Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 03


The twins had been terrorized by the mind-numbing lightning flashes and thunder. They had raced up the stairs for the comfort of Mom’s bed shortly after I had blown a huge load of cum in Mom’s pussy. I had barely got to the floor before they scrambled in under the covers. To my delight, after the storm had diminished, Mom and the twins had completed a three-way daisy chain and were in the process of recovering. Mom rolled to her stomach, hanging her head over the edge of the bed in the pitch blackness and started jerking me off. I thrusted my hips up as high as I could and Mom pushed her lips onto my glans and promptly received another loud of cum.

This last move, as amazing as it was, was not thought out properly because as Mom suggested that they return to their room, the twins both gave Mom kisses and sat up on the bed to leave. Then Julie said, “Mom? Why does your pussy taste like man-cum?” The air went out of my lungs. I was busted. I was the only man around. I felt the edge of the bed above me press down. I was completely under the bed, so I was sure whoever was looking over the edge couldn’t see me. I waited for Mom’s response. What could she possibly say to them to get herself and me out of this mess?

Mom’s response was to go on offense. I doubt that it would work in the long run but it thwarted the twin’s Q&A dead in its tracks. “How do you know about man-cum?” she asked. I was surprised by their reaction.

They both began hemming and hawing, trying to extricate themselves from this conversation and finally June jumped to the floor and said, “We’d better get back to our room. Come on Julie.” Julie wasn’t so inclined to drop it but after a half minute of silence, she got to the floor too. She leaned forward and kissed Mom. I could hear the smack of their lips.

Julie whispered, “We love you Mom.” They didn’t wait for a response. They hurried from the room and I heard their feet pounding back down the stairs. I stayed right where I was until Mom told me to come out. I climbed up on the bed. I could clearly see her in the brightening gloom. She wasn’t looking at me. She didn’t appear to be looking at anything. She was in deep thought. I figured we were fucked.

I sat completely still with my knees under me sitting back on my feet waiting for her to say something. She finally turned her attention to me and said, “You should get your clothes and go back to your room. Sorry Dex. I knew it was a risk but I wanted you so bad after that movie.”

I got off the bed and picked up my cum-stained tee shirt and shorts and headed for the door. I stopped and whispered, “Maybe they won’t say anything. They have a secret to keep too. We’ll be okay.”

Mom smiled, but it was forced. She whispered, “Let’s hope.” The door was open and I quietly crept down the hall to my room. I crawled into my bed and laid there wide awake as the sun rose. I knew the twins weren’t dumb enough to believe any explanation other than that Mom and I had sex last night before they came flying up the stairs to wind-up engaged in their own sexual tryst. It was logical to assume that they would figure we’d been going at it for the two days we were alone in the house. I knew Mom was probably laying in her bed working her way through the same thoughts. I believed that the twin’s own secret was the key to salvation and I intended to have a conversation with them about it tomorrow before Dad got home.

The power was still out and we were all eating cold cereal at the breakfast table. The air was blue. The twins wouldn’t look at me or Mom and we weren’t looking at them either. There was no attempt to start a conversation. Mom was visibly upset by the situation. I smiled at her and she forced one in response. The twins were doing their thing, communicating with looks and glances. Mom was picking at her cereal as she avoided eye-contact with all of us. She was dressed in her fluffy robe, like usual. The twins were dressed in their matching mid-calf terry-cloth robes. I wore a clean tee shirt and a pair of knee length nylon basketball trunks. I tolerated the twin’s nonsense until I finished eating and then slammed my fork down on the table startling everyone.

With a loud, stern voice, I said, “Enough of this shit.” June glared at me and then glanced at Julie as though she was looking for reinforcements. Julie just glanced over at me and then back down at the table. I knew already, that June was going to be the problem. I stared at her and she stared at me for several moments. I wanted her to place her cards on the table to see how she was going to play this, and she obliged.

With venom in her voice, June blurted out, “You’ve been having sex with Mom. Probably the whole time we were gone.” She tore her eyes from mine and looked for confirmation from Mom. Mom continued to pick at her bowl of cereal and didn’t even look at June. June turned her eyes back to me. I offered her nothing.

I looked into June’s eyes and calmly said, “What makes you think that?” There was no way she could gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan say why she was so sure without revealing her own secret. June’s eyes pulled away from mine and she looked at Julie. I looked over at Julie too and she was shaking her head at June. Her eyes were saying, ‘Don’t go there.’

June dropped her eyes to her bowl and poked at her cereal with her spoon and mumbled, “I just know. Okay?”

I knew I couldn’t just let everyone walk away to stew in this. As soon as June and Julie worked out the facts that Mom’s kisses didn’t taste like man-cum when they burst into Mom’s bedroom but did when they were leaving meant that I had been there the whole time and already knew their secret. In her anger, June hadn’t even thought through everything yet. I opted to put all the cards on the table.

Mom was nervously tapping her spoon on the side of her bowl. I reached over and took it out of Mom’s hands and she looked up at me with a blank look in her eyes. She was in agony and I felt so bad for her. I looked at June and said, “You’re right. Mom and I had just finished when you two ran up-stairs last night.”

Mom looked at me and shook her head. “No. Dex. Don’t say anymore.” I put my hand on hers and gently squeezed it.

I continued, “You’d have to be morons to believe any other explanation. I know you’re not morons, so I confess. When we heard you pounding up the stairs, I rolled to the floor on Dad’s side. I was there the whole time. I heard it all and when you three were done, Mom reached down and jerked me off and let me cum in her mouth. I think that tells the story. I had a secret that wouldn’t have taken much to figure out and you two thought you had a secret, but you don’t. I was there. Mom had a secret that she has had a nagging desire to have sex with her children all these years and I heard you say that you had wanted to have sex with her for a while too. I’ve masturbated to my visions of Mom since I could get an erection. All of our dreams came true last night. You two are no more innocent than Mom or I.” Julie nodded and looked at June and then Mom, who still wasn’t looking up from her bowl.

Julie spoke at June, but it was meant for us all, “Dad can never know about this. Agreed?” June nodded and Julie continued with a grin on her face, “If we are careful, this can be the start of something wonderful.” She put her hand on Mom’s hand and leaned over and kissed her passionately. I was getting aroused. Mom came to life and kissed Julie back with equal passion as she looked over Julie’s shoulder at me. I was smiling and her eyes were too.

I looked at June. She was the hard nut to crack. She stared at me and then smiled as she said, “You’re still a pervert.” I smiled and nodded. She leaned over and kissed me passionately and I kissed her back. She giggled as she pulled back and said, “I guess I’m a pervert too.” I grinned at her and nodded. She looked around the table of grinning family and said, “I guess we’re all perverts.”

We all started laughing and I said, “I guess we are but that doesn’t make us all bad.” Everyone laughed again. As if to seal the deal, I said, “Dad will be home in a few hours. We don’t have much time.” Nothing more needed to be said. We all understood the implications of that statement and Mom stood up with her robe separated and a grin on her face and took Julie and June by the hands as they stood up too.

Mom said, “Dex. Lead the way, please.” I got up and headed up the stairs to Mom’s room with Mom, June and Julie following close behind. Once we were all on her bed, I left it for Mom to orchestrate the details. I had left out of my confession anything about the previous two days of nearly non-stop sex between Mom and me and I intended to leave it that way.

We all stripped naked and I couldn’t help gawking at the twin’s bodies. They seemed a little shy in front of me but they were gawking at my cock too. Mom said to me, “They have incredible bodies, don’t they?” I vigorously nodded but it was my cock bouncing out in front of me that said everything that needed to be said. Mom giggled and said, “I think that is a yes.” The twins giggled too. “He has a very big cock. It’s much bigger than your dildo.” I was glad she didn’t reveal the comparison with Dad’s cock. Mom maneuvered me onto my back with my cock flying like a flagpole. Mom positioned June on my right and Julie to my left. Mom positioned herself between my legs and dropped her lips to my glans and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” Then she pushed her lips down my shaft. I let out a groan as my head drove back into the pillow. Mom pushed down to her gag point and pulled back up taking huge suction. She repeated this a half-dozen times and then pulled off trailing a huge wad of foamy saliva. She smiled at June and then Julie and said, “He has a magnificent cock. You should try it.” The girls looked at each other. I knew they already had tried it but they didn’t know that gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan I knew. Neither did Mom.

Julie bent forward and pushed her lips down over my glans and ran her tongue around the ridge. I groaned hard and pushed my hips upward. Mom said, “That’s how you can tell if he likes what you’re doing.” June smiled and I could see it in her eyes that she was amused by Mom’s running commentary on intricacies giving a man a blow job. I already knew that Julie was the more experienced of the two but I doubted that June was a novice.

Julie made sure Mom knew when she pushed her nose into my pubic hair and lashed my balls with her tongue. Mom mumbled, “Holy Shit, Julie. Maybe I need you to give me some lessons.” That got Julie laughing with my full cock in her mouth and she pulled back fast gagging and gasping for air. June took the opportunity to show her stuff and she was nearly able to deep throat my cock. She didn’t get as deep as Julie had but it was deeper than Mom could do. She took several deep dives and then Mom said, “Don’t make him cum. I’ve got plans for us all.” June slowly inched her way up my shaft and spit her saliva on my cock and rubbed it in with her hand.

The girls pulled back as Mom climbed her knees over my hips and settled them at my waist as she guided my cock to her pussy. She wasted no time with preliminaries. She screamed hard as she plunged herself down hard all the way to my balls. Julie and June giggled at what probably looked like agony on my face. I groaned hard and thrust my hips upward. Mom fucked me for several strokes and then stopped.

She guided Julie to place her knees on either side of my head, facing the headboard. When her pussy came in range, I flicked my tongue on her clitoris. Julie screamed and bent forward over my forehead and her hips fired forward and then back. Mom laughed and said, “He’s pretty good for a guy, huh?” Mom pulled June up to a standing position and maneuvered her so her legs straddled my chest between Mom and Julie with her ass touching Julie’s back. Mom pushed her lips to June’s pussy and began drilling her vagina with her tongue as she resumed her fucking motion on my cock. We were all moaning and groaning. As I lashed Julie’s pussy, I was thinking that this had worked out even better than I hoped. I wouldn’t have to fake the sleepwalking anymore.

After a few minutes, Mom was the first to explode into her orgasm as she screamed into June’s pussy. Her tongue never stopped and June was next. Julie was furiously grinding her sex on my face and I blew my load deep in Mom’s pussy. I had wanted to fuck her ass but that would probably have been too much too soon. Julie was going nuts as she grabbed my hair and rode my face like a wild stallion. It hurt but I was in heaven as I worked her clitoris and pussy. When Julie screamed out, “Rim my asshole.” I drove my tongue into her anus and she screamed as her orgasm took total control of her. She thrashed everywhere. She was rocking her hips forward and back on my face and from side to side. Before she was finished, she was grinding her hips around in circles on my face.

I couldn’t see the others past Julie’s body but I heard, June mutter, “Holy shit, Julie.”

Mom laughed and said, “Fuck girl. You’ve got it going on.” June laughed at Mom’s use of the phrase that was more current than her years.

My cock was still hard in Mom’s pussy and I flexed it hard to let her know. Mom quietly pulled herself off and repositioned so her anus was on the velvety knob. I knew what she was up to and I continued to attack Julie’s pussy with my tongue to distract her and June while Mom pushed herself down my shaft. From their position, they couldn’t see the difference in Mom’s position on my cock. I let her take full control. If I pushed up to hard and too fast, Mom would give herself away.

When Mom was finished pushing my cock fully into her bowels, she started fucking me again. June said, “Is he still hard, Mom? I want to see what he feels like.” Mom just ignored June’s request. Julie threw herself off my face and was watching Mom fucking my cock and she asked for her turn too. Mom ignored her too. She was frantically pulling herself up my shaft with her thighs and letting gravity drive her back down again.

Julie and June got so aroused watching Mom fuck my cock that they maneuvered themselves into a sixty-nine. Mom grinned down at me and I grinned back. Her fingers went to her pussy and began feverishly digging her fingers through her sex. She stopped and pushed her fingers behind her thighs so she could feel my cock sliding in and out of her ass.

I felt my balls tighten and pull up and then I launched my hips up and drove my cock as far into her hot bowels as it would go and groaned hard, “AAAAHHHHGGGGG” as shot after shot of pearly, white cum streamed up my shaft. Mom was grinning down at me as she furiously fucked my cock. Then her grin disappeared gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan and was replaced by an open-mouthed groan of her own as a vaginal orgasm rocked through her. The twins were going nuts as they thrashed their pussies on the other’s face.

After they screamed through their orgasms, all became quiet as we all piled on top of each other and caressed each other’s bodies. June came up and kissed me and then pushed her right tit to my lips. I sucked her nipple between my lips encased teeth and gently bit on it. She groaned from the contact.

Julie and Mom were suckling on each other’s tits. June’s hand went to my softening cock and squeezed it hard to pay me back for biting her nipple. Mom pulled herself away from Julie’s tit and said, “We’d better get ourselves back together before your father gets home. I have to strip this bed and air out the room. I’m sure it reeks of sex. We all knew she was right but it took another five minutes before anybody made a move.

Mom showered in the bathroom across the hall and the twins went downstairs to shower in their bathroom. I wanted to get in with Mom, but she was right. It would be too risky. I showered after she was done and wouldn’t you know it; the hot water was gone before I could rinse off. The cold water worked wonders getting my hard-on to go soft. I had always wondered if that was just an old-wives tale or not.

Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Dad came through the door. Mom hurried to greet him with kisses and hugs. I came downstairs and we man-hugged. He said, “Are you ready to start your job on Monday?” I laughed and nodded.

The twins came out of their room and hugged and kissed Dad like he’d been gone for weeks. Julie grinned at me and pushed her tongue into her cheek, while Dad hugged June. I gave a knowing look to Julie. If she had been just teasing me before, she was sending me a serious signal now.

At the dinner table, the conversations were lively. The twins excitedly replayed their softball championship game. Mom and I just smiled at each other. This was the third time we had heard it. When the girls were done, Mom interjected with the plans for a party next Saturday to celebrate their victory and graduation. She said nothing about it being an all day and night affair. Mom said that she and the girls would be out shopping tomorrow and making whatever arrangements for the party that they could make on a Sunday. The twins reminded Dad that graduation was Friday. Tickets were scarce but we could all had one.

Dad announced that he was supposed to go on travel again starting Thursday but he was trying to get out of it or have someone go in his place. Mom just stared at him for several moments and then said, “Jarod? This is the girl’s graduation. You have to be there.” Dad again explained that he was working on it. The girls just sat there slack-jawed looking at Dad.

June spoke first, “Dad? This is important.” She never liked to show emotion but her eyes were awash in tears and she wiped them away before they could cascade down her cheeks.

Julie joined in, “You just have to be there. Please, Dad.” She glanced at June as she was wiping away her tears.

Dad looked from Mom to Julie to June and said, “I’ll find a way to be there. I promise.” June sniffled and her tear-filled eyes turned to a smile. Julie burst from her chair and threw her arms around Dad’s neck and kissed him several times on the cheek. June followed Julie’s lead and did the same on the other cheek. Mom was all smiles and she looked over at me and grinned. Her eyes were glistening with tears too.

Mom hadn’t had a night time sleepwalking episode for several days and I waited and watched in the dark that night. I figured that I’d at least hear some sounds of sex in their room since they had been apart several days, but I didn’t hear anything. I guess the phone sex had sufficiently satisfied Dad. I wondered if Mom could ever be satisfied. I had read that a woman was in her sexual peak at her age. Anyway, Mom never showed and I finally drifted off to sleep.

Sunday mornings were always Dad’s golfing tee times. He was heading out the door with his clubs when I came down stairs. He had invited me to go with him a few times before but I’m a terrible golfer and I always declined. At the door, he felt like he should explain why he wasn’t inviting me to play today. “I’d ask you to come today but I’ll be doing business on the course. Maybe next time?”

“No problem Dad. You can’t do business with a duffer like me along,” I said. He smiled and closed the door behind him.

Mom was in the kitchen fixing eggs and toast. She said, “Good morning Sweetie. Sleep well?” She must have noticed that my concentration was on watching Dad drop his clubs in the trunk and then climb behind the wheel. Mom said, “Lately, he whooshes in and whooshes back out again.” She said nothing more as she slid my plate in front of me and poured a big glass of orange juice. I grabbed the fork and started eating just as the twins bounded out of their room and down the hall to the kitchen area. They were dressed for the mall. Going to the mall was serious business for any teenage girl and the twins were no different. They would be on display to be judged by their peers. They were dressed elegantly but casually. They had carefully applied their makeup and fixed their hair. They were gorgeous and my dick tented my shorts.

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