going to order pizza or Chinese anyway, so it no problem,” Craig added.

It didn’t take much to twist my arm, I really had no other plans for the gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan night, Michelle was quickly on the phone and ordering some pizza for everyone.

“Anyone want a drink?” Julie called out from the fridge.

“We have beer, wine, we have juice, and coke if anyone wants some spirits,” she continued.

“I’ll have a beer, thanks sis,” I shouted back

“I’ll have one too mum,” Craig added

“Wine for me mum thanks,” Michelle responded while still on the phone.

Julie returned with two beers and two wines, when Michelle returned we had a toast and sipped away, while continuing to chat. After about 40 minutes or so the pizza arrived, the smell filled the house, Craig and Michelle brought in a large box each and Craig was carrying a bag of garlic bread and some packet condiments. By this stage I was already on my second beer and was starving so the pizza couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

After dinner the kids cleaned up the mess and retuned to the table with a deck of cards, it wasn’t unusual to play poker or 21 with them. With everyone have drinks we played cards and had a blast, after a few hours though Michelle had enough and went to her room to watch TV, leaving Craig, Julie and me, we played a few more hands, but it wasn’t the same with only three, Craig soon called it a night and headed upstairs also.

“You know what they’re up to right?” Julie asked me a few minutes after Craig had gone.

“Watching TV?” I responded with a blank look

“Come with me quietly, I’ll show you,” Julie grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.

As we stalked about, it was reminiscent of our youth, as we approached the stairs; the house was quite, not a sound, although as we approached Michelle’s room at the furthest end of the hall faint muffled noises could be heard, Julie led me into the her room next to Michelle’s, we entered her walk in robe and Julie pressed her ear to the wall, I followed suite.

The voices were muffled and I couldn’t make out what was being said, but it was clear that both Michelle and Craig were in the room, I could only guess what was happening, I wanted to hear what was being said, or better yet get a view of what was happening. Julie and I kneeled in the robe ear pressed against the cream wall while her slinky purple dress clung to my cheek. We listened intently trying to understand the muffles. oğuzeli escort bayan After a few minutes listening the voices got a little louder, then I heard the door open and Craig left, after a second he returned but it sounded like the door was not completely shut.

Julie tip toed to the door, I followed close behind, the door was in fact openly slightly, the noise was clear now, and without even looking I could tell what was happening, the sound of slurping and moans gave away what was happening, as I peered in slowly I could see Michelle lying on the bed, with Craig on his knees between her.

My cock grew as I watched Craig going down on Michelle, it looked as if he was good at his job, Michelle was writhing about, her breath getting shorter and shorter, I wanted to slip my hand in my pants and stroke as I watched but I restrained myself, Julie was slumped in the corner and was listing in, however she was unable to control her urges, I looked over to see that she had slipped a hand in her pants and was playing with herself, her eyes were closed..

I took advantage of the moment and slipped a hand down my pants and slowly played with my tip as I watched Michelle and Craig after a moment I felt my pants being loosened as I looked down, Julie had moved over to me, as she lowered my pants, my cock sprung out, I did nothing to stop her. Julie grabbed my cock and slowly stroked the length of it, I already had a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip, Julie in one swift movement engulfed the entire head, the warm saliva felt great, I let out a feint moan. Thankfully Craig and Michelle are far to engrossed to take any notice.

Julie slowly sucked my cock, spinning her tongue around the tip between strokes, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the entertainment in the bedroom, and Michelle was nearing orgasm as Craig continued to lap at her, his hands moving all over her hips and slipping under her halter top playing with her breasts. As she neared orgasm her breath quickened, I was not far behind as Julie continued to suck my cock, I felt my balls get tighter as Julie applied more pressure to my swollen tip, as Michelle let out a loud moan, she lifted her thighs and pushed Craig’s head deep into her crotch, the moans were more then enough to tip me over the edge, I let fly with ropes of cum down Julie’s throat, Julie didn’t bat an eye lid as rope after rope of thick cum shot out, like a pro Julie swallowed everything I had to offer her. I was lost in the moment of ecstasy and when I looked back in the room it appeared that Craig and Michelle were both slumped against the bed, Michelle on top and Craig on the floor at the foot. Julie and I quickly moved back into her room to tidy up. We no sooner left the room and headed down stairs when Craig walked into the kitchen and poured himself a large glass of O.J, both Julie and I smiled at each other, in a knowing way.

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