Spanking My Mother


My wife was away, and my mother was beginning to really annoy me. She had been living with us for nearly a year now, and although initially she had behaved, more recently she was interfering.

And cramping our style! My wife enjoys the occasional spanking, but with mother in the house this became difficult – the walls were not that thick.

Anyway, as I said, my wife was away for a week, on a course. Mother had just managed to break a plate, and seemed to find this amusing. She light-heartedly spun another one in her hand, pretending to fumble it. I’d had enough for one day.

“Don’t be childish, mum. You’re not too old for a spanking”, I said.

She looked at me, eyes slightly down. “You wouldn’t dare, I’m your mother”.

For just a second I hesitated, then my annoyance peaked. I was standing in the dining room, she was in the kitchen. “Come here! Now!!”

Looking slightly uncertain my mother walked slowly in to the room. I hooked a chair away from the table with my foot – she stopped. “I said – come here!”

Mother approached me. “Mark, what are you playing at? You can’t mean to..”

I took her arm and sat down on the chair, all in one movement. My change in height caused her to bend forward slightly, and I used this momentum to pull her over my lap. She cried out – a thin warbly “ooh”. Her hands came round and covered her bottom, so neatly presented to me. I hesitated; could I do this? Decision made, I pushed her hands away: “put them down. Now! If they come back up again I’ll start all over again.”

Mother let out another gasp. “Mark, behave, You really can’t do this”.

Ignoring her words I looked at her plump backside. The skirt was a full, heavy material. Not right for a spanking. I took hold of the hem and pulled it back, over her lower back. Another squeal, and again the hands – this time trying to hide her white panties. I slapped seks hikayeleri the top of her left leg, hard, she cried out and moved a hand to try to rub the spot.

“Now, listen carefully, mum. I told you to put your hands down and I meant it. I am going to spank your bottom and if you try, if you dare, to stop me or rub your bum I will simply start the spanking all over again. Do you hear me?”

Silence, apart from a deep breath.

“I said – do you hear me?”

Mother hesitated, then “yes, Mark.”


I pulled the waist of her panties up, so that they were pulled in to the crack and stretched tightly across her bum. Then I raised my hand, and began to spank her.




Mother yelled out at that one, and wriggled. My cock, beneath her stomach, wriggled back.




This time she cried “Oh, Mark, OK, I’m sorry. I’ll… be good.”



“Too late, mum, you’ve been asking for this.”



My hand was getting sore. I stopped and eyed her bum. Her panties hid quite a bit of it, but the flesh I could see was turning red. Then I looked more closely, almost unable to believe my eyes. The crotch of her white panties was beginning to darken; she was finding this a turnon! For a second or two I hesitated, then made up my mind.

“Mother, when I give you permission you will stand up. You will stand in front of me, facing me, and keep your skirt up around your waist, as it is now, Do you understand?”

A brief hesitation, then a rather muffled “yes.”

I slapped her bum twice; “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that.”

“Yes!” Far too loud this time.

“OK, stand up.”

Mother struggled to her feet, and turned to face me. Reluctantly she hauled up her skirt. escort gaziantep şişman bayan Right in front of my face her tight white panties were stretched over her dark haired pussy. I looked at them, and saw the same moist patch. Seeing where my eyes were looking, her face went even redder than it already was. I stood up and took a step back.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, from now on, mum. Today is Monday, and I’m going to spank you every evening. On Saturday, when Wendy returns, I’m going to spank both of you, together, You are going to learn some obedience. Now, I haven’t finished tonight, yet. When I give permission you are going to go upstairs to your room and change those panties for the skimpiest pair you own, and then come back down here. You will not touch or rub your bum, understand? Oh, and bring those panties back down too.”

Mother looked at me. She seemed unable to grasp what I’d said.


For a second she continued to stare at me, then hastily turned and left the room, quite forgetting to let her skirt return to its usual position. Very sexy!!

I waited: I could hear her movig about. A pause, then she came back down the stairs and in to the dining room again. Reluctantly she held out her hand, and gave me the white panties.

“My, you are a fast learner,” I said. Mother said nothing, just stood, head downcast.

“Skirt to the waist, please, mother. I want to see how obedient you are.”

As she slowly pulled the heavy skirt up again I examined the white panties. I was absolutely correct – spanking my mother had made her wet, and her panties were ample evidence. I looked at her now, delighted to see a tiny pair of silky black panties, which didn’t fully hide her hairy pussy. I admired the view and then told her to turn round. Her plump backside was far too escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan much for the panties; the red cheeks were a delight to see. My cock moved again.

“Mother, touch your toes, just like a naughty schoolgirl.”

No movement, but just as I was going to step across to slap her she slowly bent forward. The panties and her red bum tightened. What a sight! I moved over and fondled her bum as lewdly as I could. She stiffened but said nothing.

“Mother, no lies now. While you were upstairs did you rub your sore bum?”

She groaned. A whisper came: “Yes, Mark.”

I smiled to myself. “Explain!”

“I…. I couldn’t help it. My bottom.. my bum is sore. Your hand is big!

“Mother, I’m going to spank you again, now, for disobedience. If you ever disobey again I’ll take your panties down and use a cane on your bare bum, but tonight you’ve learned a lesson so I’ll be a little gentler.”

“Thank you, son. I’ll… I’ll be good in future. Please don’t hurt me. My bum is really sore and I know I’ve learnt my lesson.”

All this while touching her toes and exposing her bum to me, for my pleasure.

I continued to fondle her bum for a minute, then I moved to her side, raised my hand and began to spank her again.




Mum started to cry, softly, and wriggled about, from side to side.




“Stand up” I commanded.

Reluctantly she stood up, held her skirt high, and turned towards me. Tears were streaming down her face. “Oh, Mark, I’m sorry I’ve been so naughty. The last time anyone spanked me was when your father was still alive – he punished me too, but he never used a cane. Please, whatever you do, don’t cane me.”

Inwardly I smiled. My wife Wendy got caned occasionally – mother was going to be no exception.

“Mother, go up to your room. I don’t want to see you again tonight. But, tomorrow morning, when you come down you will wear only your nightdress, no dressing gown and no panties under it, OK? You are going to learn to be totally obedient.”

Mother looked tearfully at me.

“Yes, son,” and literally ran from the room. I smiled; tomorrow she was going to learn just how in control I really was!

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