Smoky Surprises


It was the first day I could legally see my baby. No need for details. It was her eighteenth birthday, well now it was the day after and it would be dirty.

The hotel if you can call it that was fit for a whore. That’s when the door opened.

My baby walked in nothing but a waist length leather coat. Her six foot body held higher by five inch heels. Long hair streaks of dark black and blonde. Black mascara and lipstick. Piercings too numerous to count.

She walked in lifting a cigarette to her mouth. Lighting it quickly inhaling deeply as she did. Smoke returned from her lungs passing through her beautiful lips.

“Daddy your baby is home.” dragging again on her cig as she walked towards me.

Her black lips meeting mine as the smoke passed right into my heart. The taste of cum instantly apparent on her breath. My hands began rubbing my babies body. A thick mix of cum meeting my fingers on her tits, ass, and that beautiful shaved pussy.

She broke our kiss just long enough for her to take another drag. Blowing the smoke directly into my face.

“How was work?” I whispered in her ear.

She dropped to her knees unleashing my dick on the way. As she slowly rolled her tongue around the tip. Enjoying a smoke break she took my whole length into her mouth, slowly letting the smoke escape as she started bobbing on my cock.

“I think I did pretty well, My pussy was so wet the first time on stage.” Inhaling again she continued to stroke my cock as she spoke. “The first guy was shy but I just shoved my tits right in his face.”

“I was so fucking hot, he put another bill on the stage and I grabbed his hand and slid it up and down my cunt.”

“Each of his knuckles quickly bouncing off my clit.”

“I saw Frank in the corner looking disgusted, but I was already cumming.”

We moved over to the bed peeling the leather coat from the cum all over her body. I moved to her soaked pussy, and all the seks hikayeleri metal rods and rings that went with it. As Baby lit another cigarette spreading her legs wide as she nestled her upper body into the pillows.

“It was so hot having all those guys lusting after me. I got fingered a few times, even a tongue or two.”

Frank came and got me and “Told me to get ready for the party. I showered, did a few lines, and slutted myself up.”

I was gently licking the dried and congealed cum along with the fresh stuff still flowing out. I would look up into her hazel almost golden eyes as she smoked. The tip glowing just enough to illuminate her face, right before a plume of smoke would fill the air.

She continued her story “I walked into the party about a dozen guys stood around a circular couch.”

“I kneeled in the center as hard dicks approached from all angles.”

“My heart pounded as I took the first cock in my mouth, hands grabbing all over my body.”

She continued to tell me how the guys used her every hole cumming wherever they wanted. She came about three times as she relayed the details of her gangbang.

“Is this what you wanted daddy? Am I your dirty little slut?”

She put her finger over my mouth before I could answer. She got up and went to the counter, before prepping some coke. She placed the straw in her nose snorting the white powder up. A shake of the head and a quick “Wow!”

She looked just like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, except for the needle in the heart part. She offered me some but I declined, she simply snorted the rest.

Another cigarette found its way to her lips. “I felt a little bad you didn’t get to see me in action.” another sexy drag and exhale with a dirty little wink. She walked to the door and waved to a van, still naked and covered in cum.

Three guys and a hot ass girl came strolling out of the van gaziantep şişman escort bayan trailed by a cloud of smoke. They were apparently a punk band she met as she left the club, and one of her co-workers.

“I thought you might like to see your baby in action.” She began rubbing two guys dicks before going down on them. The girl started sucking the third guys cock waving me over to join.

“Enjoy just save your cum for me daddy,” No need to ask me twice as my dick entered this strangers mouth. She was porn star gorgeous blond hair, big tits, perfectly shaped ass, and best of all my dick in her mouth.

I looked over to see the baby being spit roasted by two guys. The one in her pussy was huge. My girl had turned around her perfect pussy backing onto my hard on. It was too tight and then the guy in her mouth came and all over her face.

Then something amazing happened, she grabbed a cigarette and lit it. she came over sat right on my cock as she slowly exhaled in my face. I was in heaven she slowly slid up and down on my dick.

“I’m cumming fuck me fuck me harder!” Being yelled from the bed. It was almost more than I can take.

My lover must have felt it too as she settled her pussy on my dick. Her face right in front of mine, cum still dripping down her chin. She took a nice long drag. Turning to her right she tilted her head just far enough for me to watch her suck all the smoke back into her mouth. Immediately she let out a slow beautiful exhale.

Thank God I was summoned to the bed. “Stick your dick in your Baby, Daddy,”

I slid in so slow other mens cum lubing my entry. I went slow as I had waited eighteen years for this moment. Baby moaned softly as she had some water and spit it out. A little weird but whatever.

Next she looked me in the eyes as she flipped her lighter for yet another cig. She smoked slowly before motioning gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan me to her mouth. Again she did her water “Trick.” Then my cock was in her mouth the cold from the water quickly replaced by a nice warm flow of saliva and a magical tongue, pierced, of course. In and out my cock went with an occasional cloud of smoke.

“Cum in my mouth Daddy, give it to your Baby.”. It didn’t take long before a weeks worth of cum unloaded down her throat. She swirled it around in her mouth, showing she had taken it all.

She enjoyed my cum even smoking as she did. “You taste just like me Daddy.” a wicked grin on her face.

Everybody spread out a lot of cocaine and alcohol came out I ended up between the two girls. They both did a few lines, and my new blonde grabbed a joint being passed around. She took a big hit and kissed me deep smoke filling my lungs. I took the joint and repeated the encounter with Baby. Still with a mouth full of my cum.

I fucked the blonde again later, cumming hard in her pussy, Baby cleaning it all up.

I did ask Baby about the water and her answer surprised me. “I wanted your cum to be the only taste in my mouth.”

“You only get to taste your twins cum for the first time, once.” I scowled at her. “That’s our secret.”

“Not anymore Daddy.”

“Hey Samantha, who’s your daddy.” Her answer floored me, as it was my Dad and of course Baby’s”

Baby explained she just found out at the club about Samantha. My twin and I were separated by adoption at six. The records were sealed and a no contact order imposed. We connected only through a strange man claiming to work for our Father.

Baby and I grew up in the system passed from one perv to the next. At thirteen we were given phones so we could communicate.

The chats quickly turned dark about are perversions and mutual fantasies. In fact that is where the Baby Daddy names originated. Also her knowledge of my deep smoking fetish. I didn’t even know she smoked until tonight, although I dreamed about it every night. The day of her birthday she asked what I wanted. I told her a dirty sorted fantasy and she made it come true.

I slowly drifted off to sleep, between my siblings, a different type of pervert. I had just fucked my twin and my step sister, yet I had no regrets at all.

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