Silken Chains Part One


These stories were written several years ago by me. I have worked on their grammar and decided to repost them. I am continuing to write the story and hope to have new chapters up as time permits. Thank you and enjoy them. If you are under 18 years of age or are offended by Dominance, Mastering, Punishment, Control, Non-Consensual intercourse (Rape) please do not read below. This is my first attempt at Dom/Sub, Master/Slave, Bondage, Punishment writings. I know this section is slow and apologize for it. I am trying to build the characters as believable as possible so the story arc will hold up. I promise the sections to come will not be as slow. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

The weather was hot for this time of the month. Leit smiled pleasantly at a workman passing by on the street below his balcony. Waving Leit bid him good morning then ducked back into the coolness of the room. This far north in California never seemed to get hot in the late fall. Leit moved to the table looking at the paper longingly. He sat down instead, he lifted a black ledger from under the paper. With a sigh he began looking over soft young women of all sorts, doubting he would find what he needed between the covers.

The cover of this black book bore no special markings. It looked rather stark by comparison with the other books of the room. Yet this book held his attention as if it were made of gold. He flicked from page to page unhurriedly on the slight chance it might hold something of interest. Stopping here and there he smiled at a photo of some young want to be starlet. Under each photo were a name, age, measurements, hair color, eye color, and a brief deion. The deion was written almost as if one were speaking of cattle precise and without passion describing what each person’s life was like currently.

Leit let himself relax as he looked over the pages glancing in the mirror he enjoyed what he saw there. He was a lean man with firm muscles, looking like a pro swimmer or runner, not some hulking bodybuilder. His hair was shaved bald except for a raven black braid. It started at the base of his head coiling around his neck about his throat. His eyes were green like emeralds that never dulled when they shone on something of interest. His fingers were long and tapered almost delicate looking. His clothing was a simple black tee shirt with jeans and boots giving him a confident look.

Looking back to the black book Leit stopped for a long moment. On this page was a young red-headed beauty. Her information told him she was 20 years old with hopes of stardom. The information went on to state that both her parents were dead from a traffic accident in Florida. Her pale skin was surprising as she had grown up under the harsh sun of Florida. Her light blue eyes seemed like crystal glimmering for him. There was an innocence in those blue eyes seemed to beg him to call her to his side. Without looking at her measurements he knew she would do nicely.

He slid a loose sheet of paper into that page then continued thru the rest of the book knowing he must look thru it sooner or later. Seeing nothing keener then a blonde with cute teeth he slid the book to the marked page again looking into those eyes. Nodding his head he smiled looking at the girls for the first time. “Ahhh Talis what fun we will have.” He thought as he set aside the book. Picking up a cell phone he used only to place orders he smiled. Dialing slowly he waited as the phone rang four times then picked up he listened to the machine speak its message.

At the top corner of each page was a five digit number. Carefully he spoke the digits from her sheet. Listening as the machine repeated his numbers verifying them back to him. He nodded thoughtfully then spoke a final command to the machine. “Order Home.” He hung up the phone leaving it and the book in the room. Walking to the door he opened it going down to the main floor. He let himself out into the heat of the day. He made sure to lock the door as he went no one needed to have a look at his things there. He was excited by tonight he would be playing with a new toy.

Moving down the lane from the rented apartment he walked to the park. Taking in the air he stood still for a long moment surveying his surroundings, before heading to his truck. One could never be too careful in these times. He opened his truck’s door, sitting down he unrolled the window starting it letting the air conditioner push the hot air out the open window. Pulling away from the curb he smiled driving to the homestead he had bought outside of town would take another forty-five minutes.

After an uneventful ride home, he pulled in knowing by now his order was confirmed, all was in motion. The old farmhouse was the perfect place to enjoy treats like this. He began cooking a meal for himself, walking into the living room he turned on the radio. Soft music came out of the speakers hanging from corners of the walls. The smell of his meal wafted about the house as he went to the computer in the corner of the living room.

With a grin, he saw there was already an email waiting for him to open. It was from a Hotmail account he did not know. BM was capitalized in the handle so he clicked it open. Scanning the text swiftly he made sure to delete it before thinking about the message. “Your order was in good taste. I am a bit jealous, but then I always am. Should arrive normal route two hours. I look forward to hearing from you.” It had been signed simply “B.M.”

Pulling up a program for banking Leit typed in an account number from memory. Once he answered the proper questions the computer asked he was in his account. Looking at the sum of several hundred thousand dollars he smiled. Typing in a second account number he transferred ten thousand to it. Once finished he shut down the program with a nod and checked the clock on the wall. If they were on time his toy should arrive in two hours. Moving back into the kitchen he set his plate. Now he had a few minutes for his paper. He began to eat as he skimmed thru the headlines. Coming to the business section he slowed down reading more carefully now.

Wasting time he finished his meal enjoying the flavor of it. Rising from the chair he does his dishes, setting them aside to dry. Moving to the wet bar on the far side of the room he reaches under the bar. Pulling out a large decanter of red wine he swirls it around then ads a bit of powder watching it dissolve. From the same hidden place, he took the decanter and powder he takes a small red pill and swallows it. Now the sedative in the wine would pass through him with no effect.

Looking about once more he nods his head knowing all is ready. Moving to the couch he sits down on it flipping on the large television a basketball game is just winding down. After several minutes of watching the game the doorbell rings. Rising he moves to the door and opens it. Just then the woman on the other side presses the bell once more. He smiles softly motioning for Talis to come in then nods to the driver that he can go. He can not seem to help himself already he is watching her as she walks into the front hall. “Hello, I am Talis.” She says softly to him as she looks about the room

She Sex hikayeleri offers him her hand he takes it holding it in a firm grip. Instead of shaking it he uses it to lead her deeper into the house. “You know why you are here?” His words are calm and collected even as he quivers inside. “Morgan said you wanted me for a part. He couldn’t tell me more but said you thought I would work out well.” Her words were relaxed even if her body language seemed tense from his hand holding her own. He shakes his head releasing her he moves to the bar and pours two glasses of the wine. Walking back he offers her one holding it so she has to stretch just a little to reach it. Subconsciously he has already begun to tease and torment her.

He watches her take the wine, raising his own he toasts. “Too many nights to come.” She doesn’t really know what to say so she lifts her glass in toast then lowers it taking a sip. She knows she is only twenty but if he is willing. His eyes look her over slowly not feeling any shame in doing so. She is wearing a simple blue gown that contrasts nicely with her hair. Her hair is done up in a long ponytail showing the side of her porcelain throat to him, as it cascades down the back. He watches her take several more nervous sips from her glass. Watching her as the drug begins to take effect he relaxes. His smile grows as her eyelids seemed to close more and more with each passing moment.

He let the drugs affect grip her fully before setting his glass on the table behind him. Rising moving to her side he sits down on the couch next to her. He slowly inhales taking her scent deep into his nostrils. Carefully reaching out he plucks the glass from her hand saving it from spilling on the carpet. He turns setting it on a side table next to the couch. Soft music still plays from the radio crooning wordlessly to them. Turning back he licks his lips looking at her beautiful throat again. Reaching out he caresses her tender skin like satin to his well-callused fingers. Her hand moves up feebly as she tries to push him from her neck but there is no power there the drug having stolen it from her.

Laughing softly as Leit moved his hand to the right strap of her dress. Loosening the strap she bats at his hand still in a drugged stupor. He catches her wrist with his free hand as he hears her first moan of fear. His sigh of pleasure answers her, letting her know he enjoys her already. His other hand reaches across her catching the left strap he once more loosens it. With a grin, he reaches behind her having released her arm she begins to bat at him uselessly. With his left hand, he finds her zipper as he turns facing her. His right-hand finds her hair holding it up out of the way. Slowly he lowers the zipper as she struggles to stand.

His hand in her hair stops her when he tugs it to the side sharply. Her cry of pain is real but her mind is too clouded still to protect her anymore than that. He finishes his work on the zipper catching a glimpse of a black silk bra, and just a hint of black panties. He groans his cock seems ready to leap from his pants into her dress. He shakes his head, inhaling again leaning in close to her he can smell her fear. Now with his hand twined in her thick red hair he forces her to rise up from the couch. The dress no longer secure slides down her body to puddle at her feet. The dress made a beautiful puddle of fabric at her feet to frame her helplessness.

He stops then looking her over with a critical eye. He nods his head making mental notes as she begins to whimper and wiggle. Laughing once more he draws a pocket knife from his pants pocket. She hears it click open seconds before she feels the blade slicing thru her bra. He watches as the straps part first then the center between her average breasts. The bra flutters to the floor behind her like a mortally wounded butterfly where it goes still. In the cool rooms air her dusky nipples come to attention for him without a single touch. She begins to squirm trying to cover her breasts. He ignores her actions for now as he slices the edge of her panties. As she goes still with a gasp he slices the crotch out of them with one swift cut. This time they fall to lay spread eagle as like a black snow angel.

She once more hears the clicking of the knife but this time it is him putting it back into his pocket. He inspects her body with a careful eye noting she is in good health. He looks over her breasts taking his time viewing her noting they are both a nice B cup and seem to hang evenly. His smile remains until he looks on her slit. The mound of red hair is thick obscuring his view of nether lips. He nods at her satisfied by her for the moment. Bending he forces her to bend with him causing another cry of pain. Looking over he can see her breasts hang out from her body beautifully as she struggles to right herself.

He smiles as he comes back up with her panties pulling her with him. “Arms behind your back.” He decides to see if she will obey him. The first words she manages are weak but there is fire there. “Fuck you!” He shakes his head as she finishes he twists her hair till tears come unbidden to her eyes. “Hands behind your back Now.” His tone rises only in the last word. She cries out in real pain now the sedative is wearing off finally. “If you fail to comply I will punish you Talis this is your last chance.” His tone is growing cool now as if he is distancing himself from the moment. “FUCK YO…” She never gets to finish her words.

He twists her hair brutally knowing her scalp will ache for a few days afterward. He forces her around then head first into the couch. As she grabs at the cushions he uses his leg to sweep her feet out from under her. She falls all the harder into the couch as he presses her now overbalanced body into the couch. Her face is forced into the cushion, he can see her begin to struggle as she realizes her own body weight now pins her arms before her. The lack of air really making her struggle, yet to him, it is hardly a fight to control her. He can feel her beginning to become desperate for air.

“I will move your body enough for you to free your hands. If you move them behind your back I will let you up in a moment.” His words were cool and controlled as if he were talking to someone on the phone. “If you fail to obey I will keep you this way until you pass out. Then I will bind you but much more cruelly then if you obey.” He gives her a long moment more he can now hear her screams of terror as he holds her. It finally dawns on her that he has her helpless. He can see her back starting to turn red from her struggles a light sheen of sweat beads her skin.

He lifts up off of her a bit pulling her hair to bring her back off her face. He can hear her gasping as she struggles with her mind. Then after only a moment, she obeys her arms snaking behind her back. He uses his free hand to wrap her panties about one wrist then releases her hair. Using both hands he ties each wrist snugly against each other. “Much better…. now you must be punished for fighting me.” She whimpers and pulls at her wrists as he watches he smiles. Gasping she speaks back to him. “I obeyed you when you said to…..” He shakes his head at her words. Sikiş hikayeleri “Yes but only after I had to ask three times and control you.” His tone is still cool to her. “Had you disobeyed more the punishment would have been much worse.”

Using one of his knees he forced her legs apart looking at her slit he smiled. Reaching a hand in-between her thighs he is careful not to touch her till he has her pubic hair in his hand. With one quick tug and a twist, he pulls on her pubic hair painfully. This time her cry is a full-fledged scream of pain and terror. “No no no no…. Please no please” Her begging sounds awfully heartfelt to Leit’s ears. Thinking a long moment he decides to have pity on her. He holds back any more punishment she had earned since she is new to her new way of life. Releasing her pubic hair he strokes over her pussy feeling a shudder pass thru her body then

“I can be cruel Talis or I can be gentle.” His tone is gentle now as he strokes her inner thighs gently. “Much of my treatment of you depends on your willingness to obey me.” She is crying now as he talks to her. “Do you understand me?” She sniffles turning her head she looks at him her eyes red and full of fear. “I think so….. Please let me go I won’t tell I promise.” She sees him shake his head and tenses expecting more pain. “Test your bonds Talis.” He looks to see if she obeys his words. When she feels his hand still on her thigh he had been stroking she whimpers in fear.

Her arms tremble with the effort her hands turn red he tied her so the nooses could only tighten so much. “I can’t get loose.” Her words come out in a scared whimper. Then she feels his hand once more stroking her thigh. “No, you can not remember that tonight. The plan is to let you sleep helpless in your cage. The less you struggle the less pain you will put yourself thru.” He rises then from her side as he does so she can see his bulge outlined in his jeans. Her trembling comes back tenfold now seeing he is aroused by her helplessness.

His words bring her back to the room. “Let’s go outside Talis.” His tone seems to have come back to the conversational level once more. He catches her panty clad wrists dragging her back to her feet. “But won’t people see us?” Her voice quivers at the thought. Her skin turned a deep shade of red at the thought of other people seeing her naked like this. His laugh is soft as he moves thru the room to the door. His free hand catches the door handle turning it he opens it inward. Walking out he brings her stumbling along at his side. Looking over to her he walks to the sunlit driveway.

Having left her in the shade he looks at her quivering naked body letting his eyes roam. “Come here Talis I have something you need to see before we go back inside.” His voice is soft and coaxing as he stands in the sun offering her a place at his side. Her mind tells her to run but when she looks all she can see is trees. Finally, after a long moment of inner struggle, her head drops to her chest. Slowly she walks to his side feeling the heat of the sun on her skin. Leit shivered as he watched her with those green eyes of his wanting to miss nothing.

Lifting his arm he motions out around them. Now she can see why he wanted her to stand with him. As far as the eye can see are trees he watches as her shoulders slump a bit lower now. “I own sixty acres of land and this house is built in the middle of it. You would have to run thirty acres to find a road or house Talis.” He reaches out to stroke her shivering form. “Will you kill me?” Her voice is full of abject terror now. He listens to her words and smiles softly. “I doubt it less you do something unthinkable. Like wound me or risk my livelihood by trying to expose me then….” He shrugs his shoulders leaving the rest unsaid.

Her eyes once more tear up this time in fear, not pain. He reaches out wiping the tears from her eyes. “Save them for when you need those Talis. I promise you shortly there will be more tears then you wish.” His tone is soft but there is a menace there. He pulls her in close and smiles as his lips descended to hers. He feels her struggle for a long moment but she has no leverage to fight him. Kissing her he tastes what he will own soon enough. His lips crush into her own as he feels her naked breasts crushing into his chest. He grinds his cock into her soft yielding stomach letting her know she excites him.

He growls softly breaking the kiss looking down into her eyes he lets her see the fire of passion there. “Now on to better things Talis.” His voice is hot with desire for her. Lifting her as if she were a light sack he drapes her over his shoulder. Her whimpering scream excites him all the more as he moves back to the house. He lingers in the shade letting her struggle as he strokes her ass cheek so close to his face. “I am going to start you on birth control today Talis.” His words show her she has no say. “I don’t need it…let me go…” Her voice is angry and desperate at the same time. He says nothing just carries her into the house once more the door slamming shut behind them.

He walks past the couch into the next room not putting her down. He gathers something from the counter there giving her no view of the room. He walks back into the main room once more dumping her on the couch. He watches her land in a heap her arms still pinned behind her back. “Tonight you may cum or not. I do not care either way…. but soon you will learn to control your slit my pet.” His voice once more holds that calm cool menace she already fears. He can see the fear in the slight tremble of her body as he speaks. She sees his hand holding a slim package in his hand. He opens it as he sits down next to her ignoring her gaze.

He slides out three items from the box setting it aside. The first is a dermal pack which he peels sticking it to the soft meat of her right hip. The next item is a thin black collar of leather. The glimpse of the collar allowed her to see thin metallic looking strips woven into the inner surface. She tries to pull back as he unclips it sliding it over her beautiful skin. There is a click as the collar locks in place fitting snugly to her skin. The last item looks almost like a car alarm control. He smiles looking up at her finally then he rises from the couch.

He smiles as he slips out of his shirt draping of the chair next to the couch. Then he slips out of his boots. Swiftly his jeans follow along with a pair of blue boxers. He watches her fight herself then she looks down looking over his naked flesh. “Tonight you are allowed to look. Your training will explain a lot to you my pet.” His voice is no gentler than his hard cock lifting up to almost touching his flat stomach. “No, you can’t do this…” Her voice is scared as she tries to back from his naked body. “Let me explain.” As she listens it is then she realizes she doesn’t even know his name. “The collar can be a friend or a punishment.” As he speaks of this he touches a button on the remote.

Her reaction is instantaneous she arches her back as he watches and screams. A low pulse of electricity flows thru the collar shocking her just enough to cause pain. He leans in releasing the button smiling into her face his Erotik hikaye words low. “I own you… no one will miss you my toy.” He moves to the side as he watches her he sets the remote on the table. He reaches down catching her by a shoulder rolling her over so now she is face down on the couch. He lifts her up moving her to the padded arm of the couch pressing her stomach into it. “Damn it no this is rape….” Her voice is terrified once more he just continues to position her. Getting her just right over the arm her feet hang just off the floor.

Looking down he sees her ass cheeks spread helplessly as he picks up his remote once more. She starts to struggle when she feels him moving between her thighs she closes her legs. He laughs as they press closed baring him. He lets his finger strokes over the remote. Watching her he can see her body shudder in pain. He does not let up on the remote till her legs slowly slide apart. He moves between them before finally releasing the button letting the pain stop. His hand leads the way reaching between her parted pussy lips he strokes over her watching as she shivers at first contact. He presses his fingers into her slit opening it even wider for his invasion.

His fingers feel her heat a hint of wetness as they open her enough to feel her. Then he moves them from her feeling her relax a bit he moves in till his cock head presses to her slit. She begins to struggle once more babbling about this not happening to her. He presses the remote shocking her just long enough to slide the tip of his cock into her tight pussy. He groans in pleasure as she screams for mercy. He ignores her pressing forward into her slightly damp hole. Her screams of anger and fear soon turn to screams of pain. He thrusts deeper into her with each stroke causing pain since she is not ready for him. After several moments of her trying to wither off his cock as he impales her with more he stops. She cries tears again as she feels his balls stroking her clit impaled on his eight inches of cock.

He reaches down massaging her ass cheeks as her struggles bring him pleasure. He groans at the tight velvet prison he has broken into. He catches her legs with his hands after a minute and spreads them wide almost unseating her from the couch arm. “Now my pet I am going to fuck you till I am content.” His words coming out as a lust filled growl. No sooner then he says them then his hips begin to piston in and out of her poor tormented slit. His grip on her thighs is painful but gives him the leverage he needs to slam into her with savageness. She is whining in pain and shame as he takes her pussy for his own.

He rides her with no mercy giving her a savage fucking as he feels the pleasure building in his cock. Her scent begins to waft about the room he inhales deeply taking her scent in. She is still struggling but now she can feel her wetness beginning to ease his passage. Holding her split wide his balls keep slamming into her clit. Finally, he hears what he was waiting for her soft moan of pleasure. He groans as his cock strokes deeply as possible with each stroke. He can feel her slit slowly pulsing as he rides her she is finally surrendering to his cock.

He lets her wiggle as he rides her pussy his cock on the edge he growls in heaven. Her pussy is burning with a fire her mind telling her this is so wrong but her body is responding as all women have thru the ages. Her hips buck back into his as much as possible trying to force more of his cock into her. He groans as he pounds home her pussy growing tighter about him. He feels her slit like a velvet noose begins to convulse around his cock. Her screams are random without meaning as her body runs wild without regard for her dignity. He sees her cumming for him bound helpless a victim to his passions. It is too much for him to endure.

He feels one last convulsion of her prison trying to keep him locked within. He pulls his cock from her slit as she screams again. He slides his cock between her ass cheeks feeling the heat from her asshole. Releasing her legs his fist finds the base of his cock stroking it with purpose he soon sprays her ass with his cum. “YES… Y.E…S MY…P.ET per….fect….” He aims his cock so her asshole is covered in a layer of his cum. Then he sprays across her ass cheeks being careful not to spray her bonds. He hears her moaning as his hot cum touches her body she is still wiggling in pleasure or need his head is spinning. He leans on the arm of the couch as he slowly gets his breath.

Moving slowly he walks around to her looking down into her eyes. He watches her as she looks up there is shame in her eyes. He crouches next to the arm of the couch looking at her he reaches up stroking her face. “I am pleased my pet. You may call me Sir when you address me.” His words are soft as he relaxes she can see his shiny cock between his legs hanging slightly limp now. Her mind is lost in thought she had come for him and he was happy. He could read the confusion in her eyes like a book. “Remember this pet your purpose now is to please me. The better you do at this the better life can get.” He strokes her hair slowly he draws her off the couch arm.

His cum is slowly dripping down her ass he nods approvingly as she wiggles feeling it as well. He moves with her to the back wall of the room he presses a spot on the wall as a door that wasn’t there before swings open. A dim light is on at the base of the stairs as he leads her down. He can feel her shaking so he stays close to her side. Once at the bottom he lets her eyes wander for a moment. Then he turns her so she can see a cage which is five foot long by three foot wide. The cage is just tall enough to admit a stooping person. There is a small mattress at the far end. The mattress is one of the ones that blow up much more comfortable then the concrete floor.

He directs her to the cage where he types in a swift five-digit code on the panel. She hears a hiss as the door pops open. She begins to shiver again as he pulls her close and kisses her this time he forces his tongue into her mouth. She whimpers but surrenders not wanting to be shocked again. Her tongue is timid as she fences with his as he explores her mouth. He takes a step back from her and nods to the cage releasing her arm. Her eyes show the fear there as she looks to him tears falling once more. He shakes his head not speaking wanting her to do this on her own.

Crying softly she moves to the door slipping into the cage she turns around. His smile is soft full of pleasure. “Sleep good pet tomorrow I will allow you five questions before you start your training.” He sees her struggle with the silk binding her and smiles. He pushes the door to the cage shut the panel goes from green to red locking with a click. As he walks to the stairs he calls back to her. “The bed is bolted to the floor it will not slide out from under you.” He begins to go up the stairs but what he hears stops him cold. Her words are still choked with her tears and soft sobs but he heard her right. “Yes, Sir.” He turned in time to see her slump onto the mattress and collapse into a ball of tears. Nodding he moves up into the room once more pulling the door shut behind him leaving his new pet in the dark confines of her new home.

More To Come……

I hope you enjoyed this section and had fun. Send any constructive input or any comments to Email vurbanpixiev@g

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