Skyler at the lake


Back when I was 14 my friend had invited me over to his birthday party at his lake. When he picked me up, I found out that a couple of his cousins were going along with his friend Skyler. On the hour drive we played a few eye spy games and other corny stuff, but his cousins were like 8 and 10 so we played along. On the drive I noticed Skyler was checking me out every time I looked away. Well at this point in my life, I had known that I was bi.

Once we got to our friends lake house we wanted to get on the lake right away. He had two jet skis and a fishing boat so all of us could be on the water if we wanted. I had never driven a jetski before so Skyler offered to teach me while my friend drove the other one. I asked him where I should sit and he said in front. As soon as I said this he took off his shirt revealing the sexiest body I have ever seen. Skyler was already a cute blonde haired boy with the deepest eyes that could entrance anyone, but his body was another story. He was roughly 5’10” while I was about an inch shorter, golden tan but not too dark, and a hairless chest with muscles beginning to show with no fat except where it counts, the perfect bubble butt.

Skyler threw me a life jacket and he put one on as well. We quickly got the engine running and out to the water we sped. After a few mishaps I had managed to drive the jet ski. We coasted for a half hour or so, but the water was choppy. Choppy water caused the jetski to bounce rapidly up and down, and I thought I was going to cum right there Sex hikayeleri with this sexy boy wrapped around me bouncing on my back.

We shortly returned back to the house where the cousins were playing a game on the trampoline. We played a few games of tag and baseball and somehow ended up playing bucking bronco. Us older kids would have the younger ones on our backs and try to buck them off into the air. The only thing is, skyler didnt get to buck the little kids. He then told me to get on his back for his turn. I put a confused look on my face not wanting to reveal my excitement. Keep in mind we were all still in wet bathing suits without shirts. I hopped on and couldnt help but look at Skyler’s glistening body with drops of water running down his back and the crease of his ass cheeks showing through the wet bathing suit. Meanwhile our friend was still bucking his younger cousins. I wrapped my legs around his waist and off Skyler bucked. God knows how hard it was to resist the largest boner I could have ever had. I can still remember the feeling of grasping his torso while my balls smacked against his back as he bucked. “Dinner time!”

After dinner, we were told it was time to go to bed…but not without a shower! Skyler and I played playstation while our friend and his cousins shared a shower, not in a sexual way but you know to save hot water. Skyler and I shared a couch while waiting, and I noticed he kept moving closer. He put his hand on my leg, I looked up at him, his eyes looked into mine Sikiş hikayeleri and before I knew what was happening we were frenching each other. God his lips were perfect, moist, and irresistable. Shit! The shower turned off! He quickly separated ourselves and acted like we were into the game.

The boys came out and said, shower’s all yours Skyler! He replied that hey you guys saved water, we can too. I mean were in our bathing suits! I was thinking to myself, oh my god please say its ok. Sure I guess that makes since. Skyler and I both hopped into the bathroom where we turned the hot water back on and started where we left off. He quickly pulled his wet suit off, and threw it over the towel rack. I couldnt believe my eyes. Here I was just finding out I was bi, and now the sexiest boy of my dreams was naked in front of me! I followed his actions and stripped down mine as well. He had a beautiful cut 8″ cock with barely any pubes while I had a 7″ cut at the time with slightly more pubes since I have darker hair.

Skyler began kissing my body from my lips, to my chest, to my stomach, and then all the way to his prize. He wrapped his tongue around my cock and I almost screamed in pleasure right there. He glanced up at me to make eye contact with those big shiny eyes that I couldn’t resist. Slowly he began bobbing his head, up and down up and down until I put my hand on his head and pushed one more time. I came about 6 shots right into his mouth. He stood up and we began making out again, sharing Erotik hikaye my juices in a fantasy kiss. He put his hands on my back and slowly moved down while still entranced in our kiss. He made his way all the way to my cheeks where he then grasped firmly. “I want you now!” he said. He told me to turn around and grab onto the shower wall. I said, “is this going to hurt?”. He told me to just let him do the work.
Sqeezing the shampooo bottle, skyler traced his finger down my spine all the way to my cheeks where the then circled my hole. In one move he stuck that finger all the way in to his knuckle, I about screamed in pleasureful pain. He put his hand on my mouth and said this will only hurt until you get used to it.

Skyler pumped his finger in and out of me until he thought I was ready. “go ahead”. With his cock in one hand while using his other to separate my cheeks, he slowly directed his head into my asshole. Shit! Little by little, inch by inch he managed to get all the way in me until his balls slapped my cheeks. Slowly he pulled out, then back in, in a repetitive motion like that of a song. I turned around to see his focused face and his abs tightened as he picked up pace. Then I knew what was happening just by his facial expression. I was suddenly filled with his warm juices, His cum leaked out of my asshole and he pulled out one last time. “knock” “knock” Hey come on you guys, its time for bed! Shit we both said. We quickly cleaned eachother off and shared one more kiss until we slipped dry clothes on and left the bathroom.

As I fell asleep, all I could think about was what happened today and what was going to happen tomorrow…

To be continued with part 2 if you guys like it

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