Six Sexy Classes Ch. 02

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I walked through the hallway, my erection refusing to go away. Thankfully there was nobody here, everyone must be in class by now. My hand was on my dick, I kept a hold of my dick but I refused to rub it until I got into the classroom.

I was heading to religious education. I was trying to imagine what Mrs Gregory looked like naked. I approached the door to my classroom, took a deep breath and walked in.

The classroom was empty, “she must be late”, I thought. I took my usual seat near the front of the classroom and sat down. I grasped my dick and started masturbating. I started slowly, trying to not ejaculate or rub faster but what happened in the last story really blew my mind.

My hands are still shaking, my thoughts were racing. I still can’t believe I never fucked Claire, “Stupid bell” I said a little too loud. I licked my lips, her taste still on my tongue, my god I have never been so turned on in my life. I had not noticed but I was rubbing furiously, I felt myself about to cum, when I heard the door opening and Mrs Gregory walked in. I took my hand off my dick and looked at her.

Mrs Gregory was over 50 and you could tell that by her face, however her body was quite young. She was always the nicest, caring teacher that a school ever had. I did want to fuck her but only if she wants too.

Her nice tits looked nice and soft, her small nipples looked wet, she must have had some fun with herself. Her pussy was stunning, I had never seen a mature pussy before. She was already soaking wet, her pussy was literally dripping with juices, but it does not seem like anyone has touched her yet. She probably masturbated on the way here.

Her brown hair was tied up, blue eyes sparkled like diamonds and her lips looked so kissable. She looked at me and her eyes widened. She must of noticed how hard I was.

She ilginç porno walked over to her desk, I watched as her round ass taunted me as she sat down. She put her legs wide on the table and put her fingers near her pussy. “What are you waiting for, get your dick over here” she said in a commanding voice. I had never heard her say anything like that, usually she is nice and never talks loud, it turned me on.

“How are you today miss” I said jokingly. She stood up and walked over to my desk as I slowly took my hand and reached for my dick.

She pulled my desk away and grabbed my dick and gave it a tight squeeze. “It’s been too long since I had a dick inside me, shut your fucking mouth and let me do what I have to”. I was stunned, never had she spoken this loud, or been this desperate for something.

She bent down and stuck my cock in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as her hands stroked my balls. She swirled her tongue around, making me moan with pleasure. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass. She took moan with pleasure. I took my hands and slowly my dick out of her mouth and in a flash she smacked me.

“Ow” I yelped. As I was recovering she grabbed my face and brought it close to hers. ” Did I say you could do that” She said terrifyingly. I shook my head, knowing that she had full control over me now. I felt weak, ashamed, but I enjoyed it.

I sat back on the seat again and she pulled me onto the ground. I banged my head on the cold, hard floor and when I tried to sit up, she put her ass on my face.

“Seeing as you like my ass so much then why don’t show it some love”. I hesitated for a moment. I have never licked some ones ass before. I have seen it on porn before so I had an idea of what to do. I grabbed her ass cheeks and slowly inserted my tongue japon porno in her ass. Mrs Gregory let out a loud moan as I started to increase the speed of my tongue.

She bent over my body and started to rub my dick hard and fast, even though I was trying so hard not to cum, although I felt it coming. I tried telling her to stop but her round ass muffled my voice, it was time I took control. I stuck my tongue as far down her ass as I could go and she screamed a little, in pain and pleasure.

She tried lifting her body off mine but I grabbed her ass and pulled her back down. This turned me on so much, her body was squirming as she tried to get off me, making her body sweaty, which I enjoyed. ” Let go of me Joe, my ass has had enough”.

She eventually got free of my grasp and stood up. I got up off the floor and she put her hand up as if she was going to smack me, but I was ready. She swung at me but I caught her arm and with one swift motion I bent her over a desk. My dick was as hard as metal, twitching as this moist pussy was inches away. “I am in control now bitch”, and with that I positioned myself at her pussy and went in.

I watched as my dick disappeared into her hole, the feelings in my body where indescribable. Mrs Gregory was speechless, her pussy wrapped around my dick as I slowly started to pump in and out. She was soaking wet, not as tight as I thought she would be but enough that I was starting to struggle a bit.

” Are you enjoying this you bitch” I said as I went harder, deeper and faster. ” Keep fucking me, fuck my wet cunt with all you have”. I took short, powerful thrusts, making sure she got what she wanted. “That is enough Joe, I’m done”. I smacked her ass and was going as fast as I can. ” You’re done when I hear you scream as you cum all over my dick”.

I latin porno lifted her up on the desk so her ass was next to my face. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her as I ate out of her. She was stunned by this move and I could tell she was angry and wanted me to stop, but she knew that she has not came in years and she wanted that feeling, needed that feeling.

I climbed onto the desk and she was already in doggy position. I grabbed my dick and rammed it into her wet cunt. I grabbed her tits from behind and squeezed them, teasing her hard, sensitive nipples. She cursed loudly in pleasure, she was practically under my control even if she did not like that.

” Oh yes Joe fuck me harder with your hard dick. You make my pussy so wet, rub my pussy Joe I am going to cum. I took my fingers I had stuck in her earlier, licked the juice off them and ferociously rubbed her pussy.

Seconds later she screamed and her body shook as her juicy river flowed over my dick as I continued to pump in and out. I let her catch her breath and I turned her over. “Bend down and jack me off so I cum on your tits.

She bent down, wrapped her tits around my dick and game me a tit job. Her tits felt so good around my penis as she increased her speed. I felt the pressure rising as I fucked her tits, she stuck her tongue out so my penis head lightly hit the tip of her tongue. My balls tightened, I got to the point of no going back, and I exploded.

Stream after stream of my sticky cum lay on her breasts, she lapped as much as she could as I let out a satisfying grunt. A wave of pleasure soared through my body, I must of lasted at least a minute of ejaculation. She was still jacking me off with her tits, trying to milk me dry.

After 5 minutes of rest we stood up and put our clothes on. I was going to strike a conversation but she walked out the room, leaving me half naked with a limp dick and cum all over the place. After cleaning up I sorted myself out and looked at the clock. 5 minutes remaining, I grabbed a chair and fell into a cosy slumber, excited for what awaited me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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