SOI: Allen and Samantha


My name is Allen. My friends call me Al but my mother has always called me by my full name, Allen. My mother is Samantha and is quite attractive for being a little over 40. She is light skinned, thin, with brown hair and brown eyes. She has not been an outdoors person which is perhaps why her skin looks very youthful. I have a good relationship with my parents which is perhaps they don’t mind me living at home with I go to the local junior college.

Last year my mother was watching some ballroom dance program on our local PBS station. It sparked an old argument between my mother and my father. Mom likes to dance and my father does not. She has been after him for several years to take dancing lessons but my dad is uncomfortable on the dance floor. I have seen him at weddings and he is a klutz. My mother should know better but she brings up the subject now and then. This time after my father refused, my mother asked if I would take lessons with her. If I had still been in high school I probably have said no as high school mentality would have thought dancing lessons were for homos. Since I was in junior college, I had a different outlook on life and no one at the college really knew me like my friends from high school.

I told my mother that I would go one time and see if I liked it or not. I thought there might be some interesting women at the dance classes to hook up with. Mom was sort of self conscious about taking lessons too as her friends would gossip if they knew she was taking classes. On evening Mom took me to a private dance studio on the rich side of town where we took the first lesson for free. I was to be my mother’s partner, at least at the beginning. The first lesson was some simple steps and it was fun. Then the instructor came for a decision to have more lessons which was at a cost. I saw some other attractive women in the class that I would like to know and told my mother that I would like to dance some more. She never mentioned that I was her son and noticed the admiring glances from others as she danced with someone half her age. She had enjoyed the attention and the dancing, agreeing to pay for lessons.

Every Tuesday evening, we would tell my father goodbye and go to the dance studio for lessons. Actually I found the lessons to be fun and Mom was a good dance partner. Most of the other women in the class were attached to their dance partners and defeated my original purpose for taking lessons. Mom still got the admiring looks from others as we glided across the parquet floor. We were taking traditional ballroom dancing such as waltzes or foxtrots, and by the tenth lesson, we were pretty good.

The instructor asked us to participate in a local dance contest that the studio sponsored. It was no great contest but we thought it might be fun and entered. A few weekends later, Mom and I arrived at this fancy hotel ballroom surrounded by many local dance couples. Mom had me put on a tuxedo with long tails and she was dressed in a formal gown. Numbered cloths were pinned to out outfits and we waited to be called to the dance floor. It really gave us a thrill to hear our names, “Allen and Samanthaaaaaaaa” come over the loud speaker as we headed to the dance floor. We were so nervous as the music started that neither of us remembered much of what we did after the music ended. We must have done well as we got fifth place in the contest.

Mom thought that we hadn’t done too badly for beginners. We agreed that we saw other couples who danced better than us but didn’t place. After the ballroom dancing was over, the contest was open for latin dancing. We watched as couples competed doing the tango, the rumba, and the cha-cha. It was very fast and furious compared to the ballroom dances. While they danced, mom asked if I would like to do those dances and take a new set of lessons. I told her that it looked fun and that I would probably like it better. The next week mom signed us up for a new set of dance lessons and bought new dancing tights for ourselves.

I wasn’t too comfortable wearing the dance tights at first but after the first lesson, I saw why they were necessary. The dances were very active and strenuous. The dancers at the contest made it look so easy but latin dancing is very hard work. I didn’t know how my mother felt about the dancing but I was somewhat uncomfortable during the first lesson as the dancing involved much more touch than traditional ballroom dancing. The dancing involved a lot of touching between partners which is sensual and sometimes outright sexually. I didn’t know if I should be touching my mother that way even if it was part of the dance. After the lesson was over and we were driving home, Mom asked if I wanted to stop for an ice cream.

“Sure” I said, “That sounds really good right now. That latin dancing is more of a workout than I thought.”

“OK” my mother smiled, “I know what you mean by a workout. I am already getting sore muscles and this is only the first lesson. I think that escort gaziantep özbek bayan Ice Cream Ice Cream has opened for the season. Want to see if they are open?”

“Sure, that’s my fav place” I said, “Best ice cream in town.”

Mom exited the interstate beltway headed for our favorite ice cream stand. I could see within a few blocks that their neon sign was on and they were open for business. “We are in luck, they are open!” said my mother. We parked and stood in line to place our order. It was always crowded and after 20 minutes we finally placed our order which was ready in seconds. We found an empty table to sit at and began to sample the first good ice cream of the year.

“Man, I miss this stuff over the winter. How is yours?” I asked.

“Ummm really good!” smiled Samantha as she returned to licking her tongue over the ball of ice cream sitting on a vanilla flavored waffle cone.

“I wish this place was open year round.” I stated between bites of my concrete. “Normally, I’m not hungry after the dance lessons but this tastes so good after that workout.” I glanced at my mother who was licking her ice cream and a thought came to me that I hadn’t thought before. I wondered how Dad likes that tongue action? Then I thought, don’t be thinking about mom like that.

“So how do you like the latin dancing?” asked my mother.

“It was a lot more fun than waltzing” I said as mom snaked her tongue into the cone and retrieved the last of her ice cream into her mouth.”

Samantha smiled and said, “This stuff is so good. Yeah, I really liked it better too. There is more movement. I guess the dancing isn’t so stiff. Kind of like how I danced when I was younger.”

“I bet you were a good dancer back then.” I said.

“I did OK” my mother grinned, “High school dances were so much fun. Latin dancing like we danced to back then but with more closeness and touching.”

“Are you OK with that?” I mumbled.

“Well sure!” said my mother in surprise, “Aren’t you?”

“I feel kind of funny” I said looking into the cup of concrete, “There is a lot of touching legs and stuff. It’s not like I don’t like touching a girl’s legs but touching you is…..well not the same.”

“Oh don’t feel that way” smiled my mother, “It is how you do those dances. I’m OK with it. As your dance partner I expect you to touch me. I thought you were holding back when we danced and though you didn’t like the dance. I see that you were self conscious about it.”

“I’m glad we had a chance to talk about it” I smiled, “I like the latin dancing but didn’t want you to think I was doing something I shouldn’t.”

“Oh of course not!” laughed my mom who then gave me a big hug.

We placed our paper trash in the waste containers and left for home. We made casual conversation on the way home but in the back of my mind, I was thinking about my pretty mother licking the ice cream and her hug felt like something more. The following Tuesday, we were back on the dance floor. During the practice sessions, I was secretly enjoying running my hand up my mother’s leg and stomach during the dancing. My mother seemed more enthusiastic than before and really wrapped her legs tightly around me. The sessions are normally quite a workout and the sweat pouring from our bodies only enhanced the sexual feelings I began to have. After the dance session was over, we stood beside our car for a few minutes and let the cool breeze of late spring cool off our bodies.

“Who thought that dancing would work up such a sweat.” I said as I opened the car door. Mom pulled her damp hair along the side of her head with her fingers and then slid into the driver’s seat. “Better than aerobics.” she smiled, “That was some workout.”

“I think we really did well this evening.” I said while letting out a yawn.

“I do too.” said Samantha as the engine turned over, “It was hard at first to get the steps right but I think we really got it down. You are so much more into it and relaxed than last time.”

“Yeah” I said, “It seemed much easier today than last week.”

“Well” smiled my mother, “I think you are more comfortable dancing with me than last week. Don’t you think?”

“Yes I am” I said, “I do like this type of dancing better than ballroom. You think we could get good enough to compete in the next contest?”

“Maybe” said my mother, “I think you are a little over confident right now. I know that I am not ready and it may be a lot lessons and practice before we can do that. Those couples at the contest were really good. I think we were very lucky to get fifth at ballroom and not so lucky right now at latin dancing”

“I know” I said quietly, “But I can still dream about it.”

“You can always dream” she said, “No cost or harm in that. I think it’s good that you like this enough to have those thoughts. I would like to get that good too. I am so glad you are enjoying porno videolar this with me. It is the one thing that I have always wanted to do but never could.”

“I’m glad this is something we can share.” I said, “Don’t think badly of Dad. You know he is no dancer.”

“I know”, Mom sighed, “You don’t get it from him. Your dancing ability comes from my side of the family. I know he is clumsy on the dance floor but I had just wished he would have tried some lessons. Just for me… I guess you might understand that when you are married. Your father and I are very much in love but there are things that sometimes leaves parts of the marriage unsatisfied. Dancing is ours.”

“Well, I guess I will find that out someday” I said quietly, “Be a long time before I’m married though.”

“Just takes the right girl” smiled my mother, “One day… Anybody special in your life lately?”

“Not at the moment.” I sighed, “I haven’t made a good connection at junior college yet. I thought there might be something at the dance studio but…”

“I know” joked my mother, “They are all taken. I was surprised that most of the dance partners are attached. Although you do get some looks form the girls when your dance.”

“Really?” I asked excitedly.

“Oh sure.” smiled my mother, “Especially from that blonde Cathy. She looks at you all the time. I’m surprised her husband hasn’t said something to her.”

“Well as long as he doesn’t get pissed at me.” I said, “He doesn’t look like anyone I would want to cross.”

“As long as you are not paying attention to her” said my mother, “It’s their problem.”

“I wasn’t” I said, “I really have to concentrate on the steps. All my thoughts are on you.”

“Nice ones I hope” grinned Samantha.

“Mom!” I exclaimed.

“I was just teasing” she smiled, “But you know when some of the other couples dance… you know some of the moves are very sexual and I’ve noticed that some of the men get a little hard. If you know what I mean.”

“Mom!” I exclaimed again.

Samantha smiled, “I just wanted to tell you it is OK if that happens. I know you haven’t been with another girl for awhile and it is a natural response when touches go a certain way.”

“I can’t believe you are talking to me about this.” I said.

“Well, I am only being honest.” smiled my mother, “If it happens, I don’t want you to be embarrassed about it. Things like that happen to guys. They go back to normal”

“Mom you are something else!” as I broke into laughter.

Mom shared the laughter as it eased an uncomfortable subject for me. “Besides, everyone thinks we are a couple and no one would think much of it anyway. They seem to be a very liberal bunch.”

I nodded, “You get some very interesting looks for them yourself. I think some of the older couples are jealous of you.”

Mom smiled, “I know. They wonder what I am doing with someone half my age. They wish it was them. Honestly, at my age, I enjoy those looks. Hope you don’t mind a little ego trip on my own.”

“It’s OK” was all I could say as we pulled into the driveway. I immediately went into my room, changed into my robe, and headed for the shower. I exited the bathroom some time later and passed my mother in the hallway. She was in her robe and headed for the shower as well. We smiled as we passed and then I went into my room. I sat on my bed and thought about our conversion home. I did start to get hard during several of the dance routines but tried to hide it or think about things to make my cock get soft. I guess I could not fool my mother. Then I wondered if she was as naked under her robe as I was in mine? I chuckled at myself and then rested on my bed, drifting to sleep.

I was almost asleep when I heard a loud thud. I woke up sharply wondering what was that noise? It was quiet, then I heard that sound again and it seemed to come from the wall next to my bed. That wall was adjacent with the main bathroom. I got up and stood close to the wall to see if I could tell what was going on. I could barely hear the water running in the shower. I leaned next to the wall and placed my ear against it. The sound of the shower had a far away echo quality and I could barely hear some voices. Then I heard my mother giggle loudly and my father’s voice telling her to keep quiet.

My mom and Dad were in the shower together. The thought of Mom and Dad having fun in the shower never occurred to me before but they apparently had a lot of spring in their love life. I began to picture how my mother would look naked in the shower. She had a thin petite body which I could tell from the dance tights. The I pictured her naked with her wet hair pulled back under the shower with no make up. Without thinking, I had my cock pulled out from my briefs and was stroking it while intently listening. I could hear splats of water hit the shower floor as the shower sound droned in the background. Then mom began rus escort bayan gaziantep to moan as an occasional thud resounded through the wall. I stroked harder as I imagined my naked mother getting fucked in the shower. As her moans became louder in the echo of the wall, I felt my cock start to spasm and I could not stop from cumming. Several shots of hot cum landed in the palm of my hand as I tried to keep from dripping it on the carpet.

I moved away from the wall thinking about what to do as my cum covered my hands and the smell of cum filled the room. I found an unused notebook from school and wiped my sticky hands against the slick notebook paper inside. I closed the notebook and placed it in my trashcan. I placed my ear against the wall again and was just in time to hear the water being shut off and the sound of voices too low to understand. I climbed back into bed and tried to wipe the remaining cum against my body to dry. I was almost asleep when my bedroom door opened slightly and a shaft of the hallway light poured into my room. I pretended to be asleep but knew it was my mom checking on me. The door closed quickly and quietly but I knew my mom smelled cum in the room.

The next morning, I opened my bedroom window and throw the notebook into the backyard. I figured I could safely place it in the garbage cans from there. I dressed and went downstairs into the kitchen. I could tell that Dad had already gone into work and Mom was probably still asleep. I quietly went out the back door, retrieved the notebook from the lawn, and shoved it deep into the garbage can. I returned to the kitchen and began to make some breakfast. Halfway through my cereal, mom came into the kitchen dressed in a large white bathrobe. After exchanging some good mornings and small talk, she began to make her breakfast. I could see from that satisfied smile on her face and figured she had a good time last night. At the same time I wondered if part of that smile was about what the smell in my room last night too. I left for classes and the remaining week was life as normal.

The next dance session was more sexual than before. The instructor was teaching us a bolero dance which is a slow dance with a lot of touching and embracing. After the session, the instructor said that we had a good feel for the dance especially after just the first lesson. He inquired if we would be interested in doing an extra practice session on Saturday. The instructor thought with some extra practice sessions that we could get good enough to compete in the local contest. We agreed and the instructor even offered to let us use some of the studio’s dance outfits to practice in. Later Mom told my father about the extra practice and he didn’t mind. It gave him a chance to do some repairs around the house without being bothered.

That Saturday we met our instructor at the studio. It seemed that we were the only couple to show up. He was pleased to see us but disappointed that no one else came. He had already picked out two outfits and handed a black clothing bag each one of us. We went into the bathrooms to change. I changed from my street clothes into this outfit which had a red shirt which was cut open down the center of the chest to the beltline and black pants which fit but was tailored to be tight around the butt and the crouch area. The shirt had these black ruffles going down the sleeves which are common for latin dance outfits but I personally thought it was more homo than macho to wear. I walked out to the dance floor where our instructor was playing with a music CD and waited for mom to come out.

The instructor gave me a nod of approval then my mother walked out of the women’s restroom. She looked fantastic in this yellow outfit. The top was cut low to barely cover her breasts exposing her shoulders and waist. Black fringe hung from the sleeves that connected to the cut top. The outfit had yellow panties with some black fringe connected at the waist and matching yellow fishnet stockings. Mom twirled on the dance floor to give us a look and we applauded in response. She walked past me on the dance floor, looked at my outfit, and gave me a big approving smile. I watched her as she past by and could see that the back of the panties were very sheer. Her butt cheeks are very visible as they moved up and down behind the black hanging fringe.

The instructor started the music and instructed our movements as we danced in flashes of red, black, and yellow across the floor. The bolero is a very sexually dance with a lot of hand touching, hugging, and grasping your partner between both legs. I was getting a hard on from the dance as I ran my hand along the inside of mom’s thigh but the tight pants held everything in. There were movements that seemed like my mother has dry humping my hip as she grasped my upper thigh between her legs before pirouetting away. We had been working with the instructor for about a half hour when his cell phone rang. We took a break with he answered his call. The instructor finished his call and told us that he had a small family emergency at home. We could leave or if we wanted to, stay and practice for an hour or two. He would be back in about two hours or less. Mom and I decided to stay and our instructor left. He told us lock the door after he left as there had been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood lately.

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