Snow Bunnies Ch. 04

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We arrived at the cabin in Payson at around 6:00 Friday evening. We had stopped for burgers along the way so we wouldn’t have to mess with dinner. Kris, Jenny, Nicole, Jill and I were all hot and anxious. We wanted to get right to the fun without wasting any time. The only possible hitch to our weekend was the new girl, Emily. Emily was one of our teammates on the volleyball team. Somehow she found out about us having a porn party this weekend and asked if she could come along since she was really curious about it.

Emily is a brunette about the size of Kris and Nicole. She has a cute face and a nice athletic body. So, of course, I said yeah, she can come along. Then the rest of us put our heads together and came up with a game plan we think just might blow her away.

“Okay, where’s that porn you’ve been talking about, Karen?” Jill said as soon as we entered the door.

“You guys go on ahead in the living room and I’ll dig out the movie.”

By the time I made it to the living room with the movie, Jill and Nicole had settled in on the couch along with Emily. Kris and Jenny were sitting on the floor beside the couch.

What a sexy bunch we made, I thought. Nicole was wearing a micro mini and a mini T-shirt that came down only to her ribs. She had no bra and her huge nipples, already aroused in anticipation, were poking out through the shirt.

Jill was wearing a one-piece T-shirt mini several sizes too small for such a big girl. Sitting on the couch her panties were clearly visible, as was part of her ass when she crossed her legs.

Jenny had on a summer dress that was almost transparent so even though it came down to mid-thigh, her white panties were quite visible through the material—as were her nipple buds since she wore no bra.

Kris wore a micro mini with a pull-over, stretch halter top thing that had such deep, wide cleavage that her bra-less nipples were barely covered. She wasn’t wearing any panties and they way she was sitting on the floor, I could clearly see her pussy winking at me.

Even Emily looked sexy and ready to play in her micro mini and T-shirt.

I had on a one-piece T-shirt mini like Jill.

I put the movie on and stepped over to the couch making Emily, Nicole, and Jill squish up together so I could have a place to sit. I took the right side of the couch next to Emily, innocently putting my arm around her as I sat down because we would not have fit otherwise. Nicole sat next to Emily, and Jill was on the other side and she had her arm around Nicole.

The movie I selected started out with a couple of good-looking guys fucking a couple of chicks, then it went to a scene with two gorgeous chicks doing a guy, then finished up with several girl/girl scenes, including a three-girl lick fest at the very end.

During the movie I repeatedly stole glances at Emily. She was completely entranced—especially when we got to the girl/girl scenes. I took that as a good sign.

It felt so sexy sitting next to her like I was, with our bare thighs touching. As the movie progressed I could feel her legs warm up, and her breathing become heavier. I crossed my left leg over my right, so my left thigh was elevated. I let it rest partially on top of Emily’s thigh enjoying the feel of her fresh warm skin against the underside of my thigh.

In the meantime, Jill and Nicole were “oooooohhing, uuuuuuuing, Ummmmmmming,” and “ahhhhhhing” at the parts they especially liked.

“Damn that was hot!” Jill said when the movie was over. “I’m so horny and wet now I could fuck a horse!”

“A horse or a whore?” Nicole giggled.

“Either or both,” Jill said. The rest of us broke out into laughter.

“And you, Emily,” I said, putting my right hand on her thigh. I had removed my pumps and recrossed my legs so my right foot kind of extended in front of Emily’s lower legs. With my hand on her thigh, I casually let my bare right foot touch the front of her calf. “Did you like the movie?”

“Sure,” she said, turning to look me in the eye. She laid her own hand on my thigh. “I thought it was real sexy—especially the girl/girl scenes. I hope you guys don’t think I’m weird or anything, but for some reason watching beautiful women kiss each other just went right to my cunt.”

“I think it went to all of our cunts,” Kris said, “just smell all the hot pussy in the room.” Everyone giggled.

“Especially yours, Kris,” I said, “since you’re not even wearing any panties.”

“Oooooooooooo! Naughty, naughty Kris!” Everyone said in unison, then giggled.

“I agree with Emily,” Nicole said, laying her hand on Emily’s other thigh. “The girl-girl stuff was the best part—except for the ass-licking scenes. I could have done without that.”

“Yeah,” Jill said. “That part was gross. Don’t those people ever take any health education courses? My dad’s an MD and he says that’s how people get Hepatitis and other weird diseases.”

“I agree with you guys about the ass-licking,” Emily said, “but other than that all the real sex was a huge turn on, and I’d like see more.”

“How aydın escort would you guys like to see a live sex show with no ass-licking?” I said.

“Are you kidding?” Jill laughed. “Where do we line up?”

“Yeah,” Nicole seconded, “where?”

“What about you Emily,” I gave her a little squeeze with my arm that was draped over her shoulder. “Would you like to see a live sex show?”

“Sure, I’m with Jill and Nicole on that.” She laughed. “Just show me where.”

“Right here,” I said. Jill and Nicole grinned at each other. Emily’s eyes bugged out of her head.

“H-h-h-here? A live sex show?”

“Yeah, Jenny and Kris have made up their own little porn skit they’d like to show us—that is if everyone wants to see it.”

“Jenny and Kris?” Emily asked. “Wow! This I gotta see!”

“Me too,” Jill said.

“And me,” Nicole added. “What are we waiting for?”

“Give us porn! Give us Porn! Give us Porn!” Jill started chanting. Nicole and Emily joined in.

As the three girls chanted I got up to help Jenny and Kris move the other couch from the other side of the room so it was facing the one Jill, Nicole, and Emily were sitting on, and was about five feet apart.

Jenny and Kris then left the room.

I resumed my seat next to Emily putting my arm around her again as I plopped down. “This is going to be real hot,” I whispered into her ear, letting my lips dance lightly on her ear.

Jenny entered the room carrying a magazine showing beautiful women kissing and fondling each other. She sat on the couch directly in front of us putting the magazine on her lap. She opened the magazine up to the first page and started playing with her titties while looking at the pictures.

I glanced at Emily and saw her lick her lips.

Jenny turned another page and sat the magazine down on the couch beside her. She put her opposite foot on the couch beside her with her knee pointing up. This opened up her skirt letting us see her panties. Her wet spot was most obvious.

I crossed my legs again with my left draped over my right so I could rest the bottom of my left thigh on Emily’s right thigh.

Jenny turned another page of the magazine and stuck a hand between her legs to play with her pussy while looking at the pictures.

My left arm still draped across Emily’s shoulders, I caressed her left shoulder and arm.

Kris strode into the room, her huge tits bouncing around and threatening to burst out of her skimpy halter-top thing. She stood up close to Jenny with her hands on her hips. “Young lady, just what do you think you’re doing?”

Emily put her right hand on my left thigh. Jill and Nicole already had their hands on each other’s thighs.

“Oh, Mommy, I . . . .” Jenny stuttered.

“Don’t you Oh, Mommy me.” Kris shot back. “How many times have I told you to stay away from my magazines? You’re way too young for that stuff. Just look at you, sitting there and playing with yourself.”

“But, Mommy, it feels so good.”

“It feels good, does it? Well, I’ll show you what feels good.” Kris sat down next to Jenny. She parted her thighs just enough to give us all a shot of her pussy. “Come here and lay across Mommy’s lap, young lady.” She patted her lap.

Jenny got up and stretched herself across Kris’s lap. “Please Mommy, don’t spank me too hard. I didn’t mean any harm. I won’t get into your magazines again, I promise.”

“Mommy’s just got to teach you a lesson, honey.” Kris pulled Jenny’s dress up over her back, then pulled her panties down to her knees. “Smack!” Kris slapped Jenny’s butt cheek just hard enough to make the sound ring out, but not hard enough to hurt her. “Smack! Smack!”
I touched my lips to Emily’s ear to whisper: “See how Jenny’s ass jiggles with each stroke. Isn’t that sexy?”

“Y-y-y-yes. Sexy, sexy,” Emily said

“God, this is hot!” Jill said, letting her hand slide off of Nicole’s shoulder onto her tit.

Kris continuing spanking Jenny. “Smack! Smack!” Jiggle, jiggle.

“Oh, mommy, mommy,” Jenny moaned as her ass started to turn red.

Jill started toying with Nicole’s hard-on nipple sticking out through her shirt.

Emily lightly squeezed my thigh.

Nicole put her hand on Emily’s other thigh.

“Smack! Smack!” Jiggle, jiggle. Kris’s tits plopped all the out of her skimpy halter top from the force of her blows.

I let my hand slide down off Emily’s shoulder to settle on the outside of her breast. She didn’t protest. Instead, she moved her hand about an inch further up my thigh.

I put my lips to Emily’s ear. “See the way Kris’s tits plopped out? Doesn’t she have a gorgeous pair?” I gave her ear lob a light kiss.

“Y-y-y-yes, t-t-t-t-they’re beautiful.”

“Mommy, mommy, my butt stings,” Jenny cried.

“Smack! Smack!” Jiggle, jiggle.

“You gonna be a good girl now?”

“Smack! Smack!” Jiggle, jiggle.

“Y-y-y-y-yes, Mommy. Anything you say.”

Kris stopped spanking Jenny’s red hot butt. “Okay, Mommy believes you.”

“My butt still stings, Mommy.”

“Okay, sweetie. You be a good girl now, and Mommy’ll kiss it and make it better for you.”

Kris fondled Jenny’s ass, then bent down to blow a stream of air all over Jenny’s red hot butt.

Jenny started humping Kris’s thigh.

Then Kris started kissing Jenny’s ass checks while her hands fondled all over Jenny’s butt, hips, and upper thighs.

Jenny humped her clit more furiously into Kris’s thigh. “Ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss, Mommy. That feels so good.”

“Mommy gonna make her sweetie feel REAL good now.” Kris stuck her hand between Jenny’s legs to finger her cunt while Jenny humped her clit on Kris’s thigh, and Kris kissed and licked Jenny’s ass cheeks.

Nicole turned to whisper into Emily’s ear, and the movement pushed my hand from the side of Emily’s breast to directly over the bulk of it. I could feel her erect nipple stabbing my palm through her T-shirt.

“Don’t you think this is hot, Emily?” Nicole whispered into Emily’s ear, her lips so close she was practically kissing her.

“Y-y-y-yes. H-h-h-hot.”

At the same time Nicole was whispering and breathing her hot air on Emily’s left ear, I touched my lips to her right ear. “So glad you could come today, Emily, and watch our sex show.” I licked her ear lobe. “And, I’m so glad you like it because it’s making all of us so fucking hot.”

“Y-y-y-yes, i-i-i-it’s very sexy.”

Nicole resumed her position snuggling up next to Jill. Jill licked the side of Nicole’s face while playing with her erect nipple. Nicole stuck her hand all the way up between Jill’s thighs to play with her pussy while they watched they rest of the sex show.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Mommmmmiiiiiiiii, ummmmmm,” Jenny moaned while fucking her clit on Kris’s thigh and Kris fingered her pussy and kissed her ass checks.

“Does that feel good now, sweetie?”

“Yessssss, mommy.”

“Would you like to make mommy feel good too?”

“Yes, mommy.”

Kris stopped playing with Jenny. “Then stand up like a big girl and give mommy a kiss.”

* * * * *

Jenny, with her Panties still down just below her knees, stood between Kris’s thighs with her knees right up against the couch.

“Doesn’t Jenny look so naughty with her panties down below her knees like that?” I kissed and licked Emily’s ear lobe.

Emily giggled lightly, her body shaking against mine. “I think it’s sexy.” She gave my thigh a strong squeeze with her hand.

Kris scooted to the edge of the couch, with her thighs clamping tight around Jenny’s legs, she embraced the smaller girl.

Jenny held Kris’s face between her hands and kissed her lovingly on the lips. Then they started giving each other a little tongue.

As their kissing got heavier and heavier, Kris ran her hands down Jenny’s body to fondle her legs. Then she slipped her hands up under Jenny’s skirt to play with her ass.

Jenny ran her hands down Kris’s neck and chest and started fondling Kris’s huge, exposed tits.

I began moving my hand around Emily’s breast, gently fondling. The palm of my hand pressed lightly on her erect nipple, pushing it this way and that.

Emily snuggled in a little tighter against me and slid her hand another inch up my thigh. I relished the sweet, clean-washed smell of her hair—and its contrast with the musky, pulse-quicking aroma of hot pussy filling the room.

I kissed her on the top of the head, then quickly turned back to watch Kris and Jenny.

Kris, with her hands up under Jenny’s dress, began lifting it up as they made out. Then they broke off the kiss so Kris could pull Jenny’s dress up over her head. She tossed it aside then started sucking Jenny’s nipples while fondling her ass.

“Oooooooooo, Mommy!” Jenny cooed while playing with Kris’s tits.

Still sucking Jenny’s nipples, Kris ran her hands down the little girl’s legs and pulled her panties the rest of the way off.

“Okay, sweetie, now that we have all those nasty clothes off of you, come sit on Mommy’s lap.” Kris scooted back in the couch and patted her lap.

Giggling, Jenny jumped up on Kris’s lap. Kris fed her a nipple. Jenny grabbed Kris’s huge tit in both hands and greedily sucked the erect nipple into her mouth.

“That’s a good girl, sweetie. Suck Mommy’s titties just like you did when you were a baby. That makes mommy feel real good.”

Kris stuck her hand up between Jenny’s thighs to play with her pussy while Jenny sucked and fondled her tits.

Emily snuggled against me a little more, inching her hand up a bit higher.

I shifted my position, turning more in towards her so that my thigh which was resting on top of hers was now laying clear across her lap and my skirt was hiked up so high it was clear up to my hips. My sudden shift of position caused Emily’s hand to slide all the way up my thigh until her pinkie finger was touching my pussy. The touch of her finger on my panty-covered cunt sent shock waves raging through my body. I brought my idle right hand around to join my left in playing with her titties.

In the meantime, Nicole, who already had her hand up Jill’s skirt, saw how Emily was warming up and slid her right hand up Emily’s thigh until her pinkie was touching Emily’s pussy like Emily’s was touching mine.

Emily let out a stifled gasp.

“God, this is making me so hot I can hardly sit still,” I whispered, kissing and licking Emily’s ear.

“M-m-m-me too.” Emily mumbled under her breath.

Jill draped her long leg across Nicole’s lap and partly on Emily’s so that it touched against mine.

Nicole bent forward to kiss and lick Jill’s thigh while watching Jenny and Kris. Her left hand fondled Jill’s pussy and her right hand fondled Emily’s upper thigh, her pinkie repeatedly bumping up against Emily’s pussy.

“Just look at the way Jenny is sucking, licking, and playing with Kris’s gorgeous tits,” I whispered, kissed, and licked into Emily’s ear while my fingers tugged on Emily’s nipples.

At the same time, Jill leaned across Nicole’s back to whisper into Emily’s left ear while I was kissing and licking the right one. “And the way Kris is playing with Jenny’s pussy while Jenny sucks her just blows my mind.” Jill licked the side of Emily’s face with her big, long tongue.

“Y-y-y-yes, I know.” Emily mumbled with trembling voice.. So sexy, sexy, sexy.”

Kris pulled Jenny’s face up to hers and they French kissed again.

“Mommy,” Jenny said when they broke off their kiss. She reached a hand down between her legs. “My pussy feels all funny. It aches and burns and tingles all at the same time.”

“Ahhhhhh, sweetie.” Kris kissed her again. “Mommy’ll kiss it for you and make it better.”

“Oh, goodie!” Jenny giggled and stood up on the couch, her crotch facing Kris.

Kris grabbed Jenny’s butt and pulled her in to her face. “Mommy’s gonna make her baby feel oh, so good.”

Kris scooted her hips and legs forward in the couch as she brought Jenny’s pussy in towards her face. That motion hiked her skirt up to her hips. She parted her legs obscenely, showcasing her wet dripping cunt.

Jenny straddled Kris’s upper body as she aimed her cunt towards Kris’s flicking tongue.

The rest of us were suddenly quiet and still as we watched Kris’s tongue lap upwards to slurp away at Jenny’s little slit. Kris’s hands fondled Jenny’s ass while she licked her.

Jenny moaned in pleasure and played with her own nipples. Her hips began their own involuntary motion, fucking her cunt into Kris’s face.

“Ummmmmmmm,” Emily sighed, shifting her hand so it rested right on my pussy.

“Yesssssss!” I hissed softly into her ear, kissing and licking. I pulled her hard-on nipples every which way.

Nicole, still bent forward kissing and licking Jill’s thigh as she watched the sex show, slid her right hand the rest of the way up Emily’s skirt to play with her pussy.

Jill leaned her face over to Emily’s again, and while kissing and licking her ear said: “Look how sexy and slutty Kris looks with her huge tits bulging out of her top like that, her nipples all red and swollen from Jenny’s sucking. And her skirt hiked up to her hips with her thighs spread apart so we can see all the way up to her cunt.”

“Her very wet cunt,” I whispered, kissed, and licked into Emily’s right ear. I stuck my hands up under Emily’s T-shirt so I could fondle her titties without the interference of clothing.

“God!” Jill said. “How I’d love to stick my face right up there between Kris’s thighs and lick her while she’s licking Jenny.” Jill swabbed her huge tongue all over the side of Emily’s face.

“M-m-m-m-me too,” Emily said. Shyly, she turned her face ever so hesitantly towards Jill.

Jill’s long tongue immediately found Emily’s lips, danced across the surface, going side to side, then entered.

I felt Emily’s body go rigid in my arms for just a moment as Jill’s nasty tongue fucked its way into Emily’s mouth. Then she moaned and her body let go. I felt the rush of heat rampaging through her body as Jill’s tongue explored inside her mouth. While Jill Frenched her, I kissed and licked the side of her face and played with her titties, pulling and tugging her nipples, and Nicole rubbed both Emily’s and Jill’s cunts.

* * * * *

By the time we looked up from that three way make-out, there was Kris, standing right in front of Emily with a sexy grin on her face and her halter top completely off. Jenny was behind Kris pulling her mini skirt down and kissing her ass cheeks.

Kris propped her hands on the back of the couch behind Emily and leaned forward so her huge tits hung right in Emily’s face.

“Go ahead,” I urged Emily, “Play with Krissy’s titties. She really loves it.”

Emily brought her trembling hands up to Kris’s huge globes. She cupped them in the palms of her hands as if feeling their weight, then she fondled them all over, using her thumb to tease Kris’s nipples like I was doing hers.

Nicole then turned to face Emily and stuck her hands up Emily’s shirt. “Let’s get this off of you so you can have more fun.”

I shifted positions and helped Nicole pull Emily’s shirt up over her head while Jill worked on Nicole’s shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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