Sister Sarah Ch. 15


Around midnight, I pulled into a gas station in Joplin, Missouri to fill up for the last time before reaching our destination. I reached over and gently fondled Sarah’s breasts to rouse her.

“Hey love, do you need anything? Need a pit stop,” I asked as she barely left her slumber.

“Where are we?”

“We’re in Joplin. We have a little over three hours to go.”

Saying nothing, she turned slightly and fell back asleep. I quietly exited, and filled up with gas. I took my receipt, and got back in to finish the last leg of our journey. Sarah felt the car move again, and stirred just long enough to find my hand. I guess touching me to some degree helped her sleep, since she typically holds my dick in her mouth to accomplish that. I would have welcomed that, but there’s no way that was possible in the car.

It was about 3:30 AM when we arrived in the small town just across the river from where we were about to start our new lives. There’s a couple of hotels there where we could crash for a few hours before meeting the agent in the morning to sign the papers, and make the ownership transfer complete. I chose the Best Western Select, which appeared to be the nicest of what the town has to offer. I left Sarah to sleep as I went in to get the room figured out. It was nice enough, so it was on. I returned to the car where my beautiful sister slept. I gently opened the rear door and found her discarded sweatpants. I then opened her door, and leaned in to suckle her firm breasts while I unbuckled her.

Pausing from that delicious treat, I said, “good morning, love. We’re here.”

She snapped awake; I think she was expecting us to be at our new home. She seemed disappointed when she realized she was flooded with light, clearly not emanating from our home.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” I told her. “Tomorrow everything will be done, and I will take you home.”

I held out her sweats, and offered them to her. She frowned at me, clearly not wanting to dress. I reached for her hoodie, which she did accept, and welcomed my helping her into it. She lazily exited the car and stood beside me awaiting further. I zipped her hoodie just enough to keep her gorgeous breasts from being exposed. It only barely covered her ass, and would only hide her pussy if she kept her hands in the pockets.

“Good enough,” I thought to myself, and took her hand and led her inside. The clerk just glanced at us, then went about her business, apparently not even noticing my sister’s state of undress. We got to our room, and I held the door open for Sarah. She immediately plopped down on the bed, clearly still tired. I unzipped and removed her hoodie. She rolled over to the other side of the bed so I could pull the covers down, then rolled back and snuggled in, letting me tuck her in. I turned and went to the bathroom to wash my face, in an attempt to rid it of road weariness.

“Fuck,” I cursed aloud. I had left my laptop and phone in the car, and I would need it in the morning to get in touch with the agent. I dried my face and hands, the returned to the car to get my things. I grabbed the duffel, too, just in case. When I got back, Sarah was sitting up on the bed with a concerned look on her face.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“Where did you go? I thought you were mad, and left for some reason,” she replied, small tears in her eyes.

I dropped everything and went to sit beside her. “No, sweetheart. I just forgot my phone and computer.” I took her in my arms and consoled her. “I would never leave you, baby girl. Not for any reason ever, ok?”

She nodded, and lay her head on my shoulder. I didn’t mean to have it seem that I abandoned her. She heard me curse, and figured I was upset. I kissed her head, and wrapped her tightly in my arms.

“I love you, my sweet,” I whispered. She snuggled closer to me and took my hand. She placed it on her breast, and let out a sigh as she move her hand away from mine. She wanted me to touch her. I sat there with her for the longest time, letting my fingers graze over her bare breasts. I bounced her nipples, pressing them downward with my finger, then letting them bounce back up. I cupped her full breasts in my hand, lifted them, and gently let them back down. I wanted to suck her tits so bad, but wanted even more to make sure she was good in knowing that I wasn’t going to leave her. She was. She was just super tired from being on the road, and not sleeping well in the car.

“Can we go to bed now,” she asked quietly.

“Of course we can, sweetheart. I’m just enjoying touching you.”

She smiled at me and said, “lay with me. Hold me, and you can keep touching me.”

I lay her back on the bed, shed my clothes, and climbed in beside her. It certainly wasn’t our bed, but it would do for now. I lay on my side, and Sarah scooted back against me, laying her head on my shoulder. I draped my free arm over her warm body, and felt for her breasts again. Her arm lay in front of her as I casually toyed with her tits again. gaziantep zenci escort bayan I left them, and ran my hand down her body. I came to her ass, and gently lifted the upper cheek, and scooted in closer to her, letting my cock rest between them. I quickly grew hard, and started lubricating her crack. As my hand made its way back up, I started careless humping actions, spreading natures lubricant all over her ass crack, and against her anus. I ran my fingers through her hair, and leaned in to kiss her shoulder. I planted little kisses on her back and shoulders and went back to playing with her supple breasts. I noted that her nipples were hard, and she was starting to match my humping motions.

“Go inside me, please,” my sister whispered, not moving her upper body. We were perfectly positioned for me to enter her ass, so I worked towards it without touching myself. I wanted to move my rigid snake around the flesh pillows, and let it find its own way, driving Sarah crazy along the way. Her hips moved in such a way as to help me. Finally, my tip touched her puckered little bud. I pushed gently, and waited for her to fully relax and let me inside. Slowly, a millimeter at a time, I fed my cock up into her hungry anus. Sarah remained motionless as my one-eyed monster invaded her bowels. My balls finally touched her cheeks, but I kept pressing, wanting to get as deep inside my sister’s ass as I possibly could. I pressed to the hilt, and just held it there. I felt her body throbbing as I invaded her hole. I pulled firmly on her breasts, making as much contact with her as I could, and started to slowly pump in and out of her ass. I let go of her only long enough to look down to see where we connected. Seeing my huge dick pumping my sister’s ass was an amazing and erotic site.

I pushed against Sarah, encouraging her to roll over face down. She got the hint, and started to roll. I followed, not letting my cock leave her perfectly shaped ass. Now astraddle of her, she lay flat and allowed me to completely ravish her behind. Wanting that contact, I lay fully on her, and kissed her shoulders as my hips thrust into her tight little booty hole. I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was to have such a perfectly beautiful sister who wanted me to put my cock in her ass.

“I’m going to cum, J,” Sarah panted. “Keep fucking me. Make me cum.”

Encouraged, I fucked her ass a little faster. Not harder, just faster. I raised myself up in a pushup position, and fucked my little sister’s butt. Her ass tightened around me, and she cried out as she came.

“Fuck me, big brother! Give me your load! Cum in my ass, please. I’m begging you, cum inside me,” she cried out.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes…” she cried as she came. Her orgasm clinched her ass so hard, I thought for a second that she was going to push me out of her.

I fought through it, and replied, “here it comes, sweet girl. I’m going to cum in you.”

“Give it to me,” she panted.

So I did. I kept humping her fast, my body flinching with every ribbon of semen I used to paint her insides. Her orgasm sustained until I have finished cumming in her ass. I collapsed on top of her back again, a little bit sweaty. I caught my breath and held my penis firmly inside of her ass. I felt her flexing her kegels as I was planted in her. It definitely kept me from going soft.

“I love you, Sarah,” I said, as I again kissed her back and shoulders.

Assuming she would tire from my weight, I rolled off of her to lie beside her, dragging my dripping penis across her ass cheeks. Sarah rolled over and swung a leg over me. She kissed me passionately for a bit before lying on my arm again, leaving her leg draped over me. She snuggled in, and got comfortable, thinking she would go to sleep now. I knew better.

Before long, I heard her whisper, “J?”

“Yea, baby?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Will you help me to sleep?”

“Of course, precious. I’m all yours.”

Sarah quickly disappeared beneath the covers. In moments, she had her head laying on my lower abdomen and my sticky, wet penis in her warm mouth. She sucked me just like a pacifier, forcing me in and out from between her lips. As difficult as it was, I focused on sleeping. I knew she would be out soon if I came in her mouth or not. Right now, I was only interested in sleeping with my sister. My cock softened, but stayed in my sister’s mouth. It was only minutes before she fell sound asleep. Sleep found me shortly thereafter, and we were as we had been, and had been become our way of life. Sister and brother, naked in bed together, sister sucking brother’s penis as a pacifier to help her sleep. All night, Sarah kept my cock between her lips. Her tongue rested against its head as she slept soundly.

I woke around 9:30 to Sarah’s mouth moving on my cock. She was subconsciously sucking me the same way she did to go to sleep. Being awake now, it swelled gaziantep escort bayan in her warm, moist mouth, and pressed its way deeper into it. I reached down and started stroking her hair, and at the same time, started gently thrusting myself into her mouth, fucking it as she slept. In short time, she started to stir awake. She kept sucking me, but reached up to cup my balls, now coherent and aware of her surroundings. She raised up on her elbow, and really went to town. She took my rigid member all the way into her mouth, then slowly slid her way back up to the head. Back and forth, allowing me fully into her eager throat. My sister turned in a way where she could look up at me as she sucked my cock. I lay there watching her with one arm behind my head. I smiled at her, and her eyes smiled back at me. As our eyes locked, Sarah raised up onto her knees, and sucked me with renewed vigor. Now, I could look down past where my cock was planted inside of her mouth, and was able to admire her amazing breasts as they hung beneath her, their nipples resting gently on my thighs. The site of my naked sister was too much, and I started spewing forth my creamy goodness into her hungry mouth. Sarah stopped her fucking motions, and just sucked, as I fed her all I had in me. She applied gentle suction until the streams stopped, and I had given her my all. With an audible gulp, she swallowed my cum down, having received a high-protein breakfast shake from her brother’s penis.

“Can we go home now,” Sarah asked, crawling up to lie beside me, her nipples dragging up the length of my body.

Taking her into my arms, I replied, “yes, love. We can go home now.”

We kissed briefly, and got out of bed. I watched as she stretched, and adored the beauty of her nudity. I watched in awe as her perfect ass swayed towards the bathroom, my cock again rising to fully erect.

“Damn, she’s sexy,” I thought to myself.

She disappeared into the bathroom, and I heard the shower start.

“Are you coming,” she beckoned.

“Absolutely,” I replied, not wanting to miss the opportunity to touch her naked body.

I hopped up, and my bobbing cock led me to the shower to join my sister.

“I smell like a lake,” she said, wrinkling her nose so cute.

“But you’re beautiful, my sexy woman of the lake,” I joked. She truly was beautiful, and I’d have fucked her no matter how she smelled.

She smiled, and took my hand as we stepped into the shower together. I hugged her tight as the warm water cascaded over our bodies. Our lips met, and my hands ran down her wet backside to her perfect ass. I squeezed her cheeks in my hands, and lifted her up slightly. Her breasts pressed into my chest, and my cock slipped between her thighs, the length resting between her moist folds. Letting her back down, I stepped back, which caused my cock to just barely enter her pussy. Sarah drew in a deep breath as the contact stimulated her cunt. I reached for the bottle of her perfumed wash, and began to lather up her body. I lovingly washed every inch of her, thoroughly stimulated just by touching her. My cock throbbed as I ran my hands over her shoulders, and down her back. It dripped precum as I cleaned ass, making sure to get between her cheeks and legs. I made my way down her supple legs to her feet, her hand resting on my head to steady herself as she lifted each for me. She turned, and I worked my way up the front of her body. Before I washed her pussy, I gave it a few licks. I covered it with my mouth, and stuck my tongue up inside of her steamy snatch. I licked her sweet pussy while I continued to lather her legs. I finally cleaned that delicious hole, even though I could eat it like it was all day. I soaped up her tummy while I sucked her perfect nipples, and ran my tongue around her perky breasts. I worked my way up, and even washed her beautiful face. She had the most adorable look on her face as she basked in the sensation of my touch. At last, I nudged her under the water to wet her hair, and gave her a thorough shampoo and scalp massage. Her breasts heaved, and her breath was long and drawn out as I poured my love out onto her body.

Sarah leaned her head back to let her hair rinse. She was still in overwhelming bliss, and just stood motionless as the suds cascaded down her body. As quickly as I could, I washed myself, keeping an eye on her to make sure she wasn’t going to collapse. I joined her under the spray, and together we rinsed. I took her in my arms and held her close to me. Our eyes locked. Her mouth was agape, and it seemed that she had not know such bliss from just being washed.

“I love you,” Sarah told me strongly and confidently.

“I love you, too, precious Sarah,” I replied.

She just stared at me, not knowing how to respond to how her body felt at this moment.

“Are you ready to go home,” I asked, the question itself seeming to snap her back into reality.

She just nodded, and reached for the faucet. Still not quite herself, I stepped out and grabbed a towel. I carefully dabbed water from her body until dry, then wrapped her hair in the towel. I helped her out of the shower just before drying myself. She just stood watching in awe and wonder. She finally came out of her trance when I put her toothbrush in her hand, and gestured that she finish up.

“I looked at my phone earlier,” I began. “It’s thirty-nine degrees outside. I’m sorry, but you really should put your sweats on.”

“Ok,” she replied, barely audible.

“It’s ok, love,” I told her, kissing her on the cheek and squeezing her little bum. “Soon, you’ll be home, and can undress again,” I promised.

I watched as my little sister pulled sweatpants over her naked legs, and pulled them up around her waist. She then donned a hoodie, zipping it just enough to conceal her flushed breasts. She looked incredibly sexy. Sarah waited somewhat impatiently as I dressed and gathered our things. Now that she was fully awake, she was ready to get to our new home. Too late for hotel breakfast, we were going to have to stop by McDonalds or something.

I took Sarah’s hand, and we checked out and headed for the parking lot. As the blast of cool air hit us, Sarah winced.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she said, visibly shivering.

“It’s that time of year, love. It gets colder, and it snows a lot, too.”

“I’m kind of looking forward to that,” she replied. “Does our house have a fireplace? Will you teach me how to make a fire?”

“Yes, it does, and yes, I will teach you that and so much more.”

Sarah smiled broadly as I opened her door to let her into the car. She was growing more excited by the minute. I buckled her in, and went to join her. We stopped and got a quick breakfast sandwich, the drove to the realtor’s office. Sarah joined me for the meeting. This was going to be official, with both of our signatures on the documents. We were going to do this together from start to finish.

“Hello, Mr. Smith,” the agent greeted, shaking my hand. “And is this lovely lady your wife?”

“She is very lovely,” I replied, “but she’s my sister. She will be signing as co-owner on the purchase.”

The agent had no inclination that we were lovers, as we were focused more on the purchase than each other at the moment. We didn’t give off any air that we were lovers, so there was no reason to suspect it. Other than my sister’s tits being almost exposed, there was nothing to say that we were involved sexually.

There were flags next to everywhere Sarah and I were to sign, and we sat at a large table with the documents spread before us. I signed as appropriate, then passed each to Sarah for her signature. She beamed as she signed, looking forward to what was to come.

“Ok,” said the agent. “It looks like you’re not financing, so all that’s left is the wire transfer.”

“Already in queue,” I told her, taking out my phone. I made the last few clicks, and transferred the money, officially closing the deal. The agent reached out to hand me keys, but Sarah put her hand out to take them. Taking Sarah’s hand, she showed us which keys were what.

“This one is for the house, which you’re going to love. It’s a huge log structure, two and one-half story with a full walkout finished basement. This one is for the gate to the adjacent property.”

Already aware of the house, I knew what we were looking at. I thought to myself that I was going to dig up the drive to the adjacent property, and make it accessible from the first plot only, so that there was only one way in to our property.

Shaking with excitement now, Sarah’s smile widened. My beautiful sister was ready to occupy our new forever home. I thanked the agent and shook her hand again. She handed me my copies of all of the paperwork, and we were on our way. When we got to the car, I opened Sarah’s door. She turned and hugged me tightly, and thanked me for doing this for her.

“Oh, baby girl. It’s for us. You’re my princess forever, and you’ll live with me in our castle.”

She smiled again, and climbed into the car. I leaned in and kissed her erotically, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. I unzipped her hoodie, spreading it apart to fully expose her perfect breasts. I touched her nipples, noting that the cool air had them quite stiff. Breaking our embrace, I buckled her in securely. As I made my way around to my side, I glanced toward the realtor’s office, and noticed that the agent had been watching us. She stood there in clear amazement, having just watched brother and sister in erotic display. I just smiled, and got in.

“Ok, love. We’re going to need supplies. We need food and stuff. Do you want to shop now, or come back to town later. Keep in mind that it’s about a thirty minute drive from town to our house.”

“Can we come back later,” she asked. “I want to see it. Also, maybe there are things we need, too, and we don’t have a list.”

Admiring her logical thinking, I agreed. I started the car, and off we went. No sooner than we started out, Sarah slipped her hoodie off and tossed it in the back seat. Next, she kicked off her sandals, and pulled her sweatpants down and off, and tossed them as well. I watched in complete awe and wonder as my sister stripped in the car beside me.

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