Sitting on Shane

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Amarna Sparrow

Mandy’s weekend had not been good at all; from the early start to the heavy traffic to the slowest bellman in the entire country to the flaky actresses, the Georgia peach was anything but sweet by the time she arrived home. A more apt description would be an ornery lioness, ready to claw the next person who had the audacity to simply look at her wrong. But all would soon be better as the knock on the door told her that Shane had arrived.

He was a friend she had known for a while but had yet to completely figure out. One thing she knew for sure, from the few times he’d rubbed her shoulders, was that his hands were strong and agile; and she was craving a long slow massage. So she had called, and he had jumped at the chance.

Shane had a major thing for Mandy. Her 5′ 10″ BBW body made him think and feel as he never had before, and since he couldn’t see the look in his own eyes he believed that he hid these feelings well. Because of this, he hadn’t a clue that she was waiting for the right opportunity to pounce and corner him, to see where it would lead; or that, as he rang the doorbell, her chance had now arrived.

“Hey Shane, I’m so glad you could come over tonight. My back is really killing me from all the driving on my trip this weekend,” she said with a slight pout.

“Well, from the sound of what you said on the phone, it wasn’t just the driving, right?”

“Yeah, all those nasty girls who promised to shoot with me, then decided they had better things to do—bitches,” she griped, then snickered.

“Sometimes that can happen, but Shane is here to make it all better now,” he beamed. “The lady has requested a massage, and sir is here to fulfill said request. Do you want to talk some more, or just get started?”

“We can talk as you work,” came out with a giggle, “so let’s just get started.”

She led him though the house walking slowly, giving just a small wiggle with her hips and as she ascended the stairs her large beautiful ass was swaying right in front of his face. It took all of his will power to not reach out and touch that most stunning of body parts. Mandy snuck a glance over her shoulder and laughed to herself as she saw the eyes ready to pop out of his head. He’s all mine, she thought.

As they entered the bedroom and he realized where they were, Shane became noticeably more excited, eliciting a knowing smirk from Mandy.

“Didn’t realize we were gonna do this in your bedroom,” he managed.

“Yep, ’cause it’s the easiest place for me to lie down and be comfortable.”

“OK, you wanna lie down and I’ll get started?”

“Oh, you know what—I forgot to get the oil from the kitchen downstairs, would you run and get it? I left it warming on the stove.”

“Oil?” he stammered, pulse quickening.

“I wanted to do some hot, scented oil since it always makes me feel better,” she said, straight-faced, fighting back a huge grin. “You can go get it while I take my top off and get ready for your strong hands to rub away my aches and pains,” she continued, baiting her trap.

“S-sure, I’ll b-be right back,” he said, as his wobbly knees carried a very excited body slowly from the room.

His brain was running full-speed and though much of the blood in his head was beginning to flow elsewhere, he thought of the possibility which stood before him upstairs—he had a chance with Mandy. Shane could not believe he was actually going to get to touch her soft skin; if he did a good enough job it might convey his true feelings and, since there were so many ideas streaking through his mind, he forgot to be nervous.

Mandy was upstairs, double-checking her supplies for this hastily-made plan of seduction. In the last few hours of the drive home she’d gotten tired and cranky and decided she would require some attention. Then, while scrolling through contacts on her phone, she had seen his name. Her mind immediately shifted into gear and an idea had formed—a simple idea, really. Find out. Find out if her notions about Shane were indeed right.

So she had lube, condoms, her favorite snow leopard vibrator and all the things necessary for straight sex, but also a few hidden surprises in case she was correct about him and the full plan played out in its entirety. She smiled at the thought of his hands rubbing all over her back, then working their way down around her fat ass and plump thighs, eventually all over her body, her big belly and tits. She shivered as a chill of yearning ran down her spine.

Shane had stopped by the bathroom to take a quick leak and wash his hands using some of Mandy’s moisturizing soap to make sure he was ready. He would have to remember to ask Mandy for a few towels to use during the massage so the bed wouldn’t get covered in oil. A fleeting thought of actual sex ran into his head but was quickly dismissed and replaced with the idea to take it slow and see where it would lead him, hoping that he would win her over.

Back upstairs in the hall, Shane noticed her light was out and he could hear light jazz playing softly in the background. As he entered the bedroom he just fikirtepe escort about dropped the oil; he saw a ton of candles burning, some obviously vanilla-scented, on just about every flat surface. No towels would be necessary as Mandy had already laid several out on the bed in preparation for the oil. There she was, he saw, and his breath caught in his throat. There, in the middle of her king-sized bed, all of her voluptuous body was laid out for his eyes to feast upon.

And feast was all he could do; his feet were stuck as if nailed down. His eyes traveled up, down and around as he took in her full body without fear of being caught. She was topless, her smooth back on display for him all the way down to her sweat pants—oh, how her ass filled them completely—then down to her pretty feet. She was lying on the bed, smiling, her head facing away from Shane as she soaked up the energy he was giving off in reverence to her plump body. Another small chill of passion ran down her spine and, as he saw it, Shane made a small gasp. Oh how her body shakes, he thought, watching the shiver quickly work through her exposed flesh.

“Did you get the oil?” she purred, as she shifted her weight and turned her head to face him, almost giving him a glimpse of her DDD’s.

“Yes,” came out like a leak.

“Well good, then get your cute butt over here and give my back and neck some lovin’,” she giggled.

The ‘lovin” term had Shane more confused than a man at a ballet recital. Was that just a euphemism or was it a clear sign? He was now starting to think she was being playful with him and he had a good chance of his ultimate prize—her. Still, he didn’t know for sure, having only known her for a short time, so Shane removed his shoes as he stood in the doorway, then moved towards the bed, noting the smile and mischievous look in her deep blue eyes. Her long red hair had fanned out partially on her back and down over a pillow and he longed to put his face in it and smell it, knowing it must contain the arousing scent of her shampoo.

It was hard for him to know where to look first as he wanted to take it all in at once. The ass, the back, the hair or the face? Her whole body consumed his very thoughts, and her trap was truly sprung. He kneeled on the bed next to her and started to get the oil ready, hands lightly shaking, as he took the cap off the squeeze bottle.

“No, I think you’re going to have to be on top of me Shane, or you won’t be able to get both sides evenly,” Mandy said. “Why don’t you just sit on my butt?”

“Ummm, ok,” he replied unevenly. He put the top back on then stood up to get a leg over her wide frame. “Is this ok?” he asked, as he sat down on her big cushion.

“Yeah that’s great, now get those hands workin’,” she commanded, as she laughed and jiggled her body under him. She pulled her hair away from her back and into a neat pile on the top of her head, where she used a hair clip to hold it in place.

All the build up was having its intended effect, she knew, as she felt the wetness between her pussy lips starting to seep out onto her thighs, and if she was in this state, she knew he must be absolutely insane with want and lust. Shane was, in fact, fighting to control his actions as he felt the quiver, slowly taking the cap back off the oil and pouring a small amount onto her back, bringing about another small shake, accompanied by a moan from Mandy.

He quickly started to rub the oil in, starting from the middle of her back and working his way up to her tired shoulders and onto her neck. He began with a slow rolling of the shoulders, working from the shoulder blades to the neck, then down and out to massage away all her cares and pain. He worked with diligence and care as he added more oil to the area and continued to hear little moans and whispers of encouragement, which only added to his growing excitement.

To say Shane was bursting at the zipper of his khaki shorts was an understatement—he was at a level of arousal which he didn’t know existed before that moment. His hands were caressing the very smooth skin of one of his fantasies, and he was now sure she would become a reality. For fifteen minutes, every movement she made below him was burned into his brain and every inch and curve of her back was minted onto his memory as his hands worked into the muscles, stroking and kneading the tension away. His senses were on overload and he was about to blow a circuit when she suddenly spoke.

“You want me, don’t you?” she half-groaned, half-whispered.

“Oh god, yes,” he nearly cried out, but groaned.

“Well what are you waiting for, silly?” she said in her normal sing-song voice. “Help me pull my sweats down and you can continue your amazing work on my ass next.”

Shane’s hands were shaking badly after the exchange, but he crawled off her heavenly body, got a grip on the bottom of her pant legs and, as she pushed them down and wiggled them off, he pulled them free. He put the pants down, paused to touch her feet, then started his unhurried travel back up along her calves with gebze escort his hands, gently touching the back of her knees, proceeding onto her thighs and finally landing on her gorgeous buttocks. His hands smoothed out from the middle over the sides of her hips several times before he bent down and gently kissed her massive ass.

One small light kiss on each cheek brought about a moan, then more and more as the kisses became harder and longer, till she giggled and told him to pull off her panties and repeat what he had just done. A loud groan escaped his lips as he thought of the intimate contact that he would have in a few seconds, then worked the green-striped panties down over her hips and thighs, throwing them over his shoulder so he could quickly grant her request. Enamored as he was, it was hard to stop kissing, but soon the kisses were turning to licks, and he was working his way into her crack.

“Uh, uh, uh,” she chided. “I believe you have more massaging to do?” she reminded him with a giggle.

“Wha—oh, yeah, just got a little carried away,” he laughed.

“That will come soon enough if you’re a good boy,” she said with a wink, as she looked over her shoulder.

Shane stepped up to the front of the bed, leaned over and kissed Mandy on the mouth; just brushing her lips at first, then getting into a more full-mouthed affair. He repeated the kiss several times before crawling back on top of her ass, lying down on her and kissing the back of her neck while gently rubbing around her shoulders, down the sides of her breasts, looking forward to finding out the color of her nips.

He sat up and poured more oil, spreading it on her lower back and then, while shifting to sit lightly on her thighs, began to rub the warmth into her butt. He covered her backside and again started working his way down along the crack, slipping inside every few passes. Just from smoothing the oil on her ass, from the middle out over the sides of her hips and down to the tops of her meaty thighs, he was shivering with lust.

He kneeled over top of her right calf and began to massage her legs, slowly covering both thighs with oil, starting to spread her open wider to work on the insides, getting more and more of an eyeful of her beautiful pussy. Shane took special care when he reached the backs of her knees, lightly stroking and receiving some small whimpers of pleasure for his efforts. Then, working past to her thick calves, he took time to really rub the muscles to loosen her up a bit more and, since it was the furthest he had been from her body, he was finally getting a long-awaited look at where he wanted to have dinner tonight.

The split between her legs was Shane’s ultimate goal. He wanted to strum it and play with it and fuck it but most of all, he wanted to eat it. He’d always had an oral fetish, and he had been consumed with thoughts of what her pink lips must look like, and how they would feel as he sucked them into his mouth. Mandy’s pretty pussy wasn’t letting him down either; all he could see at this point were two fat lips with light hair on them, glistening with wetness and hiding the treasure for which he was going diving.

“Am I doing the front too or can I please just eat your cunt?”

“Ooooo, that sounds nice, but what do you want to eat me for? Ya like my pretty little kitty or something?” she purred, still lying on her stomach.

“Oh yes, Mandy, I’ve been thinking about this moment since the first time we met. I just never believed it would happen,” he moaned out.

“So you really wanna eat me bad, huh? Ya wanna lick my pussy or my ass you were burrowing your way into earlier? Tell me you want me, all of me—my big fat pussy, my nasty little asshole. You want to eat it all?” Her voice got higher on the last few words as she baited him further.

“Oh god, yes, all that, everything you have, whatever you’ll give me.”

“Mmmmm, ok, be a good boy and get your face in there and lick me,” Mandy acquiesced, as soon as she felt he was almost begging for her body.

Shane literally dove in, snuggling his body down into the crevice between her thighs, moving his head towards the promised land that was her vagina. From the position he was in, he had to push his entire face into her fat ass to get his tongue to the prize, but he didn’t mind a bit, so he pushed, lodging his nose right next to her asshole. Though Mandy’s pussy was his ultimate prize, if he had only ended up with her ass he would still have died a happy man.

His dick was rock-hard and would need release very soon, but he was concentrating on pleasuring her first; he wanted this to go very well, so that the dreams of her screaming in pleasure while sitting on his face might later come true. Little did he know what Mandy had in store for him as the night progressed; sitting on his face was a good start, and she would get to that in a few moments, but she had some bindings hidden under the bed to keep him in the good boy column, as well as a few toys for her—maybe for him too.

She was planning on giving him the beginner’s domme içerenköy escort treatment, and see if it took. He had been looking at her with such lust that she knew leading him down this path wouldn’t be hard, as long as she strung him out for a while, then brought him along the trail using the BBW body she knew he loved.

After a few minutes of tonguing, Mandy was ready to take him to the next level, so she told him to stop, getting a growl of frustration, at which she giggled, telling Shane there would be more of the same very soon. Then she rolled over on the bed, kicking him in the head accidentally, causing a fit of laughter, after which she sat up and kissed him on the head where he was rubbing. He took the opportunity to begin fondling her huge 44 DDD breasts, and she moaned, telling him to pull her nipples—pink, he saw now. She grabbed Shane’s head and started kissing him, lightly at first, then with more passion as he played with her titties, making out like teenagers. Then she backed off and asked him a question.

“What do you wanna do, Shane?”

“Ummmm, I’d like to eat you some more, since you haven’t got off yet.”

“And how would you like to do that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I could lie back, and you could just get on top of me and teach me what you like?” he asked hesitantly.

“Ok, but I’ve got to warn you, once I’m up there I don’t want you to get all squirmy on me. You’re going to have to be able to take it, all right? Or do I need to tie you down?”

His eyes lit up and he responded with, “Well, whatever you think is best, but that sounds interesting.”

“Mmm, good boy, Shane. Just lay on the bed with your arms and legs out for me, baby,” Mandy purred.

Then she proceeded to walk around to the four corners of her bed and pull out the restraint system she had put in place after getting home that afternoon. Soft wrist cuffs for pleasure, yet tough enough that you almost couldn’t get out, not without a real fight. Her mind was rejoicing at the ease in which he took to the bondage, making her wetter than ever. She was going on with her plan to the end.

“Now Shane, my little one, I haven’t had the pleasure of really riding a face in a long time, so I’m gonna have to take my sweet-ass time and get some enjoyment out of this, ok hunny?” she asked, as she was finishing with his right hand.

“Oh, if I enjoy this half as much as I think I’m going to, you will only have to wait as long as you want to from now on. I’ll only be a booty call away,” he said with a smile.

“Just what I wanted to hear babycakes, but I didn’t shower after I got home, as I’m sure you already noticed when you were down there earlier. Now you’re gonna get the full treatment. All that fat pussy and ass are gonna be yours, for as long as I WANT!”

The moan Mandy received from Shane told her all she needed to know as she climbed on the bed and threw a leg over his chest. Sitting her weight down onto his chest made him breathe out hard, and then smile.

She stayed there for a minute to let him get used to the weight, then crawled up to his face, stuck her left foot on the bed and right knee on the other side of his head, rubbed her clit for him to watch. She did this and watched him drool, tongue out, wagging around, waiting for first contact.

“Tell me what you want,” she commanded.

“I want to suck your pussy and ass. I want you to use my face like a toy—” he was saying, but got no further as she took him up on the offer and dropped her pussy and the weight behind it squarely onto Shane’s open mouth. Then all she heard was an animal-like guttural sound as he got his wish.

Oh god, this feels good, he thought.

“God this feels good, you little cunt licker,” she moaned out, as she rode. “Gonna fuck that little face of yours ’til I’m happy and satisfied. You are gonna be eatin’ me for at least a couple hours so I hope you’re prepared. Do you like how that tastes? Hmm? That’s me after a long day. Gonna lick that all up, sweetie?” she raved, then lifted up to hear Shane gasp in a quick breath, sitting back down quickly. “Eat that up, baby, lick that pussy good. If you lick it real good you can suck on my clit next.”

Shane was in hog heaven; this was what he had been craving. Pussy galore, all over his face, getting to eat as much as he could, and there was a lot of it right now. She had huge pussy lips, fat and wet, and he was rubbing his nose in between them trying to find her clit, his tongue moving as well as it could, wherever she put herself to be licked. All he could smell was her sweat and juices, which were flowing and creamy, so he licked for all his worth. She was getting up every thirty seconds or so to allow him a breath, which was much needed; because as much as he wanted to breathe only her, Shane still needed air.

“Here’s that clit I promised ya,” she said, shifting her weight to wiggle his mouth and tongue inside her cunt lips and place her sensitive clit right on his mouth. He licked away like a starved man then gently nipped with his teeth and started to hum to vibrate her just a little. Mandy’s moaning and groaning went to the next gear, getting louder and more intense as he sucked her clit. She suddenly picked up her leg, put her foot beside his head, and started rubbing herself like before she had sat down on him and he whined.

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