Starting with Richard a No Go…


I just could not start without him. Even imagining my wildest dreams it wasn’t the same.

Richard was on the train coming over, but he said it was delayed and he would be about an hour late, so there was I all ready but there was no one to share.

I guess it was my fault, but it was always the same when I knew Richard was coming to see me for our weekly session. I was just erect long before he arrived and aching for his magic touch, the touch only Richard could give me and the sensuous feel of his mouth and tongue taking me everywhere. That is what made it so very special with Richard, there were no boundaries and no inhibitions as far as he was concerned. He would just help himself and that is what thrilled and delighted me about him.

So with him being an hour late and with me ready to go, what could I do but masturbate?, just to ease the overriding tension, that’s what he said to do over the phone, just to start without him and he would finish me off when he arrived with a corking deep throbbing fuck.

But try as I may I could not reach anything. I could have under normal circumstances, if I had not been expecting him, But somehow because he was coming nothing less that the smell and taste of him and everything else we do is not the same, and I find my cock going limp in my hands. Like it had a mind of its own, like it was being downright stubborn and refusing to rise to the occasion until he could be properly tendered in the way he had become accustomed, with lots of deep prolonged sucking and balling, combined with the wonderful tease and touch of Richard’s eager fingers exploring me down under in the place where he wanted to go, always telling me just how great I looked ataşehir escort and what a great ass I have got, just for him to enjoy and fuck.

So by the time Richard did arrive he could see I was a nervous wreck with nothing to show other than a deep red flushing.

“You poor Baby” he said looking at me with those deep blue lustful eyes, “Well we shall certainly have to ease your frustration and I think I have just the remedy for that,” he said.

He took my hand, he looked gorgeous in his beige chino’s and loose cotton shirt showing off his hairy chest. He looked so wonderful, he was such a turn on and I had him all to myself for the rest of the day, and hopefully more if he wanted to sleep with me.

Leading me to the kitchen I knew instantly what he wanted, no not the coffee he said, that could wait, firsts things first so then I relished the other reason he would want to take me into the kitchen. One of his favourite positions was to have me bent over the mahogany kitchen table, given a couple of deep filled cushions taken from a chair nearby and placed beneath my tummy, to give him the maximum benefit of my hind in all the ways he just relished me.

And as always it was so good to feel his excited hands groping me as he rapidly removed my brush jeans after a quick feel which soon brought the life back to my stubborn length and that showed as soon as he took everything off. When he did this I knew he wanted me quickly, that he was as eager and frustrated for it as I was, his breathing was heavy and pronounced and seeing his eyes look me over I knew his mind was only on just one thing, his whole concentration focussed on me, the way he pushed me across ataşehir escort the table, arranged the cushions beneath me, ran his fingers down my spine, slapping my ass with some fervour which made it sting, but just enough to spur him on, without looking around I knew he was already naked, I could feel his vibes arousing me, I could smell the exclusive scent of cock as his sounds told me he was preparing himself for entry, I twisted my head around and saw that he had it well stretched back with that lovely bulbous tip glistening with pore-cum, the pre-oral massage had gone by the board because of the urgency of the situation, that would come later after we’d fucked, and it was always a thrill to suck his fresh fucked cock to the full, and he would cum all over again as I manoeuvred it deep into my throat waiting for the burst of energy take that final thrust, like it would deep up inside my ass as he started to rub it against my hole.

It was lovely but I was still to dry for his insertion, he wanted it quick but I needed the lubrication, but Richard soon took care of that, grabbed a can of squirty cream fro, the fridge and the next thing was I felt him direct the nozzle into my ass and squeeze, the feeling was lovely and I was instantly creamed for his enjoyment, he slapped my ass again, complimented me of a lovely fucking ass and the next thing I felt was his hands stretching my ass cheeks wide, rummaging his head between and sucking me up like he was a demented animal – but it was divine, I moved my ass how he had said he liked it, swaying from side to side as he licked and sucked me, teasing my cock and balls between his fingers and it was so divine, so much so he could anadolu yakası escort have carried on doing that for the whole afternoon if he wanted. But at the sake time he wanted my ass, I knew that and by the same token I wanted the feel of his hard cock taking me.

The cream and the sucking up did the trick and I was all ready for him. The sensation then of just being stretched over for his fulfilment was really so wonderfully thrilling, I felt really wanted and his service of me was the remedy for happiness, His cock burned inside me as he worked it into me with the help of my movements, his hands clamped tightly around my hips as he secured me for a deep and wonderful thrusting fucking. It was always the same, and yet it always seemed fresh, the sounds of his cock thrusting in and out of my asshole the way it did, his occasional pause so that we could both take in the sensation of the fuck, the mutual throb sending us both on a high. The sounds of his moans and animal grunts were always a turn on..

Then: “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I yelled waiting all he could give me, and he gave it to me in no short measure, He was all cock for me and afterwards I was nourished by the taste of another wonderful spurting when I licked his p-hole for all I was worth and he mutually sucked mine.

I swallowed it down for the first time, took a swig of cola to help the passage and then I felt really complete, he sucked me off too with so much ardour it was perfect and I was so pleased when he asked if he could stay the night.

“You mean you want even more? I asked with a teasing grin.

“Yep! And you’d better be ready for a sleepless night Pete and no holds barred. And yes I did bring the handcuffs so you will be mine for the taking whatever” he said with a very simmering look in his eyes.

“I could go for that, Richard”

My heart was still beating so hard at just the thought of sleeping with Richard, I would give him my very all and more…

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