Siblings Ch. 02: Innocence Lost


If coming straight to this story you may want to start with the first chapter, where Tom and Lucy begin to explore each other and sex. It’s called Siblings First Time.


The next day, before our parents returned, Lucy and I talked at length. I was torn between the knowledge that what we were doing would be viewed as wrong and the teenage sexual drive that was driving me to want more.

Lucy had no such qualms. She argued that real incest meant brothers and sisters getting married and having kids, not the sort of innocent sex play that we were enjoying. In fact, she argued, we were being extremely responsible in deciding to teach each other about sex. It was much better to explore and discover these things in the safety of your own home with someone you could trust totally rather than in some dubious location or situation with someone who you hardly knew.

I didn’t really buy the argument, but I was happy to accept the outcome. We agreed that we would learn all we could about sex together. Over the next few months, Lucy and I embarked upon a journey of discovery of sex techniques and of each other’s body.

We had to be extremely careful, as we knew there would be big trouble if we were discovered. But we found time to be together whenever we could do so without raising suspicion. Because of when our birthdays fell, I was in the year above Lucy at school and I took to offering to help her with her studies. If our parents had known what sort of homework we were doing up in her room they might not have smiled so much each time this happened.

Lucy would lock her door, put on some music and we would spend thirty minutes or so in heated sexual activity. We had to stay at least partly clothed in these sessions, but we were able to practice our kissing and fondling techniques.

Sometimes I would lay Lucy on the bed, pull up her top and bra and spend all the time just kissing, licking and sucking on her pert breasts. Usually she would bring the session to a close by pulling her panties either off or to one side and gently massaging her clit until she came. I loved to watch how she brought herself to a climax and see the expressions on her face as the waves of her orgasm washed through her body, causing small convulsions of sheer pleasure.

Other times Lucy would kneel in front of me, unzip my fly and take my dick into her mouth. She would grasp the shaft, ease back the foreskin and run her tongue around the head. I would be fully erect in seconds and, as the pre-come started to appear from the end, she would draw the head into her mouth and suck gently. Then she would start to move her head up and down in small motions so that her lips were massaging the glans and top of the shaft. In the early days this would bring me to a climax in a couple of minutes. As she felt my cock start to jerk, ready to release its load, she would clamp her lips to form a tight seal and I would blast my hot sperm into her mouth. She would draw her mouth back slowly over the head so that she squeezed out and swept up every last drop of the sticky white liquid into her mouth. Then she would swallow, savouring it like a precious wine.

Over the months her oral technique improved enormously as she learned how I reacted to the different things she did. She also became able to take more and more of my fully erect dick into her mouth. Before too long she was taking almost the full length at times with her lips travelling down nearly to the base of my shaft. Even so, it was noticeable how I became able to last longer and longer before having to release my load.

On any occasion that our parents were out of the house, we took full advantage. As soon as they left we would dash to one of our bedrooms, pull each other’s clothes off and fuck. The first couple of times we tended to only use the missionary position and it was all a little frantic and unsatisfying. Then, as we started to experiment, we began to discover the real pleasure to be had from a wide variety of positions.

It started just with me moving Lucy’s legs into different positions while fucking her. We found that I could get my cock in much deeper if she lifted them up over my shoulders. Doggy style also gave me great penetration and Lucy said it made my dick press on different areas in her pussy, which increased her pleasure. We tried several positions with Lucy on top of me. She loved the control that this gave her as she moved herself up and down on my stiff cock. She learned how to increase the intensity for us both by rocking herself back and forth at the same time.

When we started to run out of ideas of our own, I got hold of a couple of porn magazines and hid them in my bedroom. We would look at the different positions used in the photographs and try them out for ourselves. We found that many of them may have been ideal for the camera, but they provided little pleasure or were really uncomfortable, but over time our knowledge, understanding and experience began to build.

There was no doubt, this was a very gaziantep olgun escort bayan effective way to learn. We had the closeness and honesty with each other that would usually only be established well into a relationship. We would tell each other what felt good and what wasn’t working. We would guide each other, giving direction during our love-making to get the very best out of whatever we were doing. We learned the angles of attack that gave each of us the most pleasure when fucking in different positions and discovered when and how I could get deeper, stimulating the front or back wall of Lucy’s vagina and applying different pressures and forces on both the head and shaft of my penis.

We both had other relationships during the year. I dated several girls, getting to fuck two of them and going almost as far with the others. Every one of them complimented me on my digital and oral skills. I had learned that, although girls pussies could look quite different, in general they seemed to react to similar stimuli and I never failed to get them to climax, usually several times in a session. One of them, Lauren, even asked who had taught me to eat a girl out as well as I did. I was sorely tempted to tell her I had practised my techniques on my sister but instead I just grinned.

Lucy settled for less variety, starting a steady relationship with one boyfriend called Greg, who by all accounts (because we would tell each other about all our sexual experiences) was delightedly enjoying Lucy’s well-practiced blowjob skills on a regular basis, but failing to give her much satisfaction in return. I found it hard to understand why she stayed with him.

We had both convinced ourselves that what we were doing together really was for educational purposes but I knew that was only half the reason. The other half was that we were both having the best of times openly exploring each other’s body.

One evening, while Mum and Dad had gone out for a meal, Lucy and I were naked on her bed practicing oral in the sixty-nine position. Lucy was on top, hungrily sucking on my steel hard cock while massaging my ball sack. Her knees were either side of my shoulders and my mouth was fastened around her clit, sucking at it with my lips and tickling it with my tongue until the little bud was swollen and standing proud from its covering hood.

I released her clit from my lips and started to flick my tongue from side to side across it as quickly as I could. I had practised this many times and could now maintain a good speed for some considerable time. I knew that this drove Lucy wild and I immediately felt her sucking at my cock more urgently as the pleasure built inside her.

From my position below, I had a great view of her beautiful ass. I saw her pink and puckered little hole begin to quiver a bit and the area between her pussy and ass start to pulse as she approached her orgasm. Reaching under her with my hand so that I could continue to rub her clit with my fingers, I transferred my tongue to her cute little butt hole and began running it round the slightly wrinkled skin at the entrance. An immediate muffled gasp came from Lucy as my tongue danced around on this sensitive area. Wanting to explore further, I tensed my tongue into a small round shape and pressed the tip hard into that tight little orifice. Lucy immediately pushed her ass backwards a little in response. Gaining an entry of only about an inch with my tongue, I moved it around in there as fast and as far as I was able.

I felt Lucy start to wriggle and her finger nails bit into my thighs as a huge orgasm erupted inside her. She abandoned my dick and let out a long squeal of delight as she climaxed. I was still pushing my tongue as deep as I could into her pretty ass and could feel the love juices pouring out of her pussy and running down my chin as she clenched her vaginal muscles in orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, Lucy turned around and lay down beside me. Kissing me on the neck, she ran a hand down my stomach, took hold of my still stiff member, squeezed it quite hard and whispered to me “Tom, I’ve been thinking. There’s something we’ve never tried. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

The way she put it forward as a simple and straightforward proposal took me by surprise. We had tried most things together and I had certainly slipped a finger into her tight back passage on several occasions before, while we were fucking but we had not yet been down the full anal path. It hadn’t even been mentioned before, even though it was common in the magazines we had been using as reference material. I’m not sure why not. I had thought about it many times and there’s no doubt it excited me but somehow it seemed a step too far and too invasive for my sweet sister, so I had pushed it to the back of my mind. Now Lucy was actually proposing we try it.

“I don’t know, Lucy,” I said, “I think it’s actually quite painful for the girl. I don’t want to hurt you or cause you any damage.”

“Tom, gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan I’m ready to try it and I’d really want it to be with you the first time,” she said, almost whining.

I looked at Lucy and saw that she was determined. To be frank, I really didn’t need to be asked twice and certainly was not going to risk not being asked a third time, so I nodded in agreement. The thought of breaking what seemed the ultimate taboo was now pumping even more blood into my cock which was now so stiff that it ached.

Lucy wasted no time at all. She leapt up and rushed to the bathroom, explaining she wanted to make sure she was nice and clean down there. On her return she immediately climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees and pushed her lovely ass into the air.

I reached over to her nightstand where there was a bottle of baby oil that we sometimes used to massage each other. I poured a little into the crack of her ass and it ran in a little stream down and around her asshole. Pouring some more into my hand I spread it liberally over my dick, running my hand up and down the shaft and making circles around the head with my palm. The thought of plunging it deep into her sweet ass thrilled me and I could not remember an erection ever being so solid.

Getting onto my knees behind her, I placed the head of my aching dick at the entrance to her puckered little hole and pressed forward. But Lucy’s ass was shut tight and although I pushed until Lucy said it was hurting too much, I could not gain entrance.

Realising I needed to take it more slowly, I sat back down on the bed and started to massage Lucy’s pussy from below, sliding two fingers up and down her slit, running them up along either side of her clit. The area was still somewhat puffy from her recent orgasm and wet from some of the oil dripping down from her ass.

As she started to relax I pushed the middle finger of my other hand into her anus. Being much smaller than my cock, it entered really easily and I pressed it in all the way, past the second knuckle. I began to slowly slide it in and out, all the time continuing to massage her wet and slippery pussy. After a few minutes I poured some more oil onto the area and added my index finger, which also met with little resistance. Soon I was fucking her ass with my two fingers as if I was pointing and shooting a pretend gun into her backside.

As soon as I found I could add my ring finger and get all three into her ass, even though it was only up to the first knuckle, I knew that she was ready. Getting back onto my knees, I guided my still hard as rock shaft straight into the space vacated by my fingers. The head pushed quite easily into the now relaxed opening and her sphincter muscle closed tight around the shaft of my stiff prick.

Smoothly and gently, I pushed forward, listening for the faintest protest from Lucy. But the only sound was a contented sigh as the full length of my stiff dick slowly slid into that tight little passage. I paused when I was fully embedded with my pubes pressed hard up against her smooth buttocks. Lucy later told me that she had almost fainted at this point from the pain of being stretched, which she hid very well, and the intense feeling of her ass being completely filled.

I drew slowly back, watching as inch after inch of my oil-covered shaft emerged from her back passage. As soon as I saw her small back entrance begin to distend as the head of my cock reached the sphincter, I plunged straight back in, to a little gasp from Lucy. Now I was sliding in and out rhythmically, my balls swinging lazily to bump up against her pussy at the end of each thrust. The feeling for me was intense. Lucy’s young pussy was tight, but her ass felt like a hot, moist sheath that was soft and yielding and yet it gripped me firmly, maintaining permanent contact with every single nerve ending in my cock.

I increased the speed of my thrusts. “This feels so fucking good Lucy,” I grunted as I hammered in and out of her ass.

“Ugh, ngh, ugh,” was as much as Lucy could manage in reply.

Revelling in the sensation of fucking her sweet ass, I soon felt the familiar pressure building up in my balls. I thrust my dick, already primed to explode, into Lucy ball-deep. Fully engaged, I began pumping a huge amount of sperm into her. My whole body was jerking as if hit with electric shocks. I kept pushing harder and harder, as if I could get my cock even deeper into her. With each jolt I propelled another wad of spunk into the depths of her young body.

Lucy didn’t have an orgasm from this first anal experience, but she told me that the feeling of me ejaculating so heavily into her completely full ass was a sensation that would stay with her forever. I know she certainly came to enjoy many anal orgasms later, as it became one of her favourite activities.

Whatever we did and whatever we tried, Lucy and I would talk about it honestly, both during and after our gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan sex sessions. We would identify what had worked best for each of us and coach one another on how to improve the sensations we were feeling. I learned how to use my dick, tongue, lips and fingers to bring her to the most intense orgasms. She learned to use her pussy muscles to grip me inside her at certain key moments and how to use her hands and mouth on my stiff dick to bring me to the height of pleasure. She would bring me to the edge of orgasm time and time again before the dam finally burst and I would flood her mouth or pussy with my seed.

While we continued educating each other, this was certainly no cold academic exercise. When we were screwing there was now all the passion and intensity of two young lovers and as we found new experiences and tried new techniques, the pleasure we were able to give to each other just kept growing.

During this time, it sometimes seemed that Lucy was going out of her way to tease me a little when I could not be seen to react. She began to wear fewer and more flimsy clothes around the house. Her nipples were often to be seen pushing out against the fabric of her shirt as she went bra-less. She would ensure I got a surreptitious glimpse of her cleavage, her panties or her butt on occasions when there was nothing I could do about it because others were around. Her hand would brush against my butt, thigh or even my groin occasionally, but definitely not by accident. I recall her leaning over me from time to time when I was using my laptop at the breakfast table and I would feel her firm breasts pressing into my back and her soft breath on my ear as she pretended to be interested in what I was doing.

Whenever I challenged her on this she flatly denied it, but I know she was practising her seduction techniques on me. She even asked if I got a hard-on thinking about her body. I had to admit that I did, quite regularly.

Lucy was maturing into a stunningly beautiful young woman. She was paying more attention to her appearance and it showed in the way she dressed, styled her hair and carried herself. She had a fine body with beautiful pert boobs, a flat stomach and an increasingly attractive curve to her hips. Her legs were long and lithe and, as I knew from close personal inspection, she had taken to keeping her pubic hair trimmed to a small triangle just above her pussy. She stayed trim through regular exercise, over and above the physical workouts I was providing for her.

I continued to have occasional dates with girls from our school or friends of friends. Lucy eventually split from Greg but seemed in no hurry to start another relationship. We would still tell each other about anything that happened on any occasion when we had sex elsewhere And it became really clear to both of us that no-one was able to match the quality of the sex we had together. The girls I dated loved sex with me but were unable to really excite me. They lacked Lucy’s skills and her enthusiasm. Lucy said that the boys her age simply didn’t turn her on and really withdrew from dating. She joked that she was probably going to have to seduce an older man, perhaps one of Dad’s friends. I had no doubt at all that she could if she turned her mind to it.

Another six months flew by. I would soon be leaving the family home to continue my education at University, studying for a degree in Finance and Accounting. It was now mid-summer and our parents had gone away for a few days break. Lucy and I had the run of the house and we were making the most of it, since we knew opportunities would be limited over the next few years and that the separation would be hard on both of us.

On Saturday, the day before our parents were due to return, Lucy told me she was preparing a surprise for me. It would be my going away gift from her. All afternoon she busied herself in the kitchen. By 7pm she had laid a dinner table for two with napkins, flowers and candles. Very pleasant food odours were emanating from the oven, building my appetite for the meal and what would surely follow.

I was looking forward to an intimate evening that would end with the two of us in bed, indulging in a marathon sex session. Then, as she handed me a bottle of red wine to open, Lucy dropped a bombshell, saying “I’ll be going out for the evening, but you have to tell me all about yours when I get back some time after eleven.”

I asked her what the hell was going on. She told me that, before I went away, she wanted me to enjoy a fun evening with someone other than her. “Someone who has plenty of experience, a damn sight more than the girls you’ve been going with,” she added. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time with her.”

Just then the doorbell rang. Lucy went to answer it and when she returned she was accompanied by her friend Sarah. Pausing only to kiss me on the cheek, Lucy announced she was off. As she left, all she said was “Have fun guys! Catch you later Tom!”

I stood for a moment dumfounded. I had been set up. It seems Lucy had talked to Sarah about my going away and told her that I really fancied her. Sarah, for her part, had heard something of my sexual prowess from Lauren, one of the girls I had been with, and was keen to experience it for herself. Lucy said she would arrange for Sarah to be on her own with me for the evening and that Sarah should take the opportunity to get me into bed before I disappeared off to University.

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