Sister In Laws Can Be Fun Too Ch. 3


As I’ve explained in my previous submissions, my sister in law and I have been fucking for over a year now! In fact, our twice monthly sessions now include my niece. Up until last Wednesday, I figured I had everything! A mature soft sexy woman who can’t seem to get enough of my cock, and a 19 year old, tight, hot young girl who is eager to explore new things!

That was until Wednesday night.

After supper that night, I used the excuse of going to the local Lowes to get out for the evening. As my wife, Flo, plants herself in front of the TV every night, till she dozes off, I was sure she’d be asleep by 10:00. That gave me almost 4 hours to fuck Maggie’s brains out. With any luck, I would be back in my own bed by11:00.

I hopped into my pickup, and drove to the liquor store for a bottle of wine, then off to Maggie’s apartment. I made my way up the stairs, and knocked on the door. My niece Dawn answered, but instead of being dressed in a tee shirt and panties as I was used to, she was dress to go out! “Have fun” she giggled. “I’ll be seeing you later” as she ran out the door, and down the stairs. I walked into the dark apartment, wondering what was going on. I walked over to the bedroom, and peaked in, only to find it was dark too. Suddenly, from the bathroom, I heard “if you know what’s good for you, you’ll take off your clothes and lay down on the bed. And keep your damned eyes shut!” Not one to pass up an interesting proposition, I did as I was instructed. In minutes there I was, lying naked on Maggie’s bed, with my cock pointing straight up! The room was totally dark, so even if I had opened my eyes, I wouldn’t have seen a thing. I lay there wondering for about 5 minutes, when I heard the bathroom door open. In seconds, I felt the blindfold being tied snuggly around my head, followed by the arms and legs being tied to the bed posts. My heart started to pound, in anticipation of what was next.

Maggie’s voice broke the silence. But it seemed different somehow. Not soft and sexy as I was used to. It was deeper and more menacing. “See, I told you he had a nice sized cock” she said, as if talking to someone else. “And feel these pathetic balls!” With that, a warm hand grabbed gaziantep sahibe escort bayan my sack, and squeezed hard! I let out a low groan, as the pain shot through my nuts. “Shut up slave boy, or the next time I’ll squeeze harder!” Maggie was suddenly transformed into my mistress! I had no doubts that she meant what she said! “Yes ma’am” I whispered. Without warning, I felt the sting as her hand squeezed my balls hard again! “Louder” she demanded! I cleared my throat, and replied louder “Yes Ma’am!”

I heard Maggie, again speaking as if there were someone else there. “All he’s good for is getting me off. But I have to admit, he knows how to eat pussy!” Moments later, two thighs straddle my head. Soon the scent of wet snatch filled my nose, as she lowered herself over my mouth. “Eat it” Maggie demanded. “Yes Ma’am” I replied as my tongue met the wet musty pussy just inches from my face. Soon my entire mouth was filled by sweet cunt! My tongue darting in and out of her hole as she lowered herself fully on my face. Her hip gyrated as I licked and sucked feverishly! My face was covered in sticky juices, and I was finding it hard to catch my breath, but I ate that pussy for all it was worth! Soon the room was filled with deep loud moans! As she started to cum. She ground her dripping pussy all over my face, mixing fluids with hair, and cutting off my air supply! “MY GOD I’M CUMMMMING!!” she yelled as her body stiffened in waves of orgasm! Finally, she pulled herself off of me, allowing me to catch my breath!

As I gathered myself, I realized something wasn’t right! The voice I heard wasn’t Maggie’s or my niece Dawn’s, and both of them shaved their cunts! I’d heard that voice before! But where?

The thought of what I just did, and not knowing whom I did it to, had turned me on like I hadn’t been in years! My cock was so hard it started to ache for relief! “Please let me cum” I begged! Again, my balls were punished!. “You’ll cum when I say so,” Maggie commanded, as the ache spread through my body. “Now it’s time for some real fun”. With this, I felt my hands come free from their bonds. Next my feet were freed. I şahinbey escort bayan resisted the urge to remove the blindfold to avoid any more pain.

“Get on your knees slave. I want my friend to see what you got!” I obediently complied. I heard the two women talking and giggling, as I awaited my next instructions. Soon, I felt a warm hand wrap around my aching cock. As my mystery woman started to stroke, I started to relax and enjoy. Then WACK. Her hand came down on my bare ass hard. Then again, and again! With each stroke of my cock, came the sting of her hand on my ass. The combination of pleasure and pain drove me over the edge, and before long, my balls tightened, and my prick exploded cum all over her hand and the sheets! That was followed by three more hard slaps. Several moments later Maggie had me roll back on to my back. I was again tied to the bedposts, and the two women left the room.

I lay there alone for maybe 45 minutes before the Maggie and the other woman returned. “I’m going to untie your hands, but don’t take off the blindfold yet… That will happen soon enough.” Then without warning, I felt the warmth of Maggie’s lips as she engulfed my rejuvenating cock. “I want you nice and hard for this!” In seconds, I was hard as a rock, and ready for my next task! The bed moved as I was straddled. Then the wet hot feel of a horny cunt enveloped my cock! My hands started to explore the body of my lover, and it became apparent this wasn’t Maggie! Her hips were soft and rounded, and her waist, slim. But the most interesting were her tits. They were large! And not very firm. I found her nipples, and was amazed at how they stuck out!

“Are you ready to find out who you have the pleasure of fucking?” Maggie nervously asked. “Take off you blindfold”. It took me a second to gather myself, before I removed the cloth. A moment later, I found that I had my cock buried deep inside my Mother in Law Anna! Her head was thrown back as she started to rock back and forth, riding me like a fuck hungry slut! I decided not to fight it, as my Mother in Law is in great shape for her age! Large tits that she often flaunted, a smooth şahinbey bayan escort round ass that still looked good in jeans, and short red hair that was always done up. Even her face still had a youthfulness that belied her 58 years. I often imagined what she would be like, and here she was screwing me! She ground her pussy against me as we fucked hard. I met her with every stroke, as I kneaded those tits I had only dreamt about! As we both got close, I felt the muscles of her cunt grab hold of me. With a deep groan, Anna started cumming! “OH GOD STEVE CUM INSIDE ME! I WANT YOU TO FILL MY PUSSY! AHHHHHHH”. As her pussy squeezed my cock hard, I started to cum! We both buck wildly as I sprayed my jism deep inside my mother in law!

Anna collapsed on top of me, and planted her tongue deep into my waiting mouth. Then she pressed her mouth to my ear. “Thank you! Oh god thank you sooo much Steve! I haven’t been fucked in ten years!” What could I say? I just hugged her and looked up at Maggie. She had a tear in her eye.

After we all cleaned up, Anna said good night, and got up to leave. She walked over to me, kissed me, and said, “I trust I’m going to have you for Thanksgiving?” “You can have me when ever you want!” I responded. She left with a spring in her step that I had never seen before!

Maggie sat next to me on the bed and explained. “Ever since my dad died, mom hasn’t been herself. I finally got her to open up last week, and found out that up until his heart attack, dad and mom fucked at least 3 times a week! Imagine that? That was why she kept her self looking so good!” Maggie smiled. “Since he died, mom hasn’t fucked anyone or anything! And she wanted it so bad! When she told me this, and asked how I was getting by without it, I told her about you!” I must have looked shocked, because Maggie bent over and kissed me. “Seems mom had her eyes on you too. She even said she had seen you naked once, and masturbated right there in your bathroom! You really have to learn to keep yourself covered at night, or at least keep your door closed!” Maggie winked at me. “I figured if we had come right out and asked, you might say no, so that’s when the blindfold and the Ma’am stuff came in. I figured if you tasted the fruit, you would be less likely to chop down the tree! Besides, you seemed to enjoy it!”

So now, I’ve had three generations of my wife’s family. In fact, the only female left is the youngest sister. However, that’s a story yet to be written! Anyway, I can’t wait until the holidays. It brings new meaning to the words “Cum all ye faithful.”

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