Spark , Stone – Ch. 17


Chapter Seventeen – Fake News

Aidan wondered as he drove to Heathcliff’s house, how on earth his boss was so convinced that Heath was throwing an orgy or any party, for that matter. Heathcliff could not have organized such a thing in short notice since he was waiting for him, right?

But Heathcliff was a man with resources, and probably he did have fuck buddies on speed dial, unlike him, and perhaps he had just had to summon some of the gorgeous men usually populating his bed, which meant an orgy wasn’t impossible to organize.

Aidan shook his head. Heathcliff had managed to prank his boss somehow. Hopefully, he wasn’t supposed to break a sex party for real. He would have no idea how to handle himself under the circumstances.

He would see Heathcliff, and that thought put a sudden lump in his throat. Yeah, he had been happy to get out of the trenches and see Heathcliff, but what would happen between them now?

Aidan pursed his lips and frowned so hard that his head started to hurt. Why was he nervous? It was all but an arrangement, one that proved more exciting than in his wildest dreams, but an arrangement, nonetheless.

So, he needed to keep his cool. Would Heathcliff want to have sex with him tonight? He could not believe he said this to himself, but he hoped so. His parents would frown if they heard him talk like that. He would keep his mouth shut about the whole thing. There was nothing to say. It wasn’t like Heathcliff was his boyfriend or anything. And he had an inkling that his parents would only want to hear about a serious relationship when that would happen.

What was he thinking? He shook his head hard. He had always told his parents everything, but, of course, this was out of the question. They had had the talk with him about safe sex and everything.

Too bad there weren’t condoms to protect his feelings. For that, he needed to grow up and enjoy everything while it lasted. His friends from Facebook would undoubtedly say the same thing, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

He looked at Heathcliff’s house from the driveway, and it appeared that no orgy was underway. The premises were quiet, but Aidan felt a small shiver of anticipation as he walked toward the house.

Like activated by magic, the door opened in front of him before he could touch the buzzer.

“Welcome home, Aidan,” Heathcliff said, standing in the door, his thumbs pulling lazily at his belt loops, and watching his guest like he was some delicious desert delivered to his door.

At least, this time, the man was dressed more than usual when indoors. Not that the tight fitting tank top left much to the imagination. Aidan’s eyes traveled over the taut muscles, but he stopped himself in time.

“Ahem, good evening, sir,” he said exaggerating every sound coming out of his mouth, “I’m with the cockblock patrol. We heard there was an orgy in the neighborhood. In our department, there’s zero tolerance for wandering dicks.”

“The cockblock patrol?” Heathcliff grinned and played along. “And I thought you guys were the dicks.” He took one step to the side, allowing Aidan to come inside. “Please, officer, feel free to inspect every room. I assure you there are no dicks around, except for the one directly attached to yours truly.”

“Ah,” Aidan said with pedantry, “so we were misinformed by the looks of things. I wonder how we came to believe there was an orgy here.”

“It must be fake news,” Heathcliff said airily while closing the door behind Aidan. “It seems to be everywhere these days. One can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.”

“A shame,” Aidan quipped.

And yelped as he was caught deftly, made to walk backward until his legs hit a sofa, and then splayed on the said piece of furniture with Heathcliff on top.

“What’s a shame?” Heathcliff’s lips hovered over his.

Aidan gulped and stared into Heathcliff’s eyes, which was, as he could tell immediately, a big mistake. “That, um, there is so much fake news in the world? How did you manage to pull this off? I mean, unless you have a dozen handsome men tucked under your bed or something -“

“What should I do with a dozen men when I have all I want right here?”

Aidan breathed in Heathcliff’s sexy scent. It wasn’t fair he talked like that. There was no point in seducing Aidan any further since they were already fucking. Aidan didn’t need the temptation. Heathcliff was playing because it felt easy and natural for him to do so.

Aidan, on the other hand, was ill-equipped to withstand the attack. Was this a big mistake, after all? But he could not go back on his word now. If he fell for Heathcliff Stone like an innocent virgin or something, it was all on him. He would resist with all his might, he promised to himself.

“Oh, so a golden tongue is part of your perks, too?” Aidan pretended he was cool with being told such flattering words by a gorgeous man like Heathcliff.

“You should know,” Heathcliff leaned in and whispered into his ear. “It’s been in your ass a few times if I recall correctly.”

Aidan görükle escort froze for a split of a second, then he panicked, and then he broke into a sweat. Who was he kidding? He was doomed. But it was just sex. Just sex, he repeated in his mind a few times to cool down. Now that the panic was gone, he was hard.

Heathcliff lodged one leg between his and pressed against his cock. Aidan whimpered and closed his eyes.

“You know, organizing an orgy in such short notice comes with a certain level of anticipation,” Heathcliff began rubbing against him, “and now I’m all worked up.”

“How did you do it?” Aidan asked, hoping he could ignore what he felt. “My boss is sure I’m working hard at throwing sexy men out on the lawn, this very moment.”

“I just posted a small joke on my social media accounts. Something along the lines of ‘orgy at my house’.”

“And no one RSVPed?” Aidan asked. “You’re either lying or overnight, there’s a more handsome fitness guru than you with more followers than you who happens to organize another orgy on the other side of the city at the same moment as you.”

Heathcliff chuckled. “I didn’t give details on the hour and expected attire. Everyone knows I’m thorough when it comes to parties.”

“I still can’t believe -“

“It was only on my private channels, and I had someone slip the info to your boss as fast as possible. What they didn’t slip was how I posted, a few minutes later, that it was all a joke.”

“Wow, you are resourceful, Stone,” Aidan hurried to say.

The words barely came out of his throat. Heathcliff slowly moved against him, and his body reacted, completely helpless.

“You know what else I am?” Heathcliff cooed into his ear. “Horny as fuck. I hope you know what your duty as a babysitter is.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“To put me to bed, of course. And I can’t do that if my cock is hard.”

“My boss says staying with you will count as extra hours.”

“Good job, Spark,” Heathcliff said and began munching his ear playfully.

“He says I should watch over you until morning to make sure there’s not some orgy breakout around.”

“Now that’s what I call a good boss. Strict and thorough, but good.”

“Yeah, right,” Aidan snorted.

His boss was the last man he wanted to think of right now. Actually, for him, that very moment, Heathcliff was the only man who mattered on the face of the earth, and he was okay with it. Oh, no, he wasn’t okay with it. He needed to play along, have fun, and entertain absolutely zero ideas that this was more than it was.

“Are you tired?” Heathcliff said softly into his ear. “It will be eat, shower, sleep for you, then. I promise.”

While Heathcliff pretended to be all understanding about Aidan coming from work at that hour, his body language told a different story. They were humping each other through their clothes, and Aidan’s own body was happy to converse with Heathcliff’s and be in complete accord over what was best to happen next.

“Not that tired,” he replied.

Heathcliff pulled back only a little and then, suddenly, kissed Aidan deeply, taking his breath away along with all his sanity. What was that he needed to be cautious of? Not falling … right.

“Come on,” Heathcliff finally let him breathe and stood up, “let’s get you fed. Then you can take a shower, and we’ll be off to bed.”

“Just for the record,” Aidan put one finger up, “are we going to sleep or -“

“Hmm, don’t finish that thought, bunny boy, or I have a mind to get you in bed on an empty belly.”

Aidan also had a mind, to say the first pun that came to his mind, which was that he was happy to have something else in his belly. But he caught himself in time. Sexy banter with even sexier fitness gurus was not a good idea, given the hour. He would make that shower short, just in case.


Heathcliff examined Aidan with unhidden curiosity, as the bunny munched on his food rather quickly.

“Have your parents never told you to chew your food?”

It appeared that the bunny was in a hurry. Heathcliff hoped Aidan would not come up with some idea that he needed to sleep in his bed and leave. As much as he had enjoyed his day working and spending his waking hours doing what he loved most, Aidan’s coming to his home was the highlight of that particular Monday.

The bunny had seemed eager and happy to see him, but Heathcliff could not understand why he was now gulping down food like there was no tomorrow. Maybe he had had nothing else to eat the entire day? Heathcliff felt a little worried.

Aidan looked a little guilty as he put down his fork. “I don’t usually eat like a pig.”

“I didn’t think that,” Heathcliff replied. “I just don’t want you to get a stomach ache because of eating too fast.”

Now, Aidan looked even guiltier. What was that all about? Heathcliff quirked an eyebrow. “Have you eaten anything today?” he asked.

“Yeah,” the reply came too fast.

“Hmm, care to elaborate?”


Heathcliff sighed. bursa escort bayan “You need to take better care of yourself, Aidan. Bad habits are easy to get and hard to shake off. Plus, I told you. I don’t want you to lose that butt.”

Aidan grabbed his fork and began moving the last bit of food on his plate with a focused look on his face. “I’m doing my best.”

His voice was quiet, and his eyes were cast down. Heathcliff liked his bunny, but he had a feeling that Aidan was not exactly in a good place. He wanted to learn more, but he didn’t want to pressure him into spilling all the beans.

“That I’m sure,” Heathcliff replied and did so with as much kindness as he could muster.

Maybe Mikey was right about him. He was a bit of an asshole. Right now, he thought of Aidan and what to do to make it better for him, but actually, he was looking out for number one, as usual. He wanted Aidan in his bed tonight, and indigestion would not work for his plans.

For Aidan’s sake, he needed to prove less of an asshole. So maybe there would be no sex in the cards tonight, and he could live with that.

“Are you still hungry?” he asked.

Aidan shook his head.

“All right. Then let’s go upstairs, you can take a shower, and then we’ll sleep. What do you say?”

Aidan looked up, and for a second, it seemed that he wanted to ask something. In the end, he chose to remain silent, leaving Heathcliff to wonder what that might be.

Less than half an hour later, Aidan came back from the shower, his hair still a little damp, and wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. Heathcliff was sure he had left a tee for him to wear to bed, too. Not that he minded staring at Aidan as he was. Without looking like a gym rat, Aidan had a harmonious, beautiful body. Heathcliff wanted to touch him everywhere.

“Use the blow dryer a little more. You don’t want to wake up with a headache tomorrow if you go to sleep with your hair still wet.”

“Are we going to sleep?” Aidan asked, cocking his head to one side and ignoring Heathcliff’s recommendation.

“Yes. You had a rough day. See? I’m not as sexed up as you might think,” Heathcliff smile.

Aidan didn’t smile in return. “So, you’re already bored?”

“Bored?” Heathcliff put aside the fitness magazine he was reading. “Bored of what? Of you? What makes you think that?”

“You. The fact that you want to go to sleep. Not that’s any problem,” Aidan put his hands up. “I just … I need to know.”

Heathcliff could feel his lips twitching. So he wanted to be considerate and let the bunny sleep and instead of having that gesture appreciated by Aidan, it actually had the opposite effect. Mikey knew jackshit. And maybe he wasn’t that big an asshole. Or maybe he was a smart asshole.

He patted the bed next to him. “Come here.”

Aidan obeyed and climbed the bed, his eyes still cast down. Heathcliff pushed the magazine from the bed and grabbed Aidan by the shoulders. A small yelp was the reaction as Heathcliff had him pinned against the bed. Now the pretty brown eyes had to look at him.

“Let me spell it for you, bunny boy. If I didn’t know you have a job that demands almost all of you, I’d wreck your ass. And not just tonight, but every day of the fucking week. Is it clear for you how not bored I am?”

Aidan’s eyes lit up. Heathcliff kept him there not because there was some chance for the bunny to run, but because he liked looking at him like that.

“Um, okay. So we’re not sleeping right now, right?”

Heathcliff loved that level of insecurity for some reason. He had seen it in some people, and it had been fake. But not in Aidan. The corporate bunny was the real McCoy.

“I see you have a lot on your mind. How about you tell me what you want to do instead of sleeping?”

“Maybe … sixty-nine?” Aidan whispered quickly and looked away.

“Sixty-nine it is, then,” Heathcliff agreed. “You on top so I don’t choke you.”

“Me on top?” Aidan smiled and looked excited.

“Yeah. I’ll have a good look of your ass this way.”

“I want to have a good look of your ass, too,” Aidan demanded.

Aidan had asked directly, and Heathcliff had danced around the topic. If anyone had asked him, he could not have said exactly why he didn’t bottom. Mostly, it was because guys who landed into his bed just saw it naturally that they would bottom. That may have been happening also because Heathcliff felt attracted to bottom boys anyways.

Aidan looked like a gorgeous bottom. With an ass like that, he was bound to be on the receiving end. And, once the yuppie armor fell away, he gave off that vulnerable vibe that any top would have liked. But, apparently, bunny boy had a mind to top Heathcliff, if allowed.

Heathcliff wasn’t sure he could allow it. When had been the last time he had bottomed? He wasn’t missing it; that was sure. Also, in his mind, anyone who wanted to top him had to be someone bigger, stronger, and have a somewhat more dominant attitude. At least, that was what he remembered bursa escort from the tops he had had in his bed, what felt like a lifetime ago.

They would cross that bridge when they came to it. For now, he wanted to play with his bunny. After an entire day spent working, both needed it.

“All right, I’ll let you do your explorations later. For now, I want you naked and on top of me, ass first.”

Aidan nodded and began executing the order, like the good trooper he was. Heathcliff was satisfied with how comfortable Aidan felt around him. Not that people usually felt otherwise when in bed with him. But, with the corporate bunny, he needed to be sure that Aidan was enjoying himself.

He helped Aidan straddle his face, seeing the hesitation rearing its head again in the big pretty eyes.

“Hmm,” he purred as his hands roamed over the nice curve of Aidan’s ass, “I like this. I like it very much.”

Aidan said nothing but he got busy pushing down Heathcliff’s pajama bottoms. Heathcliff grunted as he felt moist lips wrapping quickly around his half-hard cock. Aidan was in business mode tonight. Everything he did, he did quickly.

“Don’t go so fast,” he said, and Aidan stopped.

Ah, how nice the young man had to look with his mouth full. Heathcliff shook his head. That was what he always thought about the men in his bed. Mikey was right, after all. He needed to prove to Aidan that he was more than just a bed partner.

Still, Aidan had beautiful lips, and Heathcliff distinctly remembered how nicely they wrapped around his cock from their previous escapades.

“I want to feel your tongue on my cock. Go slowly, and take your time. I’ve waited all day for this.”

Aidan didn’t reply and, instead, he got busy applying Heathcliff’s advice. He was such a quick learner, Heathcliff thought, as Aidan’s tongue began to lap gently at the head of his cock.

He needed to offer something in return, so he started by kissing the round ass cheeks in front of him and continued by parting them and pushing his tongue inside to lick the small pink hole.

Aidan was making the cutest sounds when rimmed. Heathcliff was learning his entire repertoire. Using his hands, he began to tease gently Aidan’s balls and cock, which was already leaving a wet trail on Heathcliff’s chest.

He could go straight to business and swallow Aidan’s cock into his mouth. But he had a feeling that if he were to do that, they would both blow too soon, Aidan from too much physical stimulation, and Heathcliff from being overwhelmed with what it meant to have such an effect on someone he truly liked and wanted.

The biggest sexual organ was the brain, after all, Heathcliff noted in passing. He had often brushed off the truth of this statement, but now he understood it. Even if what he did with Aidan was hot, it wasn’t only because they were so good together in bed that he felt that aroused.

It was the idea that he had the one he desired on top of him, dutifully licking his cock. At the same time, he could do all he wanted with the nicely presented behind.

Tonight it would be just some sixty-nine fun. But Heathcliff wanted to take his time, as much time as possible, to explore his new found hobby.

He wasn’t the only one in the mood for exploring, as he could feel Aidan’s hands busy on parting his ass cheeks, too, while letting his cock a bit unattended. It looked like Aidan was mimicking his actions, but when Heathcliff felt a curious tongue struggling to get inside his ass, he let out a small sound of surprise.

“Is it bad? Am I bad?” Aidan stopped right away.

“No, please, go on. You’re a natural,” Heathcliff encouraged Aidan.

A snicker was the first response. “I’m a natural ass-licker?”

“Yeah, why not?” Heathcliff laughed, too.

Aidan sighed. “Too bad I can’t be that much of a natural ass-licker at work. I suppose my expertise stops at the bedroom door.”

“Good. And it’s this bedroom door, not just any bedroom door,” Heathcliff said, wanting to make things all clear.

“Okay.” Aidan exhaled and got back to the task at hand.

Maybe he could allow Aidan a bit of leeway in that respect, Heathcliff thought. After all, what could be the harm? He could feel his ass pull itself tight; hmm, his body didn’t seem that delighted with the idea. Maybe he was an incorrigible top, and that was that.

For now, Aidan could lick his ass as much as he wanted. And, when the bunny would ask him again – because he would ask again – Heathcliff would flip him over, give it to him hard, and make him forget all about entertaining any thoughts of being the top in their relationship.

He always did what he wanted. The fact that he liked Aidan more than anyone else ever didn’t change that. With that decision in mind, he grabbed hold tightly of Aidan’s cock and pushed it inside his mouth. Aidan was, indeed, delicious everywhere.

At the same time, the bunny had decided that he also wanted to make that sixty-nine a proper sixty-nine. Taking after Heathcliff, he was stuffing his mouth and doing a pretty good job.

Heathcliff was sometimes concerned with finesse, but he could not be bothered with it right now. The slurping sounds they were both making bordered on obscene, but that just went to prove how much they both wanted it.

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